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Liam Neeson Up For Non-Stop
2012-04-04 12:20:00
Liam Neeson Up For Non-Stop He may be an air marshalSource: VarietyLiam Neeson Up For Non-Stop We know he can rescue wayward daughters from fiendish Euro-kidnappers. We know he can track down his true identitydespite amnesia. We know he can punch wolves. But will any of those skills serve Liam Neeson well on board a plane? Maybe if it were being threatened by identity-stealing Euro-wolves? Anyhoo, he?s now in negotiations to take the lead for airborne thriller Non-Stop.The job would reunite him with Joel Silver, who produced Unknown with his Dark Castle company, which saw Neeson in his increasingly familiar action mode.Non-Stop, which the company picked up from writers Chris Roach and John Richardson last August with Jeff Wadlow attached to direct, would find Neeson as a tired, stressed air marshal whose otherwise peaceful flight is interrupted by nasty threat. Variety hasn?t determined what that problem is exactly, but it?s probably not snakes.Neeson can be seen right now as Zeus...
New Avengers Black Widow Scene Online
2012-04-04 12:20:00
New Avengers Black Widow Scene Online Scarlett Johansson sits down, kicks assSource: YouTube / MarvelIf you're hoping to watch Avengers Assemble later this month without having seen scenes from it beforehand, click away now - because we've got 43 seconds of ass-kicking here you may want to wait to see on the big screen.Still with us? Good. As you can tell from the grab below, the snippet Marvel has released centres around Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow making a phone call with her hands tied behind her back.Now, though that's kind-of-sorta-not-really that remarkable, it's what she gets up to after hanging up on Agent Coulson that's much, much, much more impressive.Seriously, who knew you could hurt that many people while still (technically) sitting down? And, at one point, using just your hair?Avengers Assemble - as the official title now reads in the UK - is out in the UK on April 26.Source: EmpireOnline
Clive Barker Plotting Nightbreed For TV
2012-04-04 12:19:00
Clive Barker Plotting Nightbreed For TVHellraiser headed for small screen tooSource: Revelations / Variety / Rue MorgueClive Barker Plotting Nightbreed For TV Clive Barker's Nightbreed disappeared in a storm of studio interference in 1990, and Hellraiser recently limped to an eighth DTV sequel in the absence of Dimension's all-but-abandoned remake. But both may now find new life on the small screen, with a sudden flurry of news stories suggesting that Hellraiser and Nightbreed are both now in development as TV series.Let's deal with Nightbreed first. An extremely ambitious adaptation by Barker of his own novel Cabal, the film version was envisioned as a a spectacular cavalcade of mad creatures and monster action. Weirdly, it starred David Cronenberg as serial killing psychiatrist Dekker, and Craig Sheffer as his patient Boon, framed for his murders. Shot down by the cops, Boon is resurrected in the secret mythical city of Midian, where the monsters live, and joins them as they...
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2012-04-04 12:16:00
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Anchorman 2 Is Official!
2012-03-29 12:04:00
Anchorman 2 Is Official!Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy is back...Source: Will Ferrell Ladies and gentlemen, can we please have your attention. We've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. We need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen. Right then... Deep breath... ANCHORMAN 2 IS OFFICIAL. RON BURGUNDY HIMSELF HAS SAID SO. LOOK AT THE VIDEO BELOW.Assuming you?ve now stopped jumping for joy, it is indeed true. Will Ferrell, in his guise of San Diego's premier news man, arrived on Conan O?Brien?s talk show to announce that he and director Adam McKay had been able to reach a deal with Paramount to make an Anchorman sequel. Raise a glass in salute! We suggest scotch. And if it?s warm, don?t pick milk. Milk would be a bad choice.Ferrell will be writing the script with McKay, but few other details are official at this time. MEGA UPDATE: Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, despite their massive fame, will both be back, but there's no solid word yet on David Koechn...
