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Paul Van Dyk-White lies-ft. Jessica Sutta-[ New Video]
2007-07-13 04:05:00
_Here's the new music video, tittled "White lies" by Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta (from PCDs) which is the fisrt single of upcoming album "In between" due for release on August 14th. It's great to see another PCD girl apart from Nicole and Melody in the spotlight. I really love this song and also the music video. This song is so great for clubs and Jessica Sutta looks so hot/sexy in the vid. Enjoy now!
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Aly & Aj-Careful With Words-[bonus track]
2007-07-11 09:53:00
_Here's a bonus track of album "Insomniatic" already released today, tittled "Careful with words". The song goes right along with the album, having a midtempo rock feel. This song is not stronger than others but i think it still great! EnjoyLink 1 : Aly & Aj-Careful with words-[bonus track]Link 2: Click HERE(Thanks StarVip)
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Aly & AJ-Blush + Tears-[Bonus Track]
2007-07-10 04:17:00
_Album "Insomniatic" is just one day from being released July 10th and here's two bonus tracks: Blush + Tears.Blush is a really nice ballad with a diffrent sound to it, but it's what makes it a beautiful song. As for Tears it's another ballad with a diffrent sound, and making the vocals the main focus. Two songs a great! I love both of songs. Enjoy!Link 1 : Aly & AJ-Blush-[bonus track]Link 2: Click HERELink 1: Aly & AJ-Tears-[bonus track]Link 2: Clicl HERE[Thanks Ali'sBlog]
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Kelly Rowland-Comeback-[2nd single]
2007-07-10 04:09:00
_R&B singer Kell y Rowland confirmed a few days ago in a chat with her fans that "Comeback " will be the second single off her sophomore album "Ms. Kelly".Comeback is definitely a hot song with a very catchy chorus . I think it'll do great on charts. Well, Kelly will shot the video for the new single in the upcoming weeks and i can't wait to see it. Enjoy!Link 1 : Kelly Rowland-ComebackLink 2: Click HERE
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Live Earth Concert 2007
2007-07-08 03:48:00
The Pussycat Dolls-Don't ChaMadonna-Hey YouSnoop DoggShakira-Hips Don't Lie_Here's some performance, you can see more at Youtube or Dailymotion. For more detail go to Live Earth
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Shayne Ward-If That's Okay With You-[radio rip]
2007-07-07 04:36:00
_Here's the new song of Shayne Ward -the UK show winner of 2005's The X Factor, tittled "If that's okay with you". So, he is getting release new album in October and this song is the fisrt single was premiered today on UK sation Radio 1. This song is a pop song with great vocal from Shayne Ward. I really love this song, well check this out:Link 1: Shayne Ward-If that's okay with youLink 2: Click HERE
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50 Cent-She Wants It-FT. Justin Timberlake
2007-07-07 04:16:00
_Here's the new song 50 cent, tittled "She wants it", features Justin Timberlake . The track will the third single of upcoming album "Curtis" due for release on September 4th.So 50's singles "Straight to the Bank" and "Amusement Park" didn't work out the way he expected so now he's gonna try it with this new single. This song is produced by Timbaland and it really is a H.O.T song, it'll do better than his previous single. The music video will be shot in the upcoming weeks.Now, enjoy it!Link 1-50 Cent -She Wants It-ft. Justin TimberlakeLink 2-Click HERE
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Nicole Scherzinger-Whatever You Like-featuring T.I
2007-07-06 04:31:00
_Nicol e Scherz inger Is getting ready to release her debut solo album "Her Name Is Nicole " due out September 25th and here's the fisrt single "Whatever you like" featuring T.I. The song is deff a club banger.I love this song and i have been waiting for the music video.She has finished shooting the video and it'll release soon. So now, check it[Download] Link 1: Nicole Scherzinger-Whatever you like-ft. T.ILink 2: Click HERE
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Bow Wow's new girlfriend ????
