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Christina Applegate beats breast cancer
2008-10-12 17:42:00
We have loved Christina Applegate since “Married with Children” cracked us all up in the late 80’s and we were glad to hear about her successful surgery to remove breast cancer found recently. This girl has been great ever since the beginning of her career and its still going strong with her new show “Samantha ...
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Mila Kunis Sex Tape cuming soon???
2008-10-12 12:17:00
Has anyone heard the rumors about a Mila Kunis sex tape currently in circulation?? Various reports around hollywood are that a full length sex tape starring Mila and a former boyfriend have been seen and that people are copying it and sharing it with friends. There’s lot of speculation about wheather its really Mila or ...
Hockey great Wayne Gretsky has a HOT DAUGHTER!!!
2008-10-11 23:51:00
GRETSKY’S DAUGHTER IS HOT!! And finally legal, and rumor has it she is a randy one…Paulina Gretzky hasn’t exactly had a rocky beginning to her career. Although most of her fame and fortune to date has been attributed to her family name, she’s displayed multiple talents in modeling, acting and singing. In August 2005, Paulina appeared ...
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Kellie Pickler gets called out by Ryan Seacrest for her BOOB JOB!!!
2008-10-09 19:11:00
 Live on the American Idol TV show Ryan Seacrest blatently made fun of Kellie Pickler for her obviously, up to the neck, new fake tits. “Somethings different”! he said while staring down at her tits.. She valiently tried to act like she didnt know what he was talking about..I felt a little sorry for the ...
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Avril Lavigne Whibley - thats a hot new name!
2008-10-06 22:22:00
OK lets face it Avril is SMOKING HOT - BUT her new song about “I didnt steal your boyfriend bla bla bla SUCKS!!  Its so trivial and meaningless - hey AVRIL stop being cute and make some real music like Fiona Apple or Tori Amos, stop whining on the mic like a little brat.. you ...
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Ana Beatriz Barros is SO HOT SHE MUST BE AN ALIEN!
2008-10-06 22:02:00
 The Paranormal community is investigating the possibility that Ana Beatriz Barros is from another planet..Plain and simple, shes too fucking hot to be from Earth. more of her crazy story: When she was 14, Barros and her older sister, Patricia (also a model), were walking on a Rio beach when they were spotted by a representative ...
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2008-10-05 01:07:00
THE VOTING IS OVER! LEEANN TAKES TOP HONORS AS THE HOTTEST HOOTERS GIRL  OF ALL TIME!! Leeann Velez Tweeden (born June 13, 1973)  was born in Manassas, Virginia. She graduated from Osbourn Park High School in 1991. Tweeden eschewed college altogether and instead pursued a career in modeling. Just two years after leaving her Virginia high ...
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P*rn star names herself after Carmen Electra?s REAL NAME!!!
2008-10-05 00:45:00
You guys ever hear of the P*RNO STAR TERA PATRICK?  Guess where she picked up that name!!  Tera Patrick is Carmen Electra ’s REAL NAME!!!  oooo Carmen Electra must have been so PISSED - This is a true story.. Read on: Tara Leigh Patrick (born April 20, 1972), professionally known as Carmen Electra, is an American glamour ...
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Eva Mendez to pose nude for real this time?
2008-09-01 14:35:00
Babe Audit Favorite Eva Mendes , despite resisting offers from Playboy, appeared naked in Flaunt Magazine. Although her breasts weren’t exposed, readers did get to see her bare back and buttocks. Mendes said about the shoot, “I actually did a little nude shot. You won’t see anything. I was covering myself… but I love ‘Flaunt.’ I ...
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Carrie Underwood nipple slip on red carpet
2008-09-01 14:15:00
Gorgeous country western singer Carrie Underwood had her first wardrobe malfunction last weekend  and gave her adoring teen and pre-teen fans a nice look at one of her tasty nips. One shocked mother in attendance said “Yea when her boob popped out I covered my 11 year old sons eyes and he said the most ...
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Sabrina Brian rides a smelly Elephant
2008-09-01 14:02:00
Dancing with the stars Sabrina Bryan starred as a member of an all-girl singing group in Disney Channel?s original movie, ?The Cheetah Girls.? The hit movie translated into musical success for the girls, who went on to release two albums and toured the U.S. Asked about her experience of riding an elephant while on location ...
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2008-08-31 20:39:00
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L.C. A Hollywood Has-Been Who Never Really?Was
2008-08-30 12:22:00
The Hills star Lauren Conrad was recently spotted outside very exclusive new lounge, Coco DeVille, a bouncer asked L.C. who she was. Unfortunately, dearest Lauren couldn’t take the hint and giggled as she attempted to walk past the velvet rope. The bouncer really didn’t know who she was and she thought he was kidding. After ...
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Heidi Montag: Reconsidering Horse-Like Veneers
2008-08-30 12:10:00
An insider recently caught Heidi in Hollywood club bathroom stall attempting to file her teeth down with a nail fail. Her mascara dripped down her face and she had obviously had a long night. She allegedly cried “They’re just too long!” as she whinnied and hiccuped from a few too many drinks. Copyright © 2008 Hot ...
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Shawn Johnson wins Howdy Doody Look-a-Like contest
2008-08-29 18:39:00
16 year old Shawn Johnson , Olympic All Around Womens Gymnastics Silver Medalist, and Gold Medalist on beam today took another honor, albeit not quite as prestigious, the title of Miss Howdy Doody. A panel of 9 judges conveined for the annual Howdy Doody Look-a-Like Contest this tuesday in Albany, NY to bestow top honors for ...
