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A Man Self Tape Himself in His Drawing
2008-04-25 10:27:00
An impressive drawing. The man in the drawing taping his own drawing self. I don't know who is the drawer/artist, yet the skill and creativity shown is very impressive. :) Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Gas Saving Solutions
2008-03-20 11:31:00
Here are someways that done by a few people to save their gas, and thus save some money and environment. Some use biodiesel from used vegetable oils. Others use electric cars and one man in this video invented some device that could reduce gas consumptions up to 65 percents. Not quite sure what the device name, why not watch it yourself in this video.The oil price is getting higher and higher. Yes, we all need other source of energy. Sometimes creativity could make innovative solutions. Bye. :) Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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The Incredible Hulk Theatrical Movie Trailer
2008-03-19 10:39:00
Yeah you know the green guy, superhuman super strong super green guy. He only become incredible hulk when he is mad, so don't make he goes mad. Little bit on him:Scientist Bruce Banner desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk . Living in the shadows - cut off from a life he knew and the woman he loves, Betty Ross-Banner struggles to avoid the obsessive pursuit of his nemesis, General Thunderbolt Ross, and the military machinery that seeks to capture him and brutally exploit his power. As all three grapple with the secrets that led to The Hulk s creation, they are confronted with a monstrous new adversary known as The Abomination, whose destructive strength exceeds even The Hulk s own. To stop it, one scientist must make an agonizing final choice: accept a peaceful life as Bruce Banner or find heroism in the creature he holds inside - The Incredible Hulk .Like it? Go watch it. Don't buy ...
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Top Search Result for Who Is A Failure.
2008-03-18 08:00:00
Try this:- Go to google.- Type 'who is a failure' in the search box and hit search.- See who is on the top, you got your answer.I don't how they do it, but it something to do with google bomb. Some sort of linking, bla bla bla... I'm not sure how, but don't I really know. There's no related keyword in the search result, but it managed to be at the top. Hmmm.... :| Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Bill Gates, USD 1000, Microsoft Corp and Internet Explorer
2008-03-16 09:44:00
If USD 1000 notes fall from Bill Gates pocket shirt, he will not take it because each four seconds he makes as many as one thousand dollar in profit . If he bows to take that money he will loose six seconds of time. But if users in the whole world imposed one dollar charges each time the Internet Explorer having problem surfing the internet, it will take three years till his company, Microsoft Corporation to be in total loss. :P Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Feel the Love, and Get Better
2008-03-14 09:39:00
A Hug will Make Feel Better.- photo by ninjapoodlesLove and affection can have many positive effects, both mental and physical, that have been linked to the hormone oxytocin. Much of the research in people is still preliminary, but Dr. Kathleen Light of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says it certainly can't hurt to follow the advice the research suggests:Mothers should have as much warm contact with their infants as possible, especially during the first few weeks of life. If you can't do this, though - because of illness, a premature birth or other reason - just give all the love and affection you can.Mothers who've had a cesarean section may need even more warm contact time, because they haven't had the increase in oxytocin that labor produces.Couples that have warm contact several times a day - hugging, holding hands, sitting close, etc. - have higher oxytocin levels than those that don't.Some studies have shown a decrease in stress hormones with massage, for...
Tips to Make Computer Startup Faster
2008-03-13 19:22:00
Tired waiting for a slow computer startup? Here are some tips to make your computer startup go faster.First, enter the 'msconfig'. To do this click start, go to run and type 'msconfig' and hit enter. After msconfig is opened, click startup, no uncheck any software that you don't to be loaded during your computer startup, for example; winzip, winamp, quicktime, printer or anything (up to your use). If you want to uncheck everything is okay, but for your computer security, leave the antivirus and firewall check and loaded during startup.Second, delete any shortcuts that you did not use (Windows XP have this function). This is how: Right click your desktop, select 'Properties'. A 'Display Properties' will open. The select 'Desktop' tab, and click 'Customize Desktop' button. 'Desktop Item' then opened. On 'General' click 'Clean Desktop Now' button. Then a clean up wizard will open, just follow the wizard instruction.Third, remove your desktop wallpaper. Or you can use...
