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going all the way
2009-07-17 02:51:00
In 5 weeks my return to college begins and I have decided that I am going all the way. Not only will I get all of the general education courses for Wayne State University while getting my Associate of Science, but then I plan to get my BS at WSU and then apply to the grad program and get my MA/PHD in Clinical Psychology. I have spent much time mapping this all out and talking to advisors from two different schools. I am determined to do this.
Fox goes 'Mental'
2009-07-16 01:51:00
We've been attempting to catch up on our DVR'd shows this week. There are so many good shows these days it's nearly impossible (with my busy life) to keep up. I had mentioned the other day how much I love Royal Pains. Now I'm here to tell you that Mental on Fox is another new favorite show. It's filled with humor, drama and a superb cast. I'm totally hooked! There Is No Mystery Greater Than The Human Mind
snack time
2009-07-13 21:25:00
I had baked spaghetti for lunch which was oh, so yummy and now I am eating an Avocado and washing it down with my new favorite beverage - Fuze Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng. It is so light and refreshing. The perfect beverage in my opinion. That's my favorite.. second bottle from the left side.. Although I do love the Orange Blossom White Tea also (not pictured).
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Royal Pains
2009-07-13 19:52:00
Jeremy and I are in love with the new show, Royal Pains on the USA Network. I sure hope this one sticks around! "Royal Pains centers on a young E.R. doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant "doctor for hire" to the rich and famous. When the attractive administrator of the local hospital asks him to treat the town's less fortunate, he finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others."
4 months
2009-07-11 16:02:00
Elizabeth had her 4 month check up on Thursday. She weighs 13 lbs 2 ounces and is 24 3/4 inches long. (at 3 months she was 11 lbs 13 ounces and 24 1/4 inches). She had to get two shots. Poor thing. I hate when they have to get shots. I made Jeremy stand there and talk to her so she wouldn't see my face while she was being hurt. lol. She has to go at 5 and 6 months and then she'll get 6 whole months off from getting those nasty pokes in the leg.
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2009-07-07 21:28:00
I know I posted that video that I made with our Fourth of July photos, but I wanted to post a couple of still photos as well.
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back to work
2009-07-06 20:14:00
The long holiday weekend is over and I am back to work. Blah. It was so nice being home for three days with my family. As you can see from the video in the previous post, we had a rocking good time over the weekend. It doesn't help that we are mandatory overtime at work and have to come in an hour earlier today and tomorrow. I know, I know.. it's only an extra hour, but it feels like so much longer and makes me feel like I'm never at home. I have to work this Saturday which means I get the day off on Thursday. I will still be getting up early that day because I have to go to school to change my last name and update my records and then fill out a re-admission form to start this coming Fall semester. Then I have to see an advisor and register for my classes. The reason I have to get up early is because Elizabeth has her 4 month check up at the pediatrician in the afternoon and I want to be done with the school stuff so I can take her.
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no time
2009-07-01 16:58:00
I feel like I am always running out of time. I get up in the morning, get ready for work, nurse the baby, leave for work, come home from work, nurse the baby and then bed. And now my company has mandatory overtime today, tomorrow and then Monday and Tuesday of next week because we've been so busy and will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am really looking forward to having three days off!
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back to school!
2009-06-24 23:46:00
I'm doing it again.. going back to school in the Fall. It's going to be one fun-filled household with both of us in school and a house full of kids running around and me working full time. But, hey.. how exciting is life if you're not doing a thousand things at one time? I have given up on the idea of going for something like Mortuary Science because I think it would be easier to go for something that would help me further my current career within the company that I work for instead of heading in a completely different direction.
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binky talk
2009-06-23 23:00:00
My 2.5 year old daughter, Gabrielle, has finally given up the binky (pacifier)! It wasn't easy, but we decided this past Saturday night to tell her that the binky fairy came and took her binkies to babies that needed them. It has been easier than we expected the past few nights. She has only asked for it a couple of times. I think we're over the worst part of it and we are so happy that it's gone! Now we just have to get her to use the potty (and stop acting like the spawn of satan with her terrible-two attitude) and we'll be all set.