DJ Caruso In talks For Invertigo
2012-03-29 12:03:00
DJ Caruso In talks For InvertigoHe may tackle the sci-fi dramaSource: Deadline His last shot at science fiction, I Am Number Four, may not quite have taken off at the box office the way he would have liked, but that?s not stopping DJ Caruso from looking to add another high concept film to his stockpile of possible projects: he?s in talks to direct Invertigo for Sony.When we saw the title, we thought it might be some take on Alfred Hitchcock?s Vertigo, which conjured visions of the enraged filmmaker?s ghost trying to throttle Caruso for messing with his work again after the less-than-subtle nods to Rear Window in Disturbia.But no, this is in fact a big budget movie written by Transformers: Dark Of The Moon scribe Ehren Kruger, alongside Brandon Camp, about a NASA satellite crashing in New York and creating something called a reverse-G vortex which means that gravity is reversed and the whole planet is in danger. Only Bruce Willis can save us all? Wait, no? that?s ...
Expendables 2 Will Not Be PG-13
2012-03-29 12:01:00
Expendables 2 Will Not Be PG-13Dolph Lundgren confirms R-RatingSource: Exclusive Back in January there was a kerfuffule of fan annoyance over reports that, at the behest of Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone was aiming the Expendables sequel at a PG-13 certificate from the MPAA. AICN however, picked up rumblings from Stallone a couple of weeks ago that an R-rating was back on the table for Expendables 2. And speaking to Empire over the weekend, Dolph Lundgren confirmed that he's been hearing the same thing."I heard that it's now R again," says Dolph. "Stallone's basic setting is to make it very violent. That's just in his personality, and if it was me I would do the same. I guess the producers figure they can make another $50m if it's PG-13, and if it was my money I might say the same thing! But I think for the fans, if it's tougher it's better."Chuck had apparently complained about the R, saying that he "doesn't make films like that anymore" and earning some ...
Are You Ready For Revenge Of Chucky?
2012-03-29 12:00:00
Are You Ready For Revenge Of Chucky?Brad Dourif says it's in the worksSource: Moviehole We're creeping up on the 25th anniversary of the original Child's Play, and at a panel at North Carolina's Mad Monster Party convention, series icon Brad Dourif has confirmed that no fewer than two new killer doll movies are in the works. We might get a fifth sequel in Revenge of Chucky, or we might be taking the remake route.Child's Play starred Dourif as serial killer Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray, The Lakeshore Strangler, who is shot by heroic cop Chris Sarandon. But thanks to his convenient voodoo abilities, Ray manages to transfer his soul into a doll before he carks it. The Chucky doll, still voiced by Dourif, continued through a couple of conventional follow-ups before the series went mental in 1998, with Ronny Yu's Bride Of Chucky. John Waters named it his film of the year, and it spawned Seed of Chucky in 2004.Since then little's been heard (although Chucky did ma...
Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer Debuts
2012-03-29 11:59:00
Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer DebutsAubrey Plaza wants to go back in timeSource: Apple Imagine if Doc Brown had perfected his plutonium-powered, DeLorean-housed time machine, but had no Marty McFly to show it off to? He might well have turned to the wanted ads in a local newspaper to find someone nutty enough to accompany him on his planned trips around the time continuum. But how many people would think he was for real? Given the very palpable evidence of the car itself, we figure he?d have had an easier time of it than Kenneth (Mark Duplass), who places a similar lonely-hearts ad kicking off the plot of Sundance hit Safety Not Guaranteed. The trailer has arrived over at Apple. Colin Treverrow directed the dark comedy based on Derek Connolly?s script, and the story expands to find Seattle magazine journalist Jeff (Jake Johnson) dragging two interns Darius (Aubrey Plaza) and Arnau (Karan Soni) into investigating Kenneth?s unusual claim, which includes the asse...