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Know Fussy Children in Food and Nutrition
2008-03-12 09:39:00
Funny child in eating requires patience from parents. - photo by H DickinsUsually they are known on second or third year after their birth because of their parents worried ness on their children attitude whose do not want to eat.Almost half of children having trouble every time in lunch time.Their weight and height may be normal like the other children but from cognitive point they are lower over normal children.Sometimes, the problem also happened not because of less nutrition recruitment but conflict that appears between the young with the parents.Children fussy in food need more aggressive and disciplined approach, for example less taking sweet and snacks. Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Make Your Own Homemade Mayonnaise
2008-03-09 10:22:00
Ingredients:- 3 tablespoons of flour (around 45 mL)- 2 eggs- 1 1/4 tablespoons of dry mustard (around 6mL)- a dash of black pepper- 1/3 cup sugar (around 80 mL)- half of cup vinegar (around 125 mL)- one cup of 1% milk (250 mL)- two tablespoon of margarine ( around 30g rams)Method:First beat the eggs. Then add to it flour, mustard, pepper and sugar. Then gradually put in and blend all the other ingredients. Pour the mixture in a saucepan and set them (in pan) in a larger pan of boiling water. Then cook and stir until it thickens. The cool it in a refrigerator. You have it. It can be keep for several months.Enjoy your own homemade mayonnaise. :) Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Trick How To Fold A Shirt in Two Seconds
2008-03-08 08:12:00
Fold your T-shirt or sweater or whatever shirt just in 2 seconds. This video below shows how to do it.Practice it and shows it to your friend. But make sure your shirt is clean first, if not they will get smelly. Have a nice day. :) Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Make Your Vegetables More Flavorful, Tastier and Versatile
2008-03-05 18:34:00
For some of us, summertime just wouldn’t be the same without fresh produce. Maybe you garden or take trips to a local farmers market. Even your grocery store may have more fruits and vegetables in the summer. With vegetables, you and your family are getting delicious food and, nutritionally, you are getting many of the nutrients needed for good health - vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.Like fruits, vegetables are available not only fresh, but frozen, canned, dried, and as juice. You can eat them raw, steamed, boiled, stir fried, grilled, microwaved, or baked. Aim for three to five servings of vegetables a day. Here are some ways you can jazz up vegetables to make them even more flavorful… to help you eat the servings you need.Spice it!● Top corn or black beans with salsa or a dash of hot sauce.● Add garlic to mashed potatoes.● Add a dash of nutmeg to spinach dishes.Slice it!● Add cooked, chopped onions to cooked peas.● Add sliced or diced vegetables to meatloaf, s...
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A Lifestyle Diet for Your Health
2008-03-03 10:50:00
The festive season like those that passed this year and in prior years will be filled with delicious tempting and rich food and with all the festivities there will be little if any time to exercise. So again we spoil ourselves. But then again how many of us exercise anyway? The thing is that as time passes your lifestyle catches up with you and for the majority that’s not good to put it gently. Diet s, slimming centers, pills and other quick fixes seem to be the rave these days but unfortunately most people only later realize the folly with these that they are lust what they are made out to be quick fixes. Being healthy inculcates many things: moderation, wise choice in diet and exercise remember that diets, pills and slimming centers are great as a short term measure but the key to better health lies in making very necessary changes to one’s lifestyle. Depending on the individual in question this may involve minor changes but more often than not the change needed is drastic.A mo...
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God Bless the Broken Road, song by Rascal Flatts
2008-03-02 11:24:00
A beautiful song. To all who love this song, may all of us find that SOMEONE and dedicate this song to them throughout our lives and everyday thanking God for blessing those broken roads that leading us to the loved one.Hope you'll like this song, it is very meaningful; for those thing that happens in our live, that we did not want them to happen and they happened, they thing we did not plan, but happen, because God wants to give us the better ones.I set out on a narrow way, many years agoHoping I would find true love along the broken roadBut I got lost a time or twoWiped my brow and kept pushing throughI couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you.Enjoy the song and have a nice day. :) Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Practical Tips for Your Dining Space
2008-03-01 19:43:00
Dining space with rectangle table and flower decorative.- photo by decor8Dining space needs the same approach like guest space and other spaces in home. This limited space may need some addition or more attention to adapt with it needs. Here are some dining space tips which can help:- Because the guest space and dining space are in the same space, the approach for guest space is brought into the dining space, which is the use of bright wall color and white ceiling.- To differentiate between dining space and guest space, you can lay carpet or mat as an effort to make the space looks more prominent.- Dining space does not require excessive accessories. If you want to beautify the dining space, enough by placing a fresh bouquet of flower in low composition.- A narrow dining space will become narrower if a sink placed nearby. If there is still space, place the sink at a corner space of non main pathway.- A big dining table will need big space. Therefore buy small dining table equipped w...
