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music experience is my music experience that i get from i was born to last i wrote here, many thing that i don't know before and till iknow i must type here for share to other.


Be Careful of Free Guitar Lessons.
2007-10-18 16:36:00
Be careful of free guitar lessons. All over the internet youwill find people giving you free guitar lessons and tabs. Theproblem with most of this is that they are just inaccurateinformation. Most of the tabs are illegal, wrong, or notquality. Now you can't argue with the price, but you won'treally learn anything. So you decide you are willing to pay alittle amount of money, maybe like $40 - $50 on an online ebookpromising you how to learn in 3 days, Jimi Hendrix, and powerover the world. Let me guess... That didn't work either.Guitar lessons online should include videos, pictures, and printouts. They should also be taught by a professional guitarplayer. Guitar lessons should just be a small ebook you can readin 15 minutes. Make sure you get your money's worth ofinformation. Your guitar lessons should include a step by stepsystem that is proven and tested.Ok where do you find real, high quality guitar lessons fromsomeone who really knows how to play the guitar and give guitarles...
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13 Halloween Party Themes
2007-10-18 16:35:00
Halloween is quickly becoming a favorite holiday for bothchildren and adults. Halloween parties are a lovely way tocelebrate the season, and there is a party for every style andgroup of people.1. Night Garden Party - If you have a patio or deck, you can setup a party for after dark with lanterns or strung outdoorlights. This is great for any number of people.2. Ouija Seance - Contact the dead and spirits from the beyondwith a small group of friends.3. Scary Movie Marathon - Choose several favorite scary moviesto share with each other. Prepare the viewing room foratmosphere and comfortable viewing.4. Murder Mystery Dinner - Boxed games are available for partiesof eight to ten adults. Each person comes in character and youspend the evening detecting "who done it" over a pleasant dinner.5. Paranormal Party - Set up experiments for your guests to testtheir paranormal abilities and E. S. P.6. Monster Bash / Costume Party - What better way to have fun onHalloween than to ask people to com...
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Paul Cullen Releases Independent CD Dreamdance
2007-10-18 16:34:00
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPhiladelphia, PA-October 10, 2007- Paul Cullen'sresourcefulness reaches fruition on his new releaseDreamdance. By combining his love of music, fine food andwine, Paul brings his music to wine related events in severaldifferent regions of the country.Paul was inspired at 19 years old by jazz-fusion artist PatMetheny and Weather Report. After hour upon hour of diligentwork with his new obsession, life was about to change. Theopportunity to perform presented itself he started paying hisdues on the road. It all paid off when he had a chance meetingwith members of AC/DC in 1989, whom were friends with rocklegends Bad Company. As they say, timing is everything in life,as the band needed a bass player. In the early 90's Paul touredthe world with Bad Company, playing in front of millions ofpeople. For Paul, it was a dream come true: "It was the most funI ever had until now," he remembers, "To get to the point whereI was playing in front of 20,000 people every night......
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Clint Black Drinkin Songs and Other Logic Contemporary Country
2007-10-18 16:32:00
Drinkin Songs and Other Logic is the latest release fromContemporary Country Sensation Clint Black , and I can only thinkof one word to describe it... AWESOME!I wish it weren't the case but, it's not everyday that I get aCD from an artist that I can just pop in and comfortably listento from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that Ijust can't force myself to get through. Not at all the case withDrinkin Songs and Other Logic. Every track is enjoyable and waspretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.One of the refreshingly nice things about this CD is the way allof the participating artists seem to be really enjoyingthemselves. Combine that with the overall presentation andyou've got one of Clint Black 's most impressive releases ever.Overall Drinkin Songs and Other Logic is an outstanding release.Quite possibly Clint Black's best to date. Really spectacularfrom beginning to end. If you're even mildly into ContemporaryCountry music you'll enjoy this album...
The Boys in the Band Are in AARP
2007-10-18 16:32:00
Like a child who has discovered a new toy, this information willopen up a whole new world of awe and wonder for you.DARREN REIS isn't disparate to the band practice that takesplace in his house every Tuesday night. But there's only sogreatly loud sway tune he is ready to tolerate. So when theumpteenth rendition of the Monkeys' "Last sequence toClarksville" creates rattling the windows, he goes downstairs,knocks on the door and makes his request: "Dad, do you think youguys could keep it down? I'm wearisome to review."ADULTS WITH TOYS rework Ego practices in Weston, stack. In bandswith elder people, says songster chant Cheney, Threes no drama.The classic American midlife emergency has found a new retailer:garage-band sway 'n' spin. Baby boomers across the country -generally inside-aged dads who never utterly outgrew anobsession with the tune of their youth - are cranking up theiramps and living their sway 'n' spin fantasies.We hope that you have gained a clear grasp of the sub...
