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The Small Cap Network is a leading financial publisher dedicated to providing investors information on undervalued small cap, micro cap and penny stocks. Get timely trading ideas, in-depth research and exclusive commentary on small stocks before they
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Investment Warning: When Will Newspaper Realize They?re Slowly Fading Away?
2008-06-06 18:03:00
This is hardly a newsflash, but newspapers are marching to their ultimate doom. And when I say newspapers, I mean literal papers….black ink on cheap paper, printed and dropped at your door daily. Of course, there’s less and less ‘printing and dropping’ every year. You already know why. In fact, the fact that you’re reading this ...
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Unemployment Pulls the Rug Out From Underneath the Indices
2008-06-06 15:47:00
After yesterday’s surprising-but-firm rise in the market, I really thought the NASDAQ was going to take off. The close of 2549.94 was the best close in months, and we had gotten past some significant resistance lines. Then unemployment numbers came in. Not good. Actually, they weren’t as bad as the press is making them sound. It ...
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US Dollar Pulls Back Right at the Brink of a Breakout
2008-06-05 20:27:00
In television’s ‘Get Smart’ series from the 60’s, Don Adam’s character - Agent 86 - had a tag line I’m sure some of you remember well when he fell short of accomplishing his mission…”Missed it by that much.” That’s kind of how I feel about the U.S. Dollar index right now - we missed a ...
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SpongeTech is Itching For a Breakout?Which May Be Around the Corner
2008-06-04 21:13:00
Did you see it? Did you see where our bulletin board stock pick SpongeTech Delivery Systems (SPNG) touched new multi-month highs today? OK, you probably didn’t. Visually, it’s almost imperceptible on a chart. The stock hadn’t traded above 4.9 cents in months, though it had reached that high a handful of times in recent weeks. Today ...
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Layne Christensen: No Good Quarter Goes Unpunished
2008-06-04 18:08:00
Geez, if they turned in a bad quarter and fell short of expectations, I can understand yesterday’s 13% drubbing. However, I think Layne Christensen (LAYN) may have been unfairly punished yesterday for not meeting analyst’s expectations for quarterly earnings of 54 cents per share. Their sin? They only earned 52 cents per share. What seems to ...
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Small Caps To Outperform If This Really Is A Rebound
2008-06-03 19:49:00
Though I usually like to talk ‘reality’, a little ‘theory’ every now and then can be fun…as long as it’s small-cap related. I found an interesting article yesterday regarding the likely performance of small cap stocks during an economic recovery. The Wall Street Journal’s Larry Light points out some of the best and worst scenarios ...
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What Will It Take to Break the Dollar Slump?
2008-06-02 17:43:00
A few weeks ago I posed the possibility the U.S. Dollar may finally be on the mend. Interest rates had stabilized, and the Fed has pretty much said they’ve made all the cuts they intend to. Since then, bond and lending rates have moved a little higher…all good things for the sawbuck’s strength. Despite a good ...
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The Crude Oil Vigil Continues
2008-06-02 17:18:00
Last week we opened a can of worms - albeit a good one to open - with a detailed look at crude oil’s chart. Since it really is starting to stifle the economy be creating excessive pain at the pump (consumers always complained, but didn’t mean it until recently), the future of the market really ...
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Crude Oil Realities - Part Deux
2008-05-30 18:09:00
On Tuesday of this week I made a handful of points about crude oil’s chart. In a nutshell, I thought oil had peaked at $135 in the prior week, and Tuesday’s level of $133 was just the beginning of a minor correction. Now with oil trading in the mid-$127 area (you can thank me for the ...
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The New Sector Leader May Surprise You
2008-05-29 17:49:00
I don’t know if any of you noticed this, but I was surprised to see the strongest sector over the last three months has been…..transportation stocks? It’s true – transportation stocks have outpaced technology (which has been coming on strong) and even energy or basic materials. Might we infer something here? I think so. More specifically, ...