2007-07-05 05:00:00
_July 04, 2007. has exclusively learned that hip hop artist Bow Wow is dating Melody Thornton - a member of the group the Pussycat Dolls. The two have been together for a couple of months and according to one of Bow Wow's closest pals, "Bow Wow has never been happier."Did you hear that noise .... It's the sound of millions of teenage girl's hearts breaking all at once... (What do you think?)
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Paul Van Duyk and Jessica Sutta (PCDs) to perform in Berlin
2007-07-04 10:12:00
_On Friday, July 6th, Paul van Dyk will perform brandnew tracks from his upcoming Album with live musicians at The Love From Above at Arena, Berl in . Jess ica Sutta of the Pussycat Dolls, vocalist of the first single "White Lies" will be perfoming live on stage with him.( Thanks Pcdworld)More info:
Nicole Scherzinger-Album Review
2007-07-04 09:43:00
_Click on the picture to visit Rap-Up to read it _Nicol e @ Kiss FM: Nicole recently talked on KISSFM with T.I ,about "Whatever you like" and many more things! Click HERE to download the interview_And this is the link (credit by Pcdweb) to see her and her boyfriend in Hawaii, oh my god! It's so funny
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Amerie-Gotta Work-New Music Video
2007-06-30 12:01:00
_Here's the new music video of Amerie , tittled "Gotta Work ". Wow, i don't know how to the video, Amerie looks so amazing dancer. I have been hearing this song about.......50 times! Great single choice.Amerie has a hit right here and she has to promote it big. About the video, it's so cool. Now, enjoy it! Thanks Ali for upload the video
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Mariah Carey-Lil' Love ft.Bone Thugs & Harmony
2007-06-30 04:27:00
_Here's the new music video "Lil' Love " of Bone Thugs & Harmony , also this is the 2nd single after good success with thier first single "I Tried" featuring Akon. This song is really H.O.T which appearences from Mariah Carey and Bow Wow. I love this song and this music video. The song itself will be a HIT...! Now, enjoy it!
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Ashanti-ft. Nelly-Switch-[fisrt single]
2007-06-29 04:44:00
_Here's the new song of the upcoming Ashanti 's album, tittled "The Declaration"due for release this October. This song is called "Switch " and it features her boyfriend famous rapper Nelly .She finally got Nelly to collab in a song with her. About the song, i love the chorus. It's so great and i hope you will wanna dance when you hear the song. Enjoy!Thanks Kevipod[Download] Link 1Link 2
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Nicole Sscherzinger choose T.I for fisrt single "Whatever you like"
2007-06-29 03:33:00
_When Nicol e Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls announced she was putting together a solo project a couple of years ago, the leggy starlet had plenty of collaborators lining up to work with her, including Diddy, Will.I.Am and Akon, among others. _With the fisrt single of upcoming album, she picked T.I to guest star on the track:"My boys from the South kind of put it together," Scherzinger explained of "Whatever You Like " while on the BET Awards red carpet Tuesday night at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium."I was working on the first single with Polow [Da Don] and Sean Garrett, it's all in the family here, you know? And we were like, 'T.I. would be cool to work with, and he's not bad,' " she continued, joking. " 'He's kind of easy on the eyes, he's all right.' " _"Whatever you like", the fisrt single will be released in a few weeks, followed by her album inSeptember.[Wow, i can't wait for that anymore :)]_Here's the short clip when Nicole at the BET Awards Click HERE_Click HER...
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BoA//Do You Know Her ?
