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Find out all the gossip about Britney, who she is hanging with, where shes going, its all here.
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Britney Spears Trying To Get Pregnant
2008-01-17 04:31:00
We showed you the pictures of Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib shopping for pregnancy tests yesterday. Today we have the story from In Touch magazine that confirms that Britney is trying to get pregnant on purpose with her new man. It sounds like she’s given up on her “old” kids and family and moving on ...
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Today, in Celebrity Photos?
2008-01-16 23:56:00
From Britney Spears’ possible engagement to an Audrina Patridge upskirt picture, it was quite the day in our celebrity photo gallery. Click on any or all of the thumbnails below to see a larger version… (more…) ShareThis
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Robbie Carrico: Former Britney Spears Boyfriend, Current American Idol Cont
2008-01-16 22:34:00
If her relationship with Adnan Ghalib doesn’t work out, perhaps Britney Spears should go back to her innocent dating roots. No, we’re not referring to Justin Timberlake. We’re talking about Robbie Carrico. The former lead singer of awesomely named pop group Boyz N Girlz United used to date Britney, long before there was a K-Fed, Jayden James ...
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Kelly Osbourne is going to save Amy Winehouse
2008-01-16 20:47:00
People are always saying how someone needs to save Britney Spears. When she first dumped K-Fed and it was looking like she was starting to go crazy (but we didn?t have any concrete evidence yet) everyone kept saying Justin Timberlake needed to save her. And eventually it got to Justin, and he made some response ...
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Is Britney Spears Pregnant?
2008-01-16 20:28:00
Silly us. We thought the news that Britney Spears might be engaged would be today’s biggest story on the train wreck. But we didn’t plan for this news item: Britney might be pregnant! In a Los Angeles Rite Aid last week, Spears and enabling, sketchy boyfriend Adnan Ghalib were spotted looking at pregnancy tests. Does this ...
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Britney Spears And The Pregnancy Test
2008-01-16 20:05:00
Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib very purposefully picked up and looked at pregnancy tests on their late night trip to Rite Aid yesterday. In Brit-Brit’s mangled up head this is good publicity and will keep her name out there. Good gried this girl needs a real publicist. We don’t believe for a minute that she is ...
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Britney shops for pregnancy test; wears engagement ring
2008-01-16 19:27:00
Britney Spears clearly is not getting enough attention. True, she?s the number one person mentioned in terms of mental health (or lack thereof), daddy issues, mommy issues, children issues, hostage-taking, nudity making, paparazzi dating, drug using, and panic attack inducing. BUT when it comes to pregnancy people keep talking about that damn Jamie Lynn and ...
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Kristy Lee Cook: The American Idol Controversy
2008-01-16 18:15:00
The new season of American Idol is less than 24 hours old. So how can there already be controversy over the results? Here’s why: the singer considered to be most impressive last night, Kristy Lee Cook , was under contract with record company Arista Nashville in 2001, and even inked a deal as the debut artist in ...
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Rachel Bilson Looks Amazing, Talks Movies
2008-01-16 17:48:00
Rachel Bilson is the current GQ cover girl. Here are excerpts from the interview the gorgeous actress gave to the magazine: On her upcoming film Jumper: ?I don?t feel any pressure. Hopefully, we?ve made a really cool movie, but everything else is out of our control. You can?t worry about that.? On costarring with Samuel L. Jackson: ...
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Britney Spears: Definitely Crazy, Possibly Engaged
2008-01-16 14:32:00
Britney Spears has severe mental problems. We hope she finds help (not named Dr. Phil) for them. In the meantime, however, the catastrophe of a mother and a singer continues to make news. It’s almost as if she wants celebrity gossip reporters - such as the dude snapping her picture from six inches away in the ...
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Britney Spears strips completely naked in front of store?s customers
2008-01-16 12:46:00
A picture of a semi-nude Britney in a store on June 25th, 2007 Britney Spears made another pit stop on her long trip to crazy town. And it really is becoming clearer and clearer that Spears is suffering from severe mental illness, not just immaturity and super selfishness. Life & Style is reporting that on Sunday, ...
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Britney Spears Left Suicide Note Before Being Hospitalized
2008-01-16 03:56:00
In Touch magazine reports that Britney Spears had given up and had planned to take her own life the night she was hospitalized. According to the insider, the troubled pop star left it on her bathroom counter, where it was allegedly found by Sam Lutfi. “The letter was very sad,” says a friend. “It was filled ...
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Please God, Let This Be True!!!
2008-01-16 01:06:00
Brills!!! Having another pet baby right now is exactly what Britney Spears needs. Don’t you agree?????
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Alli Sims vs. Adnan Ghalib!
2008-01-15 23:15:00
It’s so on. After scarcely being heard from over the last few weeks, Alli Sims has chimed in on the latest antics of her so-called cousin/best friend. More specifically, Sims recently called in to Extra to comment on the new man in Britney Spears‘ life, Adnan Ghalib . I don?t know him. I only know who he is through ...
Rosie on Britney
2008-01-15 20:53:00
Wow. This is some serious shiz! It takes something really mayjah to get Rosie O’Donnell to speak in half sentences (as opposed to her usual haiky style). The former talk show host just posted the following entry on her blog about Britney Spears, the next Princess Diana, in her eyes. Says Ro: “TWENTY SIX I remember the tunnel as it ...
