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My Chemical Romance Stories
Your daily dose of sex stories and fantasies that will surely spice up your life.


Virgin Stories :: Virgin Fantasies Become Reality
2007-11-12 22:42:00
Kasey was your typical goody-goody teenager. She went to church every Sunday morning, went to Bible study every Wednesday night, was involved in just about every club in school, and recently graduated Valedictorian of her high school class. Everyone knew her, but no one really knew her. Inside there was a different person hiding, too scared to come out. She had this secret obsession with romance, and a secret fascination with sex. She bought racy sex novels and read them late into the night when everyone was asleep. She hid them well in her room so that no one would discover them. She was also a remarkably attractive young woman. With a size five waist, a D bust, and an ass like J. Lo, she had the figure most girls dream of. In the middle of the night when she was hidden away in her room she would take pictures of herself posing in her bikini so that she could admire herself from different angles. She wasn’t conceited in the least; she just really liked her body. ...
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Celebrity Stories :: The Sexy Lindsay Lohan
2007-11-03 21:19:00
Lindsay Lohan couldn't seem to control herself. Sweat was building up on her curvaceous body and short but obviously pleasured gasps were coming from her mouth, starting deep inside of her then moving out. The guy below her eating her tight little pussy paid no heed to the signs of her getting more turned on by the second. Instead he let his tongue move up and down the lips of her pussy, tasting the sexual juices that were already leaking out of her.His tongue stroked her in firm hard licks, making Lindsay's gasps grow louder every second. Lindsay moved her hands to her large, firm breasts, squeezing them as hard as she could, sending a shock of pleasure and pain through her entire body. Mmm! Oh God! She moaned out loudly. The guy licking her pussy seemed to get extremely turned on by her moan, and really who wouldn't, because he took his hands to her pussy and spread her open with two fingers.He stared inside of her tight pussy walls for a minute, as if looking into something he...
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Virgin Stories :: The Outcast's Dream
2007-10-29 21:23:00
Shelly was always the outcast in school. Kids in the hall wouldn't even look twice at her, especially the boys. She didn't know how it feels to have a boys lips touch hers, her small body caressed, softly moaning as an erect penis enters her soft, wet virgin pussy. She dreamt of the day she would lose her virginity, though she didn't think it would ever happen. She woke up Monday morning, dreading getting out off bed and having to face those assholes at school. She got out of bed and took off her pajamas, looking at her naked body in her full-length mirror. She thought she had a cute body. Nice smooth legs, flat tummy, B-cup breasts. Why didn't boys like her? She grabbed a pair of tight jeans, a t-shirt, and a white lace bra with matching thong from her closet and got dressed. She went into the bathroom and pulled her hair up in a tight ponytail, put on a small amount of make up, and brushed her teeth, then looked in the mirror again. She rolled her eyes, grabbed her backpack, a...
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Celebrity Stories :: My Jessica Alba encounter
2007-10-25 23:36:00
Well to me it all started when I first saw the movie Sin City. After I saw it I went on the Internet to look up stuff about Jessica Alba . I did and what I got was amazing, but I still wanted more. So about a month later I saw "The Fantastic Four" which turned me on really bad. Now I knew that my life long goal is to meet Jessica Alba and fuck her and that sexy body. I did everything I could to try and meet her like entering contests or sending her fan mail, but nothing worked. But when I did the next thing I must have been desperate. I went to the "2006 MTV Movie Awards" and bought a backstage pass. I checked everywhere while backstage but I couldn't find her. I knew that I probably wouldn't see her since she was the host of the Movie Awards this year. I waited around a little bit after the show and again no Jessica. So I decided to leave, but as I was leaving I wasn't looking and I ran into someone who I guess wasn't looking either. I fell on top of a women and we were stomach ...
