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How Google has affected funduBytes!
2008-02-07 16:21:00
Previously, I had written a script that translates your blog in different languages using Google Language Translation (see right side below the post title). It was working properly, but suddenly Google has restricted translation from English to English (same language) which many people used as a proxy to access blocked sites.So, if you try to translate funduBytes from English to English or even from any other language to back into English, it gives you an error.Wait, I have a solution for this. In the code find,<option value='en|en'>English</option>an d replace 'en|en' with'zh|en' (zh stands for Chinese) or 'any other language|en'. That's it! Select Language Chinese Arabic French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish EnglishIt works fine now.Again, I do ego-surfing quite regularly. And, if you notice the tag line of funduBytes i.e.They call it fundu Bytes, fun du Bytes & fund u Bytes.What's your say?Previously, Google used to defin...
Kingfisher Calendar 2008: Is there any significance of locations?
2008-01-15 08:25:00
Kingfisher Calendar does not require any introduction. The sixth edition of the limited edition calendar continues the same dose of hot shots. The previous years' photos can be found at Kingfisher Swimsuit Special collection at Flickr.I had a conversation with Kingfisher team regarding usage of calendar pictures, and the significance of triangle being formed on connecting the locations where the pictures have been shot.Their reply was:-The KINGFISHER Calendar pictures are copyrighted material and we do not allow their download or sharing. The sites which are doing so are doing it illegally and we are following up on this so that the pictrues are removed.The latest calendar pictures will be uploaded soon. [at the above said Flickr space]Well, there is no intended significance of the locations. Thanks for bringing it to our notice though :-) Now SMS JOIN FUNDUBYTES to 5 6 7 6 7 3 4 3 4 to subscribe for mobile updates.
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2008 = too infinity; Happy New Year
2007-12-31 14:53:00
8 represents infinity. Thus, 2008 means too infinite opportunities, possibilities, hopes, dreams .etc. Sleep tonight with this note and realize them tomorrow.funduBytes wishes all readers a Happy New year.Now SMS JOIN FUNDUBYTES to 5 6 7 6 7 3 4 3 4 to subscribe for mobile updates.
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My Gmail Story - Free SMS alerts
2007-12-27 04:52:00
Gmail folks are inviting us to share our Gmail story about how we are using it. So, here's mine: Free SMS alerts for incoming mails.Adding mobile-number-cum-email-address to accounts settingsand forward a copy of incoming mail to the sameto get free SMS alerts. More details.Now SMS JOIN FUNDUBYTES to 5 6 7 6 7 3 4 3 4 to subscribe for mobile updates.
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orkut profiles made public to Google search results
2007-12-22 12:35:00
In the previous post,I have mentioned that orkut profiles are still not public. I guess some Google folk read that, and a new feature is included in orkut privacy settings i.e. orkut in Google search results. It says "show my orkut information when my orkut friends search for me on". Can't an unknown person search for you?orkut help tells it is still in experimental mode and uses Onebox to display key details."A OneBox appears only when someone who is logged in to orkut performs a search on for another orkut user"If someone is logged into orkut won't he go for orkut universal search?So, the description is a bit confusing. Since, this feature is enabled for a small chunk of orkut users, I have tried to draw a picture of how it will look like in Google search results. (based on my imagination, actual results may differ)But, with this step internet researchers, social media marketing people have to regenerate their report. At last but not the least, people who d...
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Pipl reveals 5 Facts about Social Networking Sites
2007-12-18 14:01:00, probably the most comprehensive people search service on the web that uses public profiles from millions of websites and social networking sites to retrieve information has revealed some interesting facts about the social networking sites:-The Women Are Younger, The Men are OlderBebo and Xanga have the Youngest CrowdMySpace is still the largest, by farEuropean, Asians and South American Members are getting YoungerMore Women on MySpace, More Men on Hi5Read the full report.Though the report does not include orkut since orkut user profiles are still not public (i.e. cannot be accessed without logging into), you can check out the screenshot of orkut statistics at the end of year 2006 [Image courtesy: techno-geeks] and compare it with current demographics.Tip: If you are searching for someone on Pipl, do it frequently at regular intervals to get some interesting finds about that person as the search results vary over | Social Networks Mania, from CitiPals (a must...