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Faith Hill Cry Contemporary Country Music CD Review
2007-10-18 16:30:00
The super talented Contemporary Country artist Faith Hill hasreleased her most recent CD on the Warner Bros. Recordsrecording label, entitled Cry.Refreshingly, this was one of those CDs I was able to just popin and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. Every trackis enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from startto finish.Contemporary Country music fans will recognize some of the wellknown contributors on the project including Marti Frederiksenand Damon Johnson plus a few other notables as well.Cry is a first rate CD, delivering a little something foreveryone. I give it my highest recommendation. It's quite simplygreat listening. A must buy for the Contemporary Country fan.While this entire album is outstanding some of my favorites aretrack 4 - When The Lights Go Down, track 8 - If You're Gonna FlyAway, and track 10 - If This Is The EndMy Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck OnREpeat"] is track 14 - You're Still Here. Wow!Cry Release Notes:Fa...
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Kenny Chesney Be As You Are Country Music CD Review
2007-10-18 16:26:00
The exceptionally talented Country artist Kenny Chesney hasreleased him CD entitled Be As You Are. I am very confident andhappy to announce that I believe Kenny Chesney fans, and Countryfans alike will be pleased with this one. With the release of BeAs You Are Kenny Chesney's artistic excellence is on fulldisplay as Chesney has once again delivered a brilliantcollection of tracks that could very well be him best work todate.I wish it weren't the case but, it's not everyday that I get aCD from an artist that I can just pop in and comfortably listento from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that Ijust can't force myself to get through. Not at all the case withBe As You Are. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy forme to listen to from start to finish.Kenny Chesney possesses the characteristic of being able to winyou over with him talent alone. The kind of artist I reallyenjoy listening to.I'm of the opinion that Be As You Are is certainly KennyChesney's best...
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Learn To Play Guitar - Tab, Bass, tablature, chords and strings
2007-10-18 16:24:00
Guitar is a musical instrument strung with gut strings having abody with a flat back, graceful incurvarions etc. and forplaying, it is twanged by the fingers. It is called in French asguilarre, German as Guitarre, Italian as cijitarra and inSpanish as guitarra. The construction of the instrument is ofparamount importance in assigning to the guitar its trueposition in the history of musical instruments, midway betweenthe cithara and the violin.Materials UsedThe back and ribs of guitar are comprised of maple, ash orcherry-wood, frequently inlaid with rose-wood, mother of pearl,tortoise-shell etc. while the sound board is of pine and has onelarge ornamental rose sound hole. The bridge, to which thestrings are fastened, is of ebony with an ivory nut whichdetermines the one end of the vibrating strings, while the nutat the end of the fingerboard determines the other. The neck andfingerboard are made of hard wood, such as ebony, beech or pear.The head, bent back from the neck at an obtuse...
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Blues Guitar Chords Tutorial: The Twelve Bar Blues
2007-09-22 19:49:00
This article expands on your knowledge of blues guitar chords byexplaining how to play the twelve bar blues, which is the basisof many blues songs.For this article, you should know how to play the followingbasic guitar chords: C, F, G, and the following essential bluesguitar chords: C7, F7, G7. If you don't know how to play thosechords, read my article "Blues Guitar Chords Tutorial : 7Essential Blues Guitar Chords".Twelve Bar Blues BasicsNot every blues song is based on the twelve bar blues, but manyare, and it's the essential blues chord progression. "Twelvebar" means that it's a chord progression consisting of twelvebars, or measures. Each measure is four beats long. So a twelvebar blues has twelve measures, each of which contains four beats.The One-Four-Five ProgressionThe next thing we need to learn in order to play the blues isthat the twelve bar blues is what's called a "One-Four-Five"progression (or 1-4-5, or I-IV-V). This means that in any key,the blues progression uses t...
How to write hip hop lyrics
2007-09-22 19:48:00
How would you like to come the next big thing in Hip Hop?Well when writing Hip Hop or rap music, rhyming plays thebiggest part compared to the likes of pop, rock, country music.But writing the lyrics to Hip Hop is still as difficult aswriting music in any other genre, but all the advice you find onthe Internet can be helpful, whatever the genre. The adviceabout writing from a title, staying focused by answering thequestions suggested by the title and using lists of related andopposite words all apply. The original rhymes are up to you!First of all, before writing your lyrics your going to needbeats to write to. If you don't have any beats, see below at theend of the article. When you have your beats and have found oneyou like, all you need is your computer with speakers, play thebeat and start writing your lyrics, this may take you a fewweeks to have something decent.I also recommend purchasing a sequencing program, these programsare in expensive, and I have even seen these sequenc...