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Teen Stories :: Head in English
2007-10-23 23:02:00
It was a Tuesday morning and I was headed to my English class for 2nd period. There was a guy in my class named Chad. I thought he was so hot. I didn't like him. I knew he wasn't a nice guy. I just found him extremely attractive and I could only think about kissing him and running my hands over his body. But nothing more. So I had my friend Marie tell him that I wanted to make out with him. Now at that age i was naive and thought that making out with a guy wouldn't lead to anything else. Or maybe I just didn't think it through. All I could think about was being close to him. He was sooooo very hot. Marie told him that I wanted to make out with him. He didn't seem as enthused as I did about the whole situation but he did want to so I was glad. This particular day we had one of our favorite substitutes. Her name was miss. Shuttles. She was very laid back and mostly just let us watch movies in the dark. This day was no different. So my friend Marie and I created a little co...
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Teen Stories :: My new 14 year old girlfriend
2007-10-19 22:06:00
My new 14 year old girlfriend This story is true First let me tell you about myself, my name is Stephen and I work at a bowing alley that is where the story takes place. I am 23 and I am slightly over weight, but it's not bad enough to get worried about I still work out and stuff. I am 6'0 feet tall. Ok now let me tell you about her name is Elizabeth she is 14, (I know what you are thinking she is kind of young but you would have to see her) I have known her forever. I have watched her grow up, and out if you know what I mean. She has very nice tits about mid b I think. She bowls as one of my team members in one of the leagues that I bowl in. So I see her all the time, that makes it even harder. Because she wears short skirts and shorts all the time when she goes to bowl she gives a nice show. She also wears low cut shirts again she gives a nice show. Ok now to the story. One Friday she and I were in the back shop cleaning the bowling pins and she looked really good with the ...
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Forced Sex :: Raped at home
2007-10-17 23:50:00
Raped at home.You enter your darkened home, unaware that someone has gained entry before you. As you take off your coat you strangely begin to feel randy, but you can't explain why. A sudden urge to go to your bedroom to fuck yourself with your favourite toy comes over you.Once in the bedroom, you decide on a slow strip, teasing yourself as you go. You slip off your blouse, running your hands over your swelling breasts, your nipples harden without being directly touched. You reach behind you and unzip the skirt and watch it slide to the floor. Stepping out of it, you spot the dark stain in your lacey panties. You can't remember being this turned on, ever.With some haste your release your bra clasp and toss the bra towards the bed, when suddenly you are grabbed from behind. You are forced face down onto the bed. A gruff voice warns you that if you scream or shout you will be seriously harmed. Then one of your stockings is fastened as a blindfold across your eyes.Suddenly you feel c...
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Voyeur Stories :: Shower Fantasy
2007-10-13 22:24:00
I'm taking a shower in your home and I can't hear anything but the rushing water . . . I stand under the water . . .and let it rain down on my head . . . feels soooooo niceeeeeeeee I drop my head so that the hot water hits my shoulders . . . ohhhhhhhh I slowly roll my head to the left and the right so that the water can hit my neck . . . I turn around and let the water rush over my breasts . . . and down my stomach . . . watching the water run down my body into my pussy hair . . .down my legs . . . to my feet . . . I reach for my wash cloth and pour some soap on it . . .and lather it up so there are a lot of bubbles. . . I slowly start to rub it on my arms . . . but then I hear your voice . . . calling out my name . . . and I say in here babe . . .and you come into the bathroom . . . and pull the shower curtain back . . .and I smile at you and say missedyou babe . . .and you say want any help . . . I just smile and nod my head . . .cause my mouth is sooo dry thinking about what'...
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Masturbation Stories :: Phone Sex, My First Time.
2007-10-12 23:12:00
"Mmm," he sighed, "that sounds nice."Jean, his guest snapped her head in his direction with questioning eyes. "Sorry, what was that Martin?"He smiled at her and after a moment her gaze softened and then dropped."Once the water had rinsed the soap away I lifted one of my tits, and put my nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it just like I suck on your delectable cock."Back at his desk Martin began to squirm about in his seat as he felt his prick stiffen."No problems I hope?" Jean asked."Sorry, will you bear with me? quite an important call, make yourself comfortable and have a coffee or something.""Yes, a coffee would be great.""If you have other people to see I will understand, and we can always reschedule." hoping she did have other business to attend to."No, that's fine, I'll have a drink and look through these papers if that's alright with you?""yes, that's fine, I shouldn't be too long.""Did you nearly get caught being horny, I bet it's really hard now isn't it?""It is i...