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Tenet Healthcare (THC) Trade - One Last Surge Should Do It
2008-05-28 19:53:00
There are two things that immediately come to mind about our Tenet Healthcare (THC) stock pick (so far). The first is, it’s been profitable. The second thing is, it’s been one wild ride. The ups and downs have been wide enough to make a sailor seasick. Good news though….I think one more good runup like ...
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Everything You Wanted to Know About SpongeTech but Weren?t Afraid to Ask
2008-05-27 22:16:00
An e-mail we received today reminded me to remind all of you that we invite any and all inquiries. Our focus is small cap stocks, but if there’s a burning question all of our readers can learn from, send ‘em on. You can send us an e-mail, but if it’s just as easy, you’re always ...
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Small Cap Bio-Matrix Shares Are Red Hot
2008-05-27 20:40:00
This is why you get into a stock even when it doesn’t ‘feel’ perfect. Shares of small cap company Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) are racing, up 33% today, and hitting new highs of 80 cents. Why? I was hoping it would be a pre-curser to a successful inspection from the California Health Department. I had ...
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Crude Oil May Be at Short-Term Peak
2008-05-27 16:48:00
With the holiday weekend now completely over, I suspect we’ll see the gas-pump gouging ease off. In turn, I’m looking for crude oil prices to fall back from their recent record highs. In fact, crude oil is so overbought and ripe for a dip, there may even be a trade-worthy move in the works. The daily ...
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Take Profits on Silicon Image (SIMG)
2008-05-23 18:22:00
Per my comments yesterday, I think it would be wise to go ahead and lock in a gain on Silicon Image (SIMG)…for those of you that got into a trade. The support line at $6.80 was breached, and from here there’s more risk than reward. A 26% gain for a couple of months worth of ...
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Picture This?Our Silicon Image Pick Is Up Big - Time to Strategize
2008-05-22 20:55:00
We’ve been putting out a lot of trading ideas lately, some specific - like Voyant (which is up 30% from our pick price) - while others were just mentioned in the blog, like Silicon Image was featured on April 3rd. In fact, the Silicon Image (SIMG) pick is the one I want to reprise…..not to encourage you ...
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Small Cap Company SpongeTech (SPNG) Pushes its Revenue Forecast Higher Agai
2008-05-22 16:36:00
Another $4.9 million in orders? Yep - small cap company SpongeTech Delivery Systems (SPNG) just announced a big order from three buyers…two in Central/South America, and one on the east coast of the United States. By my count, that brings the 12-18 month sales forecast up towards something around $27 million for SpongeTech. And, if my figures ...
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What Bernanke Sees in an Economic Snapshot May Well Be the Truth
2008-05-22 15:46:00
Ouch. Wednesday took a bite out of stocks. Or, should I say Bernanke took a bite? His grim expectation of rising unemployment, continued inflation, and the Fed’s unwillingness to do any more than they already have didn’t exactly give the market a warm, fuzzy feeling. As far as the impact Bernanke’s words had on me, I was neither ...
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Voyant (VOYT) Has a Smooth Take-Off En Route to 36 Cents
2008-05-21 15:45:00
Excellent. I was worried that we’d see this small cap stock surge out of reach right out of the gate, but Voyant (VOYT) opened where it closed on Tuesday…at 12 cents. We are seeing a good deal of buying here, but I’ve yet to see a trade over 14 cents. In other words, this stock ...
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Spicy Pickle Open 39th Restaurant, Still in Growth Mode
2008-05-20 16:12:00
Tally another one for this small cap company…Spicy Pickle (SPKL) has opened its 39th restaurant. This one’s close to home, in Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s the second company-owned store in Fort Collins, and if my math is correct, it’s the 6th company owned store. These stores offer more top and bottom line potential than a ...
