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Becoming deaf in Norway 2007

Becoming deaf in Norway 2007
Becoming Deaf in Norway 2007 Im going deaf, what that does to me, my thoughts and my life.
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What is the CI-situation elsewhere in Europe?
2008-06-06 12:17:00
If anyone has information regarding CI-operations and CI-related health benefits in Europe , I would be extremely grateful for any input. Do people have to wait for surgery? How is it financed? How about the follow up, and re-mapping after the surgery?What country has the best reputation?Is Advanced Bionics represented in all European countries? (I might have ...
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Early morning magic mist - Deaf silence
2008-05-28 05:35:00
At 5 in the morning the world seems different and so peaceful. First time in my life I didn’t bother to take on my hearing-aids going out of the house. I am accepting my deafness more every day and learning to live with it. Strange occasion to realize it on, but very serene and pure… ...
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Bengtsfors, Sweden
2008-05-26 10:00:00
The famous Dalsland canal goes through Bengtsfors. Many lakes are connected, thus making it possible to travel vast distances in inland Sweden by water. In summertime theres a lot of boattraffic here.
Status update III - part 3 of 3 - Social life and Society
2008-05-24 14:06:00
My social life suffers. I decline offers of going out with friends, I withdraw early from family assemblies, isolate myself from communicating with people in such occasions. This depresses me. But I live on the knowledge of that it’s a passing thing, and that one day I will be able to participate as I used ...
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Status update III - part 2 of 3 - Challenges of tinnitus
2008-05-21 16:04:00
The tinnitus is a relentless as ever. Recently I discovered a way to explain how it sounds. I came to think of the TV test signals with the one-frequency audio sound. That is on about 1000 Hz and is almost the same frequency as my tinnitus. In other words; I have a constant TV-test ...
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Status update III - part 1 of 3 - Sensory input
2008-05-19 12:52:00
Since I’ll be going offline in order to be a farmer, welder, lumberjack, car-mechanic and on top of that plans to undertake some kayak expeditions in Sweden next week, I might as well get my overdue status report out now. It became so long, I decided to split it in three and they will automatically ...
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17052008 - the last b?day before CI?
2008-05-17 15:02:00
My son grabbed my mobile and took my picture. I had forgot that Shozu sends them directly to my blog unless I abort, and alas; my sons ”journalistic scoop” ended up on my blog He did a nice job, so I’ll just leave it as it is with my text here… Thanks son! I had a nice ...
The 3Ps? and friends
2008-05-12 11:05:00
Thanks to Sam “Blitzer” for a reminder of the key to endurance: “The 3Ps”. His post on Michael from Minnesota who has trouble with getting approval of CI served as an inspiration to me today. The 3Ps: Persistence Perseverance  Patience I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone around me in my life who helps me keeping my spirits up: My ...
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R.I.P Sten Harris
2008-05-09 09:50:00
Sten Harris died yesterday, after a long time of illness. Sten worked at Rikshospitalet for many years, operating most of the CI-operations up until now. He was a true CI-pioneer in Norway. His illness and following death is probably one of the reasons that Rikshospitalet has problems with the capacity of performing CI-operations these days. ...
Just say yes to sunshine
2008-05-08 11:15:00
Today I want to spread some sunshine. This picture shows the morning sun entering the valley of Lærdal in one of the deepest parts of the worlds longest fiord; the fiord of Sogne (Sognefjorden). The fiord goes almost halfway into Norway. This is my view from the window as I write, and this is the view I ...
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Audio depth perception (and pitch)
2008-05-02 19:19:00
Thanks to all friends who responded about my question of wether to fight for bilateral from the start-line or do one by one… The decision has now been made I want stereo!!! I want depth perception and I want my pitch back…. This image is a good analogy of the sound-problem I have these days. Try ...
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Feel like I?m walking in Sahara
2008-04-28 21:57:00
This shot was made with my brand new Olympus 570-UZ camera (it has a built-in panorama function, as you can see). I’m very pleased with it What I’m not so pleased with, is that I went to Rikshospitalet today to find out how much longer I have to wait. Last time I asked, ...
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The rings of Saturn - simultaneous bilateral CI-surgery?
2008-04-27 20:54:00
The Sahara desert, where I was recently, is like a window to the universe. I was excited to be able to see Saturn with my very own eyes through a telescope.  Fantastic! Just like the picture above. The thought just came to me; In space there is no sound. Sound carries through air. No air ...
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My un-sound condition - pre CI era
2008-04-24 12:21:00
I want to make this list in order to remind myself what it was like before I got the CI (2007/2008). Maybe I run into problems post-surgery post-sound activation and need a reminder of how I reacted to sounds before the operation(s). It’s a time capsule to myself… Here’s a similar post I wrote january this ...
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Pharaohs and Red Sea impressions
2008-04-19 13:14:00
In order to justify this posting on this blog, I would like to say that anyone on the brink of deafness who suffers conditions like hyperacusia, tinnitus and/or extreme fatigue would probably benefit from an exotic trip. It will help for thinking about other things than “the condition”.I can testify that I feel somewhat better, ...
