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SEO Sydney Blog brings the latest news from the search engine optimisation SEO industry in Sydney, Australia.
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TNX: A New Way to Buy Text Links
2008-06-01 20:17:00
Even if the use of paid links and link advertisment is getting more and more controvertial in 2008, the willingness to buy quality links is still present in the SEO community. Late 2007, a new player in the contextual advertising/ text link broker industry has emerged with a competitive offer. In a short amount of time, TNX.Net has managed to generate a good online presence, get over 30,000 users and develop a network of 27 Million text links over 17 Million different web pages. What is TNXTNX is a text link broker. They have managed to develop a network of publishers willing to sell some text links on their pages in exchange of a reward. In the TNX case, the reward is in the form of points that can be sold or redeemed for some cash. TNX promote their offer to advertisers interested in buying text links from their network of websites. The TNX system manage the entire transaction process between the advertiser and the publisher.What is great about TNX's offer For the Advertisers- ...
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Text Links Ads Coupon Code May 2008
2008-05-12 13:06:00
Looking for a discount on paid links, Text Links Ads is offering 15% Off your order for the entire life of the order until the end of May. To take advantage of this offer, you need to visit the TLA website and enter the coupon code: may at check out.
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Optimizing Image Tag Alt Attributes: Good Use and Abuse
2008-05-09 04:13:00
I recently went to the Amazon website and as I landed on the homepage, I noticed a large amount of text that appeared while the main image was loading (image 1)... After looking at the source and cache version of the page (image 2), the text was actually included in the alt attribute of the image tag. Nothing amazing about this! What surprised me however, is the amount of content in the alt attribute... not a few keywords, not a few sentences, but an entire paragraph of text! I assumed that the alt tag had to be descriptive, accurate and short and therefore I was not expecting this from Amazon and therefore decided to investigate the topic in further details.Image 1:Image 2About using a Alt attribute in your Image tagAs per the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, it is recommended to provide a text-equivalent for every non-text elements in case some of the users have visual impairments or if users have the image display turned off on their browsers. Matt Cutts from the Google ...
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Search Engine Bootcamp Auckland - July 2008
2008-05-06 11:59:00
The New Zealand edition of the 2008 Search Engine Bootcamp will take place in Auckland on the 3rd July at the Hilton.Search Engine Bootcamp is organised by Search Engine Strategies, the same company that organised SMX Sydney.According to the Search Engine Bootcamp website, the Auckland edition will cover some of the topics below:- Picking the right keywords- Writing search ads that work- Building and Optimising- Landing Pages- Social Media Optimisation- Blending the results - Universal Search- Search 3.0 - dealing with Web 2.0 technology- Local Search, the nextbig thing?- Online Reputation Management- Google Analytics Workshop- Ad targeting options- Quality Score - The PPCBlack Box- Site Structure- Optimising Website Copy- Link BuildingSome of these topics have been covered in the last SMX Sydney conference, so if you have been in Sydney, you probably do not need to go back. However, if you have not, you can register with 20% discount until the end of May using the following coupon ...
EcoCho, Green Search Engine vs. Google's Policy
2008-05-02 06:46:00
Australians are really active and prolific to come up with online initiatives that aims at tackling the issues of climate change. While a great news for Australia and the planet, it seems that these enterprises have unfortunately not reached their high of success.Good Intentions but Wrong ConceptIn early 2007, Blackle, a version of the Google custom search engine was supposed to save energy by displaying a black background instead of a white one. While valid a couple of years ago when CRT monitors were the most popular, the theory behind Blackle has been actively disputed due the rapid emergence of LCD screens. The benefits of a black background are in fact really low or inexistent and therefore the whole Blackle idea is more a cash-machine than an eco-friendly solution.Great Concept but not compatible with Google PoliciesThe latest Australian 'green' initiative came this year with EcoCho, a free green search engine. EcoCho claims that a thousand searches on Ecocho allow Yield Med...
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Latest Google Page Rank Update - April 2008
2008-04-30 01:50:00
By the look of it, Google is currently running its latest Page Rank Update. has moved from a PageRank of 0 to a PageRank of 4 and a couple of websites I manage have also seen their PageRank increase this morning. As noticed in the past, the update usually takes a couple of days to settle, so do not get too ecstatic because the PageRank scores might still change.Regarding the rankings, I have not notice many big differences as the rankings'changes usually take place over a larger period of time before and after the effective PageRank change. The last Google PageRank Update took place mid- January, just after one in October 2007. Based on the last three consecutive updates, I would suspect that Google actually proceed with the update every 3 to 4 months, which would bring the next one around July-August 2008.
