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A community experiment of the Google AdSense program where I take suggestions from reader on ways to iimprove the site and report all of the results Google will let me. I do all of the work and everyone shares in the experience.
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Does Anybody Remember DealDotCom?
2008-04-05 20:32:00
What was it, like six or nine months ago when the blogosphere lit up with all the hype about DealDotCom? I jumped in and made a post about it back then and took a little bit of heat from a certain Welshman for being such a sucker.   I don't think I've written anything about it since even though I have actually made some money from it. I've also bought a couple of deals through them. If you're like me, you look at most of the stuff they offer on there and instantly think, "Scam" or "Junk!" or "Why in the world would anybody ever buy that?".   Today is different. I'm sure you have probably heard about OIOPublisher, the WordPress plugin that cuts out the middleman and puts your ad management on autopilot. This is the one Andy Beard, John Cow, Adnan (from BlogTrepreneur) and Mark Fulton (from DotSauce) among others have been absolutely raving about.   This thing usually sells for $37 and everybody says its a steal at that price but I was always too cheap to buy it. ...
NIche Marketing Tools
2008-03-11 18:17:00
Hey guys! I'm not through with my sabbatical yet but something came up and I wanted to share it with you before it was too late. (Don't you love how life has no respect for your plans?) I'm learning so much it's hard to describe but I'm taking tons of notes for future blog articles.   Niche Blogging I know most of you guys have probably figured out I have been working really hard for the last couple of months exploring how to make money on the internet. The fact is, I am making money online. Granted, it's not yet enough to live on but I'm making considerably more than I'm spending.   One of the ways I've been making money is through creating targeted Niche Sites with click ads and affiliate links or ads. This sounds simple enough but there is one pretty huge hurdle to making it work and that's finding niches that aren't already saturated.   Keywords   When I started setting up these sites I would pick what I thought would be a nice profitable niche a...
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Alive & Kickin'!
2008-02-28 15:58:00
  Hey guys!   Man, I've been missing our conversations. I can't wait to get back in the regular flow of things.   I just wanted to drop a line here to let you know I was still around. Nothing has happened to me, well, nothing BAD has happened to me ;) Along side my regular life stuff I'm participating in a mentorship/coaching program.   This program is locked so I can't really go into the specifics too deeply right now but I can tell you it has already changed the way I see things online. My eyes are just beginning to open to the real possibilities. I always thought I saw the big picture and was dreaming big. I am coming to understand I have been thinking small all this time.   I am learning so much and, to be honest, the intense part hasn't really started yet. I can't wait to share the things I'm learning with you guys. I'm making tons of notes for future blog posts but I want to wait until my perspective has matured a little before I go throwing i...
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Taking A Break
2008-01-23 21:07:00
OK, so here's the deal; I'm currently buried in a big project. As my dad would say, I'm so busy I don't have time to catch my butt with both hands.   The fact is, I've got some great post ideas but simply don't have time to develop them properly.   My project involves the internet and I am looking forward to reporting on it when I'm done, or at least done enough to have the time to actually be able to organize a competent article.   I'm in the process of implementing many of the things I've been learning over the past six months. I look forward to reporting back to you with my results. I plan to give credit where credit is due about what has worked and what has not. I think when I'm this portion of the project is complete, I'll actually be able to help you guys with some honestly tested information and step-by-step guides.   So I'm going to relieve myself of the stress of not posting regularly here by announcing that I'm taking a short break. I may ...
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Spoke Too Soon
2008-01-17 01:48:00
  Well, I think the stupid internet is finally up again for good. I thought everything was fine the other day and then it crapped out again. It's been coming and going ever since. Up for an hour and a half, down for three and so on and so on.   After a while it goes from being really frustrating to being just down right silly. It's kind of pathetic how much we depend on the internet to accomplish anything isn't it? I really feel sorry for the companies that require access to operate.   My insurance agent has been having a fit. It seems they are not allowed to keep hard copies of anything anymore. All of their records are stored digitally online. According to him, a digital copy is as good as an original if the original does not exist. So, they scan every document and upload it to the corporate server then shred the original. A very 21st century concept, right up until the internet goes down, then you have no files. Ooops!   Oh well. I've been adjusting prett...
