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An Invasion into the REICH
2008-05-24 13:53:00
World War 2 had changed the scenario of global politics and power equations in a dramatic way. If Japan would not have bombarded the USA navy base Pearl Harbor, then USA was not in a mood to get engaged in the war. It was just mere supporter of allies.Since the bombardment, USA started preparation of war. It had a skilled force of scientists, army people, business tycoons and the BEST leaders, who prepared the country, which was always ahead of the world. In the earlier, USA had UK as its role model for war strategy. But as days gone, Americans felt the need of their own plan and implemematation methodology. The methodology which brought Nowadays CIA into picture. Before to CIA, there were 3 divisions of intelligence and all worked as separate groups and with internal clashes, like any other organization.But, when war loomed large, America brought all organizations into one roof and formed, Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It was William J. Donovan, who realized the need and prop...
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Rage of Violence
2008-03-15 07:35:00
Civilization might have brought many facets to human history, but not what is necessary,i.e. PEACE.If we observe incidents happening around us we can easily identify increasing intolerance of people towards simple issues and spreading voilence.Recent example is from Alipur, a village in the outskirts of Delhi, where a 10 year boy is burnt alive. The reason was, his bicycle had a collision with a car which was bringing a groom to marriage. The people inside car were heavily drunk, who, on demand of money by boy, for causing damage to his bicycle beaten him severly. Later on his burnt body was found in a field. Now tension prevails in the village for letting the culprits to escape from the clutches of Law.Boy had only mistake that he demanded compensation for his damaged bicycle. After all people were heading to a marriage, an auspicious part of a human life, and they inturn made a hasty act which nobody can compensate. They could have given some money, which in no way was bigger than...
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Marilyn Monroe - Alltime BEAUTY
2008-03-08 13:32:00
Marilyn Monroe - name itself is sufficient to spread a rage in the minds of moviegoers all over the world. She rules the hearts of every person who might have seen her in photos or in movies though for a second. Whenever i see any of the photos of Monroe, her beauty blows my mind like RDX, it leaves a everlasting impression in my mind(My one more favorite is my MOM, my evergreen Heroine!). You can find her acting copied by actresses of her time in hair style, walking, Close-Up shots while singing and of course in costumes.Born and brought up in California, USA, she had a troublesome childhood. Married to James Dougherty at an age of 16. At the time of World War 2, her husband had gone to Merchant Marine, so Monroe started to work in a company which was owned by a famous Hollywood actor. While working she was photographed for a survey, which eventually paved her way to Modelling and then into Hollywood.After many hiccups she gets established in 1953 with the film NIAGARA. Later, all ...
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Want to laugh...?
2008-03-08 12:54:00
In todays fast paced life, we are not getting enough time to indulge with overselves.We do everything online from checking bank balnce to bill payement.Now,For your joy, here is a link( which provides you online laugh. it deals with real life quotes of people in different situtaions.Follwoing are examples from "Excuse Letters"1 "Dear School: Please ekscuse John being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and also 33."2 "Maryann was absent December 11-16, because she had a fever, sore throat, headache, and upset stomach. Her sister was also sick, fever, and sore throat, her brother had a low grade fever and ached all over. I wasn't the best either, sore throat and fever. There must be something going around, her father even got hot last night."3 "Sally won't be in school a week from Friday. We have to attend her funeral."
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Bill Gates Daughter
2008-03-08 12:16:00
I have received a mail from my friend saying the above picture is of gates's daughter. When i searched on the net at one link ( /), i came to know that his eldest daughter was just 12 years old! and her name is Jennifer Katherine and was born on 26-Apr-1996.When gates had married he was 39 years old(one more techie a.k.a Sabir Bhatia of HOTMAIL fame, is readying to marry at 40+). Now question rounding in my mind is who is this girl........?If anybody knows just write a reply in my blog....:)
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Unification of ATM Systems
2008-03-08 12:07:00
Its been observed that every bank which is providing ATM service are using their own procedures in withdrawal of money from ATM. Some M/c(i.e. Machine)ask us to insert the card and some ask us to just insert and remove the card etc.Instead of using their own procedures, its better that all banks should adhere to a standard procedure and all machines should be identical in their operation. This gives a simplification in ATM operations for users and will avoid card loss in cases where we need to insert the card to machine.