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As life goes on? A post-mortem salute.
2008-04-18 19:18:00
A person I liked extremely well for her incredible kindness and self-sacrificial nature has moved on to the next world… Ingrid-Line Hernholm, mother of 5, passed away peacefully on April 14th after she had been in coma since suffering a brain hemorrhage on April 1st. She suffered the brain stroke while working for Norwegian Association for ...
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My letter to the Norwegian Treasury Department
2008-04-04 11:23:00
The text has been translated and changed some, compared to the original letter in Norwegian . My status and reason for writing this letter: I have been hard of hearing all my life, and at the same time I have been working like everybody else at 100% in the IT-industry for as long as I could. Never learned ...
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Minister of Health in Norway guarantees CI-operations for 2008
2008-04-01 09:54:00
This is a translated, abridged and reworked version of a Norwegian article found on HLF’s website. Guarantees CI-operations and screening of infants. Norwegian Minister of Health , Sylvia Brustad gurantees that screening of hearing on infants and CI-operations will be carried out, regardless of the cutbacks at Rikshopitalet. In response to MP Berit Brørby (Labour Party) the ...
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My hearing diagrams
2008-03-27 15:59:00
Finally got myself around to scan these charts and post them here First of all, here is a source of terminology and technical explanations related to sound. From 2004: The yellow “banana” is the speech discrimation area for normal hearing. Deafness is defined as below 85 dB. The measurement stops at 100 dB. On this ...
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The cost of a CI-operation?
2008-03-14 03:12:00
Can anyone tell me the cost of a CI-operation? Either for one ear, or simultaneously both ears? I would like to “hear” (pun intended ) from everyone who has knowledge about it… On a personal note… My writing is a bit slow these days, I hit a mental bump in the road caused by these budget cuts ...
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US troops loose hearing in Iraq
2008-03-08 11:31:00
This should hardly have to be news, but good thing anyway. Increased attention to hearing damage by the US military. As reported by Associated Press today: 38;sid=1359930 Based on a report written by Theresa Schultz from NHCA. She is a former Air Force audiologist. Here is another article based on her work from 2004. ...
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Find new subtitles in a whiff!
2008-03-05 15:05:00
Open Source Project for finding subtitles When TV-networks doesn’t caption their popular shows, deaf and people with reduced hearing are discriminated. On the Internet and by the use of home computers, there is a way around this. Most of the activity related to this is by copyright laws and such, regarded as illegal in various countries. ...
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Norwegian translation "Recruitment": Om fenomenet rekruttering
2008-03-04 09:23:00
Here’s my original posting on this subject. Artikkel av Dr. Neil: Forklaring av “recruitment” ifbm hørselsnedsettelse © Juni 2001 by Neil Bauman, Ph.D. Norsk oversettelse: Stein Thomassen, Link til originalen: ent.htm Du kan kontakte Dr. Neil på Spørsmål: Enkelte mennesker kan ikke bruke høreapparater fordi de har alvorlig “recruitment”. Recruitment er et veldig merkelig navn på dette problemet. Ordet betyr ...
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The end of CI-operations in Oslo, Norway? Video
2008-03-01 13:46:00
from posted with vodpod
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Captioned video of me on national news 27.02.2008
2008-03-01 04:59:00
Having trouble embedding Overstream into wordpress… Pls follow this link: ?oid=toliustbimmh&noplay=1
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An update about the CI-situation in Norway feb 29th 2008 (in Norwegian)
2008-02-29 09:00:00
This article is from Garanterte CI-operasjoner ? og måtte gå Styremøtet på Rikshospitalet torsdag ble meget dramatisk. Først garanterte direktør Åge Danielsen at Rikshospitalet vil levere CI-operasjoner til voksne og barn som bestilt i oppdragsdokumentet fra helseministeren. Så fikk han sparken. Klokken 00.20 natt til fredag fikk administrerende direktør Åge Danielsen ved Rikshospitalet sparken av ...
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The health debate in Norway (it?s all about personal prestige and money, no
2008-02-29 08:35:00
Just wrote a short piece in a comment-field about the political game that is ongoing in health-Norway right now: (sorry for not translating to english right now) This is in response to the main article in Dagbladets online news this morning. Alle debattinnleggene her har litt rett. Det er blitt en catch22-situasjon og nå er det et ...
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I was on national news today
2008-02-27 22:39:00
Here is original video from NRK. The piece where I appear begins about 7 minutes into the news… It’s in Norwegian, of course I’m working on the video-file, but unfortunately the written about here earlier is undergoing maintenance due to high demand (!!!).Will post video here later with English captions… For English speakers: the ...
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Status update II
2008-02-26 14:34:00
Where to begin??? Well, since my last “Status update from Nov. 6th 2007” (where everything is still valid, I won’t repeat everything) some things has changed. Overall everything is a little bit worse. Tinnitus is loud, perhaps more constant, fatigue is a bit more severe. I get tired a lot faster from a lot less sound. ...
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Spelling bee @ home with CI (6years old!!!)
2008-02-18 17:24:00
Check this kid out!!!  Awesome
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