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Owen Wilson Says You Are Here
2012-03-29 11:59:00
Owen Wilson Says You Are HereFor director Matthew WeinerSource: Variety While it may not hit the synapses as instantly as, say, the name Don Draper, the name Matthew Weiner is one that should be familiar to all fans of Mad Men. Without him, there wouldn?t even be a show in the first place. With the fifth season just kicking off both here and across the pond, Weiner is switching his attention to making movies, snagging the services of Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and, possibly, Amy Poehler for You Are Here.The film will see the two men, who were childhood friends, go on a road trip spurred by the death of Galifianakis? father, who has left him a considerable sum in his will. Given what happened the last time anyone went on a road trip after the death of a Galifianakis character?s father (Due Date), we?d be very worried for Wilson? Oh, and assuming she signs on, Poehler will play his sister."This movie has been my passion for eight years, and to see it come toge...
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Moore On for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Pic
2012-03-29 11:58:00
Moore On for Joseph Gordon -Levitt's PicShe'll mentor his wayward lotharioSource: Variety As a first-time director, it can sometimes be tough to convince top-flight talent to join your film, especially since you don?t have a track record to point to. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt is having no such issues since A) he?s long since proven himself in other areas of filmmaking and B) he?s already won over Scarlett Johansson. So it?s not shocking to report that Julianne Moore is now in negotiations to co-star in his directorial debut.Gordon-Levitt doesn?t have a confirmed title for the film yet, and the plot is mostly still being kept quiet. But we do know he?ll be starring as well as directing, playing a modern day Don Juan who starts to revaluate his life and decides he needs to become a less selfish person. Moore is circling the role of an unlikely mentor who helps him with his quest.The newly minted actor-director also wrote the script and has secured financing for the m...
David Katzenberg Directing The Waiting
2012-03-29 11:57:00
David Katzenberg Directing The WaitingFound footage meets traditional horror?Source: Variety Writer/producer types Seth Grahame-Smith (yes, the man responsible for Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and David Katzenberg are busy bees right now, with TV shows and movies already in development based either on work they?ve created (see above) or other peoples? books. Despite that, Katzenberg has decided that he wants to add ?film director? to his already bulging credit list, scoring the job of making horror movie The Waiting for Warner Bros.The studio bought the spec script from Mark Bianculli and Jeff Richard last month. It follows two young filmmakers who conspire to convince a neighbour that their house is haunted, a scheme that we figure will go badly wrong and lead to some nasty consequences for all involved.According to Variety, the project will blend found footage (the studios? current medium of choice for horror) and mor...
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Rise Of The Guardians Trailer Online
2012-03-29 11:56:00
Rise Of The Guardians Trailer Online Santa has a posseSource: AppleBack in the middle of the month, you may recall us strolling along to watch some new footage from DreamWorks Animation?s 2012 releases, Madagascar 3: Europe?s Most Wanted and Rise Of The Guardians. Trailers for both movies were also shown and while Madagascar has already hit them thar Interwebs, we?ve had to wait a week or so for the Guardians. But now the promo is online and can be viewed below.Rise Of The Guardians finds the DWA bods looking to bottle more of the magic that How To Train Your Dragon brought, this time adapting the work of William Joyce. His Guardians series of novels finds the likes of North (AKA Santa Claus), Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny), Tooth (the Tooth Fairy, natch) and Sandy (the Sandman) working together to spread joy and wonder throughout the world via kids? imaginations.But their very existence is under threat from Pitch, the bogeyman, who wants our world to be dominated by fear. To co...
Soundgarden Reassembles For Avengers
2012-03-29 11:55:00
Soundgarden Reassembles For AvengersSoundtrack details onlineWe know you?re excited about Avengers Assemble, which arrives in our cinemas on April 26. But what about the music for the movie? Well, if you enjoy what you hear while munching your popcorn, you?ll be able to buy the soundtrack on May 1. And in a move that will warm the heart of all Chris Cornell fans of a certain age, Soundgarden has decided to grace the pic with its first tune in 15 years."We've been hard at work on our new album, which will come out this autumn,? says the band (we?re assuming they didn?t say it all at once like school kids greeting their teacher). ?When the opportunity to write an original song for the Avengers film came our way, we thought it could be a cool match. We are excited to release our new song Live To Rise, which is also the only new song in the film.?A snippet of the track is online, which you can wrap your lugholes around below.As for the rest of the album, check out the track ...