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SpongeTech (SPNG) TV Ad Now Showing In All 50 States
2008-05-20 15:48:00
Spongetech Delivery Systems (SPNG) has turned into a marketing juggernaut. What makes this small cap company different than other marketing juggernauts is that they’re spending $1 to make $2….not the other way around. Per today’s news release, now they’re on track to draw revenue from coast to coast (plus Alaska and Hawaii). How so? They’ve ...
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Small Cap Stockgroup (SWEB) Dives Deeper Into Web 2.0 With Viigo
2008-05-20 15:28:00
Small cap company Stockgroup Information Systems (OTCBB: SWEB) announced today part of their content feed from will now be available on wireless devices through Viigo. What’s Viigo? It’s an application that currently runs on Windows Mobile smart-phones and a Blackberry. The software is akin to a web browser, in that it aggregates the content you ...
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Stockgroup (SWEB) Falls Short Again
2008-05-15 16:30:00
As promised yesterday, today I’m going to deliver my post-conference-call thoughts on small cap Stockgroup Information Systems (SWEB). The company posted their Q1 earnings yesterday afternoon, but I wanted to reserve judgment until I heard what they had to say. In short, I think whoever’s buying the stock today is making a mistake. SWEB is up ...
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Small Cap Stockgroup Reports Q1 Results
2008-05-14 21:01:00
The results are in for Stockgroup Information System’s (SWEB) quarter. The small cap company saw revenue increase by $400K. They pulled in $3.5 million in sales during Q1 of this year versus $3.1 million in sales for the same quarter a year earlier. The biggest chunk of the improvement came from content licensing revenues. The company ...
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Drug-Eluting Coated Heart Stent Industry Takes a Big Stride
2008-05-14 18:29:00
Ever since we started our coverage of small cap stock pick MIV Therapeutics (MIVT), I’ve been following the heart stent industry rather closely…it’s a fascinating arena. Why? Despite the fact that the drug-eluting stent business was practically shut down in 2006 due to health concerns (they could have been making things worse strather than better), ...
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Small Cap Company SpongeTech (SPNG) Sponsors Tonight?s Mets Game
2008-05-13 16:18:00
We already mentioned this a few days ago, but if you and your 12-or-under kid happen to be heading to Shea Stadium tonight to watch the Mets play the Washington Nationals, you might want to get their before 7:10 p.m. Why? Tonight is SpongeTech Delivery System’s (SPNG) ‘Promotional Day’. The first 12,000 kids age 12 or ...
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Bulletin Board Stock Voyant (VOYT) Off to a Good Start, Close to Breakout
2008-05-13 16:00:00
Though we’ve only got a couple of trading days under our belt since we mentioned bulletin board stock Voyant International (VOYT), they’ve been a good two days. Shares closed at 10 cents on Thursday - the day we issued our company profile in the newsletter. As of right now, they’re at 12.5 cents…up 25% since our first look. Even ...
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No Wonder Sprint-Nextel Wants To Be Anyone, or Anything, Else
2008-05-12 16:00:00
I’m a total of 0% surprised about Sprint -Nextel ’s (S) dismal quarterly results. They posted another quarterly loss - a bigger one - for Q1. The reason? Severance charges, and of course, lost customers. They ended the quarter with a million less subscribers than they started with. That slow burn-off of their customer base has been ...
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South American Telecom Still Going Strong
2008-05-09 17:24:00
I’ve been a fan of South American telecom stocks for a while now. It’s one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and telecom has been newly-budding there over the last half-decade or so. Sometimes five years of growth is all you get before that respective market is saturated. In this case though, there’s ...
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Bio-Matrix (BMSN) Getting Comfortable Above 63 Cents
2008-05-09 16:09:00
A few days ago I discussed a concern I had with small cap stock Bio-Matrix Scientific Group’s (BMSN) breakout above 63 cents. That concern? That the stock wouldn’t be able to hold onto those gains. Well, I feel a little better now (and more so every day). We’re now into our fourth day of trading ...
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