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Paul Strange Presents - Using Search & Offline Media to Drive Online Tr
2008-04-24 06:44:00
You may have seen these intriguing posters across the city in the last couple of days. A plain black piece of paper asking you to 'Type it into Google' with a bold yellow arrow showing you what to type: 'Paul Strange Presents 'Being quite surprised by the originality of the message, I actually typed it in! With a bit of efforts, I found the Paul Strange Presents website, which is actually a club promoter in Sydney. I have found that strategy brilliant in many ways and I am quite convinced that the Paul Strange Presents website will get many hits, PR and Blog post through this strategy. However, from a search marketer's point of view, the implementation could have been even more effective. The Great things about the strategyPaul Strange Presents (or their advertising agency, I am not sure) have been really innovative in their approach. It is not so common to come across businesses able to understand the power of search engines to drive online traffic from an offline media.In fac...
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SEO Consultant Position - 24/7 RealMedia - Sydney
2008-04-23 09:02:00
24/7 Real Media Inc: The Science of Digital MarketingOur client base is getting bigger and we need new team members!Working with industry experts within the SEO team, we will provide you with full on the job training in search engine optimisation.The role:•Consulting on numerous 'A' list clients from well known Australian brands•Preparing search engine audit documentation on clients websites•Make recommendations to clients on how they can improve their organic listings•Preparation of reports on client's rankings•Keeping abreast of current search engine optimisation strategies and methods•Liaising with clients, internal account management and technical staff to ensure campaigns are managed effectivelyWhat you've got, that we want:•Search engine marketing knowledge•Ability to work face-to-face with customers essential•Web development experience•Web Programming Skills - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP etc.•Understanding of Common Server Technologies – IIS, Apache...
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Online Shopping Conference 2008 in Sydney
2008-04-23 04:28:00
The Australian online retail industry has grown well in the last couple of months. Over the Christmas period, many Australian online retailers have noticed increases in traffic in excess of 30% and the outlook for 2008 are quite promising.There are many opportunities with e-commerce in Australia, but there are also some challenges including online marketing, logistics and payment systems. To answer these challenges, Stewart Carter has created the first and only online shopping conference last year. The second edition in 2008, will take place in Sydney on the 7th May. The program will have a strong focus on strategic directions in online shopping. Industry experts from all areas of online retailing will be present to discuss the challenges and best practices in the industry.The price of the conference is $495 including GST + $20 invoicing fee. If you are interested, please register here
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Phishing Emails hit YSM and Google Adwords
2008-04-17 11:57:00
It happened before and probably many people are aware of it, but some phishing emails have hit Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords in US and Australia.What is itPhishing emails or Spoofing emails aim at pretending to be an authority (Yahoo or Google) with the purpose of fraudulently collecting some private information such as passwords or credit cards details. Beware of what you receiveThe phishing emails targeting Yahoo Search Marketing in Australia, ask you to change your password by clicking on a link. The link actually redirects to a spoofed website that will collected your personal information. In the US, the phishing emails ask you to renew your account and inform you that your account has been suspended and will be deleted if you do not provide your credit card details.Some spoof emails targeting Google AdWords have also been received in Australia and United States using similar strategies. They ask you to update your billing information in order to re-activate your acc...
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Flight Center's SEO Practices shaken at SMX Sydney
2008-04-15 06:07:00
SMX Sydney took place last week on the 10th and 11th April 2008 in Luna Park, in Sydney. For the first time in Australia, the event organised by Barry Smyth brought many international and local speakers to discover and discuss the latest trends in the search marketing industry. Part of the conference, called the SEO Clinic, offers selected real-life websites to be examined by a panel of experts.In 2008 the panel included Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz, Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Journal and Adam Lasnik from the Google Spam Team. All these guys are probably some of the most recognised professionals in the industry and having their input can save you a lot of work and help you to improve the optimisation of your website. That is great you would say. The drawback is that high-level experts can also find all sorts of things that can make you feel quite embarrassed in front of a live audience and in the industry.How did Flight Center get Shaken?That is exactly what happened to one of...
Free Search Engine Ranking Checking Tool
2008-04-09 08:47:00
Aaron Wall, the author of SEO for Firefox, has recently released a new and extremely useful free SEO tool called Rank Checker. What is Rank Checker Rank Checker is a free Firefox extension that allows you to check the rankings of your website(s) in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search . Rank Checker's FunctionalitiesAmong the various functionalities, we have particularly appreciated the following ones:- Rank Checker is part of Firefox, so all the data is stored on your computer.- You can select the search engines you want to check. It also allows you to check rankings for international versions of Google such You can schedule when you want to run a ranking report (daily, weekly or monthly).- You can set a delay between queries. It becomes useful if you want to avoid being blocked by Google or Yahoo (It happens more and more often!). Aaron Wall also mentioned that future improvement might include a proxy switch funtion.- You can p...