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Erotic Poetry :: A Plea To Fuck
2007-10-11 22:55:00
Touch me babyHeat my skinLoving youIs the sweetest sin.I want you, baby,I need you nowMake me cumLike only you know how.Take off my clothesOne by onePlease don’t stopTill your job is done.Suck my breastsMake me shiverYour lips bring sensationsThat make me quiver. I’m hot and wetThinking of youAnd how much I’ll enjoyThe things that you’ll do. Enter me with your fingersFill me with your touchGive me your sweet lovinThat I always crave so much. Push your cock inside meFuck me hard and slowCapture my mouth in yoursAs my passion starts to grow.Suddenly my body eruptsIn violent spasms and shakesDriven by the blissful currentThat only your love makes.Now I want something differentNow I need something moreI slide to the end of the bedTo rest my knees on the floorBending, ready, and waiting,My ass needs you insideIt’s a strong and urgent hungerMy body won’t let me hide.Fuck my tight ass, baby,Push me to the topI never want this ecstacyTo ever have to stop.After we’re both spen...
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Forced Sex :: Gangbanged Jessica
2007-10-11 21:07:00
“Hey, Jess ica …come here!” I shouted from around the corner of the school building. I had always imagined what Jessica must look like under her plaid skirt. Her smooth tanned thighs always teased me and every other guy in the collage. We just knew she had a butt that won’t stop and everyone wanted to spank her!She never was more than a goody two shoe though so no one had the chance, until today. Her friends Melody and Vicky who bother were cheerleaders, had let me know they wanted their friend to know what a good fuck felt like. They didn’t have to convince me much. Jessica would never actually spread her legs willingly though so we came up with a plan. I stood around the corner with Melody and Vicky along with five other of Jessica’s closest friends all of whom had the best built bodies in town. Melody spoke up as Jessica came around the corner and invited her out with us. Feeling safe among her friends she accepted and began to walk in the middle of our little gang. I w...
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Fetish Stories :: Nurse Maid
2007-10-10 21:54:00
While they were riding along, Petra casually asked, "Remember after you had your first baby how nice it felt to be breast feeding!?!" "Uh, yeah," Angie replied, "I remember it very well, but what does that have to do with anything!?!" "Well," Petra went on slowly, "didn't you ever wonder what it would be like to nurse on a big nipple yourself?!?" "Well, I guess so," Angie answered, "Hank sure seemed to enjoy it, and so did I, but why do you ask!?!" Before Petra could reply, she pulled into a parking lot that sided a large Victorian mansion and replied, "We're here!!!" "Where," asked Angie, "I've never even seen this place before, what is it anyway?!?" "Stop asking so many questions," her exasperated friend replied, "just follow me and be quiet!!!" "Okay, okay," Angie said while throwing up her hands in mock surrender, "lead the way and I shall follow!!!Inside the front door, out of nowhere a young man appeared, and while taking their coats offered, "A hostess will be right with y...
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Celebrity Stories :: Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
2007-10-08 22:39:00
The production party had been going on for some hours now. All that was left were 10 management people that the sober ones had left behind. Everyone was talking loudly and laughing. Except Dave. Dave was watching Avril Lavigne , or more importantly Avril's legs. He was drunk and full of lust. She was wearing the outfit for her CD �girlfriend' and the looking damned sexy, as she always did.Dave was concert organiser, he had arranged the offstage party and Dave wanted to fuck her. He scanned her legs from the knee high boots, up the lithe legs to the short tartan skirt. He thought about running his tongue up her inner thighs and eating her. Dave! Not going to sleep just yet are you?? She laughed. She knew how much this guy had invested in her, and enjoyed the luxury of this place. He looked up startled from his ogling. What? Erm a bit yes. She grinned Do you want another drink? It's my round. OK Sure, it'll wake me up He smiled back. As she got up, her bag fell over and her mobil...
