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Who Really Runs New York
2007-10-04 22:48:00
I know 50 cent and Diddy get money but when was the last time you seen them get mobbed in the NYC? This is Pharrell cruising through Time Square with his top back. time to invest in that hard top convertible homie.....listen about 4 minutes in, people start running to his car and someone screams out "who got shot!!!" Basically everyone at the end was running to figure out if there was a star sighting or a murder seen lmao. Shout out to Lowkey. This guy filled my ipod up in a month with his" border="0">
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I'm Snitchinnnnn
2007-10-03 02:36:00
What'dup Everybody...It's Freezy here. No I'm not 100% but I'm getting there. After smashing your car into a wall, Kanye West vs. 50 cent doesn't really come close to the important things in life at the end of my day. BUT it is my job to keep you all informed with the entertainment news so I promise I will get this blog up in running in the coming weeks. Also God bless Juiicy for fighting for our country! With the races things I've seen on Dr. Phil today, it pisses me off that were fighting a war for ungrateful bastards like that. But enough with the politics, lets get to the entertainment shall we.I present to you, Micheal Vick vs. 50 cent in : I'm Snitchinnnnn!.com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
2007-09-18 05:36:00
Hey Guys, I'll be MIA for 6 1/2 weeks while I'm off at Air Force Basic Training! But don't fret, my partner in crime, FreezeFiya will still be bringing you the juice as soon as he gets healed up (he was in a terrible car accident but by the blessing of God it wasn't fatal and he's on his way to a speedy recovery). Don't miss me tooo much and I'll be back in November. Later my pretties! p.s. Yes that's me in the picture dammit!Love," border="0">
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Pregnancy Round-Up
2007-09-17 19:40:00
Tameka Foster was seen leaving her and Urshers midtown Manhattan hotel on Sept. 5th. Nicole Richie (5 months) was spotted in L.A. leaving Fred Segal after an afternoon of shopping. Earlier this month Garcelle Beauvias had her baby shower, which was hosted by her good friend, Angie Harmon. When asked about her pregnancy Garcelle gushed, "I can't believe I'm pregnant with twins! Other than seeing my body grow and thinking, 'Will my stomach ever go back?' it's a pretty exciting time," she laughed. Omar Epps, 34, and wife Keisha Spivey, formerly of the R&B group Total, posed for the cameras during their arrival at the 2007 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in L.A. earlier this month. Keisha is 6 months pregnant. Three-months pregnant Halle Berry shops for baby clothes with her mother, Judith Ann, at baby superstore NoMi boutique on West Pico in Los Angeles.Over the weekend, it was announced that soul singer Aretha Franklin has Halle in mind to play her in an upcoming biopic.Aretha sa...
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Serena Williams Isn't Pregnant
2007-09-17 17:06:00
Someone's needs to conduct Father Williams interviews for him, after he was quoted in an interview as saying, ?Serena has a few problems that we haven't talked to no one about,I think she's done a marvelous job of hiding it. Extremely marvelous." Rumors went buck-wild assuming he meant she did a marvelous job of hiding her "pregnancy". Of course she's not pregnent he means she did a marvelous job of hiding her man balls through out all these years. Jackie is her decoy, or maybe not, he looks like he'd be a 'top"" border="0">
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Fashion @ The Emmy Awards
2007-09-17 16:50:00
Click here , here and here to see pictures of the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards . I'm a lazy bia and I have no intentions of posting pictures at ALL!.com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Tommy Hilfiger Still Hates Black People
2007-09-17 16:36:00
[Mya, Russell Simmons and Rosario Dawson wished designer Tommy Hilfiger good luck backstage before his show at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. ]Just for fun, let?s try a blind item for you gossip aficionados. Which ubiquitous, young(ish) singer didn?t get seated with the other cool kids at Tommy Hilfiger ?s show and spent the entire production pulling a completely petulant bitchface? It was Mya, who, to be fair, was so precariously crammed onto the end of her front-row bleacher that she probably had to concentrate pretty hard on not slipping off and falling on her ass. She made no effort to hide her irritation at this snub and spent the whole show pulling every face in the book (except a decent poker face)" border="0">
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Alicia Keys Album Cover
2007-09-17 16:26:00
So here it is, the official album cover for her album, 'As I Am'. Which has a release date set for Nov.13.She will also release the music video for her single , 'No One' later on today. I can't WAIT to hear what lesbian music sounds like.... joookkkinnnngg![scan courtesy of Alicia].com/banner_130x55_02.gif " border="0">
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Battle of The Diva's
2007-09-17 15:55:00
This past week 50 Cent and Kanye West released their albums on the same date creating a Battle Of The Titans.Call it Deja Vu (maybe) because Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige will be releasing their albums on the same date November 20th, causing quite a ruckus in the R&B community. Some have named this future fued as the "Battle of the Titans II". Both Mariah and MJ's last albums were HIGHLY successful and the promotors of Mariahs' new "unnamed" album is calling this her best album to date.Mariah better watch her back before Kendu slides through with a shank, he don't play when it comes to Mary, just look at his face. .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Fanny Packs are BACK!