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Create print friendly PDF for your website in 3 steps
2007-12-04 12:56:00
Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most common and widely used format for exchange of documents, newsletters .etc. This article demonstrates how to create online print friendly (optmized, without the hustle & bustle of sidebars, ads .etc) PDF for your website (Blogger used in e.g.)Step 1: Stylesheet:- Add the following CSS code in the <HEAD> section. [CSS details]Step 2: Use the above stylesheet to hide/display sections:- Go to Template -> Edit HTML tab (Do not expand template widgets). Sections you want to hide while printing, add them to class 'noprint'. Sections you want to show only in print mode, put them in class 'print'. And the rest will be shown in both modes.e.g. To hide sidebar use,<b:section preferred='yes'>Now, Take another example where you want to show/hide selective widgets in 'main-wrapper'.<div><b:section showaddelement='no'><b:widget locked='false' title='Recent Articles' type='Feed'/><b:widget locked='true...
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2007-12-01 13:32:00
World AIDS day is observed on December 1, each year, which is aimed at raising awareness & prevent spread of HIV infection. This year focus is on 'leadership' for the theme 'Stop AIDS, Keep the promise'. Usually we are asked to 'be positive' but, in the context of HIV we feel blessed being negative. Also, arithmetic teaches us that product of a NEGATIVE and a POSITIVE entity results in NEGATIVE but, HIV proves it wrong.After iPod, i-pill is the latest sensation among Indian youth and is misinterpreted as an alternative to condoms. I hope the animation above (courtesy: Webchutney virals) might act as an eye opener. Do you remember the earlier ads of condom on DD1! giving emphasis on not to indulge in a physical relationship outside your marriage and the later ads, which became quite liberal and the message was "at least use condoms...".Now SMS JOIN FUNDUBYTES to 5 6 7 6 7 3 4 3 4 to subscribe for mobile updates.
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Verify your blog for Live Search Webmaster Tools
2007-11-30 13:38:00
Are you unable to authenticate your Blog ger hosted blog at Live Search Webmaster tools? Webmaster Tools is used to troubleshoot the crawling and indexing of your website, submit sitemaps and view statistics about your websites in Live search.When you add the authentication code as meta tags in the <HEAD> section, e.g. <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="XXXX">it is converted to<meta content='XXXX' name='msvalidate.01'> and hence the verification error.Just replace " with &quot; < with &lt; and > with &gt;Live Search Webmaster Tools | Webmaster Center BlogNow SMS JOIN FUNDUBYTES to 567673434 to subscribe for mobile updates.
Gmail got better with new emoticons & group chat
2007-11-30 06:51:00
Huh, most awaited wishlist for Gmail is finally available. Emoticon s for chat inside Gmail have grown up from :) to and that too in different style-sets. The fade-in effect for the emoticons is to look for. It's better to call them expressicons.Next feature upgrade is group chat, that lets you conference chat with multiple people in a single window. This feature was earlier available in the Flex based Google talk gadget.I guess support for Indian languages will be the next thing by integrating Google Indic Transliterator. So, what are you waiting for... talk to me!Suggested Gtalk buddies:- IMified, Anothr, twitter.Now SMS JOIN FUNDUBYTES to 567673434 to subscribe for mobile updates.
