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How it Works

This is a blog directory that is sorted by the score each blog has received during the week. 100 unique visitors will generate the same amount of score as 1 unique vote. To get a vote the blog author needs to send the vistior to us through the voting button and then the visitor needs to click on the button to vote for the blog. The tracking button tracks the blogs visitors and give the blog score without requiring the visitor to interfare. You can use both methods to get a good rank in the directory. The score is updated every 15 minutes and resets back to zero each monday at 00:00 GMT.

When a blog decides to join our directory they will be asked to put up 2 buttons on their blog. One of these buttons tracks the votes from the blog and the other one track the amount of unique visitors. This is why we recommend all blogs to use both buttons, to make sure they get as good rank as possible. Below we describe the process for a blog to sign up and use our buttons. It's really simple to do and we also provide information on how exactly to place a button on the most popular blog services in our FAQ.

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