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Poetry 4 kids - funny poems for children

Poetry 4 kids - funny poems for children
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Mother?s Day Poem - short mother?s day poem for all moms
2008-04-18 19:08:00
Moms by Milou Moms are a lot like the whispering sea They’re always kind to you and to me They bake and they dust They’re people you trust But they also can get rather angry Weighting for a call by Artie
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Mother?s Day Poetry and Poems Arts and Crafts - Newsletter for Kids
2008-04-17 11:44:00
Mother?s Day Poems - Mother’s Day Poetry - Poems For Mother’s Day, Arts and Crafts Newsletter. Mother’s day poems for children, poems 4 kids, funny mother’s day poetry for children, arts and crafts for mother’s day. Mother’s day coloring pages and links. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Books I Like - Book Review Roald Dahl 3. Browsing The ...
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Happy Mother?s Day - Mother?s Day Poem by Milou
2008-04-15 03:28:00
Kind and warm hearted That’s what she is It’s time to get started And give that Missus… An exciting, cozy, and extremely happy Or mysterious, curious, funny and snappy Or maybe even weird and crazy (But it also could be cloudy and hazy) Mother ’s day, with all our love And make her be the queen above But if you forget to do it on time Then ...
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What if moms?mother?s day poem by Milou
2008-04-08 03:45:00
What if moms were mean and grind And also rather unfair and unkind Would they scream and bite and hit Or call people numskulls, birdbrains, or nitwits A bet that might happen, if you forget To celebrate mother’s day and instead play croquet!
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The new car creation - (car poem) with spelling words by Milou
2008-04-08 03:44:00
Let me introduce to you The very famous Mr. Lou Mr. Lou has created a car Called “Water 246 Bazaar” He’s decorated it with pink paper penguins And a thousand million other things He didn’t imitate a single car Well, no other car was similar A very big congratulation For your latest decoration This car is a sensation And has no limitation Many people want the Bazaar They ...
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Killer Flea - Earth Day Poem by Milou
2008-04-08 02:59:00
In the little town of Marden There was a neat and tiny garden In the garden was a tree That was happy, kind, and free In the tree there was a bird Whose call was very often heard On the bird there was a flea That lived so very happily But don’t let this be a trick For the flea was very sick It killed ...
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Spring is here! - Spring poem by Milou
2008-04-07 11:44:00
Poor old winter has gone to the ground He froze all ears till no one heard a sound He tortured us with his chilly breeze He laughed at us for every sneeze But now in his replacement comes With singing birds, flowers, and sun A nice and jolly little fellow Who’d been waiting in a borrow Till old winter would wither and die Just ...
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Jane Christenine by Milou
2008-04-07 10:11:00
Once upon a long ago time There was a girl called Jane Christenine Worked for her aunt in a town called Grenoble And her aunt wasn’t kind, respectful, or noble She made poor Jane wash the floors Clean the dishes, dust rooms, and paint doors And if Jane insisted on having a break She was put to scrub the aunt’s rusty skates One ...
2008-03-29 02:44:00
I live in an Icy place Look like a butler from Elisabeth her grace I swim and slide I march and glide When I walk I leave a duck feet trace What am I?
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Down with math
2008-03-28 22:48:00
What’s the quotient of 14 through seven? Or the answer of 20 times 11? Many are unable to figure such out From every country round about I say it’s unfair and totally unkind To be so extremely mean and grind Of forcing us to reuse and retell Research, retrain, and even respell Everything in math we learn So listen folks, now it’s my turn I ...
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Easter Hunt Riddle
2008-03-02 02:04:00
(Guess What I am) Yellow, orange, blue Inside it feels like glue Its round like a ball It is usually small On Easter day you’ll get a clue
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2008-02-25 13:50:00
Imagine if Easter would last forever You’d eat candy and chocolate everyday And have Easter hunts, and be very clever About where to hide your Easter prey You’d be getting presents and toys Eat millions of caramel ?n’ cakes You’d be filled with happiness and joy When your parents start to bake So Easter would rule forever Pouring with billions of treats Eat them like ...
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We?re all in this together!
2008-02-25 13:23:00
No matter who and where you are You can always follow your dreaming star And don’t listen to others thoughts ?n’ founds What you think is the thing that counts If you feel like being a hip hop singer Even though you’re basketball flinger Have fun while you play And sing still today Do it with fun and don’t linger ...
What Am I?