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orkut says, Every dog has its day
2007-11-22 15:06:00
This time orkut has proved this idiom when PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) accused social networking site orkut, of promoting cruelty to animals and demanded action against people who suggested and admitted killing dogs & puppies by dropping them from a building, 10-12 hard tries to hit by car, being dragged under bike .etc. discussed in a community called "I hate dogs" under the thread "How to kill a dog". [deleted thread]In the contrary, there are some other orkut communities like "I do NOT hate stray dogs", "we hate people who hurt dogs" and even "I Hate dOgS<<Himesh Reshamiya".About Bangalore, someone has said very true "If you throw a stone in busy roads of Bangalore, it will hit either an IT professional or a dog". Even last weekend, my friend Munmun saved a stray puppy from being killed in traffic and managed to get a restaurant owner who adopted it.In an another incident, a man in southern India married a stray bitch to break the curse.BTW, do yo...
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Tips, Tricks to earn more through AdSense Referral ads without violating TO
2007-11-16 09:07:00
Though, I am not an AdSense guru & I have failed, falled and still learning, the following tips might help you increase your AdSense revenue.Referral ads are credited on cost per action (CPA) basis. So, you earn when the visitor completes the action i.e either download and/or install the product, subscribe or anything else that depend upon the sort of product. Unlike contextual ads, AdSense policies allow "explicit endorsement" for referral can endorse referral ads because you know the exact ad you are displaying on your site...Of course, publishers may never encourage people to click on any ad, including referrals, for deceptive purposes...Any endorsement or attention drawn to a referral ad must be done in a way that supports the intended use of the product or service associated with it... [More details]1. Give your website a dynamic view:- AdSense policies allow upto 3 Referral units to be displayed on a page where each unit can contain 15 products/specific ads. So, cho...
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Now send free SMS via Yahoo! mail
2007-10-03 09:57:00
Yahoo mail is now out of beta phase and users can send free SMS to mobile phones (selected countries only).Incidently, Yahoo Messenger already has this feature available. Along with integration of text messaging feature(upto 145 characters), it let you pick a new color for your email interface too.So, what do you think, will Gmail face competition from Yahoo with the inclusion of new features?Related:-Send SMS worldwide via Google talkGet SMS alert for your mail, orkut scrap, blog comments .etc.keep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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AdSense for mobile, Is your website ready for it?
2007-09-19 12:50:00
Google recently launched an new advertising program i.e. AdSense for mobile (available in selected countries) which is focused on AdSense publishers who have websites specifically for mobile browsers, and who want to monetize their mobile content via contextual advertising. But, some homework need to be done prior to applying for it.1. How your site looks like on mobile? Using tool, you can check how your website is rendered on a mobile phone. Also, it rates your site for mobile-compliance, load-time, cost of usage .etc.2. Is your website listed on mobile web? Using the various WAP sites you can check whether your site is listed on search engines for mobile web, because incoming traffic from search engines build your potential customers. You can use Google webmaster tools and Yahoo site explorer to get listed.3. Building a mobile friendly website- WordPress Mobile Plugin makes your WordPress hosted site accessible on mobile. Other users, better google out to create a mobi...
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Find Your New Favorite Thing with BuzzFeed
2007-09-17 15:49:00
Eric Olson, Partner Development, Google Inc. (previously Business Development Associate, FeedBurner) is leaving Google to join a new start-up BuzzFeed as V. P. Business Development. Here is what the BuzzFeed site says about itself:-Find Your New Favor ite Thing The web is a 24/7 popularity contest. We help the good stuff win.I wish him all success in his endeavours and thank to take time off his busy schedule and provide more information regarding BuzzFeed, which is shared below:-Q1. From outside BuzzFeed looks like product reviews or advertisement. How is BuzzFeed different from paid blogging like payperpost .etc?[EO] It is very different in that we detect trends via algorithms and then have human editors filter those results one step further. Therefore we aren't asking/paying bloggers to write about certain topics. We simply detect trends and display the stories that talk about those trends. Does that make sense?Q2. How do you measure genuineness of a product or a news source? or h...
orkut scrap in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu .etc.