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2008-01-23 11:52:00
When on the cricket ground problem arises between players of a continent to another continent, then it is blown out of proportion by media. But when media itself is doing or promoting bad things, who going to control them?A contest ad of ?STAR CRICKET? channel on 23/01/2008 has a slogan as, ?AUSSIE KI TAISI?, which is defamatory. Because it shows intolerance towards other country as well as racism to some extent. Ads must be descent and meaningful to promote any product or contest. They should not be defamatory to somebody or to a nation. To promote its contest Star channel must not deviate from ethics of advertisements.In the past also India vs. West Indies series advertisement had also some defamatory depictions, which was later on drew back after protests. So, being a famous channel ?STAR? would stop or remove this ?AUSSIE KI TAISI? slogan from its ad before protests would begin.
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Suicide Of The Indian Farmer
2008-01-21 05:34:00
If you have observed the newspapers, you could have come across the news about farmers? suicide in various parts of the India. After having everything in place to assure a good crop like seeds, fertilizer companies and various government departments catering to the needs of farmers, we still can?t stop suicides. In most of the cases the reason was bank loan non-repayment. Why is this happening?The reason is obvious; marketing for agriculture products is at its worst condition. If farmer gets good value to his crop, he can become financially stable, there by reducing the death rates. The reason lies in that most of the profit from selling agro goods goes into the pockets of commission agents, businessmen, vendors and not to farmers. When tomato was sold by farmers at Rs 2/Ton (Believe! It?s true), it is purchased by customers at Rs12/Kg. Other instance, a farmer sets afire his sugarcane crop, which was there in the field from last one year, jumps into it and commits suicide. Because ...
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Best SMS - 2
2008-01-18 10:44:00
The following are some funny, humorous sms I received. They are only intended for laughing. And NEVER targeted any Country, People, Gender or anybody. Just read them, laugh for a while and that?s it.1 You love someone, you marry someone else. The one you marry becomes your wife or husband and the one you loved becomes your email password2 Shortest and Successful Love Story:She smiled, He tried, Baby Cried!!!!!!3 Why law does not permit a man to marry a second woman? As per the law, one can?t be punished twice for the same offence4 Failure is not when your girl leaves you, it?s only when you don?t try her sister5 Why do couples hold hands during their wedding day? It?s just a formality like two boxers shake hands before fight begins6 Happy HOLI to you and your family, celebrate peacefully with Crackers and Diyas, and don?t get drunk just like I am right now! Merry Christmas once again, take care Happy Birthday7 Far or near, trust the BEER. Dad or mom, Quarter RUM.Loss or win, ...
Best SMS - 1
2008-01-18 10:42:00
The following are some funny, humorous sms I received. They are only intended for laughing. And NEVER targeted any Country, People, Gender or anybody. Just read them, laugh for a while and that?s it.1 New way of proposing: Boy says to girl ?if I won?t propose you now, in future, your son will fall in love with my daughter. Why to trouble them, let us make them brothers and sisters?.2 Why god created Albert Einstein before creating me????????Ans: God wanted to create a sample piece before creating a master piece3 Devdas?s matrimonial ad:?Wanted Wife?, Age-No bar, Height-No bar, Looks-No bar, Caste-No bar, But??Girl?s father should have his own bar4 How to make a kid extremely intelligent, Hot, Active, Sweet, Loveable and Smart?????Ask my parents!5 I pray to god that everybody should get a friend like you!Because why should only???. I Suffer!6 All desirable things in the life are either Illegal, Banned, Fearsome, Unavailable, Expensive OR?????????. Married to someone else7 The human...
