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"Stream of Consciousness" from Paul Heyman
2012-06-01 12:32:00
Paul Heyman took to his Twitter account @Heymanhustle and spent a good amount of time talking about how thankful and blessed he is for the career he has had, as well as what aspiring people in the wrestling business need to do to get themselves over today: "I walk into the offices of #Looking4Larry and there's a bunch of #ECW pics sent to me by George Tahinos (who is a phenomenal photographer) . I guess in honor of the ECW DVD/Blu-Ray coming out next week and NO, I can't express myself in 140 characters or less and I couldn't help staring at this pic of me and Bill Alphonso from 1995 ...and I'm looking at that pic and wondering "how fuckin' long was my hair back then?" #HolyShit And then I immediately thought, "Who would follow THAT rebel leader? I look at some of these pics, and I realize how blessed I was in my career. Some guys have to wait forever for a lucky break. I managed @AustinIdolLive and Tommy Rich at the age of 21. Also The Orig Midnights, which I got to do on...
This Day in Wrestling History
2012-06-01 07:22:00
Vincent Kennedy McMahon and Titan Sports purchase his father's Capitol Wrestling Corporation. June 1, 1982
TNA to Announce First Hall of Fame Inductee at Slammiversary
2012-06-01 03:33:00
TNA President Dixie Carter announced on Thursday night's live edition of Impact Wrestling that at the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view event, TNA will announce the first inductee into their new Hall of Fame.
Stand Up for WWE: WWE issues a second statement about the Journal Inquirer
2012-05-31 12:03:00
To provide further clarification on WWE?s recent letters to Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer and Joshua Fisher of the Darien Times, the WWE issues the following statement: ?WWE is a global television content creator and a publicly traded company whose core business is monetizing that very television content. When our content is unfairly mischaracterized, it seriously jeopardizes our business. Since 2008, all WWE broadcast programming has been rated TV-PG and prior to that some of our programming had a rating of TV-14. WWE?s content ratings are set not by us, but by the network TV distributors (NBCUniversal) and their standards and practices departments. According to the TV Parental Guidelines established by the television industry and adopted by the Federal Communications Commission, neither TV-PG nor TV-14 content would be considered pornography or anything close to it. In addition, the FCC would not permit our content to air on network or basic cable television if it were po...
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CT Journalist Retorts to WWE's Second Warning Statement
2012-05-31 12:00:00
After WWE threatened Journal Inquirer (Conn.) editor Chris Powell with a libel suit earlier this month following a characterization of WWE's product as pornographic, Powell wrote a follow-up editorial published Thursday firing back at WWE. This was after WWE issued a "second statement" to Powell Wednesday, which read, in part: "WWE is a global television content creator and a publicly traded company whose core business is monetizing that very television content. When our content is unfairly mischaracterized, it seriously jeopardizes our business." WWE said their programming has been rated PG since 2008 and "WWE refuses to be bullied and will not allow our content to be inaccurately categorized." Powell wrote in his follow-up editorial that he's not buying WWE defending the company, itself, rather than former CEO Linda McMahon , who he said profited from WWE's product before 2008 in order to fund her two Senate campaigns. Powell concluded, "Republicans who think otherwise, people ...
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Tom Prichard Released by WWE
2012-05-31 02:37:00 is reporting that WWE has released Tom Prichard from his duties with developmental for Florida Championship Wrestling. Prichard had been with the company since 2007 at the start of FCW when he replaced Bill DeMott as the head trainer (DeMott had been working with Deep South Wrestling). In a strange twist, DeMott will reportedly be replacing Prichard as the head trainer of FCW shortly.
More Details on TNA vs. WWE
2012-05-31 02:09:00
A look at the lawsuit TNA filed last week against World Wrestling Entertainment and Brian Wittenstein provides deeper insight into exactly what confidential materials TNA alleges that Wittenstein provided to WWE, why they are suing WWE as well as Wittenstein and why the company feels WWE tampered with Ric Flair's TNA deal. In the 37 page lawsuit filing obtained by, TNA stated that Wittenstein signed a Severance Agreement with the company in August 2011 (which means that unlike what he claimed to PWInsider, Wittenstein was let go by TNA) where he agreed to a severance package in exchange for returning any company materials and not disclosing confidential TNA information. TNA included a copy of Wittenstein's Severance Agreement in the filing, blacking out only the amount he was paid by the company as severance. In violation of the Severance Agreement, Wittenstein then allegedly "downloaded and took TNA's confidential, trade secret and proprietary information after l...