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friends don't let friends...
2009-06-22 17:52:00
I didn't leave the house at all this past weekend. I spent much of my time nursing the baby and playing Texas Hold 'Em. I was trying to win the Shootout Tournament on Zynga because they are giving away 2 seats to the WSOP. I got to round 2, but kept coming in 2nd place which then shot me back down to round 1 again. Blah. Had they let you try round 2 more than once at a time, I might have made it to round 3, but that never happened. Oh, well. Maybe next year. True Blood was fantastic last night! After watching the first season on DVD it's difficult to have to watch only one episode a week. I already can't wait until next Sunday!
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so glad
2009-06-19 17:57:00
It has been such a busy week at work. I am so glad that it's Friday! I really need a couple of days to recoup. I will be one happy camper come 8 pm when I'm walking out the door to head home.
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3 month check up
2009-06-13 01:39:00
Elizabeth had her 3 month check up yesterday and all is well with her. She weighs 11 lbs 13 ounces and is 24 1/4 inches long. She's a bit smaller than her big sister was at this age. I just looked up her stats in my archives and at 3 months Gabby was 14 lbs 6 ounces and 24 3/4 inches long. I guess there's a big difference between a formula fed baby (Gabby) and a breast fed baby (Elizabeth). I think Elizabeth is just more petite than her sister anyway.
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baby belly
2008-11-30 01:25:00
It's been a while since I posted a belly picture so here it goes. This is me at 27 weeks 2 days - in my 7th month. Only 90 days to go before my due date!
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the day after
2008-11-28 13:56:00
I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful day. Unfortunately I am at work already today. I have to work 8 to 4:30 today and tomorrow. How much does that suck? A lot. I didn't even go to sleep until almost 1am because I was watching The Strangers with my husband and my oldest son, Jamie. I'm going to be so tired by the time I get out of here today - especially since I brought T-day leftovers for lunch.
wordless wednesday #37
2008-11-26 18:06:00
My daughter's very first hair cut! I cut it myself last night. It was so messy and in her eyes all the time and I don't always have the time to put it in pigtails so.... Before: After: Hopefully it grows nicely now that it's been cut. More Wordless Wednesday
that time again
2008-11-25 17:16:00
My favorite thing about the holiday season, aside from spending time with my family, is making Kieflies! We've set the date for about 2 weeks from now. I'm so excited! I love Kieflies and I love spending the day with the women in my family to make them. Kieflie day is one of the best days of the entire year!
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third trimester
2008-11-24 20:36:00
At the end of this week I will be entering the third trimester of this pregnancy - which means two-thirds of the way through. Woo hoo! Only three months to go! Before we know it, our new little bundle of joy will be here. I have to say.. pregnancy is normally a very long thing, but it's gone by pretty quickly this time. Maybe because I have a two year old at home. Then again, if I remember correctly it's the last three months that go by the slowest so I should probably just keep my mouth shut about it.
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Twilight the movie
2008-11-23 02:13:00
I knew that they would never be able to capture the book on screen, but I really didn't think it was going to be THAT bad. I actually regret seeing it. It was horrible and took away from the greatness of the book. I might just have to read the books again. Although... now I'm going to see the badly cast characters from the movie. The only person they cast perfectly was Alice. Oh, and the acting was atrocious. What a disappointment.
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forty minutes and counting
2008-11-22 01:19:00
The light at the end of the tunnel... my weekend is almost here. I am so excited about going to the movies to see Twilight tomorrow with my mother-in-law!! I only hope there aren't a thousand teenagers in the theater. I'm crossing my fingers that since we are going to such an early show (11 am) that there won't be a ton of them there. A friend went to see it last night at the midnight showing and said she was surrounded by nothing but teenagers and she felt so old and every time a new character would come on screen they would all yell and scream. I am a pregnant, hormonal person dying to see this movie. I dare some teeny-bopper to start screaming throughout my movie experience.
