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Stories about discovering new food, recipes and restaurant reviews from an adventurous wannabe chef and student in West London.
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Marinated Swordfish with Sweet-Sour Potato Salad
2009-04-11 19:48:00
So it would appear that blogging is a holiday only activity for me now. I can’t apologise any more for my infrequent posting but I’ll try my best to not disappear completely. I suppose the reason for my lack of writing is three-fold. Firstly, I spend most of my day talking, generally saying the same thing over ...
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I Can’t Believe It
2009-03-03 15:03:00
During my student days, I would occasionally post about my parents and their cooking- or rather the lack of it. See post on attempting to cook in my parents kitchen, the lobster incident or my personal favourite, the Christmas vegetable stir fry. Since leaving home I have cooked in their kitchen only a few times ...
Not Quite Foie Gras Salad
2009-02-28 13:21:00
I need to do more storecupbioard based cooking. The results never fail to please and it’s always a good feeling to know you’re saving money. I guess I do it less than I used to because I’m spoiled by the area in which I live. Everything’s available within a five minute walk unless, of course, ...
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Seven Random Things
2009-02-25 11:17:00
A few weeks ago, the very lovely Alex of Eating Leeds tagged me for this meme, the idea being that I share seven random facts about myself. So here goes…. I walk 8 miles each day. 4 miles in the morning and 4 miles in the evening. It’s a chance for me to reflect on the ...
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On Curry
2009-02-19 14:44:00
This all began with a curry. A curry that was neither heavily spiced nor very hot. A curry that didn’t come from India or Thailand and that contained neither huge amounts of cumin nor coriander nor curry leaves. This curry made me look at it and say out loud, “What the hell makes this a curry?” Goon, who as usual wasn’t ...
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2009-02-08 16:39:00
Well, maybe not, but this is as close as I’m likely to get. So here we have some beef fillet steak, seared until just cooked on the outside as an attempt at beef sashimi, a hot peanut dipping sauce, tangy mango and papaya salad with lots of lime and a soothing contrast of coconut rice. Many of ...
A First Time For Everything
2009-02-02 12:46:00
It’s 8am and I’m awake even though I’m not working today! It’s a miracle! Well, actually it’s more of an accident. London woke to around 4 inches of snow this morning which meant, of course, that nothing worked. Buses and tubes all stopped running. Schools closed. My head of department rang me just as I was ...
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Not Healthy, Not Budget
2009-01-31 14:16:00
  but oh, so good. I’m aware that this blog is turning into a bit of a  red meat -fest. I make no apologies. This phase will probably wear off when it gets warmer. Steak Bearnaise is my idea of treat food but at the moment treat food happens every time Goon visits. I really shouldn’t spoil him so ...
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2009-01-09 21:36:00
That’s an understatement. It’s f*cking freezing. I swear there hasn’t been a winter this cold since I moved back to London. I have swapped my pretty fur trim gloves for big thick things that look like they belong in a boxing ring and still I can’t feel my hands by the time I get home. In fact yesterday ...
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Mirin, Tuna and Soba Noodles
2009-01-05 14:38:00
Regrettably, I’ve never been to Japan. I hope to one day. It sounds like an amazing place and the little bits I hear about the culture fascinate me. Of course, the cuisine captivated my attention as soon as I heard about it. Raw fish! How many other cultures will serve this up? Ok, there’s the cured salmon ...
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2008-05-30 18:37:00
There’s been a lot of it in this flat recently. Supporting two people (well, one person and a giant with the appetite of a starved woolly mammoth) on a teacher’s salary requires tight budgeting. We’ve had a lot of chicken liver dinners over the last term and I am always looking to find good deals. I seem ...
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Lavender Crusted Lamb Rack and Blueberry Sauce
2008-05-27 17:46:00
  Almost five weeks later, I’ve decided to emerge again. This really is a strange job. In the week before the A-level and GCSE exams began we were running around like headless chickens, photocopying papers, running late evening revision sessions and marking like there was no tomorrow. Now the exam students have gone and I literally have nothing to do, hence I ...
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Warming Food
2008-04-16 22:25:00
Well, I’m back at school now and it seems that the first day of the summer term has been a lot easier than the previous two terms. The kids are mostly revising now, meaning that there’s a lot less lesson prep to do and, to my astonishment, I left work today at 5pm! Previously I ...
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Liver, Bacon and Onions
2008-04-08 11:31:00
Calf liver is my treat for when Goon is away. It’s an automatic reaction now. If Goon is going away to work on his business or visit his parents, I head straight into Borough Market, find my way to the Ginger Pig and buy myself the nicest bit of veal liver they have. You see ...
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Indonesian Style Prawn and Quail Egg Curry
2008-04-03 22:15:00
This holidayit struck me how many bargain cookery books I have. There are more than two shelves full of those 3 Borders reduced paperbacks which specialise in cuisine from a certain country or continent.They look cheap, they feel cheap, heck, they ARE cheap, but I find these little booksvery useful. I’d love to be able to ...