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Blunder of being an Auto Rickshaw Passenger
2008-01-01 10:23:00
When I first entered to pune city, the most common buzz word was ?auto drivers in the city are honest and good, compared to other cities?. But my perception was, all are same. To top it that an incident proved that they are no more ?Different? than others.On one fine morning around 06.30am, I arrived from my native and dropped at an unknown place by private bus. I was looking for how to reach the station or corporation, from where I can get buses to my room. An auto driver approached me with big smile and promised me to get to station as per ?meter? fare. He shown a laminated paper describing various km?s and corresponding charges. As it was still dark and I failed to recognize what it is and agreed to travel.I boarded the auto and finally he took me to station and charged a whopping Rs 415 by showing the same laminated paper. For a city ride, which even doesn?t crossed 20 Km?s, I charged with the fare which is more than sufficient to reach my native around 610kms away!With no optio...
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Kuch Nagmein - 13
2007-12-31 07:57:00
Jindagi jinda dil ka naam haimurda dil Yahan kya karegaishq imaandaron ka kaam haibaiman yahaan kya karegakashti jindagi ka chalate hi rahikinaara na milaKismet hamesha saat diyajo kashti mein aapko milayaaage se jo war kare use veer kahiyedheere se jo dil mein ghuseuse pyaar kahiyekitna accha hotakaash aap hamari hotikam se kam in meethi yaadonmein aur bhi kuch rang bharatiis se acchi duwa kya ho sakti hai jindagi meinduwa aap jaisi haseen hoaur jindagi mein hamaari hodeedar lekar aaye thedarwaje pe aapkideedar banaali hamikomuskaan se aapkigehanon se aap sajiyedeedar hum karengeintezar aap kijiyebaarat hum le aayengesaawan ki rimzim aapki baton meinfizaon ke leharein aapki adaawon meinkehne ko abhi bahut baaki hailekin aapko churane ko itna kaafi haisharab ka nasha badta hi rahegajab tak botal mein jam rahegaishq ka masti chadta hi rahegajab tak saat aap ka rahegajindagi hum se roothi haitho aap ka roothna bhi munasif haikyon ki jindagi aap se haitho aap ka tamanna sar aankon par hai
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Kuch Nagmein - 12
2007-12-31 07:57:00
ishq karna humeinkahaan manjur thiyeh tho aap ki khubsoorti thijho humein majboor banadi thihamaari aap se binti haijaraa dheere se chaliye kasak si paida hoti hai dil meinjab aap yuon matak ke chalti haiaap hum se kuch mat kahiyehum sab jaante hainkyon ki aapki dil ki haalathumari dil se milti jhulti haibahaaron mein khali bankarsitaaron mein chandani bankarhamaari armaanon ki taaj ban kartayaar hojaayie is shahajan ki mumtaz ban karjab aap paas nahi thehum aap se door bhi nahi theaap hamaari dil mein thedhadkan ban kar hamaari saath thehum sochte hi raheinbayan bhi na kar paayejab bhi aap se mile thoaap ka chaandsa chehra hi dekte reh gayeaaj bhi aaphumein sata rahin haikabhi aapke judaai setho kabhi hasin yaddon sechahatein aisi chaane lagikale aasmanon mein ghane baadaldeewangi humari aisi garmi bhar laayiki ishq ki barsaat bharasne lagekhaamosh raaton meinkambhakt macchar katthe theaap humaari hosh udane se pehlewo humari neendein uda rahe thekabhi kasmein kaayetho waadon se u...
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Kuch Nagmein - 11
2007-12-31 07:55:00
chaand taaron mein doondazameen aasman mein doondakahin nahi mili tho aaptho jindaa rehne mein kya hai funda?Kal aur aaj meinKuch farq nahin haiKyon ke farq mehsoosKaraane ke liye usmein aap nahi haiBhagwan se poochaDuniya mein sabse sundar cheez kya haiBhagwan jhtak se bolaBharasane ke liye ek haseen dilTarasne ke liye ek bechara dilAap muskura ke yunAise hi chale gaye theMagar raet si is dil meinJeene ki tamanna chod gaye theIntezar hum karte hi raheinAap ka kuch khabar na aayaJab hum aa rahe the milne aap seTho aap ke baap ko bandook ke saat paayaSaat saat chalnaKoi gunah nahiKabhi aap ke saatTho kabhi suroor ke sathDil ke kaale kartooton seJara bach ke rahiyeWarna who jadoo chala degaAap ko paaro ke giraft kar degaTaqdhir banana wale yeh khudaHamaari kaisi taqdhir banaaiTaajmahal tho thune raqdiLekin usme mumtaz ko bhuldiHar ek chehare ke peeche Hazar aur aise hi chehareHar ek chehare ka apna hi pehlooKuch darane ki tho kuch bewafai kePhool ke saath saathKaante bhi hote haiYeh h...