Titanic 3D's London Premiere
2012-03-29 11:53:00
Titanic 3D's London Premiere Cameron & Winslet reunitedPrior to its release in 1997, the prevailing wisdom had it that you're as like have angels fly outta yer arse as see Titanic back on the big screen 15 years later, and in 3D. How times change, both for the film and the format. Titanic became the biggest film of all time* and the stereoscopic version premiered in London last night to huge excitement. The premiere last night, in the somehow appropriate surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall, saw James Cameron, Billy Zane and Kate Winslet reunite to show that, far across the spaces and distance between them, their collective heart goes on. So that's nice. It was good, too, to see that Cameron wasn't suffering any agoraphobia after his record-breaking trip to the lowest point on the Earth's surface when he descended the Marianas Trench last weekend.For those feeling nostalgic about the film, we've thrown in a couple of pictures from Titanic's original 1...
Exclusive: David Koepp on Premium Rush
2012-03-29 11:34:00
Exclusive: David Koepp on Premium Rush 'There are no giant anvils or anything' David Koepp may be best known for his writing gigs - he's the man behind many of Brian De Palma's thrillers as well as Spider-Man and Spielberg's War Of The Worlds - but he's turning his hand at directing again with thriller Premium Rush.Taking a leaf out of his aliens' book, we sent Empire's news probe snaking into the Koepp basement and made him share some nuggets on his tale of bike courier Willee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who ends up cycling for his life when he picks up a certain package. Think Collateral meets Breaking Away."I wanted to do a map movie about getting to a certain place at a certain time," says Koepp, "and a bike courier seemed a logical person to do that. Getting that feeling of speed moving through traffic was the whole challenge of the movie."Koepp's first directorial gig since 2008's Capra-lite romance Ghost Town sticks Gordon-Levitt on a racer and unleashes...
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Exclusive: The Cold Light Of Day Clip
2012-03-29 11:31:00
Exclusive: The Cold Light Of Day Clip Bruce Willis' super punch-out!It seems almost too obvious to mention, but the bad guys in The Cold Light Of Day seem to have overlooked the fact that the Shaw family, their victims of choice, includes Superman and John McClane. This new clip from the film shows why that might have been a bad idea. Seriously, who else do they need to see sitting around the Shaw dinner table to think they might be better off picking on someone else? The Kraken?Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis - for 'tis they - are separated by a sinister gang of nasties when old man Shaw is kidnapped. The baddies represent even more sinister interests, including Sigourney Weaver's shadowy figure, who have dark designs on Willis's ex-spook. Well, at least they've got Ellen Ripley on their side.The man presiding over the carnage is French director Mabrouk el Mechri, director of meta-mindbender JCVD. He's gone from the Muscles from Brussels to the, erm, Willis from West G...
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2012-03-29 11:28:00
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Kenneth Branagh Targeted For Jack Ryan
2012-03-28 12:11:00
Kenneth Branagh Targeted For Jack RyanHe may direct the prequelSource: Variety Just last week, the long-gestating fifth, still untitled Jack Ryan film hit yet another behind-the-scenes setback as Lost director Jack Bender had to drop out because of scheduling clashes. At the time, we said that a new director would likely be announced quickly, and so it has come to pass. Paramount is now in talks with Thor?s Kenneth Branagh to heft the megaphone.Assuming he actually makes a deal to direct, Branagh could kick some life back into the project, which has been floundering through development so far. Paramount has been trying to get the movie made since at least 2006, burning through both writers and directors, with the likes of Fernando Meireilles, Anthony Peckham, Steven Zaillian and David Koep all attached at different times.The plan for the story is still to flash back to Ryan?s younger days, with Chris Pine taking on the mantle as we see him leave the Marines and w...