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USB Keylogger Monitoring Computer Activities
2008-02-29 19:36:00
Keylogger monitors all PC keyboard activities. The size is small and separated and can be used within a few seconds only.Keylogger record all data that been type including e-mails, instant message (IM), room chat and other activities.Keylogger does not require software or driver and can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux.KeyLogger is designed for up-to-date file system.Keylogger monitors your computeractivities.It comes with large storage capacity; up to two millions keystrokes may be stored separately and ready to be open when needed.USB keylogger can be used by parents to monitor their children computer usage, or by employers in monitoring their subordinate either they are using the computer properly.So what do you think? Are you been keylogged? :) Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Easing Computer Eye Strain
2008-02-25 09:14:00
Reduce eye strain when working by acomputer.- photo by littledan77Staring on the monitor screen for long hours could cause damage to your eyes. According to researchers at Toho University school of medicine in Tokyo, staring the computer screen for nine hours or more daily can cause damage that is irreparable to the eyes. The researchers found a link between eyesight problems and heavy computer use in five percent of ten thousands middle age workers.Prevent Blindness America recommends these to ease computer eye strain:Position your screen slightly lower than your eye level, and about 60 centimeters from your eyes.Use non-glare filter. This will reduce glare and reflections, making your eyes more relax.Gently press your palm onto your eyes every so often to relax your eye muscles.Take a look outside and see the greens of environment especially during the day, this will relaxed the eyes.Take time to do some stretching, if possible, try to alternate computing activities with other wo...
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Oyster's Pearl: Treasure on the Sea Bed
2008-02-23 07:27:00
A pearl seeker anchored her anchor. Sunshine bounces back from the anchor causing the surface of the blue sea become brilliant. Minutes later, a human body dived into the sea. About 50 second then, ama (title for pearl diver in Japan) resurfaced with oyster.Everyday, pearl divers everywhere in the world fight their life to get pearl at the sea bed. Ama s in Japan mostly are women. They are willing to dive 40 feet into the sea without bringing any weapon to protect their self, except an iron knife with hook eye to pry oyster.Oysters that can produce pearls can also be found in Persian Gulf, Gulf of Manaar (located between India and Sri Lanka), Red Sea, and Great Barrier Reef in the east coast of Australia. Most pearl divers especially in Sri Lanka are still using traditional method. However, some places have used modern equipment like scuba gear. This surely eases the oyster collection.On a glimpse, nothing special is visible to an oyster. Their shell is grey, bumpy and has imperfect...
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Tips to Reduce Waste from Packaging Materials
2008-02-21 10:44:00
Macam-macam - Packaging , they usually ends up as trash. They contributed some amount to the trash amount. In California as an example, one third of trash comes from packaging. That is huge amount of trash. Imagine the cost of this trash and money wasted for them. We buy them and throw them right away when we opened them.Landfill, the resting place of trash, everyday the trash amount grows,but do we have enough landfills? We need other solutions.Here are some tips to reduce the consumption of materials for packaging to help keep our environment clean and green:Many manufacturer companies use large and attractive packager to their products. This actually is wasting raw material and money. As buyer, we are the one that have to bear this waste and cost.Avoid from buying goods that is packed excessively. Choose simple packager and that can be recycled. If possible, purchase large package so you can reduce the trifles/smaller pack waste.Some foods and house goods are sold in re-filling...
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Basic Rules and Tips When Riding a Bicycle
2008-02-18 16:30:00
Riding a bicycle is fun, but there's rule to follow, foryour own good. - photo by kamshotsUse bicycle suitable with your body size. Do not ride a bike that is too big or too small for your body.Always follow the road rules and signboards.Do not compete or race.Use bikeway (if there is any) to avoid you from being squeezed by large vehicle or trapped in a busy road.Practice wearing safety helmet that match with head size and tied it neatly.Use the right hand signals.To change route, see to the left and right first. Make sure the route you want to enter is clear and again see left and right once more before changing your route.Make sure to always hold the handle and your feet always stay on the pedal when riding the bike. Put both feet on the ground when in stop.Do not ride precariously as lifting one wheel (doing a wheelie, or other cool stunts), too fast or raising hand without any reason. Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some righ...