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Randy Orton Suspended for 60 Days
2012-05-31 01:54:00
In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company's policy. source:
TNA Impact Wrestling Announces "Next Evolution of Pro Wrestling"
2012-05-31 01:26:00
TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced today that the highly-rated weekly series will be making changes to its programming to include a hybrid of reality and explosive action each Thursday, live on SPIKE TV at 8:00pm/ ET. The reality elements and production technique represent the most significant evolution in this genre in more than 15 years. ?We took a step back to look at our product with fresh eyes,? says TNA IMPACT WRESTLING President Dixie Carter. ?People watch TV differently today than before, and the wrestling format itself has become stale. What happens backstage, in the office and on the road is so entertaining that we decided it was time to pull the curtain way back and give viewers a peek at that world as well. Over the next few weeks and months, viewers will continue to see our show evolve as we expose more real aspects of our business that have always been sacred,? she continued. This announcement is a key component in the continued growth of the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING ...
Rumor Mill - Tensai Reportedly Deemed A Flop By WWE Officials, Possibly Be
2012-05-31 00:35:00
Tensai failed to impress WWE officials in his pinfall victory over John Cena on the April 16 Raw SuperShow in London, England and was deemed "a flop" as a result. He was initially pegged to face Cena at the company's Over the Limit and No Way Out pay-per-view events but his poor showing in the main event match led to his push being curtailed and Big Show taking his place. WWE also canceled plans for summer live events to be headlined by Tensai and John Laurinaitis vs. Cena, instead replacing the former tattoo artist with Big Show. Though Tensai has yet to be defeated on television, he suffered his first pinfall loss before a WWE crowd in in a dark match following Monday's Raw SuperShow?to Cena. He is being largely relegated to WWE Superstars while his character is retooled. He has already undergone tweaks as he appeared sans robe, competed more aggressively and had his named modified within the past two weeks. More changes could be in the works as there was talk this past week of...
WWE Now Focusing on their TV Product
2012-05-31 00:19:00
WWE?s new primary goal is TV ratings and their various TV products. The change in direction has been in the making for some time now and comes straight from Vince McMahon . In the past, pay-per-view has been WWE?s #1 goal but that?s no longer the case. One of the main ideas now is to use pay-per-view events to bring in viewers to WWE?s weekly TV shows. source:
This Day in Wrestling History
2012-05-30 12:28:00
Joe Stecher defeats Stanislaus Zbyszko for the World's Heavyweight Wrestling Title in St. Louis, Missouri. It marks Stetcher's third World Title reign, but is not without controversy as Wayne Munn, who Zbyszko had won the title from, was still recognized as World Champion in Illinois and Michigan. Ed "Strangler" Lewis would later beat Stecher and Munn to unify the World Title. May 30, 1925 Joe Silva defeats Adolfo Bonales to win the Mexico National Lightweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico. May 30, 1943 Marshall Estep defeats Ken Fenelon for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Iowa. May 30, 1945 Jake "The Snake" Roberts (birth name Aurelian Jake Smith, Jr.) is born in Gainesville, Texas. May 30, 1955 Killer Kowalski defeats Yvon Robert in Montreal, Quebec for the Montreal World Heavyweight Title, beginning his seventh reign and ending Yvon Robert's 16th. May 30, 1956 Antonio Inoki defeats Andre the Giant by countout in Osaka, Japan to win the first-annual New ...
WWE 13 News: Roster Size & New Game Features Revealed
2012-05-30 00:34:00
Video game publisher THQ's official website has launched a new sub-section for the upcoming WWE '13 video game. THQ is touting the "biggest roster" ever in a WWE game. So far, confirmed players include: Steve Austin, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Sheamus, Mankind, Big Show, Mark Henry and Chris Jericho. The THQ website says the game will feature 77 playable characters - 38 Superstars, 7 Divas and 32 Attitude Era Legends. The following is a look at the new features that will be in this year's installment: WWE Live: Bring the atmosphere, spectacle, and fervor of a raucous WWE Live event into your living room with awe-inspiring Spectacular Moments and a new audio system that delivers the most authentic and dynamic commentary, sound effects and crowd participation ever in a WWE game. Relive The Attitude Era: It was a time when Stone Cold Steve Austin battled for supremacy against his maniacal boss, Mr. McMahon. An era where The Rock told opponents to ?know your role, and shut your m...
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Shane McMahon's Company Uplisted to NASDAQ
2012-05-29 23:14:00
YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. , China's leading national Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video On Demand (VOD) platform, today announced that it has been approved to list its common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market. Trading on NASDAQ will commence at 9:30 a.m. EDT on May 30, 2012. YOU On Demand's common stock will trade under the new ticker symbol "YOD" (formally otcbb:CBBD). "We are excited to list our shares on NASDAQ, one of the world's premier stock exchanges," said Shane McMahon , Chairman and CEO of YOU On Demand. "This is a significant milestone in YOU On Demand's development and validation of our corporate governance practices. We believe that our listing on a national exchange as prestigious as NASDAQ will give our company the potential to broaden our shareholder base, improve liquidity and increase visibility of our achievements moving forward."
