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Anything Internet, not food and fine dining
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Myspace Contest
2007-10-27 22:14:00
I have decided to add a way for people to win some money from myspace. The way it will work is if you add me as a friend on myspace you could be randomly selected every month to receive $50 from the blog earnings. The only way this monthly prize will be paid out is ...
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Affiliate Programs VS Direct Ad Sales
2007-10-19 21:44:00
When advertising on your websites or blogs you come across the fact that you have two choices for advertising. You can either advertise other companies through affiliate programs or choose to sell ad space directly to an advertiser. Both of these choices have pros and cons of their own. The Pros and Cons Affiliate Programs are ...
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Keeping It Unique.
2007-10-18 19:03:00
You most likely have seen all the new and old blogs out there that have actually done well enough to buy new designs for their blogs, but what I have seen with all these new designs is merely copycats. I do not know why the designers tend to stick to the same look for new ...
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E-mail Is Old, RSS Is Taking It?s Place.
2007-10-18 03:06:00
In the beginning, e-mail was any marketer’s bestfriend. Many people used e-mail to sell their products and services to consumers who were likely to buy them. Now a days E-mail is just another means of contacting someone or in the case of marketing products, a tool used for spamming people. RSS Feeds on the other ...
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Internet Scams.
2007-10-16 21:59:00
Internet scams are becoming worse and worse as the internet grows. The are many types of scams on the net, but the most popular scam are fake checks or money orders. There are people or groups of people over seas who run multiple fraud campaigns, from fake emails to bogus websites that offer you some ...
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Free Advertising.
2007-10-16 05:38:00
So if you have started a new blog like myself, you want to advertise it to many people, but just what if you don’t have the funds to cover an advertising campaign? or just don’t even feel like dishing out cash for advertising in the first place.. There are a number of free advertising websites ...
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Advertising Your Affiliate Programs.
2007-10-11 18:46:00
There are many ways to advertise all the different affiliate programs out there, and many people who just surf the internet or use social networkng sites, like myspace, or talk on AIM all night don’t believe they could actually make money online with them. I don’t know if they don’t believe they can or they ...
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