2007-06-27 04:16:00
_She's a famous female singer of Korea when she was fourteen with fisrt album "ID Peace B"...... She's a person centre in lots of TV show commercial..... She's called "Britney Spears of Asia".....!? Her singles and albums are always at No.1 on top charts..... Who is she? Yes, her name is BoA!_BoA (born in November 5 1986) is a Korean pop music singer.She has released albums in both South Korea and Japan, and her Korean company, SM Entertainment is positioning her as a cross-cultural star in Asia. She has released nine full albums. BoA first language is Korean, but she also speaks fluent Japanese and conversational English. She also composed and written the lyrics for several of her songs......_Except her fans in over the whole world, in America or other countries, lots of people didn't know who she is but now let me introduce BoA to you some music videos of her and you will understand what i said...! Enjoy it!BoA-My Name-Music Video[Download]:Link 1Link 2BoA-Moto-Music Video[Dow...
Britney Spears-In The Record?
2007-06-26 15:16:00
_Britney Spears and Rosie O'Donnell, together at last? According to People, Spears' choreographer told the magazine the singer will join Cyndi Lauper and others onstage Saturday at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre for a stop on the True Colors concert tour, which has sometimes featured O'Donnell playing drums. In a video blog shot during a stop in Texas, O'Donnell said, "Brit, if you're watching, honey, you and me — we're gonna share, like, a backstage moment, 'cause I love you, kid!" O'Donnell, who is expected to perform standup at the show, said Spears' alleged appearance was news to Lauper, whose representative declined to comment to People. ... [MTVNEWS]
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Amy Winehouse-Tears Dry On Their Own-[New Music Video]
2007-06-26 10:44:00
_Here's the new Music Video , tittled"Tears Dry On Their Own" by Amy Winehouse .The video was directed by David LaChapelle and shot in Hollywood. About this song, it's great and i love it! Amy's voice is so special ( i think so). I really like her when i fisrt saw her in the music video "You Know I'm No Good"....And brand new music video is a great choice! Now, enjoy it. Remember Amy Winehouse's album "Back To Black" in store now!
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T.I-[ New Album ]-T.I Vs T.I.P
2007-06-26 04:20:00
_Here is T.I. 's latest album "T.I. Vs T.I.P."Many people say that this is a beatrecord with many hits and its worth the listen ! T.I. is a really good rapper to me.Take a listen to the album but don't forget to BUY THE ALBUM JULY 3RD !TRACKLIST1.Act I (T.I.P.)2.Big Shit Poppin’ (Do It)3.Raw4.You Know What It Is (Feat. Wyclef Jean)5.Da Dopeman6.Watch What You Say to Me” (Feat. Jay-Z)7.Hurt (Feat. Alfamega & Busta Rhymes)8.Act II (T.I.)9.Help Is Coming10.My Swag (Feat. Wyclef Jean)11.We Do This12.Show It to Me (Feat. Nelly)13.Don’t Wanna Be High14.Touchdown(Feat. Eminem)15.Act III (T.I. vs. T.I.P.)16.Tell ‘Em I Said That17.Respect This Hustle18.My Type[Download]T.I-T.I Vs T.I.P[Thanks VipMedia]
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Chris Brown-Wall To Wall-[New Music Video]
2007-06-25 15:29:00
Chris Brown - Wall To Wall [Kevipod's Vidss]Uploaded by kevipod _Here's new Music Video of Chris Brown's upcoming album"Excuslive" and also it's the lead single.The new album is due for release on August 28th. About the song, i really like it when i first heard this song and it's so great! It will do great in charts.About the video, it made me remember Micheal Jackson's video"Blood on the dance floor " (!?) for a lot of reason and in the video, everybody-also Chris Brown are doing the choreography were really great! Now, enjoy it. Hope you will like it!(Thanks Kevipod for upload this Music Video )
Ja Rule-Uh Oh [New Song]-ft. Lil' Wayne
2007-06-25 15:11:00
-Here's new song by Ja Rule -ft. Lil' Wayne , called "Uh Oh". Ja Rule is working in the new album, which is set to be called "The Mirror", release later this year. I'm not Ja Rule's fan but about the song, it's great! Lil' Wayne just makes it even hotter. This song is actually bring Ja Rule back..! Now, enjoy it! (Thanks Kevipod)DOWNLOAD THIS SONGLINK 2
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Timbaland-Throw It On Me-Ft. The Hives
2007-06-24 04:28:00
_Wow,sounds great! There is always have news of Timbaland . He's amazing artist. About this song, tittled "Throw It On Me", i'm not really like this song. I just like the music video. It's so cool and it's like "Sin City"(also this movie is my favorite). "Give it to me", "The Way I Are", "Throw It On Me" are my fav videos of Timbaland. If he release next single "Scream" so i have been waiting for that because i love this song so much....! :) Now, enjoy the video!