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Rumor Mill - More on Brock Lesnar?s Meeting winth Dana White and What He T
2012-05-29 15:46:00
Brock Lesnar met with UFC President Dana White in Las Vegas last weekend following the UFC pay-per-view. There was some speculation that WWE and UFC were in on the whole thing as part of the Lesnar storyline. Word now is that WWE had no part in the meeting and it was all Lesnar?s doing. Speculation now is that Lesnar was trying to fuel his WWE storyline and at the same time make a ?power play? with the two companies. Lesnar actually told WWE officials that he met with White but nothing happened out of it. Lesnar reportedly brought up the idea of doing something with UFC but White wasn?t interested. White does not want a pro wrestling connection with UFC and isn?t interested in working with Lesnar while he?s with WWE, despite teasing it at the post-fight press conference. source:
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CM Punk Responds To ?Selling Out?, Asked About Retirement & TNA
2012-05-29 15:21:00
A fan asked WWE Champion CM Punk if his run with TNA back in the early 2000?s will be covered on his upcoming DVD from WWE. Punk said he thinks it?s mentioned. Punk was also asked when he will retire from professional wrestling. He replied, ?Way sooner than you think.? Finally, Punk wrote the following in response to fans saying he sold out: ?I enjoy people?s opinions on my?selling out?for various reason.As if I?m supposed to feel guilt for being successful.Hard work.No shortcuts. If you?re good at something, never do it for free. I remember people in Chicago being pissed at the fact I worked two shows in the same day. People who couldn?t do what i do. When you want something, you go after it. When you work harder than everybody else, you get it.? source:
Update on Brock Lesnar meeting with Dana White
2012-05-29 14:40:00
According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, Brock Lesnar and UFC President Dana White met on Saturday and while details of the conversation aren't known at this time, the report claims the meeting "did not go well." As reported over the weekend, Lesnar showed up at UFC 146 and informed White he would be doing so around a week in advance. White addressed Lesnar being at the event at the post-fight press conference on Saturday night, but wouldn't provide any other details.
WWE Applies to Register ?Raw Active? Trademarks for Fan Chat
2012-05-29 14:39:00
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) (WWE), the Stamford, Connecticut-based sports-entertainment company, has filed three applications to register ?Raw Active,? and ?#Raw Active? as trademarks. According to the database of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, WWE plans to use the marks in connection with fan- oriented online chat rooms and social networking. The applications were filed May 17. source:
This Day in Wrestling History
2012-05-29 14:28:00
The WCW World Heavyweight Title, which was still recovering from the David Arquette title reign a month earlier, followed by Vince Russo's stripping Ric Flair of the belt for no reason, took another blow in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kevin Nash, who defeated Jeff Jarrett for the belt six days earlier, announced he was just going to give the belt to Ric Flair, saying that Flair should never have been stripped of the belt to begin with. Flair accepted the title, then lost it to Jeff Jarrett that same night. So Flair's eighth reign with the WCW Title was started with Nash handing him the title, and ended less than two hours later with his loss to Jarrett. This would be Ric Flair's shortest title reign of record. May 29, 2000 source:
More on Brian Wittenstein - The Person at the Center of the TNA/WWE Legal I
2012-05-28 15:41:00
People who work in the WWE offices report that Brian Wittenstein as very open about his knowledge of TNA while working for WWE. Someone in WWE finally realized that Wittenstein could be hurting them with what he was doing and he was fired. Wittenstein didn?t even make it out of his probationary period as he was fired before 90 days were up. Wittenstein worked on the New York independent scene before getting a job with TNA and later WWE. People in both companies say that he talked too much, had a big mouth and didn?t know his place. After WWE fired Wittenstein, they wanted to protect themselves so they approached TNA with what they knew. TNA, feeling that Ric Flair was giving them trouble because he wanted out of his deal to return to WWE, put the two situations together and felt like they had the right to file suit against WWE. As noted before, the feeling within WWE is that they are being sued by TNA for doing the right thing. source: Declarationofindependents.n...
This Day in Wrestling History
2012-05-28 15:09:00
NWA Vice President Bill Behrens strips Dan Severn of NWA World Title due to him not being available to defend it at the debut NWA-TNA ppv event. May 28, 2002
This Day in Wrestling History
2012-05-27 15:56:00
WWF finds itself in the midst of a very embarrassing public relations disaster as television and newspaper reports come out that the previous evening, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & The Iron Sheik were arrested by New Jersey State Police. The two wrestlers, who were feuding at the time on WWF shows, were pulled over on May 26th when a trooper saw Duggan drinking a can of beer while driving. Duggan was charged with possession of marijuana and drinking alcohol while driving. The Iron Sheik was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana. Duggan would receive a conditional discharge, while Sheik was put on probation for a year. Both were immediately suspended from the WWF. Duggan would return a few months later, while Sheik would be not return for several years. Believe it or not, The Iron Sheik actually gave an interview months later where, in an attempt to maintain kayfabe, claimed that he didn't have a driver's license in the U.S. and the WWF forced him to travel with Duggan to the sho...