2007-09-14 22:57:00
Do you remember the fanny pack? It was the mark of a tourist, a busy parent or a super geek, but now, this uber-80s accessory has gotten a new look with a fabulous new defintion. Fanny packs hit the runway this season in full throttle. No longer bulky and gaudy, designers have taken the fanny pack to a slick new place that is perfectly fashionable. Think about it... if you live in the city, the fanny pack is the perfect way to stay light and mobile. Big enough to carry your Blackberr, lip gloss or even a small notebook, the pack is the perfect urban tag-along.Not to forget about out 4-legged friends, you can also get a fanny pack to carry your pooch!Check out other great but crazy dog gear at" border="0">
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Tatyana Ali @ Le Deux
2007-09-14 21:51:00
Tatyana Ali was spotted leaving Le Deux in L.A. Wednesday night with a few friends! For all of you Young and the Restless fans she'll be joining the cast as Roxanne, Devon's date at Lily's divorce party. She will appear on the show this coming Monday, September 17 and Tuesday, September 18.. .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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OJ is A Suspect.. Again
2007-09-14 21:13:00
TMZ is reporting that Orenthal J. Simpson and five other men barged into a hotel room last night, and took various memorabilia once owned by Simpson -- at gunpoint!Alfred Beardsley, a memorabilia dealer, had secured various items once owned by Simpson. Beardsley has said he had the suit OJ wore the day he was acquitted of murder.Beardsley tells TMZ he had arranged to meet with someone last night who was interested in buying the suit and other Simpson memorabilia. Beardsley says the man was actually a member of Simpson's crew. He says the men stormed the room, two of them with guns drawn. Beardsley says the men claimed to be police officers. OJ and others demanded that Beardsley and two other men surrender their cell phones. Beardsley refused to do so. Beardsley says the group stole every piece of memorabilia in the room, including items signed by Joe Montana. They also took a case of never-released leather editions of Simpson's book, "I Want to Tell You.Continue reading the story ...
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Rumor Control: Paula Patton Preggers?
2007-09-14 20:56:00
While looking for a parking spot at my local Christie's Toy box, don't judge me, I heard on the FM that Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are expecting their first child. Now this could be completely a rumor, just like the rumor of J.Lo being pregnant but if this is true I would like to wish the happy couple a congrats on their little mulatto ray of sunshine!And since we are talking about pregnant peeps, Halle Berry was spotted bringing a box of yummies to a sick friend at the UCLA hospital yesterday." border="0">
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Glory Be...
2007-09-14 20:30:00
Erykah Badu performed at the Heineken Red Star Soul Concert Series in Chi-town yesterday. This is the lady you hate to see in Church because every Sunday is a chance for her to outdue what she did the Sunday before. I can't hate, this chick stays casket sharp!.com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Another Kim K Sex Tape?
2007-09-14 16:35:00
"Enjoy it while you can. Can't live off the sex tape forever. Have a second plan. There's always someone younger and prettier than you." Those were magical words uttered by Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans to Kim Kardashian after her sex-tape was released with then boy toy Ray-J.Seems like she's taking this motherly advice to heart because there's rumors that Steve Hirsch, founder of 21-year-old Vivid Entertainment, has another celeb sex tape on the way featuring Flava Flav' girl Toastee and Kim Kardashian.Now I pray to Oprah that they aren't in this together. Toastee looks like a chick who's banged a couple of horses and goats back in her day. Quite frankly Kim's 15 seconds of whoring fame is up, unless in this video she actually lets someone pee on her, like a horse or a goat, then I'd watch.WATCH: Kim Kardashians SextapeClick here to check out Toastee's website (NSFW).com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
Look Who Has A Pretty Baby!