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Electric Guitar Tuning: The Easy Way
2007-09-22 19:47:00
Electric guitar tuning is a painless process sincethe invention of digital tuners. However some guitar instructorsstill prefer to teach their students how to tune a guitar usingtraditional methods, or rather by ear. It is important to beable to perform electric guitar tuning without the use of atuner. For example, what if you were at a friends house and wereasked to jam along on an old electric guitar that looked like ithadn't been played, let alone tuned, in a year or more and tomake matters worse nobody has a tuner. This article will teachyou a quick way to achieve electric guitar tuning so youcan be confident that you are in tune.Unlike digital tuners that usually only allow you to tune yourguitar in standard tuning, performing electric guitartuning by ear will let you effortlessly match lowertunings which sometimes are desired for a fuller, deeper sound.To begin you will need to first tune the sixth string to a noteplayed by another guitar, a key on the piano, or the fourthstri...
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50 Cent's Next Power Play
2007-09-22 19:46:00
Hate him or love him, Curtis "Interscope" Jackson a.k.a. "50Cent," is a bread-winner. Fresh off a $100 million dollar profitfrom the sale of Glaceau's Vitamin Water to Coca Cola for $4.1billion, 50 Cent has rocketed into a new "financial space," andplans to leverage his worth in his next multi-million dollarpower play.Back in 2002, Eminem signed 50 Cent to a 7 figure deal whichcontractually obligated 50 to release four albums and a greatesthits disc, totaling five solo albums to be released underInterscope Records.In 2003, 50 Cent's debut album, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'," was amassive success and sold over 11 million records and catapultedCurtis into hip hop history.50 followed up with "The Massacre" in 2005, scoring another hitrecord that sold over 9 million copies.This time around, 50 Cent utilized a media frenzy between himand Kanye West to promote his album href=" /2007/08/50-cents-curtis-and-kanye-wests. html">"Curtis," which is the third albu...
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How to Tune a Bass Guitar
2007-09-22 19:45:00
This material seeks to answer your question on how to tune abass guitar. Well since I don't know exactly how many stringsare on your bass guitar I shall present you with differentoptions, namely, 4-string, 5 string, 6 string, and 7 stringbasses.First of all we shall look at the standard tuning of bassguitars.The standard tuning of a four string bass guitar from highest(thinnest string) to lowest (fattest string) is G-D-A-E.On a five string bass the tunings are similar with the additionof a low B string.On a six string bass guitar, a thinner (higher pitched) stringis added, and is tuned to C. In other words on a 6 string bassguitar the settings are B-E-A-D-G-C, where B is the fatteststring or lowest note and C the highest and thinnest.On a 7-string bass a high F-string is added. The settings on a7-string bass are B-E-A-D-G-C-F where B is the lowest and F thehighest.Tuning your bass is all about matching the pitch of yourinstrument to that of a bass guitar tuner, pitch pipe, tuningfo...
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The History Of The Bass Guitar
2007-09-22 19:44:00
In this material we take a look at the history of the electricbass guitar. When talking about bass history the first personthat people normally think of is Leo Fender. He is credited withintroducing the world to the Precision bass in 1951. The basswas called a Precision bass because of the accuracy of thenotes. Players were able to play notes that were perfectly intune because of the presence of frets on the electric bassguitar. To many people, this was the first real electric bass.This bass was mass-produced and very recognizable when it wascreated by Fender and up to this day it still is.But while we give Leo Fender his dues for creating the modernelectric bass, it must be said that way before 1951 there wereat least five other prototypes that resembled the design oftoday's electric bass guitar. In talking about the history ofthe bass guitar we must talk about the double bass. In fact,today's bass is a direct descendant of the double bass, datingway back to the 17th century. Alt...