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Cold Turkey!
2008-01-14 01:24:00
  And I don't mean holiday leftovers, although I think there may be some turkey left in the freezer...hmm...   ...No, No, back to what I was saying. I just lived through a terrible and ground shaking experience. I'm talking anxiety, cold sweats, lack of sleep, the whole thing. This is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone, much less a friend.   I have spent the last 2 1/2 days without any internet access. NONE. Period.   Everything was just rocking along in Trackerland Friday morning. Before I got out of bed I had planned out all of the wonderful internet things I needed to get done that day (posting here for one), then I turned on the computer and tried to check email........nuthin', I tried to get online with my browser......nuthin'.   That's OK, not to panic, I've seen this before, I'm a windows PC user. I go through the usual process of resetting routers and modems, disabling wireless cards and rebooting computers, all in different orders, hop...
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How Does Anyone Do This?
2008-01-07 22:06:00
  My time has become extremely short right now. I seem to have gone from running this one little blog, to a whole stable of partially finished sites in just a couple of weeks, leaving me wondering how anyone is able to do it.   I mean, some of you guys like Mark, Christine, Michelle and Tish, actively operate more than three blogs (Some, several more), yet, your posts project an air of absolute calm and sanity.   Then there are people like Garry who maintain over 100 sites. (WHAT?!) Granted, I think he sometimes is teetering on the edge, but for the most part, even he remains fairly lucid.   Me, I buy a domain name and start working on building the site only to look up three days later and the site is only half finished and I haven't even thought about writing a blog post, much less actually developing any good ideas into real articles.   Of course, it would all probably be more efficient if I didn't spend hours hacking up the CSS code so I could re-instal...
2008 Iowa Caucus Winners
2008-01-03 21:21:00
  The frozen Midwestern state of Iowa has been inundated by presidential candidates from both political parties and their associated entourages of media, aides and campaign workers for almost two solid years.   This circus appears in this mostly rural state, seemingly overnight, every election cycle and, immediately after caucuses, it disappears like a vapor. It happens every time but it's always a jolt.   No more hotel bars full of reporters in Des Moines. No more campaign caravans running up and down the back roads at break-neck speeds. No more prima-donna candidates piling into every decent restaurant and cafe so they can pretend to eat the favorite local sandwich and stiff a waitress out of a tip. Most importantly, no more campaign ads from Hillaboma or Romkaby. (At least until October)   So, after the thousands of gallons of coffee, hot chocolate and probably some adult beverages are consumed at the caucuses. After the neighbors and friends go through the k...
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To Post or Not To Post?
2007-12-28 00:49:00
  That is only one of the questions.   As I check my feed reader I see most bloggers not posting very much real content. Just some light content posts and such.   I've got a few good ideas for posts but I honestly don't want to use them when nobody is online. I mean, I know how I am when I check my feed reader after a few days and it's got tons of posts in it. I scream through them and barely read anything.   I think I'm going to just hold off on the real content for a little while. Besides, I'm pretty busy with a couple of other projects I'm working on ;)   I hope everyone is enjoying this slow time and getting some quality family time in.     If you've enjoyed your read, grab my feed!Thank you for subscribing to my feed. If you are not reading this in a feed reader it has been stolen from AdSense Tracker Blog.