New Dictator Trailer Marches In
2012-03-28 12:11:00
New Dictator Trailer Marches InNow with fresh footage!Source: AppleGiven the recent trend for teasers-for-trailers (as evidenced by today?s Total Recall snippet), we?d almost suspect Sacha Baron Cohen of releasing multiple two-second teasers for The Dictator?s promos as a spoof on the practice. But no! He and the movie?s marketing team have stuck to a much more traditional approach, with the third look at The Dictator now up at Apple.Though it starts almost identically to the second trailer ? news footage of world leaders condemning tyrants ? and features some things we?ve seen before (the race, Cohen?s General Aladeen heading to America), this latest promo soon showcases some new material and, if you don?t want any plot twists given away, you?re probably better off not watching it and not reading further into this story. What follows is not a massive spoiler, since most of the story was given away in early synopses for the film, but we wanted to give you the option.Still wi...
Justin Lin's Lone Wolf Finds Writers
2012-03-28 12:10:00
Justin Lin's Lone Wolf Finds Writers David & Janet Peoples will script itSource: Deadline Tucked away in an otherwise dry announcement about Justin Lin setting up a deal with Universal last August was the tiny mention that the Fast Five director is developing a film based on acclaimed samurai manga Lone Wolf And Cub. Little has been heard about it since, but now the movie has the backing of Kamala Films and Twelve Monkeys writers David and Janet Peoples attached to craft the script.Kazuo Kouke created the book, which was set in Japan?s feudal Edo period and follows Omagi Itto, the Shogun?s elite executioner. After an attempt by the rival Yagyu clan leaves Itto?s wife dead and the man himself on the run, falsely accused of a crime, he ends up wandering the country with his three-year-old son Daigoro. Working as an assassin for hire, Itto earns the iconic title and ends up seeking revenge on those who plotted against him.The project is still at an early stage, b...
Tucci Hears Your Voice In My Head
2012-03-28 12:09:00
Tucci Hears Your Voice In My Head He'll star alongside Emma WatsonSource: Variety He?s on cinema screens at the moment as the obsequious Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games, but Stanley Tucci is looking to provide a bit more support to a young woman in his next film. He?s now negotiating to star alongside Emma Watson in Your Voice In My Head.The film is the one that recent Jameson Empire Award winner David Yates has chosen to follow his long stint on the last few Harry Potter films, and he?s recruited Watson to play a young woman who attempts suicide after she ends a relationship with a noted journalist.But she?s saved by counselling with a New York-based psychiatrist (Tucci) who has his own share of problems, given that he?s terminally ill. The script has been adapted from Emma Forrest?s memoir and is apparently being considered by studio backers Warner Bros. as a possible future Oscar contender. With Tucci attached, we wouldn?t count it out, though it's far too ...
Josh Hutcherson In Detention Trailer
2012-03-28 12:09:00
Josh Hutcherson In Detention Trailer High school is not the end of the worldSource: Bloody Disgusting After early attempts at break-out films with the Journey series and The Vampire's Assistant (not to mention narrowly missing out on Spider-Man), Josh Hutcherson finally struck franchise gold in The Hunger Games. Before that, however, he made the teen slasher comedy Detention, the trailer for which, with impeccable timing, has just arrived.The film sees Hutcherson as the amusingly-named Clapton, who's waiting out high school and not getting anywhere with cheerleader Spencer Locke. Life gets slightly more exciting when serial killer Cinderhella starts offing his classmates. Fearing a bloodbath on prom night (he's obviously watched the right movies), principal Dane Cook (huh?) decides to keep anyone he considers a suspect in detention during the whole of the festivities. Which of course means that they need to escape if they're going to save the world/school.Write...
Zooey Deschanel Will Be About Time
2012-03-28 12:08:00
Zooey Deschanel Will Be About Time For Richard Curtis' new comedySource: Variety Now that the casting process is running at full speed for the film, the fog of mystery surrounding Richard Curtis? low-budget new comedy About Time is beginning to lift. We reported back in January that he had written the script and was directing the film, but now we know that Zooey Deschanel and Harry Potter?s Domhnall Gleeson are in line to take the lead roles.Gleeson is mulling an offer to play Tim, a man who comes from a family of time travellers. Except he doesn?t know that he possesses the gift until his father decides he?s ready to be let in on the secret. Once he knows all about his abilities, he starts using them to change history for the better. But we?re guessing that ? as Dr Sam Beckett could warn anyone ? it?s not always as easy as it looks. Plus, given that this is a lower budget project, it?s a fair guess that the time travel will be more personal than, say, trying to ...