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The Songs of Wine
2007-09-22 19:44:00
When it comes to wine, we use a variety of our senses. Our senseof taste and our sense of smell helps us perceive flavors andaromas, our sense of sight helps us look for legs, helping us toidentify body, and our sense of touch, well, that just helps usto make sure we grab a glass of wine, and not a can of beer. Infact, there is only one sense we don't really use: our sense ofhearing.Now, I've done it myself: I've had a few too many glasses ofwine, put the glass up to my ear, and sworn up and down that Icould hear the ocean. Except for those rare, okay frequent,instances, hearing, when it comes to wine, is a bit left out.That is, however, until it "auditions" for inclusion in the formof song.The following is our list of some of the best wine songs to evergrape, er grace, us with their presence.Alcohol (Brad Paisley): So, this song might not be justabout wine. With lyrics that talk about all kinds of alcohol,the spotlight isn't on a bottle of Shiraz doing a rather long,but oddly t...
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What Is The Best Bass Guitar For You?
2007-09-22 19:42:00
In this material we shall take a look at some of the things youshould look out for when buying a bass guitar. This will helpyou in better understanding bass guitar descriptions andreviews. We shall talk about different types of body styles,necks, scale lengths, tuning machines, intonation, bolt-onnecks, neck-throughs, fingerboards, number of frets, pickups,woods and finishes. We shall explain what each of these featuresare all about to help you decide what is the best bass guitarfor you.Body Style:Most electric bass guitars are solid-body electrics. But ifyou're looking for a rounder and more acoustic sound you shouldbuy a semi-hollowbody bass instead.Fingerboard:Another thing to pay attention to when choosing the best bassfor you is the fingerboard. If you're looking for a warm,natural sound, you need a bass with an uncoated fingerboard.With a coated fingerboard the sound produced is whining andtrebly and it sustains longer.Neck:How do you know what neck to choose? It's pretty s...
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Everyone Is A Social Singer
2007-09-22 19:42:00
Absolutely everyone is a social singer and I'll give you aperfect example.Let's say you're at the office and you find out that today isMary's birthday. At some point in the day, everyone will beasked to gather into the kitchen and sing a rousing rendition ofHappy Birthday to Mary.If you find yourself in the back of the room count yourselflucky, because everyone in the back will just mouth the words tothe song. But, what do you do if you find yourself in the frontof the room, or worse yet, your standing next to the boss?Well this, my friends, is when social singing comes into play.You can't fake it while standing next to the boss, and I cantell you that everyone in the room is half singing and halflistening to the singing voice of everyone around them.In this instance, you need to show your team-spirit, youreagerness to participate, and your abundance of self-confidence.You need to belt out those happy birthday lyrics with pride. Ifthe boss likes your voice, he/she will remember...
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Download Music To iPod
2007-09-22 19:41:00
Take movies with you ! There´s nothing like the convenience ofportable entertainmentConvert your DVD´s Already had a large movie collection? Usethese handy programs to copy them to your iPodAnd not just music, either! Load up your iPod with a photogallery, TV shows, just about anything you want!Check the site here http://lvillasana.netipod.hop.clickbank.n et/
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Guitar Scales For Country Music
2007-09-22 19:39:00
The trick with music theory is to break everything down intobaby-step i.e., guitar scales for country music, guitar scalesfor bluegrass music, guitar scales for jazz music, guitar scalesfor rock music.Let's say your primary style of music is country music. we couldsubdivide the subject of music theory into: what guitar scalesfor country, what chord progressions for country, what style ofcountry music, what guitar techniques for country.What guitar scales for country:major pentatonic, major diatonic, cascading scales ... What chord progressions for country:two chord songs, three chord songs, four chord songs ... What style of country music:Traditional country, modern country, country rock ...What guitar techniques for country:Hammer-on's, pull-off's, bends, slides ... As you zero in on the specific skills you need to learn thecomplex subject of music theory becomes a lot less stressful andmuch more achievable.By dividing and sub diving any complex subject you also learnhow to acce...
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The Canadian Music Industry And The Effect Of Peer-To-Peer
2007-09-22 19:34:00
There have been some changes in the laws in Canada concerningmusic and its download in the recent years. Let us look at someof the important aspects that have been affecting the musicindustry. Some of the aspects of music concerning taxes, chargesand the like deserve a closer look.There is much talk that peer-to-peer is href=" music/"target="_blank">music download is responsible for decliningmusic sales. While there may be some amount of truth to thestatement, a large part of the decibels raised may well be dueto good old plain rhetoric. Industry numbers suggest that thepopularity of latest gizmos like DVDs, retail chain distributionchanges, and reduced prices of CDs in the retail market all havebeen playing their own role in the so-called woes. The woesthemselves may not be entirely true themselves, as the musicindustry has seen fair amount of growth in recent years.It can also be said with reasonable surety that Canadian artists' royalty losses ha...
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