Britney Spears: Naked, Shopping, British
2008-01-15 20:18:00
While shopping on Sunday, a naked Britney Spears surprised employees at a Betsey Johnson store inside the Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks by, well, being naked. According to Life & Style Weekly, Britney grabbed dresses from the racks and disappeared into a dressing room with enabling boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. Moments later, the embarrassment of a ...
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?Don?t you fucking come near me!?
2008-01-15 20:01:00
Warning to everyone: if you see Britney Spears on the streets, do not talk to her. She will bite! The mother of two, who won’t be doing much mothering any time soon, continues to make headlines with her crazy behavior. Sunday afternoon, Unfitney paid a visit to the Betsey Johnson store at the Westfield Fashion Square mall ...
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VIDEO: Inside Church With Britney Spears
2008-01-15 17:08:00
Britney Spears actions yesterday resulted in the judge not reinstating her visitation rights. At the very least she won’t see her kids again until February 19. And unless she really does get God on her side, she probably won’t be seeing them for much longer than that.
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Kevin Federline Testifies at Custody Hearing
2008-01-15 16:31:00
While Britney Spears was praying for her soul, or maybe just for a Starbucks gift card, Kevin Federline was actually testifying at yesterday’s custody hearing. The mohawked actor/rapper/surprisingly decent father showed up on time, in a suit, with nary a celebrity gossip photographer boyfriend or self-serving best friend in tow. Amazing. Here is a court artist’s rendition ...
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Ding, Dang! Britney Spears Prays, Y?all!
2008-01-15 14:17:00
We’ve seen Britney Spears nude (and pregnant!). We’ve witnessed Britney Spears bashing an entertainment news journalist’s car with an umbrella. We’ve shaken our heads at the sight of Britney Speas being wheeled into an ambulance, alternately laughing and crying. But this is the first glimpse we’ve ever had of Britney Spears praying, if that’s what you can call ...
Criss Angel?s Plans For Britney At The VMAs
2008-01-15 10:18:00
Sometimes you wonder how your life would have been if you had done things differently. If you had gone to a different college, if you had taken that other job, married that guy, got off your fat ass and worked a bit harder… What would life be like now for Britney Spears if she had staged ...
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Britney Spears Goes To Church
2008-01-15 05:08:00
By now you’ve all read about Britney Spears ’ wild ride around L.A. yesterday, but now we’ve got the photo’s to go with the crazy story. (Read on to see the pictures of Britney arriving at the courthouse yesterday.) After leaving the courthouse because she was “scared” of the papparazzi, Britney, Adnan and Sam Lufti stopped ...
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Britney Spears Arrives At Court, Leaves Court, Goes To Church
2008-01-15 03:29:00
Britney Spears let her freak flag fly high Monday. Knowing her future with her children depended on it, she arrived at court at the designated time. Ok, good so far. Then she left. Then she came back. Then she went to random church for about a minute to “light a candle”, had a late lunch ...
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No Visitation for Britney Spears
2008-01-15 03:16:00
Whether it was due to her mental breakdown 10 days ago, her bizarre behavior today outside a Los Angeles courthouse or - most likely - a combination of these events and countless others over the past year, Britney Spears has lost all visitation rights to her children. “It’s suspended, period,” said the Court’s Public Information Officer ...
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Britney?s a no-show, loses custody
2008-01-15 02:48:00
Well Britney came and went but never actually showed up. The fallen pop star wasn?t absolutely required to show up to her custody hearing today, but it was strongly encouraged. Meaning that if she gave a damn about her kids, she?d be there. The hearing had both a morning and afternoon session, and Britney completely ...
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Britney Spears Attends Church
2008-01-15 01:00:00
What, did you think Britney Spears news was done for the day? Just because the crotch shot-loving singer abandoned her custody hearing a couple hours, it doesn’t mean she’s done making weird scenes alongside Adnan Ghalib: The pair made a pit stop at the Little Brown Church in the San Fernando Valley immediately following her fleeing of ...
Britney Spears Arrives at Custody Hearing. Then Leaves.
2008-01-14 23:14:00
You absolutely cannot make this stuff up. Britney Spears arrived at her vital child-custody hearing about an hour ago… but never got out of her black Escalade, which was being driven by Sam Lutfi. Spears showed up at the courthouse at approximately 1:15 p.m, as her car entered the building garage, then pulled out and started driving ...
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Britney Goes To Church!!!
2008-01-14 23:08:00
This is too good to be true! After bailing from the courthouse on Monday - she didn’t even go inside the courtroom and was there only a matter of minutes - Britney Spears was spotted entering a church around 2:00 P.M. Pacific, has learned. Pray hard!!!!!
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Britney Spears fails to show at crucial hearing, won?t see boys for 3 month
2008-01-14 22:00:00
Britney Spears was advised to attend a custody hearing today or risk not even having meager visitation rights with her children until April, and of course she didn’t go since someone told her to. This means that she probably won’t see her boys at least for three months, at which point the court case to ...
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Britney Spears fails to show at crucial hearing (update: she?s there)
2008-01-14 22:00:00
Britney Spears was advised to attend a custody hearing today or risk not even having meager visitation rights with her children until April, and of course she didn’t go since someone told her to. This means that she probably won’t see her boys at least for three months, at which point the court case to ...
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