2007-09-16 17:15:00
Though orkut is now available in 5 new languages:- Hindi , Bengali , Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu ; it is just the skin translation, because you cannot scrap in those languages yet.But, with FireFox and Indic IME or Indic Input Extension add-on, it is possible to write scrap in Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Malayalam, Nepali, Kannada and Hindi languages.So, what are you waiting for?Download FireFox / Indic IME / Indic Input Extension now!Related:- Blogger Widget to comment in Hindikeep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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Need live Cricket score, just Google it!
2007-09-14 15:12:00
It's cricket fever again with ICC World twenty20 2007. While, Yahoo is an official partner of this event, providing live audio commentary, video highlights, live score .etc.; Google too is providing live score using feeds from Cricbuzz, Cricinfo and Willow randomly.How to use?1. To get latest updates, just google:- cricket, twenty20 or any other related keyword.2. To get score of a particular country, type:- cricket countryname e.g. cricket ind for India.3. For a particular match, type cricket country1 country2 e.g. cricket ind pak.But, it's pretty interesting to find that in the official Google blog they didn't link back to Official website of the twenty20 world championship. Is is because it is hosted on Yahoo?keep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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Wikipedia's 2 millionth English article & WikiScanner
2007-09-14 12:39:00
Wikipedia, the free and most used online encyclopedia recently reached the milestone of two millionth English article by publishing a post about Spanish television show El Hormiguero. It's quite noteworthy that since its launch in 2001, Wikipedia has published more than eight million articles in 250 languages. Operated by the non-profit organization Wikipedia Foundation, it's the 6th most visited website in the world.Not only school and college students use it for project reports and assignments, but other media too use it as a source of information. But, while referring to an article on Wikipedia, do you check its history? It contains information about previous edits which may have controversies and many interesting notes.To make things easy, an American hacker Virgil Griffith has developed an online tool called WikiScanner that reveals who is editing what on Wikipedia anonymously, and from which organisation edit was done based on the IP addresses. It has already created waves b...
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Send free SMS worldwide through Google talk
2007-09-12 13:53:00
Chikka Asia, Inc. is better known as creator of world's first instant messenger with integrated SMS feature. With 38 million registered users, Chikka messenger's fourth version release has got Google talk interoperability.How to send SMS?Add (e.g. for India) to your Gtalk contacts and send message. Chikka creates an unified account with this mobile number and recipient can retrieve the password either through SMS or at their site for future login.Now, as per Chikka's policies, after 3 SMS are delivered recipient has to reply else further SMS will not be delivered. Though I have not tried, remove and re-add recipient's mobile number and check whether SMS are delivered or not. Recipient can reply either through SMS (paid) or logging into Chikka messenger (free).To know more about Chikka messenger, SMS rates, supported countries & mobile operators .etc. log on to www.chikka.comSuggested reading:-How to get SMS a...
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Post a blog, bookmark at .etc. with IMified
2007-09-06 12:33:00
Previously, I have written about how you can update your twitter status and how you can read your favorite feed through an instant messenger. IMified is also an IM buddy that works across all major IM networks and makes your life easier with instant to-do's , notes, reminders and access to various web applications you use everyday without launching your browser.With IMified you can run basic networking tools i.e. Ping, traceroute, alexa, whois, and enum, post entries to your blog, save bookmarks to your account, update your twitter status and many more. IMified has also acquired, which means soon it will provide real time feed alerts too.How to use?Just add these as contacts in your respective IM:-AIM: IMifiedYahoo: IMified (not available currently)MSN: imified@imified.comGtalk/Jabber: imified@imified.comand send it a message to create an account. Type 'm' to get the menu where you can go to your account settings and add/remove a widget.More details: IMi...
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2007-08-28 17:09:00
Last week, orkut started rolling out the redesign to just a fraction of users. Yesterday, I was included among them. In the updated look, it has changed the blue mood to snow-white-blue mood, added rounded corners and new icons, and re-organized the headers and footers.But, there is no new feature apart from the cosmetic treatment. Even the, the same error message exists.In short, it's old wine in a new bottle!For a few sneak peeks, check out this Picasa web album or visit my orkut profile.Suggested Reading:-Access orkut on mobile phoneRead your orkut scraps, community topics update in Gtalk, msn messenger or SkypeGet SMS alert for orkut scraps (selected operators only)Send orkut scrap in Hindikeep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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Sanjay Dutt & Salman Khan face the music!