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Awesome Teen Bedding
2007-12-26 21:48:00
  What a wonderful time of year to spend curled up in a warm bed while watching TV and blogging or some other spectacularly unproductive activity.   Adults are happy with just about anything on their beds as long as it is warm and fluffy. It will usually have some generic flower print or geometric design.   Little kids will be content with the latest offering of princess or fairy motif for girls and cars and trucks or camouflage for boys.   Teenagers are a whole different ball game. They want to be able to express their individuality in everything they are associated with especially their bedroom and its decorations. This is where Vision Bedding comes in. They offer some of the most unique and exciting Teen Bedding I have ever seen.   Not only do they have some very cool stock patterns available, they even offer the ability to completely customize your design to fit your teen's tastes with personal designs, photos or anything else your teen can come up wi...
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Universal Wishes
2007-12-24 20:38:00
  Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm not just speaking to an American crowd. Some of you guys are from places I would probably not feel safe traveling in. Of course, that's nothing against you personally, it's just a fact.   Recent history has shown us instances of entire cultures going into uproar over perceived insults and I wonder, as we approach the time of year Christians find sacred, do people of other faiths feel offended when a Christian wishes them Merry Christmas?   I can only speak for myself but I would find no offense in a Muslim wishing me a Peaceful Ramadan, a Jew saying Happy Hanukah or even a Pagan wishing me a Happy Solstice.   I don't see these wishes as being some form of proselytizing or forcing their faith on me. I see it as someone simply sharing the good will and love of their faith with another person. In that spirit, I wish you all a    Merry Christmas   Thank you for subscribing to my feed. If you are not re...
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Almost Christmas!
2007-12-24 18:06:00
  Well, it's almost Christmas . Everyone is really getting geared up and the tension level is rising proportionally.   I'm not quite done yet myself. I'm going to make one more shameless money grab before I take a couple of days off.Thank you for subscribing to my feed. If you are not reading this in a feed reader it has been stolen from AdSense Tracker Blog.
Tracker on the Trail
2007-12-20 08:25:00
  It's traveling time for the Tracker . I'll be unplugged for a few days but I should be back before Christmas.   Make yourself at home, keep your feet off the table and replace whatever you eat out of the fridge. I'll see you in a few days.   Instead of having to check in all the tie to see when I'm back, you could just grab my feed. Then you wouldn't have to worry about missing anything ;)Thank you for subscribing to my feed. If you are not reading this in a feed reader it has been stolen from AdSense Tracker Blog.
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The Blog Before Christmas
2007-12-18 15:57:00
  This is a wonderful rework of "The Night Before Christmas " from a blogger's perspective. Since I was tagged in this meme I have the right to reprint this outstanding work from one of the smartest and most humble guys in the blogosphere, Mark Sierra from Me And My Drum. You can see the original post here.   'Twas My Blog Before Christmas Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ’sphereMe and some bloggers were spreading good cheer.All the ads were hung in my sidebar with careIn hope that my readers would soon click some there.   I wrote a few posts and scheduled ahead,Awaited my traffic, while I was in bed.Next morning I woke to find my stats low.“What happened?” I cried, “Why didn’t they show?”   When I asked Adsense Tracker for her to help meShe said “Stumble Trolls are the answer, you see?”So I stumbled and stumbled, then stumbled some moreI searched for one hundred, but only found four.   Scary they were, all angry and...
Online Discounts and Deals
2007-12-17 17:41:00
  This is NOT a paid post. (But it should be)   This is an introduction to my newest online endeavor; DiscountDealFinder. Discount Deal Finder dot com is a site where you can find the best online discounts and deals available. I scour the internet trying to find really good deals to post in a wide variety of categories. So far I've been able to locate and post Computers Discounts , Electronics Discounts, Sporting Goods Discounts and Footwear Discounts.   Instead of posting everything at once, there will be a new post every hour or two just to drive the search spiders bonkers :) You don't have to check in constantly though, you can just check once a day to keep up and eventually I'll probably set up a RSS feed.   There is still a bit of tweeking left but I felt like it was ready to introduce to you. Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.     If you enjoyed your read, grab my feed!Thank you for subscribing to my feed....
