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Courteney Cox: Zac Efron Is Perfect Prey
2009-09-23 11:01:00
Courteney Cox, who was on the set of “Cougar Town,” revealed that being a cougar could be shown after being attracted to your son’s friends or daughter’s idols. Her daughter Coco has a huge crush on “High School Musical” star Zac Efron , who the former “Friends” star revealed that he is an ideal prey because of ...
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Britney Spears? Las Vegas Concert & New Single
2009-09-23 10:38:00
Britney Spears has sparked Las Vegas concert speculation after a promo poster suggested that the singer will hold a concert special next week in addition to prepping for the release of a new single and album. The promo poster also suggested that the singer will tape “A Night With Britney Spears” in Las Vegas for ABC ...
More About: Britney Spears , Concert , Britney , Single
Robert Pattinson Is Not Included In New Moon Soundtrack
2009-09-23 10:01:00
Robert Pattinson’s voice, who co-wrote and sang on two songs on the soundtrack for the first Twilight movie, won’t be included on the New Moon soundtrack. His soulful voice has been ignored in favor of more established artists such as Muse, Thom Yorke and The Killers. Earlier this year, it was claimed that the British actor had ...
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Julia Roberts Angers Hindus In India
2009-09-23 09:56:00
Julia Roberts angers Hindu villagers in India after worshipers are banned from their temple while she shot scenes from her new film in their temple. Villagers, who was hoping to celebrate a religious festival, were barred from temple as it was sealed by Roberts’s vast security team. The Hollywood actress was filming “Eat, Pray , Love,” ...
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Michael Jackson?s Secret Son Could Star His Biopic
2009-09-23 09:27:00
Omar Bhatti, who was allegedly Michael Jackson ’s lovechild, will apparently star in a biopic about the singer’s rise to fame. The 25-year-old guy, who has worked as a Jacko impersonator, has sparked speculation that he’s Jacko’s fourth child after he sat on the front row at his LA memorial. It was also claimed that Michael said ...
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Prince William Attended Robson Memorial
2009-09-23 08:53:00
Prince William was spotted as he attended the memorial of soccer legend Sir Bobby Robson on September 21. The young prince, who is the president of the English Football Association (FA), paid his respects to the former England manager, who died in July. The service was held at Durham Cathedral, North East England, and was attended ...
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Kevin Jonas? Pre-Nup & ?Lame? Bachelor Party
2009-09-23 08:39:00
Kevin Jonas, who previously picked his best men, has sparked speculation that a pre-nuptial agreement and bachelor party are being planned. The 21-year-old singer is looking into a pre-nup with fiance Danielle Deleasa, just in case things don?t work out. It is because he has millions to protect, so he?s asked Danielle to sign a prenup, ...
More About: Party , Bachelor , Kevin , Lame , Jonas Brothers
Angelina Jolie?s Unhealthy Habit For Brad?s Attention
2009-09-23 08:34:00
Angelina Jolie has sparked speculations that she adopted unhealthy habits in a desperate bid to keep Brad Pitt. Her thin frame is the result of her being “extremely manipulative,” as she was believed to be starving herself to get attention after relationship problems started to escalate. The source claimed that the actress knew that by cutting ...
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Brad Pitt?s ?Sherlock Holmes 2? Role
2009-09-22 11:26:00
Brad Pitt has been the center of casting rumor of “Sherlock Holmes ” as it was reported that the actor is in talks, not for the first film, but rather for a possible sequel. Warner Bros. Pictures was previously quick to squash that the actor is taking the role of Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty but they are planning ...
More About: Brad Pitt , Brad , Role
Robert Pattinson Set To Be A SNL Guest Host?
2009-09-22 11:14:00
Robert Pattinson, who previously reported to have a love rival, became the center of speculation that he is going to be a guest host on television show “Saturday Night Live.” Seth Meyers, who is the presenter of the show, would like to see the Twilight heartthrob get a guest slot. He revealed that they’re actually hoping ...
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Courteney Cox: ?Jennifer Aniston Is Happy Now?
2008-06-10 08:36:00
Jennifer Aniston, who recently introduced her beau John Mayer, is in a good place, according to Courteney Cox . Courtney Cox was seen at the Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival in L.A. on Sunday. When asked if Jennifer Aniston is happy, Courteney Cox confirmed, “Yeah, she is.” Last weekend, John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston were photographed at the ...