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color me happy
2008-11-21 01:30:00
It's almost the weekend! I have so much going on this weekend though so I won't actually be relaxing - which kind of sucks. But I will be going to see Twilight with my mother-in-law on Saturday (woo hoo!) and then shopping with my mom after that. On Sunday I will be taking my daughter to my great-nieces 2nd birthday party (with my mom also) and then a candle party at my mother-in-law's house that evening. It's going to be a fun-filled weekend! I can't wait.
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overly obsessed
2008-11-20 01:15:00
Someone should have warned me not to read the Twilight series while I am pregnant. My hormones must have something to do with the reason I am so depressed about having no more books to read. I am so obsessed with this story and the characters. I know I'm not the only one. I've seen the shirts and calendars and other paraphernalia in stores, but I just can't believe how this series has left me feeling. As much as I love the books, I almost regret reading them because I just can't let it go. Every time I see a trailer for the movie my heart literally stops and I have to gasp for air. That's not normal. This is worse than a break up.
two year stats
2008-11-19 18:21:00
Gabby had her 2 year appointment with the pediatrician today. She got 3 shots and did very well. My husband said she cried more when the doctor was trying to listen to her heart than when she got the shots (she dislikes the doctor touching her as much as she dislikes Santa Claus being anywhere in her line of sight). She is 36.5 inches tall and weighs 29 pounds (90th percentile for height/75th percentile for weight). She doesn't have to go back for a year.
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2008-11-18 03:10:00
I haven't dropped off the planet. I just haven't had much to write about. I took my time reading Breaking Dawn although it still didn't take me long. I was done with it by Saturday and I have been going through withdrawals ever since. I miss reading the books. I'm sad that it's over. I'm happy with the way things ended. I just wish there was more to read. I really want to see the movie now because at least it's something to hang onto. It sucks that there will be years between each movie though. I'd like to watch the entire story all at once, but I know it would ruin it to try to fit it all into one movie.
Breaking Dawn
2008-11-13 01:42:00
My wonderful husband just came home from the grocery store. Yes, I'm happy that our house is filled with food now, but most importantly.. he bought me the 4th book, Breaking Dawn ! I won't be getting any sleep tonight.
more about the books
2008-11-12 16:14:00
I'm totally obsessed, I know. I finished Eclipse yesterday and I'm dying to get my hands on Breaking Dawn. I had my husband run to our neighbors while I was still at work yesterday to borrow it, but he had bad news when he emailed me back: she had already loaned it to someone else! I don't know what I'm going to do. I may just have to go out and buy the last book. It will be impossible to wait for that person to return it so I can get my hands on it. My husband calls these books literary crack... and he's not far off. I think I'm going to need a twelve-step program after I finish the final book.
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2008-11-10 21:05:00
I was so bummed when I got to work because the co-worker that was supposed to bring in Eclipse (the third book in the Stephenie Meyer's Twlight series) called into work today. Luckily my neighbor is reading them and has all four books! My wonderful husband noticed that she had the first one in her hand and started a conversation with her about it. Now I have Eclipse in my hot little hand and will start reading it as soon as I get back to work today. Woo hoo! Hi, my name is Neptunebaby and I am an addict.
girly stuff
2008-11-10 00:10:00
I'm proud to present my daughter's nails painted for the first time ever. I thought it would be a pain in the butt, but I have some of that quick dry nail polish so the job was done in minutes.
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stupid schedule
2008-06-09 20:11:00
I have such a stupid schedule this week. My team is handling retention calls this week from three to seven so I have to take my lunch from 2 to 3 so I'm back in time. Well, my morning break is at 1:15. I'll get back to my desk at 1:30 and then go to lunch at 2. It's just dumb. They might as well give me an hour and fifteen minute lunch that begins at 1:45.
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Monday again
2008-06-09 20:01:00
It's hard to believe it's Monday again. I didn't really get much of a weekend and I'm kind of bummed. At least I have the next two weekends off. I hope it's warm and sunny so we can enjoy that pool. The kids are addicted. We took Gabby in it yesterday and even though she was cold (because we had just filled it) and her bottom lip was quivering she did not want to get out. It's going to be a fun summer! Maybe I'll have a better tan that I normally do since I'll be pool side on my deck half the summer.
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