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Australia & New Zealand SEO SEM Salary Survey: The Results!
2008-04-05 02:19:00
The results of the Australia & New Zealand SEO SEM Salary Survey are finally here and the findings are quite interesting. SEO Sydney Blog started the survey in February 2008 with the goal of understanding a little bit better the SEO SEM industry in Australia and New Zealand and the objective has been achieved.From February 2008 until the end of March 2008, 65 qualified SEO/SEM professionals have responded including 84.6% of individuals working in Australia or New Zealand. Before moving on to the analysis of the results, I would like to thanks everyone for their support and for their time in taking the survey. Read this doc on Scribd: Australia & New Zealand SEO SEM Salaray Survey 2008
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Web Search Coordinator - SEO Role
2008-04-02 08:46:00
Reader's Digest is a global multi-brand, multi-channel Marketer, with a long and reputable history in both local and global markets. We are now looking to grow and integrate our online offerings substantially.We have an exciting opportunity in our new Internet team for a tech-savvy, hands-on individual who can help us maximize site traffic through Search Engine Optimization.The key responsibilities of this role include developing and maintaining a Search Engine Strategy for the RD site by:- Ensuring that search engines are able to properly access and index site content;- Optimising external link structure;- Assisting with the creation of pages with clar descriptive/keyword page elements;- Influencing outbound and inbound links to maximize search strategy;- Working closely with editorial and product/promotions teams to ensure the best outcomes for the site.To be successful, you will need:- 3 years or more on-line experience;- Demonstrated involvement with the development of search s...
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$10 Off KwikGoblin Directory
2008-03-31 01:32:00
Jeff Behrendt's directory KwikGoblin is offering $10 off featured and regular submissions until the end of March, which is today... It is a short notice, but it is better than nothing.To take advantage of the discount, type the coupon code: Spring in the checkout page.Additional coupon codes for directory submissions are available on Best of the Web Directory and Text Links Ads
SEO Quake vs. SEO for Firefox
2008-03-21 02:23:00
I have been a fervant user of SEO for Firefox for the last 10 months. I always found that Firefox plugin really useful and time-saving as it brings instantly and in one location a set useful SEO data about a website.Recently I had to re-install Firefox and came across a dilema: Should I re-install SEO For Firefox or should I try another tool? Being curious by nature, I chose the second option and gave SEO Quake , a tools rom guys of SEO Digger a go.After a couple of days of trial, I came to the following conclusions:SEO Quake loads data much fasterWhen you use the application in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) SEO Quake is the tool to choose. I have noticed that SEO Quake loads all the information around 25 to 50% faster than SEO For Firefox.SEO Quake is more user-friendlySEO Quake use icons that makes reading the information easier and quicker. The graphic elements are also more elaborated than in SEO for Firefox. When navigating a specific website, SEO Quake, provide all the SE...
Google Introduces Teleporting
2008-03-17 09:50:00
After introducing Universal Search last year, Google is now bringing 'Teleporting' in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).'Teleporting' is the concept of searching within a website directly from a search engine. In practice, teleporting is an additional search bar located under the listing of a website. This search bar is dedicated to search only the website (see picture below).According to the Google Blog the idea of 'teleporting' came from researches which identify that users looking for a site are usually typing a site name in Google to reach it. Google engineers also noticed these users will then carry another search within the website itself to reach a specific page.While helping search engines users reaching relevant content, teleporting also help Google keeping users in the search engine results pages a little longer. In the same way as Universal search, by letting people stay longer in the SERPs instead of going to another website, Google can increase the user exposur...
SEO and SEM Salary Survey - Australian & New Zealand
2008-03-13 07:47:00
SEO Sydney Blog has released the Australian and New Zealand SEO/SEM Salary Survey at the beginning of February 2008. So far the response has been good. We have recorded around 50 respondents to our questionnaire and the results are already pretty interesting.The findings were supposed to be released at the end of this week, however an increasing number of people have taken the survey in the last couple of days and therefore it might be useful to wait a little bit more to gather more accurate results.The results will now be released at the end of March. That leaves plenty of time for those who have not taken the survey yet, to do it! If it is your case, please take the survey nowThanks for your support!