Stephanie McMahon Assists her Mother's Campaign with a Mother's Day Email
2012-05-11 21:50:00
Stephanie McMahon issues the following via her mother, Linda McMahon's CT senate campaign: Dear Friend, My mom is a lot of things to a lot of people. But to me, she'll always be the tooth fairy, the arbitrator of who crossed the imaginary line in the back seat during a long car ride, and my very best friend. She taught me how to tie my shoes, made me eat my vegetables, and held my hand the first time I had my heart broken. She taught my brother and me to stand up for what we believe in, to stand with those who can't stand up for themselves and above all, to always stand together. Now that I'm a mom, I get it. Like so many young girls, I used to laugh at the thought of turning into my mother. Now, I pray my girls see in me what I see in my mom. This Mother's Day, I hope you'll take a moment to share with all of us on Facebook, Twitter or email the greatest memories, prettiest pictures and biggest lessons you have of your mom. But more importantly, I hope you share the...
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WWE Making Major Change To NXT Tapings Beginning Next Week
2012-05-11 21:42:00
WWE NXT will be graduating to its own tapings, combined with WWE developmental Florida Championship Wrestling starting on Thursday 5/17 at 7 PM. The tapings will be held at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL (near Orlando) at the Full Sail Live gym. Tickets for the tapings will be free to FSU staff and students with ID as long as they reserve the tickets in advance. No word yet as to how the general public can attend. I am told one of the reasons the tapings, which will be branded as "WWE Superstar Showdown", are being moved are to make it easier to integrate WWE developmental talent into the mix for NXT. The hope is that the University feel will give the show a chance for better crowd reactions as well as help upgrade FCW TV to a "grander" look than the FCW Arena in Tampa can provide. The plan is to upgrade NXT and give it more attention as opposed to it being a secondary show on the Smackdown tapings. HHH is behind the moves and will be very involved with the tapings. He wa...
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This Day in Wrestling History
2012-05-11 16:13:00
The New York State Athletic Commission lifts a ban on tag team wrestling. May 11, 1953 New Japan Pro Wrestling stars began arriving in the United States for a three night tour, the first time the promotion had run a tour in the States. May 11, 2011
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Update on Vince McMahon's Future in WWE
2012-05-11 15:52:00
It's being reported that since Vince McMahon has been "passing the torch" of control of WWE over to his daughter Stephanie and her husband Paul Levesque (Triple H ), the next big name babyface star in WWE (such as Hulk Hogan, John Cena, etc.) could very well be the last one to be selected by Vince himself. It's been well-documented over the past couple of years that Vince has taken Triple H and Stephanie under his wing a lot more in trying to prepare them to take over the company. source: wrestling observer
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More Bad Publicity for WWE's Stock Price
2012-05-11 02:08:00
During CNBC's "Mad Money", host Jim Cramer was asked yesterday about WWE stock. Cramer's response, "SELL, SELL, SELL, no growth!" source: wrestling observer
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John Cena Filing For Divorce, "Nastiness" Expected in Case
2012-05-11 00:19:00
The Miami Herald is reporting that WWE star John Cena is filing for divorce from his high school sweetheart and wife of 3 years, Liz Huberdeau. The following is an excerpt from the report: Tampa resident and WWE superstar John Cena has filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart and wife of only 3 years, Liz Huberdeau, saying the marriage is "irretrevably broken." The soon-to-be-ex-Mrs.Cena has armed herself with powerful Miami attorney Raymond Rafool, best known for going head to head with Hulk Hogan in his nasty divorce battle against ex-wife Linda. In that case, Rafool allegedly took Hogan for 70% of his assets. Huberdeau hopes for something similar, but it's not going to be easy. Cena, worth over $18 million, has a 2009 prenup that is said to include the ability to take back all gifts and presents. reports that Cena attempted to get her to sign a "pre-divorce financial settlement agreement" but she turned that down, believing they would be able to reconcile the ...
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Vince McMahon Donates to U.S. Presidential Candidate
2012-05-11 00:17:00
According to an ABC News report, WWE CEO Vince McMahon has donated $2,500 to U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The report looks at "celebrity donors" for Romney and current U.S. president Barack Obama ahead of the 2012 election. source: &
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TNA Returns to MD
2012-05-10 23:54:00
Aberdeen, MD will host the IMPACT WRESTLING BaseBrawl event on Friday, July 20 at Ripken Stadium at 7:30pm. Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 12 at and charge by phone at 410-297-9292. Fans that purchase a $50 ticket will receive a special meet and greet with IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars at 5:30pm (redeemable with ticket the night of the show). Appearing will be Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Velvet Sky and more!
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