2007-09-14 16:23:00
Here's Flav hanging out with his 7th child (a girl) and her mother on vacation in Maui.[pictures courtesy of C+D].com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Sequins are IN!!
2007-09-13 18:32:00
Yes, Sequin s are in this year, you can easily find them in your grandmothers or even mothers closet which makes them ultra vintage and anything that's vintage is of course trendy. I searched and searched on articles covering this repeating trend and lucked up on my very own blogroll partner Sylvia who runs the VERY fabulous fashion blog, I Like Her Style! She has the revival of the ' Sequin' covered from left to right!According to the blog diva, Sequins are nothing new but they?ve made a resurgence on the Spring 2008 runway shows, including Marc Jacobs, Tracy Reese and Badgley Mischika and now celebrities are wearing them too. Whether it?s tiny sequins like on Kimora Lee Simmons or Paula Patton?s dress or huge ones like singer Keri Hilson, sequins add zing to any outfit. Keep the look from looking Vegas-like by sticking to black, if you must add color take a leaf out of Joy Bryant?s book. The silk flowers are divine.Here are Sylvia's picks of sequin peices that you should have t...
Quote of the Day
2007-09-13 18:02:00
50 Cent claims his numbers are due to widespread bootlegging of his CD. Kanye countered with, "So was mine. Stop making excuses, bitch".In first day sells Kanye has sold 440k and 50 Cent has sold" border="0">
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J.Lo's Album Shoot
2007-09-13 17:51:00
Here are a few shots from J.Lo's new album, "BRAVE". J.Lo is so precious, she's like a nice bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day. When she sings I swear the Angels fly down to take me to baby infant Jesus.... and then I wake up and it really sounds like my Chihuahua trying to ram his peen into the neighbors cat." border="0">
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Diddy's 'Unforgivable' Ad Banned From TV
2007-09-13 17:29:00
Diddy's ad for his cologne, 'Unforgivable" has been banned from television. The commercial shows Diddy getting too cozy with rapper Ma$e - first in a stairwell, then inside of a hotel room. During the encounter, Diddy hikes up Ma$e's g-string and fondles his manballs and ends with him sucking on Ma$e's perky erect man nipples.MTV has reportedly sent Diddy a list of edits to make before the network can air the spot. So far, he has refused to change one frame, reports the Post. Ok ok, so I made up that story, here's the real story . I think mines is more interesting but whatev.Also, you can click here to watch the" border="0">
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Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" Poster
2007-09-12 20:32:00
Here's a new poster for Tyler Perry's upcoming film, "Why Did I Get Married ". There has been a lot of buzz going on about this movie, and not the good kind might I add. I've heard rumors that this movie is just a repeat of, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and Madea's Family Reunion." The concepts are all basically the same. Not to forget the painfully bad sitcom, "House of Payne", It's not looking too good for Tyler Perry. But I'm sure fans will flock to see Janet Jackson in her first acting role since Poetic Justice, and singer Jill Scott flourish on the screen.The movie is to set to hit theatres on Oct.12Source .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Queen Spotted in NYC!!
2007-09-12 20:14:00
Queen Latifah was photo'd leaving her Manhattan hotel with her mother Rita Owens, and met up with CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent Rita Braver to film an episode in Central Park. .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Oprah Leaves Pooches $30 Million....
2007-09-12 19:51:00
According to reports, Mother Oprah is planning to upstage Leona Helmsley by leaving her pooches $30 million in cash money if she should die before they do. Oprah's like 4,000 years old in doggy years so this is a safe bet that these bitches (the dogs) are going to be making it rain in a few years. Stedman, and all of his mulatto greatness, will get $250 million!!And since you know I'm a ride-or-die chick for Mother Oprah ,I've provided you with a few pics she had of her dogs while they were on her show. If you are having problems with a disobedient dog, or even problems trying to get them housebroken check out this site for tips and answers on helping your dog become trained! .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Russell + Djimon=BFF!