15 % Discount on Text Link Ads
2008-03-12 10:49:00
By the look of things, March seems to be a good month if you are doing link building or wanting to take advantage of some good discounts.As mentioned last week, Best of the Web Directory is offering 25% off directory submissions.This week Text Link Ads (, the provider of paid links is offering 15% discount on their product range if you use the coupon code: march
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Save 25% on Directory Submissions
2008-03-05 07:34:00
For those doing some link building, you might appreciate a 25% Discount on any submissions to Best of the Web Directory .To benefit from this discount you need to use the following coupaon code at the check out: SAVEBIGThe promotion last until the end of March and is valid on all the advertising solutions available at Best of the Web.
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Google Awarded Best Company to Work For
2008-03-03 09:05:00
In 2008, Google has been elected best company to work for by the Fortune Magazine for the second consecutive year. Google is a big company, but why does everyone want to work for Google?A Dominant Leader:Google has no major competitors and clearly dominates the global advertising industry. Even if Yahoo is quite powerful, the recent acquisitions attempts have proved that Google could easily take over Yahoo. Google has also quickly emerged as the number one most recognised brand in the world. Google's founders are among the richest people in the world and the list grows...Everyone use Google, everyone knows Google, so everyone wants to work for Google.Corporate CultureGoogle has also a very attractive corporate culture. If you have the chance to visit Google's offices in Sydney, you will easily realise that it looks more like a uni than a multi-million dollars business. There is no dress code, free snacks and drinks, a massage room... It fun to work at Google. Is not it what everyo...
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Digital Marketing Companies - What is Happening?
2008-03-01 07:43:00
Back in November 2007 the 'Big 3' digital marketing groups in Australia did not really expect what happened in the last couple of months: share prices are going down up to 150%, some issues with profitability, job cutsBlueFreeway changes its strategyBlueFreeway is the digital marketing company that generated much of the talk. From the Sydney Morning Herald to B&T, BlueFreeway's issues have been publicly exposed starting with the resignation of Richard Webb and two other directors, followed by a large number of job cut and the change in the company strategy.BlueFreeway appeared in 2006 and proceeded to a series of acquisitions in Australia and overseas to reach 25 companies in 2007 including Clear Light Digital , Cogentis and others. BlueFreeway also heavily invested in the development, support and sales of the Blu. advertising portal.Early 2008 some profitability issues started to rise and quickly led to the current situation: A share price at its lowest, job cuts and a lot of que...
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Search Engine Marketing in Australia - 2008 and Beyond
2008-02-25 08:54:00
2008 is full of promises for the search marketing industry in Australia . To discuss these challenges, AIMIA hosted a conference,which gathered a panel of search marketing experts including: Willie Pang, Head of Yahoo Search Marketing Robbie Hills, MD of 24/7 Real MediaKarim Temsamani, GM of Google AustraliaPeter Crowe, CEO Life Events Media Search Engine Marketing as an effective driver of sales Nothing new about that, but the entire panel strongly expressed the effectiveness of search engine marketing as a driver of sales. Robbie Hills emphasises the impact of search on FMCG sales: Out of 163 Million consumers, 71 Millions comes from search and 72% of online consumers reach a website (and buy) using search.Search Engine Marketing for BrandingAccording to the panel, search engine marketing will have more an more importance for branding. Search Engines are becoming more and more content-rich and user friendly. Universal Search is now integrating video, images in the search results pag...
SEO Book becomes a Training Program
2008-02-19 09:47:00
The SEO Book , the popular product from Aaron Wall is changing its format at the end of February. According to Aaron Wall:"Over the course of the past couple years it became obvious to me that the perceived value of ebooks was dropping, the field of SEO was getting more complex, and many people who purchased my book wanted to be able to interact with me and ask me many questions. This caused me to need to change the SEO Book business model away from selling a downloadable ebook, and toward selling a web based information product backed by a community forum that helped turn it into a service more than a product".The SEO Book is becoming the SEO Book training program. On top of a version of the SEO Book, it offers to its members an unlimitied access to over 100 training modules covering all areas of search engine optimisation. The SEO Training program also offers bonuses, tools and exclusive information.If you want to join this program or get more information, feel free to visit the SE...
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Google Geek Night Sydney - Second Edition
2008-02-18 10:09:00
The second edition of the Google Geek Night in February 2008 was bigger than the first one . A lot more Google staff members, more space, more food and more presentations.The best one was probably the Google Mapplets presention. Google Mapplets are mini-applications in JavaScript that run on Google Maps. They are actual Google Gadgets that exploit Google Maps only. Using the example of the Beijing Olympic website, the Google Mapplets Developer (I forgot his name, sorry) demonstrated how you can improve the user experience without any clicks out of the page. In other words the visitors can access a large amount of information in different format (images, text and video) about all the different locations of the Beijing Olympic without even having to follow any navigation pattern. The visitor stays on the same page, but navigate within the interactive elements of the page (Mapplets/Gadgets).These Google Gadgets/Mapplets are "websites within a website" and are highly likely to change ...