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Game for the Uninitiated
2008-03-31 00:09:00
My food blog has had an unintended side effect since I started work as a teacher. It wasn’t all that suprising that my year 12s found their way to my blog from the maths pages I wrote for them but, how the year 9s discovered this place so quickly, I’ll never know. I guess that’s the ...
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Perks of the Job
2008-03-26 13:42:00
I think this might be called ‘having too much time on your hands’. After 12 weeks of school canteen meals, scrounging processed cheese sandwiches from the kids’ lunch time maths clubs and, at worst but most frequently, skipping lunch altogether, I’m ready for some good home-cooked food at lunchtime. I may have gone a little over ...
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Times Have Changed
2008-03-21 18:39:00
At least, they have around here. I apologise to all of you that have attempted to e-mail me and contact me via comments during the last six months. I must have appeared very rude. It’s mostly my fault really. What kind of plonker starts a job before they’ve taken their PhD exam? Generally the kind of ...
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A Very Fussy Guest
2008-03-14 16:40:00
Early last term, I had come home from school late. Goon was away visiting his family in Leeds and so, due to the fact that I livein a slightly rough area, I was cautious entering the house and double locked the door behind me before taking off my bag and shoes. Suddenly, from the direction of ...
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I never thought I?d be writing about?
2008-02-10 23:33:00
…quick, easy,weeknight food. It’s just not like me is it? What happened to thedays of the lemon and rose glazed lamb legand the duck, pomegranate and blueberry salador the three hour marathon cooking sessions that resulted in these chilli tortillas.I miss those days. In fact,I think two things happened…… Firstly, I left the foodie heaven that was ...
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Food to Remind Me Of Summer
2008-02-03 13:26:00
Is it me, or has this been one of the coldest and most miserable winters ever? Perhaps it was the lack of a decent summer that did it, or perhaps it is the daily 75 minute trek beginning at 7am that I now have to endure, but this winter has definitely made me more grumpy ...
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?Twas The Night Before Christmas ?.
2008-01-06 22:35:00
and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except me. I was more than stirring. I waswaving my arms aboutand shouting. “What do you mean a STIR-FRY!?” The instigators of mywrath watched me inconfused silence for a moment. Then Dad said, “Well, a vegetable stir fry.” “It’s going to be Christmas Day! You’re having GUESTS, and you’re going ...
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Venison with Gin, Fruits and Apple-Celeriac Mash
2007-12-31 13:15:00
On Thursday evening I was a little bored. I’d spent the day avoiding correcting my thesis and starting, but somehow not finishing, several posts for this blog. For the first time in weeks, I decided tosurf around the other blogs and, as usual, my first port of call was Trig Brook’ssite. After a few minutes ...
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Ways To Keep Undesirables Off Your Website
2007-12-27 15:27:00
Since August, I have noticed something interesting happening to the comments I receive on this site. Around that time, this blog’s Google rating increased dramatically and I got a lot of new visitors. Obviously this was good inmany ways. I got lots of new commenters. Some leftconstructive feedback in my inbox and some left appreciativenotes regarding ...
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That?ll be Dr Ros, Thank-You
2007-12-16 20:02:00
I’m back, finally. For the next two and a half weeks I’ll be free of teaching, marking and pastoral duties, which means I can cook properly again. Hooray! The last five weeks have been unbelievably busy. I think I’ve averaged around 4 hour sleep per night for the last fortnight. On top of the job, I ...
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Hotel Chocolat Competition
2007-12-07 19:09:00
Not long ago I got invited to a fantastic chocolate tasting event hosted by Hotel Chocolat . Now they’ve asked me to partner with them in holding a very exciting competition. ******************* Win luxury Hotel Chocolat Christmas Prizes - for you or a loved one Tis? the season to be chocolaty. As Christmas time approaches, Hotel Chocolat is ...
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Some Publicity For A Friend
2007-12-05 11:21:00
Yes, I know, I’ve been rubbish recently. There’s been far too much marking and not enough cooking in my life but in just over a week term will end and I’ll be posting properly again over the break. In a few hours I’ll be announcing a competion run exclusively for readers of this site by Hotel ...
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Saag Gosht (mutton and spinach curry)
2007-11-19 00:44:00
Not long ago, I suddenly realised that onepart of mycooking that had disappeared completely during the first weeks of my job was the home made curry. It’s not because they take too long to cook. I can pull together a decent Goan fish curry in about half an hour. Instead it’s the attention to detail ...
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A Pair Of Skates
2007-10-27 00:33:00
Not, as you might have thought,my latest trick for tackling my homeward journey down Highgate Hillbut instead a tasty little treat I found at Borough market. When I go to Borough, I avoid taking Goon with me unless its absolutely necessary. This is particularly important now, since the rather large cheese wheel he bought back in ...
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2007-10-25 12:19:00
As much as I like my job, seven weeks of 6am starts and 1am finishes has left me feeling a little drained and half term is indeed a very welcome thing. So, howcome I didn’t post until half way through half term? Well, the sad geeky truth is I got a little carried away with ...
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