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Rose Chicken
2008-02-17 19:29:00
Ingredients:- 50 g garlic (blended)- 50 g ginger (blended)- 50 g onion (blended)- 1 big onion (cut into rings)- Half a chicken (cut into eight parts)- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste- 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder- 3 Chillis- Oil- Salt- Sugar- 1/3 cup of evaporated milk- 1 cup of waterMethod:Heat up oil, salt and turmeric powder. Fry the chicken till half cooked. In a separate wok, put in some oil with the blended garlic, ginger and onions. Stir fry for approximately five minutes till yellow. Add in the tomato paste, chillis, water, milk, salt and sugar. Put the half-cooked chicken in together with onion rings. Simmer until chicken is cooked and ready to be served. Visit Macam-macam for more updates and interesting things for you. © Macam-macam Some right reserved.
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Six Myths about Bathing
2008-02-16 19:56:00
Ever heard of myths about bathing? About as if your take a bath at night, then your body will feel weaken, shower the water from the under first then to the head so the body does not be shocked and lots of other on bathe which are not known for its truth. Following are some of other myths on same thing but have been confirmed for its truth.1. BATHE AFTER A MEAL, YOU WILL GET POT-BELLIED STOMACH There is no well-defined relation between bathe and digestion.2. BATH AFTER EXERCISE, THEN YOU GET WATERY LUNGWhen your body is hot, the vein in your skin will expand. But if you bathe when the body is still warm and hot, the sudden cooling will shrinks the vein impetuously and this condition is harmful to your heart. So take a rest first before bathing.3. DO NOT BATHE IF HAVING A FEVER OR SMALLPOXBathing is suggested for body cleanliness except if you are experiencing a very high fever.4. NIGHT BATH WILL WEAKEN THE BODYBody may catch a cold, that's probably right. But it also depends on the...
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Tips When Buying New Sofa
2008-02-15 20:41:00
Don't let yourself disappointed because of your bad purchase. Hereunder enclose some tips before you make the decision to buy a new sofa.Determine the BudgetFirst thing that you should make is preparing the fund. As for a good fund preparation, let it match with the budget and needs. If you want to replace sofa each four to six years, buy sofa which is not so expensive. But, if you want replace sofa in long time period, which is over than ten years, choose a strong sofa. Choose sofa with quality. Choice of either the branded or non-branded is depending to your budget and taste.Check CarefullyThere are few things should be examined carefully for a sofa. First, the strength of it stitches. Second, check feet sofa, is it steady enough, flat, and unwavering when occupied. Then check the chair arm, is the right and left is level. Last of all, check the wooden framework whether it feels strong or rickety.Try SittingSit on sofa for at least 5 minute before purchasing because the uncomfort...
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Aromatherapy Herbs and Medicinal Herb: Natural Remedies
2008-02-14 16:27:00
Besides used in or as foods, herbs also have medicinal and therapeutic properties. These are some herbs used in aromatherapy and as medicines.Aromatherapy Herb s - CHAMOMILEChamaemilum nobile Matricaria recutitaChamomile soothes and relaxes and can be used to make teas and body lotions, scents and soaps. Potpourri can also be made chamomile.- ROSEMARYRosmarinus officinalisBesides being made into potpourri, rosemary is also used in cosmetics, disinfectants and shampoos. The scent of Rosemary is also an effective memory stimulant and helps to relax muscles.- LAVENDERLavandula angustifoliaOne of the main ingredients of potpourri, Lavender has been used to mask unpleasant odors and ward off illness. Lavender oil also helps to soothe and calming frayed nerves.Medicinal Herbs- Acacia (Gum Arabic)Acacia senegal, Acacia Arabica, Acacia veraAcacia is used for soothing burns, helps reduce fevers and acts as an astringent for affected tissues on gum and mucous membrane ulcers. If you have diarrh...
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Herbs: Adding Flavour to Your Life!
2008-02-13 10:13:00
Herbs are the leafy greens of herbal plants, shrubs or tree (bay leaves) and come from temperate climates. There are many types of herbs such as the culinary herb which is used to impart a distinct flavour of foods, enhancing or accenting them. Then there are the medical herbs which can be used either as an infusion be consumed (as a tea), place over a wound as an antiseptic, for healing and for skin cleansing or treatment. Lastly there are the aromatherapies herbs which help soothe, calm and relax us. Usually only a small amount of herbs is needed to add flavour (a tablespoon or two) and is normally chopped or torn up to release the flavour and would not be eaten by itself. Below I present to you some of the herbs which maybe just spice up and add more flavour to your life.Common Culinary Herbs- BASILOcimum basilicumThe chopped Basil leaves fresh or dried, have a clove-like flavor and taste which is excellent for seasoning vegetables and meat- CHIVESAllium schoenoprasumBesides deco...