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Total Recall Teaser Online
2012-03-28 12:06:00
Total Recall Teaser Online A teaser for the trailer, that is...Source: YouTubeBetween all the various Twilight teasers-for-trailers and the nuggets of the Prometheus promos doled out over time, it would appear that the trend for sneak-peeking footage is not going away any time soon. Total Recall is the latest movie to employ the trick, though at least the marketing team behind the film have done the decent thing and put out 30 seconds instead of, say, 12. Have a look below.The brief taste is at least enough to get a feeling for Len Wiseman?s new version of the Philip K Dick story, which eschews all the Mars madness of the Paul Verhoeven take back in 1990.We?ll reserve full judgement until the actual trailer arrives on Sunday at Apple, but for now it certainly appears to fulfil the action quotient of the summer blockbuster, with Colin Farrell ?s Quaid running, jumping, fly/driving and reacting to things that go boom. Also present? Jessica Biel looking harried and Kate Beckins...
Hayden and Milo?s Hug of Heroes
2008-06-08 00:27:00
Hayden and Milo ?s Hug of Heroes Everybody together now: Awwwwww! Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia show some affection and give each other a big hug outside of Hayden?s trailer on the set of their TV show Heroes in Los Angeles on Thursday. The now 18-year old actress shared the freedom of youth saying, ?It?s great to be single. It?s great to have boyfriends. Or girlfriends. There are occasions when you kiss your best friend growing up, having fun and goofing about. Like perfecting your technique!?. Source: Just Jared
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Lindsay Lohan?s Studio Studies
2008-06-08 00:26:00
Lindsay Lohan ?s Studio Studies Lindsay Lohan stops by a studio to prepare for an upcoming film in Los Angeles on Friday. LiLo, 21, will be starring in Labor Pains where her character pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid being fired from her job. When that gets her a bunch of special treatment by everyone involved in her life, her character tries to keep up the lie for nine months. Cheryl Hines, Chris Parnell and Connie Britton have signed onto the film and production should begin next week in Los Angeles. Source: Just Jared
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Carrie Underwood Peels Out in Orange
2008-06-08 00:25:00
Carrie Underwood Peels Out in Orange Carrie Underwood gets loud and proud in a bright orange top as she performs at the CMA Music Festival held at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday. Faith Hill, Jewel, Keith Urban, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift all came out for the festivities and gave great performances for the fans. On Wednesday, Carrie hit the field and played in the 2008 City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge. Go get?em Carrie! Source: Just Jared
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Lauren Conrad is Off to Grove Cove
2008-06-08 00:24:00
Lauren Conrad is Off to Grove Cove Lauren Conrad and current BFF Stephanie Pratt head to The Grove for some coffee and shopping in Los Angeles on Friday. Apparently there?s some tension on The Hills with Audrina and Lauren no longer on speaking terms! Audrina reportedly hasn?t been staying in Lauren?s guest house recently. ?She hasn?t officially moved out yet, but she stays with different people. It?s grown so bad between them she doesn?t want to be there.? an insider told Pagesix. ?If your star starts to burn brighter than Lauren?s, there?s going to be trouble.? 10+ pictures of Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt off to Grove Cove? Source: Just Jared
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Britney Spears is a Purple Picker
2008-06-08 00:23:00
Britney Spears is a Purple Picker Britney Spears shops for furniture in a purple top at a Sherman Oaks furniture store in Los Angeles on Friday. The 26-year-old singer will be soon hitting the streets of London to shoot her upcoming single, ?Radar?. Brit will not only be starring in the video, but she will be taking a director?s role as well! Ms. Spears? manager, Larry Rudolph commented, ?The theme is her and her girlfriends are going to be looking all around London trying to find a boy who she met in a club. Every time they think they have him, it?s someone else!? Source: Just Jared
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