More About: Jennifer Aniston , Happy , Jennifer
US Film Critic: Angelina Jolie Was ?Worth the Millions?
2008-06-10 06:33:00
Angelina Jolie commanded millions per movie and she?s worth every penny, according to Us Weekly’s film critic. Thelma Adams described the actress: ?Overall, she is worth the millions that she’s paid. She really is a good actress, and one of the sexiest women alive.? Thelma added, “Plus, she’s got the kids and Brad Pitt. She’s a triple ...
More About: Angelina Jolie , Film , Sex and the City , Worth
Carrie Underwood: Carnival Ride Tour, ?Most Popular American Idol?
2008-06-10 06:10:00
Carrie Underwood, who was the former American Idol , was making headlines with her Carnival Ride tour this year. The added shows begin September 23 and will feature special guest star Little Big Town. Nearly 600,000 fans have been a part of the Carnival Ride Tour audience to date. Carrie Underwood will hit 51 cities in the U.S. ...
More About: Carrie Underwood , Kelly Clarkson
Billy Ray Cyrus: My Daughter Sees Annie Leibovitz As Paparazzi
2008-06-10 05:49:00
Billy Ray Cyrus reveals that his family considers famed ?Vanity Fair ? photographer Annie Leibovitz , who famously shot Miley Cyrus semi-topless, to be a paparazzi. During the radio show interview, the father of ?Hannah Montana? star said, “I was catching these crawdads [with daughter Noah, 8] and all the sudden this paparazzi lady jumps out with this ...
More About: Paparazzi , Billy
Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer: Sparks Split Report Over Mystery Man?
2008-06-09 11:23:00
Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have sparked speculations for some time that the two wouldn’t make it for the long term. Despite their recent public display of affection in various points between Miami and Malibu, a report claimed that the ?Friends ? actress was spotted out with what they call a “mystery man” this week looking “cozy.” Perhaps ...
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Kate Middleton And Prince William Watch Boxing Bash
2008-06-09 11:03:00
Kate Middleton, who wore a stunning pink satin dress, and Prince William arrive at charity event. The brunette beauty was spotted wincing during a round of amateur boxing to raise funds for Starlight Children’s Foundation. As one of the princes’ closest friends brawled with a former equerry to the Prince of Wales, in the name of charity, ...
More About: Watch , Boxing , Kate Middleton , Kate
Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Welcomed A Baby Girl
2008-06-09 08:21:00
Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have welcomed a baby girl. The baby was born this weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Jessica Alba’s father was overheard saying, “She’s beautiful.” Cash Warren, who was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap, was seen carrying food into the maternity ward Sunday. The actress’ representative did ...
More About: Baby , Jessica Alba , Girl
Lindsay Lohan: Movie Career Is Over?
2008-06-09 08:03:00
Lindsay Lohan was obviously became a troubled star after nearly missed out on the opportunity to star in her new film “Labor Pains.” The insurance companies refused the actress, who also posed for stunning Visa Swap UK photo shoot here. Actors with a history of alcohol and drug abuse tend to have problems gaining cover from insurers ...
More About: Lindsay Lohan , Movie , Career , Lindsay
Hayden Panettiere: Glamour Magazine July 2008 Issue
2008-06-09 05:17:00
Hayden Panettiere is a cover girl for Glamour magazine for its July 2008 issue. In the Glamour magazine issue, the stunning “Heroes ” cheerleader talked about boys and Britney. She revealed, “I used to walk my dogs in my pyjamas and I couldn?t have cared less but you become paranoid and get worried that you don?t look ...
More About: Magazine , Hayden Panettiere , Hayden
David Cook: Dishes Dating And Life Post ?American Idol?
2008-06-09 04:43:00
American Idol ” winner David Cook recently talked to People about dating and his life since the show ended a few weeks ago. The 25-year-old, who always tried to be gentleman on dates, revealed, “I’m very much a hopeless romantic. I still kind of believe in movies.” He also said that he would eventually love to have a ...
More About: Life , Dating , Post
Miley Cyrus: Cancelled Gig And Got Grounded
2008-06-08 07:43:00
Miley Cyrus has left scores of fans disappointed after canceling a gig in Arkansas . The ?Hannah Montana ? star was due to perform in front of 15,000 people on Friday for a one-off gig in conjunction with U.S. supermarket chain Wal-Mart . But the concert at an arena in Fayetteville, Arkansas has now been scrapped with organizers putting the ...