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Halle Berry?s breasts are Obama Billboards
2008-08-22 21:30:00
Barak Obama supporter Halle Berry has been seen around town in various t-shirts proudly proclaiming her support for the Illinois Senators presidential bid and Babe Audit couldn’t be happier, well a topless Halle Berry would make us happier :) but GO BARAK!   Also seen here Kim Kardashian jumps on the Obama bandwagon Copyright © 2008 Hot Babes. ...
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Olympic Gymnasts next target for Playboy?
2008-08-22 21:15:00
“Is nothing sacred to that Man?” asked Janet Polissky of Florida City, Fl. This in response to the latest news that Playboy Magazine is offering big money for posing nude to any member of the 2008 Olympic Womens Gymnastic Team that competed in the Beijing Olympics. Womens all around silver medalist Shawn Johnson tops this weeks ...
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Rising Starlet Blake Lively also diving muff?
2008-08-22 20:55:00
Blake Lively’s stock as a sex kitten is definitely on the rise as her show “Gossip Girl” gains even more viewers with the release of her new movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2″ And rumors of romantic involvement with co-starlet Alexis Bledel haven’t hurt. This girl has it all, the boobs, the butt, the long blonde ...
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Alexis Bledel praised for hotness by Lesbian womens group.
2008-08-22 20:36:00
Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel played a smokin-hot teenage hooker in the cult classic movie “Sin City” and now revamps her role as a traveling tart in the new chick flick “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2″  Now she has attracted the attentions of the LCWL (Lesbian Conversion Wish List). The LCWL is a ...
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?Cherry Odds? latest vegas gambling craze?
2008-08-10 02:51:00
You can now place bets on when new popstars like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez  will lose their virginity. “Vegas has stooped to an all time low with this one.” Says casino regular and self admitted compulsive gambler Denny Girard of Parump Nevada, “I’m a gamble-aholic and even I won’t cross that line. Well maybe 20 bucks but thats it.” ...
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Marisa Miller inducted into Great Rack Hall of Fame
2008-08-09 15:18:00
Sports Illustrated and Victorias Secret Supermodel Marisa Miller was formally inducted in the Great Rack Hall of Fame today according to the Great Rack Society of America Hall of Fame Induction Commitee’s press release of August 8 2008. Marisa beat out runner up Kim Kardashian to take top honors according to GRSA Spokesperson Amy Westover. Amy went ...
Denise Richard?s reality show un-seats ?Living Lohan? for worst reality sho
2008-08-09 01:03:00
Has anyone seen “Denise Richards : It’s Complicated?” Massaging my grandmas 93 year old corns is more fun than watching this show. Denise baby, how could you? How could you let us all see how sad and lonely you are? It not wood inspiring to see one of our all time hottest babes picking up dog ...
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Scientists baffled as Ali proves it?s possible to have less talent than Lin
2008-08-09 00:45:00
Let’s face facts “Living Lohan” is hands down the worst reality show in history. First of all they psyche you out to think that Lindsey Lohan is going to actually be part of the show but you soon realize that it’s just a sad attempt by desperate stage mom to pimp out her remaining no-talent ...
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Paris Hilton for President
2008-08-08 20:41:00
See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die Copyright © 2008 BabeAudit. If this appears on anywhere besides, it may have been stolen. Please notify
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2008-08-08 13:42:00
Popstarlet singing sensation Christina Aguilera  pretty much laid the question of weather or not she has had a boob job to rest when she stepped out recently and unveiled two enormous and obviously fake tits. Yes they have grown even larger lately while giving birth to her latest kid but let’s face it people there is more ...
More About: Milk , Tits , Tale , Silicone
Vanessa Hudgens is a tasty little morsel
2008-08-08 12:45:00
Good enough to eat teen sensation Vanessa Hudgens loves to get nude and take pics for her little boyfriend Zach Efron to spank to, what we are wondering is if she is going to go for broke and release a sex tape when she turns 18 to follow in the foot steps of fellow talentless ...
2008-08-08 11:37:00
Smoking hot teen Lolita Mylie Cyruss is officially in heat and on the rampage, putting slutty photos all over her myspace page, posing semi nude for Vanity Fair and mauling various young hunks and getting wasted at parties in a thinly veiled attempt to get out of her contract with Disney.. But WHO CARES, as ...
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Kim?s Ass Comes Alive!
2008-08-08 04:12:00
Kim Kardashians big ol booty is a thing of beauty for ass lovers to behold. Phat n freaky, this ass of hers has a mind of its own and makes her do CRAZY things like have buck wild sex with her hung like a horse boyfriend and intentionally release the tape in a balls out ...
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Kim Kardashian on Idol
2008-03-19 18:51:00
Kardashian announced that she’d appear on Idol as an audience member. Really? She announced she’ll “appear” on Idol, but in the audience. Is she running out of ways to promote herself. Being on Idol in the audience isn’t exactly a career milestone worthy of a press release. I predict Kim ...
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2008-03-18 19:06:00
The only time you’ll see Heidi Klum , Paris Hilton and Katherine Heigl together in one post. Copyright © 2008 BabeAudit. If this appears on anywhere besides, it may have been stolen. Please notify
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