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Another Round of Contests
2007-12-15 21:52:00
  Let's enter some contests!   $250 Amazon Gift Voucher   Well, the benevolent bovine, John Cow, has conned another sucker convinced another sponsor to provide a cool contest prize. This time around the generous sponsor,, is kicking in a $250 gift voucher from That's enough moolah to make almost anyone's Christmas a little bit more merry. is an advertising outfit where you can buy a PPC campaign for yourself or sign up as a publisher and make some money. They even have a decent affiliate program if you're interested in that end of it. It pays 20% commission on profits from advertisers for 90 days and 10% on profits from publishers for a whole year.   This contest is a little bit more difficult to enter than some of the others they have run in the past. The good thing is, that often means fewer people are entering because most of them won't take the time to follow all of the directions like wri...
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Sivatar Yourself
2007-12-14 05:08:00
  I've been meaning to write about this for a while now, so here you go.   Sivatar is the latest incarnation of the avatar wall. Basically it consists of a front page display of 40 random avatars out of almost 400 that have been registered. When you click on one that looks interesting you are taken to that blogger's site.   The system is pretty straight forward and seems fairly simple. I'll tell you, I only put an avatar up on a whim. I really thought it would be a waste of time. It turns out I was wrong. I have actually been getting a few hits almost every day from Sivatar and have even picked up a few new subscribers from that little icon.   I know you're just dying to see my Sivatar. It can be found here. I know, it's lame but I was in a hurry and I really didn't think it would ever be seen. Sue me ;)   Anyway, do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to set yourself up with your very own Sivatar and see what happens.     If you enjoye...
Web 2.2 - Virtual Meets Reality
2007-12-13 23:24:00
  I guess it was bound to happen, social media is getting ready to take the next logical step; into the Real World.   Web 2.0   By now most people are familiar with the concept of Web 2.0 but for those who aren't, here it is in a nutshell. Web 2.0 took the static world of web pages (Web 1.0) and added the social and potentially viral nature of community sharing and bookmarking. Examples of Web 2.0 sites are MySpace, FaceBook, Digg and StumbleUpon among hundreds if not thousands of others.   Web 2.1   The social networking aspect of Web 2.0 sites quickly took the obvious next step of Social Media Alliances and voting groups. The purpose of these groups is to work as a community to introduce their members' content to the social media public. These alliances are frowned upon by the Web 2.0 sites, therefore, even though their existence is common knowledge, few will admit to participating in them.   Web 2.2   The next logical step for social media and...
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Hooker Fight!
2007-12-13 01:07:00
  You may think I'm a whore. Garry Conn certainly seems to.   In his opinion, anyone who accepts sponsored reviews or paid posts is,   "accepting money from a pimp daddy for doing whorish work."   He seems to enjoy the "Pimp Daddy" reference because he returns to it again when he declares that after a blog gets google-slapped for paid posts,   "...your pimp daddy will no longer want you and you'll be left in the dark with no job, and no PageRank to come crawling back to."   Wow! Got drama?   I have no intention of arguing the issue of whether or not I'm a whore. Quite frankly, I don't care what anyone thinks and I'm quite certain this was just one of Garry's experimental posts where he tries to stir up controversy and get attention. In fact, I was a little hesitant to reward him with a PR4 link but, hey, it's Christmas.   The irony of the whole thing to me is, these over-the-top statements came from someone who makes their livi...
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How To Review A Blog - Revisited
2007-12-10 22:17:00
  A couple of months ago I posted a reasonably well constructed and fairly well received article entitled, "How To Review A Blog ". It even tied for second place in the How-To Group Writing Contest/Project at Blue Jar dot com, netting me $62. (Thank you Sarah and thank you voters)   The problem is, I have come to the conclusion the article is terribly flawed. If a writer were to follow the formula I laid out, they would end up writing more of a critical analysis than a review.   Having written quite a few blog reviews since publishing that article, I have come to understand there are a couple of things we must think about before we begin any review.   Unless we are a guru (writing/site building/seo) who has been asked to analyze the site for improvement, we should stay clear of these areas except for the most glaring issues that effect readability. A blog is a collection of entries that together form the content. As a reviewer, we are&n...