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Kuch Nagmein - 10
2007-12-31 07:52:00
Khiladi tho hazaar hote haiKhel ki maidaan meinMallika tho ek hi hoti haiDhadkte huye dil meinMallika sherawat kashish meinAishwarya rai husn meinBipasha basu dehakpan meinThodi thodi si basi hai aapki adawon meinDillagi mein aapHumari dhadkan churathi thiBhekudhi mein aapHumari jindagi sawaran thi thiKaanton mein chalkar humnePhool ko chun liPhool mein aap aakarHumko pasand kar liDiwali mein lagaate haiLaakh deepon ki diwaliEk aap hi kaafi haiBanana ko har din diwaliNigahein aap kiNashe ki samundarHumari dil usmeDhoobha huwa siqandarJab kaam nahi thaTho shaitan man mein basa thaJab kaam mila thaTho husn aap ka rukawat bana thaHar baat ka koiMatlab nahi hota haiHar baat matlab laata haiJab aadmi ishq mein padta haiAlphaz nikalthe the kabhiKitabo ke paathon meinAlphaz aaj bhi nikalthe haiJaanam ko sarahane meinKhud jal kar bhi raah dikaayeUse hum kya kahiyeChutki bhar jindagi mein mutti bharKhushi bhar de use hum kyon bhula de
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Kuch Nagmein - 9
2007-12-28 09:31:00
Paigam wafai ke laaye the humBewafai unhone dhikayiAaj bhi pachta rahi hai woHum se kyon ki aise rusuwayiLajawab kaamon se humBeshaq mashoor haiAap ka chahana na hotaTho yeh sab kahan aasan hotaDafanado chahaton koBhulado un wafaon koPhir kaisi dheri hai rokdoUnki yaadon mein hamaari sanson koHumesha haste rahiyeYahi duwa hai humariLekin kabhi mat hasiyeWafai choor kar hamariDushman ne saat nibhayi thiDushmani mein hamariYaar neb hi saat diya hamariBhaunk kar bewafai ki meethi kathariKhud ko buland kijiyeSar jukayega zamanaKabhi wafai se pesh aayieHar janam mein saath rahega yeh deewanaMaana hai tujko ibadat se jyadaChaha hai tujko dhadkano se jyadaWafa tho har kisi ka hota haiLekin chattan ko hila sakta nahi koi Beshaq khamosh rahiyeHonton ko na hilayiePhir bhi jadoo chal hi jaata haiIshq aankhon se chalkar dil mein sama hi jaata haiParindo ko aasman Mein udane tho dijiyeDil ka har darwaja kholiyeAur parindo ko andar aane dijiyeNighaon ka kya kasoorWaha tho dil hai shaitanDil ka bh...