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Online Retail Industry in Australia - Christmas 2007 and Beyond
2008-02-15 10:05:00
According to Hitwise data in January 2008, the Australia n online retail stores have performed quit well over Christmas 2007. Sectors including appliances, electronics, books, music and video-games have experienced records web traffic, with increases in excess of 30% during the last quarter of the year.Overall visits to Shopping and classified websites have increased by 9% comparing December 2006 and December 2007. Such trends have a good impact on the e-commerce and online retail industry in Australia.However, the Australian online retail industry does not seems to be as healthy as in other market overseas. Mike Zeederberg, managing director of Digital Agency told B&T that: There is a lot of discussion about why e-tailing is not growing at the same sort rate as the other markets, and the fact that Australia does not have the catalogue cultureThis assumption is a little superficial as Australia is probably one culture that is really mail-order focused due to the size of the country. ...
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Bruce Clay SEO Training Sydney - March 2008
2008-02-13 07:50:00
Bruce Clay SEO Training will come back to Sydney for the third time from the 17th until the 19th March 2008 (just after Ad Tech Sydney).Last year edition of the 3-Day SEO Training course has been positively received by the attendees and keeps on being well rated by many industry organisations.The training program will be conducted by Bruce Clay, president of Bruce Clay Inc and well-recognised global SEO Expert. The SEO course will cover the various methodologies and techniques used for SEO and will give you access to a SEO toolset.According to Jeremy Bolt, a Director of Bruce Clay Australia We recogised a gap in the Australian market for a quality SEO training course that delivered a comprehensive methodology and toolset, and not just people talking about their own experiences or selling their services. This course gets into the detail, the How-to's, the latest and nothing is held back.This SEO training course is targeted at managers, webmasters and online marketers,who are involve...
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Australia & New Zealand SEO/SEM Salary Survey
2008-02-07 11:57:00
After having a look at the results of the SEMPO SEM Salary Survey and taking the SEOmoz SEO industry survey, we realised that these surveys are highly US/Canada focused and therefore do not fully reflect the reality of the Australia n/New Zealand SEO/SEM market.To overcome this lack of targeted information, SEO Sydney Blog has decided to create the first SEO/SEM Salary Survey for Australia and New Zealand.We had a look at other surveys and took into considerations the comments of our readers . Finally we came up with a set of 10 questions. The survey will take you 5 mins to complete and is totally anonymous.On the second week of March we will publish the results on the SEO Sydney BlogTo make sure that we get a good picture of the Australian and New Zealand market, please feel free to invite the people in your network to take the survey.Contrary to other surveys, there is nothing to win (unfortunately), however we think that the results will be valuable for the Australian SEO/SEM comm...
Australia & New Zealand SEO/SEM Salary Survey
2008-02-07 11:57:00
After having a look at the results of the SEMPO SEM Salary Survey and taking the SEOmoz SEO industry survey, we realised that these surveys are highly US/Canada focused and therefore do not fully reflect the reality of the Australia n/New Zealand SEO/SEM market.To overcome this lack of targeted information, SEO Sydney Blog has decided to create the first SEO/SEM Salary Survey for Australia and New Zealand.We had a look at other surveys and took into considerations the comments of our readers . Finally we came up with a set of 10 questions. The survey will take you 5 mins to complete and is totally anonymous.On the second week of March we will publish the results on the SEO Sydney BlogTo make sure that we get a good picture of the Australian and New Zealand market, please feel free to invite the people in your network to take the survey.Contrary to other surveys, there is nothing to win (unfortunately), however we think that the results will be valuable for the Australian SEO/SEM comm...
SMX Sydney promises to be good!
2008-02-07 07:38:00
As announced earlier this year in our Search Engine Marketing Events Agenda, SMX Sydney (Search Marketing Expo) is one of the major event in the SEO/SEM industry in Australia.This edition will take place on April 10th and April 11th and they have lined-up some pretty famous international speakers. Here is the list I got from the SMX Newsletter:Danny Sullivan, Editor in Chief - (US)Gord Hotchkiss, President & CEO - Enquiro (Canada) Rand Fishkin, Director - SEOmoz (US) Jane Copeland, Search Marketing Consultant - SEOmoz (US) Ciaran Norris, SEO & Social Media Director, Altogether Digital (UK) Frederick Valley, Adwords Evangelist, Google Inc. (US) That looks awesome and should attract quite a few people. To register visit the new SMX Sydney Website
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