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Teen Stories :: After School
2007-10-06 23:06:00
Tommy stared out the class room window, his mind a thousand miles away from the from "Silas Marner", the seventh hour literature assignment for the day. His reverie was shattered by the sharp crack of Miss Parsons' voice, "Tommy, will you please pay attention, I know this isn't the easiest assignment, but please try to keep your mind on the subject at hand!!!" "Yes ma'am," he mumbled, while again turning his gaze to the blue cloud filled sky. Mercifully the bell ending the period rang, and twenty eight juniors shuffled out the door and off to their next class, all that is except Tommy, who was detained by Miss Parsons before he could make his escape. "Sit down please," she asked, while motioning to the seat in the front row, "now you haven't been yourself for over a week now, and I want to know if there is anything I can do to help you?" Tommy, now feeling more miserable than ever, just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, "There's nothing anyone can do." "Well," she replied, "I...
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Virgin Stories :: Taking Valarie's Cherry in an unromantic way
2007-10-05 23:48:00
Valarie was an amazing young woman, very developed physically, and a great personality. Since we were in 10th grade I loved flirting with her. She however, was way too innocent for her own good. Too naive to pick up on it, she pretty much paid no attention to my advances. It didn't matter, one could play even if the girl he was flirting with was clueless. I guess in my head I'd always hoped that b/c I was one of the only guys to pay attention to her, that if she ever let one touch her it might be me. For 2 years I flirted with her. She kind of ran in my circle at school, but seldom appeared at partied b/c her parents were very strict. She never drank or dated. I on the other hand drank anything I could and stuck my dick in about the same. Our senior year came and we spent most of our weekends at a friends lake house, getting drunk and trying to get some play from any of the girls that would put out. Late in the year, one typical weekend party, the usual SUV of girls pulls up and t...
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Erotic Stories :: Mission Of Mercy
2007-10-04 20:36:00
Becky really enjoyed her afternoons working as a volunteer at the local hospital. Sometimes she would read to a patient or maybe take one for a walk in their wheelchair. Her duties seemed to run the gamut, and she loved helping people. Today she had helped an eighty six year old lady write a letter to her grandson who lives in New York, and later on she helped feed a young girl who had both of her arms in casts. Where ever she could help is where she wanted to be! After watching the doctors and nurses in action for the past year, Becky had decided that she would go to nursing school after she graduated high school next spring as she couldn't thing of a better way to make money and continue helping people at the same time.Down in the cafeteria Becky was having a snack when the head nurse stopped by her table and told Becky that a new patient in room 545 needed some cheering up. Becky told her that she would see to it right away, and after she entered room 545, Becky was taken back b...
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Erotic Stories :: Fullfilling His Wishes
2007-10-04 20:27:00
Opening the door to your bedroom, I swing the door open to an amazing sight that stops me in my tracks. The room was dimly lit only by candles that lined the room giving off a pleasing aroma. There you stood in front of the bed in a full catholic school girl uniform, knee high stockings and black shoes included. Your hair in pig tails held up by ribbons that match your skirt. You have one finger in your mouth and have the most innocent look I have seen from you. I have never been more turned on by you and drop everything I have in my hand and slowly start to walk over to you. Looking you up and down my mouth is open in aw at the beautiful sight in front of me. You lean in and whisper in my ear "tonight I am all yours to do with as you please"As you back a way I have a big grin on my face and lean in and start to kiss you. Our lips meet and you slide your tongue into my mouth searching to find mine. You start to unbutton my shirt exposing my skin and start to move your kis...
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Erotic Stories :: A Simple Pleasure
2007-10-04 17:45:00
You've been laying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now. You haven't seen anything for a half hour. I've already taken the liberty of having you take your clothes off so the silk caresses your skin, and a cold breeze from a vent tickles your skin. You lay on your stomach, wondering what I'm up to. Suddenly, you feel a tickle on your thigh. You go to swat it away, only to find my head in place between your legs. And my moist lips, working their way upwards, towards your very own wet lips. Your thick aroma already envelopes my every sense, imploring me to hurry up and fuck you. But you know that it won't come that swiftly. My smooth palms, already wet as my body senses the acts about to be committed, caress your breasts, sliding over them, beneath them, tickling your skin and sending goosebumps over your entire body. I gently pull on your nipples, sending a minor spasm through your body, your smooth hips lifting a bit off the bed. I tell myself...
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