2007-09-12 19:16:00
How awkward is this picture? It's Kimora Lee Simmons ex-husband and current boyfriend sitting together giving her a standing ovation during the fashion show for her Baby Phat clothing line in New York. Later on that night Russell Simmons stalked the happy couple and came over for a friendly chat while Kimora and Djimon dined at Butter.Here are a few clips from the Baby Phat clothing line show.If you looks closely, Aoki is hugging Djimon, while Ming Li is hugging her daddy Russell. .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
Marc Jacobs Crazy Heels- Would You Rock It?
2007-09-12 18:57:00
The internet has been buzzing lately with the new collection of Marc Jacob shoes that hit the runway Monday during his Spring collection showcase.. Here are some detail shots of Marc Jacob's heels, if you'd call them that. The concept of these heels is that they are worn parallel to the floor versus the typical horizontal heel.If you love Marc Jacobs check out the rest of his collection at" border="0">
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Dancing With The Stars Promo Pics
2007-09-12 18:50:00
ABC has released the promo pic's for this seasons contestants of 'Dancing with The Stars '.The season begins on Monday, September 24 with 6 female celebs battling it out 8-9:30 p.m. Men take the spotlight on Tuesday and the first results show airs on Wednesday at 8-9 p.m.Mel B (Eddie Murphy's babies momma) is partnered with MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY, who returns for his fourth season. ?Cheetah Girl? SABRINA BRYAN is partnered with newcomer MARK BALLAS. Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather teams up with SARINA SMIRNOFF, who returns for her third season Click here to check out the rests of the contestants courtesy of" border="0">
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Battle of the Titans!
2007-09-12 18:29:00
Yesterday was the day that the world has been waiting for. 'Curtis' and 'Graduation' were both released and fans alike were purchasing albums to boost up sales for their favorite artist. According to iTunes Kanye west is blowing 50 out of the water in online sales/pre-order sales.With iTunes, West's new album was ranked as the second best seller of the day. On the same site, 50 Cent's album landed in the ninth spot. Still, at local stores, the matchup appeared to be fairly even.50 Cent CD Signing at Bestbuy Kanye West In Store at Virgin MegastoreAnd the battle between these two Titans crossed over to 106&Park where they both performed tracks from their albums. Jay-Z also made a guest appearance to close out Kanye's set while Yayo helped out his label buddy 50. .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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Halle Berry & Her Bump!
2007-09-11 18:08:00
Halle Berry works it out during a photoshoot taken last week in Malibu. No word on what the photoshoot was for but I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Halle and her 'bump' in months to come.Quick ScoopsChris Brown discusses his abusive father and his crush on Ciara in this months issue of Giant Magazine [Eurweb]Trick Daddy was arrested in Miami for fighting.. do we really care?[Contact Music]Check out Kelly Rowlands New Video 'Ghetto' with Snoop Dog [SandraRose]Preview the trailor for Salt N' Pepa's new reality show [That Grape Juice]Beyonce wishes she were born Latina [RhymeswithSnitch]The Queen Covers Essence [PCJ]Important ScoopThanks to blackbutterflyy who sent me an email regarding a $10,000 scholarship that is available to College students who blog. For more information check out the link here: holarships/ _02.gif" border="0">
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Oprahs Fund-rasier Raises $3 million for Obama
2007-09-11 17:50:00
Oprah Winfrey grandly demonstrated her support of Senator Barack Obama last weekend with a lavish celebrity fund-raiser at her California home that collected an estimated $3 million for his presidential campaign. A ticket to get into the fund-raiser cost a measly $2,300.Barack, a fellow Chicagoan, is the first presidential candidate Oprah has ever endorsed, and the fund-raiser at her home exhibited her clout, at least in Hollywood circles, by drawing Cindy Crawford, Sidney Poitier and Chris Rock. "I haven't been actively engaged before because there hasn't been anything to be actively engaged in. But I am engaged now to make Barack Obama the next president of the United States," a source said Winfrey told the crowd just before the concert, starring Stevie Wonder. .com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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New Release Tuesdays!
2007-09-11 17:30:00
It seems that the music world halted their release dates so 50 Cent and Kanye West could battle it out. AOL Music is once again letting you stream 50 Cents new album, 'Curtis', before you decide to purchase it. One of the most highly-anticipated releases features Eminem, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige and Nicole Scherzinger.LISTEN : 'Curtis'- Full Album (no download required)[Thx Kelly!!].com/banner_130x55_02.gif" border="0">
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