More About: Miley Cyrus
Britney Spears Perfects Her Dance Moves At Conway Studios
2008-06-08 07:23:00
Britney Spears was spotted at the Conway Studios in West Hollywood on June 5, where she is believed to be perfecting dance moves for her next album. The “Toxic” singer, who has attracted a lot of paparazzi with their camera viewfinders, has stepped up her professional work routine. The recovering pop star was previously reported make a ...
More About: Britney Spears , Dance , Britney , Moves
Scarlett Johansson: Nylon Magazine June 2008 Cover Girl
2008-06-08 06:41:00
Scarlett Johansson, who is a four-time Golden Globe-nominated actress, becomes the cover girl of Nylon magazine for its June -July 2008 issue. The stunning actress posed for Nylon magazine photo shoot with a catchy caption: “Scarlett Johansson sings!” The Nylon magazine indicated that she records an album in February. The actress revealed, ?I?ve had people come up to ...
More About: Magazine , Scarlett Johansson , Ryan Reynolds , Girl
Ashley Tisdale Dismissed Her H.I.V. Rumors
2008-06-08 04:33:00
Ashley Tisdale, who was the “High School Musical” star, has dismissed online reports that she has been diagnosed as HIV positive. Her representative insisted, “The story is completely untrue.” HIV reports have sparked after a website posted a false report that Ashley Tisdale had contracted the disease from her rhinoplasty procedure last year. The fake report alleged that ...
More About: Ashley Tisdale , Disney , Rumors , Utah , Ashley
Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Curves For GQ Magazine Photo Shoot
2008-06-08 04:16:00
Charlize Theron, who was a star trekker, looked absolutely wonderful in these pictures. The Oscar-winning beauty recently enjoyed a romantic getaway in Central America with her lover. But here she dons some naughty silk numbers to show off her curves, which you could see here. The 32-year-old actress, who met Stuart Townsend on the film set “Trapped,” ...
More About: Charlize Theron , Photo , Magazine , Photo Shoot , Curves
Kimberly Caldwell: Scores ?American Idol? David Cook, New Maxim Pictures On
2008-06-08 03:25:00
Kimberly Caldwell, a former American Idol contestant, actress, singer and model has been all over the Internet because of her new romance with American idol winner David Cook. The celebrity pair was now an item after David Cook admitted that he was dating the former “American Idol” contestant over the weekend. You could see her Maxim ...
More About: Pictures
Princess Beatrice Set To Join Financial Times?
2008-06-07 10:12:00
Britain’s Princess Beatrice, who is set to join the Financial Times, is to work on the publication’s website for a work experience placement, it has been confirmed. According to reports, Princess Beatrice will write for Alphaville, the FT’s financial news and analysis blog and also contribute to their magazine, ?How to Spend It?. She may also ...
More About: Egypt , London , Los Angeles , Brazil , Argentina
Emma Watson: Favorite Idol In Celebrity Poll
2008-06-07 09:55:00
Emma Watson, who played the role of Hermione Granger, gained the second spot in a poll conducted for a new ‘celebrity barometer’, xRank .” The “Harry Potter ” actress came second to Keira Knightley as the people?s favorite as far as new celebrity idols. The celebrity barometer charts celebrities by the total number of daily web searches they ...
More About: Celebrity , Emma Watson
Zac Efron Was Keeping His Cool While Transvestites? Attack
2008-06-07 09:36:00
Zac Efron, who was the sweetie of Vanessa Hudgens, was at a Hollywood pizzeria with pals. The ?High School Musical ? star was spotted by a gaggle of giggly transvestites. These transvestites allegedly went wild over the “Hairspray ” star, according to a report. The magazine report, which was published this week, claimed that in mere seconds the young ...
More About: Cool , Zac Efron , Attack
Miley Cyrus Was Dating Older Guy, Controversial Picture Again?
2008-06-07 09:22:00
Miley Cyrus, who was involved with a lot of controversies, is reportedly dating her 22-year-old backup dancer, Marshall. The pair has been caught flirting on camera and hugging and kissing each other on the cheek. Whether the two are actually dating has yet to be confirmed but one thing is certain, Miley Cyrus has been caught up ...
More About: Dating , Picture , Controversial , Miley Cyrus , Hannah Montana
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