2007-08-27 14:30:00
Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt sung the song 'Chal Mere Bhai' and Salman Khan followed him to jail after an Indian court rejected the appeal against his conviction in a chinkara poaching case. Though Sanjay Dutt has got a four-week respite from jail, Katrina Kaif is still worried about her 'Saajan'.What do you think, will they sing together 'Yeh Hai Ja(i)lwa' for the crime committed by them or get excuse because of celebrity status and 'Dus' loopholes in our legal and judicial system?keep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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orkut is Pepsi & MTV Youth Icon 2007
2007-08-23 11:38:00
Despite having controversies like flooder and fake profiles, hate groups, "bad server, no donut for you" error message, stealing accounts and communities, copyright issues, terrorist activity .etc. orkut has won the battle for ‘Pepsi & MTV Youth Icon 2007’.Beating co-nominees actor Abhishek Bachchan, Bollywood film Rang De Basanti, multimedia cellphone and you(th) it won the top spot as this year's MTV youth icon.The predecessors in this league are Mahendra Singh Dhoni (2006), Shah Rukh Khan (2005), Rahul Dravid (2004) and Anil Ambani (2003).To celebrate the success, a special orkut community Pepsi & MTV's Youth Icon 2007 has been created to thank all orkut users for their support, where you can tell about yourself, chat with MTV VJs, vote in different polls, participate in contests and win exciting prizes.To remind you, this community (home page only) can be accessed without logging into orkut, like the previous community World Cup with Krish created during World cup 2007...
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Type Hindi in orkut scrap, blog comment etc. using official Google Indic Tr
2007-08-21 15:09:00
Do you blog in Hindi but readers find it difficult to comment in Hindi? Do you want to send an orkut scrap in Hindi .etc.? Well, then all you need is Google Indic Transliteration. Google India Labs launched this tool on 15th Aug, i.e. when India was celebrating its 60th Independence day.This tool lets you transliterate English keywords to Hindi. Just follow the above said link, type, copy-paste and send an orkut scrap in Hindi. Blog owners have three options so that blog readers can use it to write comment in Hindi:-1. In Blogger, Go to Settings -> Comments tab and set the url of Google Indic Transliteration under "Comment Form Message" and the link will be displayed above the "Leave your comment box".2. Add this transliteration widget to you blog's sidebar (on new Blogger only)<script src=" ansliteration.xml&amp;synd=open&a mp;w=150&amp;h=228&amp;title=Indi c+Transliteration&amp;border...
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Create free blog podcast, radio .etc. with Talkr
2007-08-20 19:15:00
Talkr provides a free service that lets you listen to your favorite text-only news sources, blogs using its RSS or Atom feed. After being acquired by, Inc., a Huntsville-based online media company it has got improved with some new features.1. MP3 flash player on individual post for Blog ger hosted blogs:- This feature embeds a JW Flash MP3 player that creates blog text to mp3 on-the-fly.To integrate this flash MP3 player, go to Template -> Edit HTML tab. Check the box next to "Expand Widget Templates". Find <data:post.body> and paste the following code before it.<script charset='utf-8' e xpr:src='" tant/getmp3_blogspot.php?PermLink="& nbsp;+ data:post.url' type='tex t/javascript'/>2. Create blog Radio and distribute it:- This feature lets you create your blog radio station and share it with others. (Embed code at your site)3. Instant voice conferencing:- The conference widget, integrating Talkr an...