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Kuch Nagmein - 8
2007-12-28 09:30:00
Ek ek se ginkarHum pachas tak pahuncheAap sau dinon se dekhakarHamare dil mein kyon na pahuncheGhane jungle ki ghabhrahatSagar ki leharon ke aahatEk saat mehsoos kijiyeJab dilruba ko ishq ka ijahar sunayieSannata chagayi jindagi meinDhadkan bhi banane lagi aahatJiye tho bhi kaise jiyeYaadein humein pahunchadi khabristan takSamay ki behti dharaHumko thod diya haiAapke sahara ji rahe theWho bhi aaj khodiye haiPyala zeher ka diya thoKoi gum nahi thaYaadon mein aapke ghut ghut keMarane se who tho kum thaKali yuon hi nahi khiltiUse sooraj chahiyeDil yuon hi nahi dhadktaUs ko bhi ?dhadkan? chahiyeAap ki yaadein hur waqtMeheka karengeKabhi phool banake thoKabhi raah banakeKhushiyon ki phuljadiyanAap ke aangan mein kheleHumara tahdil se aashna haiAap humari bhi jindagi jileGum ki andhere meinKhushi ka ujala na dhoondiyePattar dilwalon se Dil lagane ki bhool na kijiyeHum haste hi raheRothe huye dil seAap yuon hi chalegayeThukarake hur aas dil ke
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Kuch Nagmein - 7
2007-12-28 09:29:00
Alphaz na hoteTho ghalib na bantaHusn ki tanhai na miltiTho hum jaisa aashiq kahan bantaYaadon ka silsila chalta hi rahegaAankhon mein aasu laata hi rahegaKabhi aap bhi saat dijiyeKyuon ki dard bhi sukoon dene lageSarhadein par karkeHaal-e-dil sunaane aaye hai humFaisla dil se kijiyeKyuon ki maut ko rokkar aaye hai humMehkti shabnam husn banjaayeGulab ki khushboo ada ban jaayeKoi jaakar kahe khuda se usPari ko is deewane ka jaanam banaya jaayeAas ki diya jalaye baithe haiUski aane ki intezar meinKambhakt bhuj hi nahi raha haiSaanse band hone ke barso baad meinKhayal hum nahi karteHumari dil ki dhadkanon kaKyuon ki wo samazate hai isharaSirf unka aankhon kaNaazane wo kaunsi ghadi thiHum usko dil de baitheTanhai humari saathi baniAur intezar humari dhadkanRishton ki nazook kadiyon koYuon na viwash kijiyegaKi aap se judna chaaheMagar himmat jhutana paayeJung se hum darte nahinKyuon ki haarna humari muqaddar mein nahiIshq aap se karte hai sahiKyuonki haarna aap se humari muqaddar hi sah...
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Kuch Nagmein - 6
2007-12-28 09:28:00
Hasna hai tho jheebhar hasiyeKuch lamha hum bhi jeelengeTamanna ho tho bata dijiyeSaaton janam aap par waar dengeGustaki ki maafi chaata hoonBagair izajat aane ki khed karta hoonAab jab aahi gayaan hoonToh aapke dil mein jagah chahata hoon Dard bhula chuke humneGam ko mitadiya humneLaakh khoshish kiyeBhool na paayenge tumhe Yaadon ko samethe jaa raha hoonKuch baatein dil mein chupaaye jaa rahan hoonItna toh keh sakta hoonDost tujhe dil mein liye jaa rahan hoon Qayamat ho chukkaJab aap saamne aayiSaason ka kuch patha nahi thaDil aapki aahosh mein khogaya tha Shak ki koi gunjaayish nahi bachaJab aap saamne aaaye theAasman se khuda pooch raha thaIs JAANASHEEn ka address to bata Mehfil mein toota sheeshaTho har kisi ne poochaJab mera dil tootaTho kisi ne nahi socha Un mast fizaon meinHaseen kali doond raha thaJis kali ko choomne jaa rahaa thaUsme aapka chehra paa raha tha Kaante jab chubte hain thoPhool ki saajagi use bhula deti hainAap jab paas nahi thoAapki yaadein humein panaah deti ...