Online Discount Coupon Finder
2007-12-10 01:53:00
  After the popularity of the Black Friday Bargains Search Tool I put together I decided to go ahead and build another custom search engine for you guys.   Three Ways to Search   This tool searches a huge database of online discount coupon codes and can be searched by product, merchant or type of discount. Product Search - To search by product simply enter the name of the product and click "Search". If you want to find discount codes for domain names, just search "domain names". Merchant Search - To find discount codes available for a particular merchant just do a search for the merchant name. To find all of the online coupons available from Old Navy, simply search for "Old Navy". Discount Search - This option is great for finding certain types of discounts. To find merchants offering free shipping just search for (you guessed it) "Free Shipping".   Once again, be as specific as you can because the database is huge. If you have any questions feel free t...
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2007-12-09 00:42:00
  I almost for got to congratulate Christine Senter for completing that NaNoWriMoHoJoThingaBo dooda dooda day thing where you write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. Just the idea of writing that many words makes my head hurt. In fact, I don't think I've written that many words in this whole blog.   I know, some of you are wondering, "Christine who?" That would be because you know her as Sapheyerblu. She writes under that name here and here and under her real name (Is it really? hmm) here and here and here and several other place I can't remember but you get the picture.   Anyway, swing by one or two of her haunts and tell her congratulations!   Oh yeah, she's a pretty darn decent writer too :)Thank you for subscribing to my feed. If you are not reading this in a feed reader it has been stolen from AdSense Tracker Blog.
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2007-12-08 21:38:00
  Here we are at the end of another week and what an interesting week it's been! Not only has there been all of the regular stress, drama, homicidal thoughts, fun and excitement that go along with getting close to Christmas, it's been kind of exciting around here as well.   We just got through with the highest traffic ten day period ever on this blog. We went ten straight days with over 100 unique visits each day. (We actually broke 200 once) Gotta love those trolls :)   Comment Links   By now I'm sure most of you are aware of the new comment system for Blogger blogs like this one. Google claims the change is a measure to stop comment spam but I don't believe it. I think it's just one more way to try to control outbound linking but that's a post for another day.   I think if someone takes the time to comment on this blog they deserve to have a link to their own blog. As you may have noticed I have implemented a response to this change. Until I can come...
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The John Cow Effect
2007-12-07 23:31:00
      That other J.C. is always crowing about the effect he has on web sites when he mentions them in a blog post or review. Since this blog has been the beneficiary of bovine largesse for the past month from a free banner ad, I felt it only fitting to show the effect it had on my traffic.   On November 4th I won a little impromptu contest on John Cow dot com for one month of free advertising on his site. I was totally unprepared and had to throw together a 300 x 250 banner in about 15 minutes including thinking of the copy. The banner at the right is what I came up with. I know, no sense of urgency, blah, blah, blah. I thought it looked kind of cool and hey, I'm not selling anything anyway, right?           Over the course of the month this blog received 123 hits from 90.24% were first time readers and it looks like a few stuck around. Welcome!   The banner ad I ran was in a rotation with several others (I'm thinkin...
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Use StumbleTrolls to Boost Your Stats
2007-12-06 01:51:00
This article will not show you how to get the magical thousands of hits from StumbleUpon. It will, however, show you an unusual way to improve your daily hits, pages per visit, time per visit and subscribers, while performing a public service.   Improving these statistics will increase the value of your ad space, raise your RealRank and increase the sale value of your blog.   History   Two weeks ago I posted this article in response to a personal attack I witnessed on StumbleUpon. The article received several "Thumb Downs" and negative reviews on StumbleUpon from friends of the original offender. While studying the analytics of that post's traffic, I noticed some interesting facts I had never heard anyone talk about before.   The Observation   The traffic stats revealed the post was receiving very few direct referrals from SU but was receiving quite a bit of indirect SU traffic. This indirect traffic was coming from Stumblers&n...