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Wrap Adsense Code Inside Blog Post Without Violating TOS
2007-08-17 15:26:00
Note: This article assumes you are using new Blog ger i.e. widget based template.Adsense Ads within Blog posts have more CTR (click-through rate). If you google for "how to wrap Adsense code inside Blog post?", you will get many results which violate Adsense policy by modifying the Adsense javascript code. There is a simple way to achieve it without violating Adsense TOS.Step 1: Read the article, How do I put Adsense on my blog and sign up for Adsense. If you already have an Adsense account, use the "Sign in" link to grant Blogger access your Adsense ID.Step 2: Go to Template -> Page Elements tab. Then Then, in the "Blog Post s" section, click on "Edit".Step 3: In the Configure Blog Post pop-up window, check the box next to "Show Ads Between Posts".Step 4: In "Configure Inline Ads" option, you can then select how often you would like ads to be shown after your posts, your ad format and colors. Click "save changes" once you have finished configuring your ads.Now, the Ads will be displa...
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Review: Nivio Online Desktop
2007-08-14 13:39:00
Do you remember Nivio sending spams!Few days back, I got invitation to use Nivio and try the applications for 30 days. It's an amazing service, though requires a high-speed Internet connection to use it smoothly. Those who have not received the trial invitation yet, can watch the video to know more about the product.You can download the video (size 2.3 MB) and watch it in more detail.The login screen lets the user choose whether they want to run in full screen or within the browser. On logging, you can use the Windows XP desktop with 5 GB space and many trial, free and paid software like Adobe Reader 8, Google Talk, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office 2003, Winamp, WinRAR, Yahoo Messenger .etc which can be added/removed from Nivio control panel.To log off, just select from start menu or close the browser. You can upgrade to full version (paid) after the initial trial has be completed.More screenshots | Sign up for Beta | Nivio forum | NivioSynckeep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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funduBytes was marked as SPAM
2007-08-09 14:19:00
The above graph is not promoting channel V, but it shows the after effects of funduByte s being marked as SPAM blog last week by Blogger's anti-spam prevention robots. funduBytes was removed from the index of search engines due to Disallow: / added in resulting in less incoming traffic. Even Adsense revenue and Google Pagerank dropped. Though, the problem was solved after reporting to Blogger help and support; it is still recovering from the damage.So, now onwards I'll take incremental backup with Codeplex Blogger Backup software (requires .NET framework) developed by Greg Duncan which can save your blog posts & comments offline. The latest version has even limited restore capability. Because of these features I recommend this to you too.keep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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Browse Profiles! find other bloggers who share your interests
2007-08-08 23:07:00
It seems Google folks are continuously improving Blogger platform. The latest feature added is, you can go to any Blogger profile page and and follow any of the links on the page to get list of other bloggers with the same industry, occupation, location, interest, or favorite book, movie, or music.The result on following the links, shows Blogger profiles in descending order of date of publishing of latest blog posts i.e. who have recently updated their blogs at the top. Thus, it gives a new dimension to help people find your blog. e.g. Bloggers with a location of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.If you don’t want to be listed, (though its an unethical practice) just edit your profile and uncheck the “Share my profile” box, and your profile won’t show up when other people browse.keep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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Read your orkut scraps, community topics in Google talk
2007-07-24 11:44:00
Please go through orkut scraps to RSS Read er, which explains how to convert your orkut scrapbook and community topics to RSS feed; so that you can check updates without logging in to your orkut account.Since, RSS feeds are not supported by Internet Explorer 6 you can make Google talk as a feed reader by adding Anothr bot ( as your contact and IM your orkut scrapbook feed url to subscribe. So, next time when someone leaves a scrap in your scrapbook, it will notify you.Using Anothr you can subscribe to your favorite blogs, news, RSS .etc. read updates, manage and share them online. To get more help about Anothr, IM ? or help to Anothr and to manage your account log in to Anothr by clicking the link provided. Anothr bot can be added in msn ( and skype( to get just-in-time notifications.Atlast but not the least, IM fundubytes to Anothr and follow the instructions to subscribe to | Anothr blogkeep blogging! Rupesh Mandal
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