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Kuch Nagmein - 5
2007-12-28 09:27:00
Jindagi mein sab nashwar hainHumein yeh yehsas dilayaJab hamara dilAapke paas chalagayaKuch tho naya karoBol raha tha duniyaHumne aapko chunliyaZhoom utha duniyaKaali jhulfein ghane baadalGolsi aankhe duniya ko mukammalMuchalte huye chaal aapkaKardiya deewane ko ghaayalIshq ki galiyyanBahut lambi aur chaudiLambi ladki ki deedar meinChaudi uski baap ki talwaar meinKabhi din jale thoKabhi raatein jaliAapki judaai kiGum mein saari jindagi jali Pehli baar aankhein miliDoosri baar dil mileTeesri baar baatein huyiChauti baar ISHQ mubaarakGalti se haath thaam tha tho ladki boli ?YEDA?jab haath uskinahi tho boli ?AIGA?ek budiya thijo bachapan mein hi mar gayihamaari prem kahaani aisi na hojo us budiya se milti julti hochaahat ko mitathe gayearmaan badte gayeaapko hum bhuaalte gaye aap ki yaadein humein churate gayekal ko kisne dekhaaaj faisla kardengekitna bhi mushqil hoishq ijahaar unhe aaj kardenge
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Kuch Nagmein - 4
2007-12-28 09:26:00
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Kuch Nagmein - 3
2007-12-28 09:25:00
MOHABBATEIN DEKHA THABAHUT BARAS PEHLEJAL RAHE AAJ BHIUNHI KI DEEDAR MEINKaisa a ehasas hainDard bhi kuch meethasa hainKya yeh isliye hainKi aap Gujarat se hain hum kehte the thodil sunta tha , pehleaapne kadam kya rakha dil kehta hain hum sunte hain akele chaand ki chandiniroj nahi mil saktatabhi bhawagan ne aapko banaayaaur dharati pe chandini fhailaya heera hai sadaa ke liyeis mein koi shak nahinheera jab aapsa hotho sadaa kyo naa ho jindagi ke raaste hajaarjaakar milte hai bhagwaan sehusn ke jalwe hajaarjaakar milte hai aapse yaarishq ki gali mein jhagde nahisirf zang hote hainwho isliye hote hain kius gali mein aapjo rehte hainnazare tham gayi thi jabaap aayi thihosh tho nahi thajise aap pehle se uda chuki thiaap ki adaaon ne deewano ko maara theek thalekin khuda kyon behoshhuwa yeh hume patha nahi thakuch yaadein bhool jaate hainkuch yaadein bhula diye jaate hainaapki yaadein jinhebhoolkar bhi bhula nahi paate hain
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Kuch Nagmein - 2
2007-12-28 09:21:00
dil jab dhadkta haintho saanse chalet hainaap jab machalti hainto saanse hil jaate hainMumtaz ki mehakpanKajol ki chamakpanBipasha ki dehakpanAish ki lachakpanSabki ek siskiHamara gujraa bachapanPyar ki koi seema nahinChillate the hum?Seema? saath mein aayipyar ki koi nahin gumishq shuru hota hainaankhon ki narmi sejaakar khatam hota hainshhadi ki garmi seaakash mein nahi rehtezameen par hum nahi rehteyakeen mano hamarahum jaise aashiq is duniya mein nahi miltedil mein kisikojagah nahin diyeisliye ki aapjaisehaseena mayus na hoehasas jo humeinaapke aur khichta hainbebas humein aapkichaahat mein banaa deta hainkwabon mein dekhaaapko taajmahal ke paasaapko milne se paayaaap us se bhi hain khaasjindagi mein kuch haseenpal aapke saath gujaarebas yahi kaafi hainjo hamare jindagi ko sawaaremeetha jo lageuse ?shahad? kahiyebedardi jo jagaayeuse aapki ?adaa? kahiye
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Kuch Nagmein - 1
2007-12-28 09:18:00
tanhai ki saagar meinbedardi ki leharon parjab armanon ki kashti chaleinuske kinaare pe ?aap? mileaccha jindagi hi chahate hainjab pasand jindagi ki hopoora jindagi hi chahate hainjab pasand ?aap? jaisa hojulfein na giraayiyeghane baadal si chaa jaate hainyun na dekhiye hameindil mein hajaar armaan jag jate hainbekarari bad rahi thiaapki intezar meinaap aagayi toaur bhi badane lagibhichadane ki gum meinjab bhi milta hoon aapsekehata hoon bagwan seshukragujar hain hum uparwalejo humein is ?pari? se milwaye
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