2008-02-10 00:09:00
Swimming, slipping, sliding, What am I describing? A little bird Of whom you?ve heard Who also loves fish and diving  
Mondays (IDon?t Like)
2008-02-10 00:01:00
Today is mournful Monday We?re back from super Sunday School starts today (That?s NOT okay) I hate when it is Monday
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2008-02-03 14:45:00
VALENTINE IS HORRIFYIN? BY MILOU Valentine ?s Day is near I?m totally filled with fear Cause the risk on that day Is that I?ll have a kiss on my face And rather than that I?d drink beer It?s Valentine?s Day today And there is nothing else left to say Than: I?m scared to death I can?t take one breath I?d rather eat a lunch tray Now ...
My School
2008-01-14 13:06:00
In my school the teachers chew bubble gum And all children teach spelling and math Kids think recess is no fun And kids are called Mr. Teb or Ms. Cath In our school the staff is kind The Cook cooks wondrous meals The nurse is not so mean and grind You know how good it feels? I feel good and amazed About what ...
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Easter eggs
2008-01-13 23:41:00
For Easter … A fishy gets an oyster egg A foxy gets a seagull’s A wolf gets an easter leg And there are grass eggs for the bulls But only humans get a candy chocolate one So let’s hope that all Easters will be fun, Fun, FUN!  
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Christmas eve
2008-01-11 13:36:00
It’s Christmas eve and I am excited Because of a thief I’m so alighted He stole the tree He stole the presents He didn’t steal me But my cousins  
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2008-01-10 00:25:00
Some are lazy Some are old Some are crazy Some are bald But they all are just the same ‘Cause all like to play the same old game Of making poor children write 4 thousand pages About the life in tiny cages And you can probably guess who they are, these creatures They are terrible, horrible, not agreeable, nasty, teachers! (But, they still can ...
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Complaining planets
2008-01-09 14:52:00
Pluto says,” I’m too small!” Jupiter says,” I’m too tall!” Neptune says,? I?m so cold!” Mars then says, ?Think I’m bald?!” Saturn says,” I hate my rings!” Earth then says,” I hate my nature things!” Mercury says,? I?m so hot I could die!” Venus says, ?So could I!” “Stop complaining!” Uranus said, “Let’s all just relax go to bed!” (”WHY SHOULD WE?” SAY ALL ...
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Tree Tops
2007-11-18 23:24:00
At the top of a tree You can go on a spree For there is room for at least 69 You have fun way up there For a such place is rare You might never find a place so fine It?s like the Queen?s palace (you?ll never keep balance) You can see everything from up there Oh I love this place Fit for the majesty ...
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Big Paws
2007-11-18 21:52:00
Once upon a time there was A cat with unusually big paws Her feet were as big as a car’s tires And this is not what a cat desires One day she was at home without any crew ‘Cause her owner was away buying some shoes Suddenly it happened something very surprising Now the cat’s feet were changing their sizing First to the ...
2007-10-20 14:07:00
I have got a boa Who’s name is Annemarie I found her, lying down On a plain old prairie! She is tame and very quiet And doesn’t even bite! I think she’ll need to go on diet, For she’s a tremendous sight! Even though, she is so cool She also has her bad sides She sometimes is a bit of a fool AND goes wild on ...
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Happy Birthday
2007-09-28 18:55:00
A bird was flying past a prairie When he spotted a little berry This bird loves berries very much He would try to get it with some luck But a dog spotted it too And his greed for a berry grew When the bird saw the dog and the dog the bird They made growls and groans that have been never heard Suddenly ...
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The Sun and the Moon
2007-09-27 22:48:00
The sun is shining in the sky But the moon gives a sigh He can?t light up the day For the sun is in the way But at night the moon shines bright And the sun is out of sight He was sleeping in his bed And wasn?t angry to be said That the moon is shining bright In the black and gloomy night ...
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2007-09-27 20:37:00
dogs dig dirty dirt they dirty down all the shirts cats claw crunchy cakes don?t take cats for heavenīs sake! birds build big bags don?t take birds those old hags hamsters hate horrible hairdos they will chew up all your shoes!! toucans touch tall trees toucans cost a lot of fee frogs fake funny fools frogs are very dangerous tools lions like licking lollipops he will eat you ...
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A Dog
2007-09-27 20:30:00
A dog was walking down the street Who was looking for some meat He was a very hungry fellow And now he was about to bellow Right then before he barked away He smelled something a block away He ran right after the wonderful smell Smell of roasted beef and caramel And when he came to the right place He thought: Oh hammer ...
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