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10 Things You Should Know about Owning Your Own Car
2008-02-09 08:51:00
LubricateJust because it's advertised to last 100,000km, it doesn't mean you just need to your oil once in three years! Some mechanics recommend using normal grade lubricants and changing them more regularly, for better longevity and car health.Prevention Is Better Than CureAlways check your tires for an unusual rate of deflation. Punctures usually start small and if detected early can save you from being stranded by the road. Check the radiator level and the condition of all lights on regular interval.Road Tax and InsuranceMark the expiry date of road tax and related matters on your regular calendar or put an alarm on your mobile phone as a reminder. The penalty of driving without valid road tax is dire.Hazard LightsHazard lights are meant to be used only when you are stationary. Do NOT use them in the event of rain, as it is confusing to other drivers. Imagine signaling a turn with your hazard lights on?Over Accessorizing is BadFilling your car with more Pooh bears than an avera...
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Malay Traditional Treatment for Sinus (Resdong) - Worm Inside Your Face?
2008-02-03 03:31:00
'Resdong' is the Malay word for nose sinus. This is a traditional therapy in some place in Malaysia. The footage have been in Majalah 3 by TV3 few years ago. It shows that the medicine man rubbed some substance from insect to the man's face and then soon after that all the worms come out directly from the face. This treatment is said to able to heal the sinus problem and almost never to re-occur again.Can anyone explain this? Where all those worms comes from?There are more Malay's traditional treatments for the sinus problems such as using medicated smoke and other methods, but i found that this method is more amusing.
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Quick Fix to Blogger Blogspot Errors
2008-01-29 10:31:00
Ever encounter error when trying to save, edit, open or view your blogger blogspot dashboard?Here's a quick fix: clear the cache and the authenticated sessions for your browser. Then close and restart your internet browser. Login to your blogger account again and there your have it, it's okay again.Try when you got some error. It's not limited to the error bX-u5wwqK that I've shown above. Hope this solve your error. Bye... :)
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Lego Bricks Google?
2008-01-28 10:19:00
Google celebrate 50th anniversary of Lego Brick. They must have some connection maybe. Or maybe staffs at Google love to play the Lego s. I play Lego too when I'm just a small kid. Maybe next time Google can wish me my birthday too, and some gifts perhaps, yeah...hehehe... :P
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Resepi Laksam dan Kuahnya
2008-01-27 06:07:00
Bahan Laksam200 g tepung beras40 g tepung gandum1 camca tepung kanjiGaram secukupnya550-600 ml airMinyak untuk melengserBahan Kuah600 g ikan kembung, rebus, ambil isi & tumbuk2 liter santan (dan 2 biji kelapa)6 ulas bawang merah, ditumbuk1 cm halia, ditumbuk2-3 g serbuk ada hitam1 keping asam gelugurGaram secukupnyaBahan Sampingan15-20 tangkai ciii kering, direndam1 biji timun, dihiris halus10 batang kacang panjang, dihiris kecil40 g daun selasih, dimayang30 g daun kesum, dimayang200 g taugeh, dibuang ekor3 cm kiub belacan, dibakar3 biji limau nipis, dibelah 4Cara membuatnya:Jerang semua bahan kuah hingga mendidih. Perlahankan api dan renehkan hingga agak pekat. Angkat dan ketepikan.Untuk laksam, kacau semua jenis tepung dengan garam dan air hingga menjadi adunan yang sebati.Lengser loyang bulat dengan minyak. Tuangkan sedikit adunan agar membentuk satu lapisan nipis. Kukus selama 3-4 minit atau hingga masak.Sapukan sedikit minyak pada permukaannya dan gulung ketika masih panas....
Five Facts about Spam
2008-01-26 08:35:00
These are some facts about spam:The term "spam" for numbers of unwanted e-mails refers to the Monty Python sketch set in a cafe where every dish comes with Spam , a tinned meat product, and a group of Vikings chants "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam."Spamming rise is largely due to one malicious computer program or also known as 'worm'. This worm hijacks home computers and makes them send out e mail messages.Some commonly used e-mail subject lines:Please finalize.Thank you for request.Christmas Special!Dating, 15 new messages for you, Olga.News. (Source: McAfee).'Pump and dump' e-mail, a share tipping e-mail scams. Fraudsters buy cheap, little-known stocks and then hype them by e-mail. The share price rises when others invest. The con men then sell their stake at a profit and the price falls.Experts urge computer users to install antivirus programs and keep them updated; never to respond to spam e-mail messages and never to reveal financial details.Keep your e-mail address secure, don't s...
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