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I'm Done
2007-10-24 21:29:00
  Yep, you read it right. I'm done. The project is completed. It's in the can. The fat lady has sung and left the stage.   Now I've got to remember how to do this again. I wish I could say I have been accumulating all kinds of great blog ideas but the opposite is actually true. The fact is, the project I just completed required my absolute concentration. Besides that, I wasn't able to keep my notebook with me so any great ideas I may have had are long since down the drain.   I'm going to work really hard for the next few days to get back up to speed with my blogging.     Wildfires   Let's all remember the folks dealing with this year's round of fires in Southern California. Don't forget, some of our own are in the middle of this and have blogged about it. I think of Matt from Blog About Your Blog and Susan from Susan Suarez dot com. I'm sure there are many others and we all probably have readers from that area.   If you pray, do...
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The Final Push!
2007-10-21 21:24:00
  OK, I'm entering the final push before the end of my project. This means ALL of my time for the next few days will be spent off-line so don't get your feelings hurt if I can't respond to your comments or answer your emails right away.   I still would like to hear your suggestions for a contest.   Thanks for your patience and I'll see you on the other side!Thank you for subscribing to my feed. If you are not reading this in a feed reader it has been stolen from AdSense Tracker Blog.
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Is This The End?
2007-10-19 03:54:00
  Not quite but it's getting close!   That's right, the blog hiatus is coming to an end. I should be back to full-time (or at least, nearly full-time) blogging early next week.   I'm trying to decide how to jump start things again. We'll almost certainly have some sort of contest with a cool prize. We'll have to see.   For now, you can click over and read my first post on Blog About Your Blog. It's a review of International Freebies For All that was won in the last BAYB contest.   Don't feel neglected because I posted over there. If anyone should feel neglected its Mary from International Freebies For All for having to wait so long for her review to be posted.   After you read that awesome piece of literature, click over to read the rules of the new BAYB contest then go home to your own blog and get your entry written so you can have a chance to win a review of your blog or one of those other crappy prizes like cash from Bidvertiser where yo...
Its All About Perspective
2007-10-15 04:00:00
  How many hits would qualify as a "High Traffic" day on your blog? 50? 100? 1000? 10K?   What do you consider to be a good StumbleUpon experience?   I've recently discussed an increase in traffic we've seen around here from one relatively popular post but I think some of you may have gotten the wrong impression of the actual numbers. We're going to straighten that out with this post.   The first thing you have to understand is this blog breaks the rules and stereotypes. For Pete's sake, it's called "AdSense Tracker" and doesn't have an ad in sight!   One of the more unusual quirks about this blog is it rarely has as many daily hits as it has subscribers. A good traffic day around here is 50-70 hits but the subscriber numbers have been near or over 100 for a while now. It seems most blogs with this type of subscription rate are running 5-10 times, or more, the daily traffic.   With All This In Mind, Let's Look At The Results   Sunday ...
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Breaking The Rules For A Good Cause
2007-10-12 13:16:00
OK, I'm absolutely swamped. You all know that. That's my excuse for breaking so many rules with this post.   I have sworn off memes, as you know. I don't quote other writer's articles, as you know.   Until now.   The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a cause worth doing both for. I was tagged by Steven from Vandelay Design and asked to continue this meme.   On October 15 the Internet Marketers of New York will be hosting a charity party to raise awareness and money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (details at the end of the post). The party of course will include food, drinks and socializing with other internet marketers. A $40 donation will be collected at the door, and Best of the Web is sponsoring the party. If you’re like me and you don’t live close enough to New York to make it for this event you can still participate by donating online. To read the story of someone facing this difficulty, visit aimClear and read Marty’s story. Details:$4...
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