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Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, More Do Their Versions Of Songs For DJ Mark Rons
2007-06-24 04:14:00
_ Obsessed with Coldplay's "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" but wish it were booty-shakeable? That was the predicament facing DJ Mark Ronson, who loved the midtempo Chris Martin tune but knew it would clear a dance floor quicker than you can say "make trade fair." But the budding producer -- recently acclaimed for his work with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen -- wasn't keen on simply adding a house beat to an existing Coldplay song. _As a DJ, sometimes you get bored," Ronson said. "You make remixes, mash-ups. But I'm a big music nerd, so I was like, 'Let's just do whole covers from scratch!' " The bopping Coldplay reinterpretation is just one of 11 funkified covers Ronson whipped up for his new album, Versions. Tracks by the Jam, Kasabian and even Britney Spears are also infused with new Ronson flavor. _To handle vocal duties, Ronson enlisted "people [he] was working with at the time." Therefore, Lily Allen rocks the Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God," Robbie Williams warbles a Charlata...
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Kelly Clarkson-"MyDecember"-Bonus Tracks
2007-06-23 03:30:00
_These two bonus tracks have recently leaked off the upcoming Kelly Clarkson album titled "My December" that will be released on June 25th (UK) and June 26th (USA). Fisrt: Dirty Little Secret and this song is the best. Next song is Not Today and this song is good!-----LINKS ARE TAKEN DOWN-----
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Olivia-Cherry Pop_ft.Missy Elliott-[New Song]
2007-06-22 13:09:00
_Here's Olivia 's new song, tittled "Cherry Pop", featuring Missy Elliott . This song is rumored the first single in her new album to be released later this year. About the song, it's so great! Really, her voice is not good but it's so H.O.T because Missy broungt her to it. I'm excited to listen Missy again. She's the best! So now enjoy it![Download] Olivia-Cherry Pop-ft.Missy Elliott
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J. Lo Taps Swizz Beatz For 'Danceable' English-Language Album
2007-06-21 04:42:00
_Jennifer Lopez might have told us her love don't cost a thing, but in the video for her next single, "Me Haces Falta" -- from her Spanish-language debut album, Como Ama una Mujer -- the singer's character definitely learned that there's a price to pay for a lover scorned._The video features several revealing scenes, including an important park scene, according to Lopez, but the singer was reluctant to go into too much detail regarding the clip.One thing Lopez was more open about, however, was her next project. Her sixth studio album will be her first foray back into pop, R&B and hip-hop since 2005's Rebirth......[More... ews/200706/20014417.html]
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2007-06-20 10:35:00
_Here's the new Music Video of Rihanna , tittled "Shut Up and Drive "which is the second single off her new album "Good Girl Gone Bad". I was waiting for this MV and it really released. I do not like this song but when i seeing this MV, i really like this song and also the video. About the video, it's so great! But i think she should have done something better than video. For example: her HAIR . I like her hair in "Umbrella" MV more than in "Shut Up And Drive".....Anyways, i have to say: this video is so cool, again. And now, i have been waiting for her to release"Breakin' Dishes" ( "Breakin' Dishes" is one of my fav songs in Rihanna's album). Enjoy it![I have the link download this video, i found in LyFox.The links for download will be up for 5 days. It's begining today and then I will take them down.So hurry up!]Rihhanna-Shut_Up_and_Drive [Thanks Ali for uploading this MV]
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