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Tollywood news gossips updates
This blog is all about film gossips, reviews of new films , film news , wallpapers, songs and other information regarding films of tollywood
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Hot Shriya in Bikini ( MAXIM June)
2008-06-07 15:09:00
South Indian hottest heroine Shriya Saran has given stills for Maxim Magazine in Bikini .They are published in June edition.For the fist time in her career she has been seen in Bikini.She looks sexy in two piece.You can see Hot Shriya bikini stills here.Tags: Shriya Saran Bikini, Maxim Shriya Bikini
SocialSpark - Social Marketing Network from IZEA
2008-06-07 15:01:00
The brand new website Social from IZEA is live now.PPP which is from IZEA is already a super hit site which is paying many bloggers for sponsored posts.SocialSpark is thesecond site from IZEA.Now let us know more about Social Spark.Social Spark is a Social Marketing Network .It works almost same as Pay Per Post(PPP).In Social Spark the advertisers and bloggers are brought together.So advertisers can offer sponsorships to the bloggers to write about them.Here bloggers can make money in two ways.One way by writing sponsored posts and other way by displaying ads on their blogs. The most interesting feature of SocialSpark is we can make friends,view other member's blogs and interact with them like in many Social Networking sites.Here we can comment on other member's blogs and have comments on our blog too.It's like increasing our social network and earning together.Like all Social Networking sites ,here also we have to create a profile.You can als...
Chiranjeevi's Ploitical Entry in August - Labour Party
2008-06-06 21:13:00
The much awaited Chiranjeevi's political entry has been confirmed by his brother in law Allu Aravind.But the party will not be announced in June as expected before.It will be in August .According to some news Chiru may announce the party on his birthday i.e on 22 nd August.After that he has almost 7 months for elections.According to xx TV news ,Chiru party has started the training for it's members. The symbol of his Party will be mostly "Train".And the flag of the party will have blue and red colors with green writings on it.And the name of the party would be " Labour Party".
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Priyanka Chopra in Pawan's Puli
2008-05-29 13:14:00
After the success of Jalsa,Pawan Kalyan is now busy with his upcoming movie "Puli".Pawan is acting in two roles.One of them is a police officer character.A.R Rehman is composing music for this movie.According to latest news,Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra will act in Puli opposite to Pawan.
Chiru's Political party in June!
2008-05-25 06:48:00
Chiranjeevi's political entry is almost confirmed and he may announce the new party ( Mega Peoples Party ) in June .But the active work may be start from Chiru's birthday August 22nd.According to some TV news the party building construction is going on fast.Nagendra Babu is already contacting all the fans by visiting each district and also he is conducting seminars.His political entry will surely bring many changes in Andhra Pradesh politics.
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Ram's "Ready" Songs Are Out Now
2008-05-21 09:56:00
Starring: Ram,GeneliaMusic Director: Devisri PrasadDirector: Srinu VaitlaProducers: ?Sravanthi? Ravi KishoreAudio On: Aditya Music Ram's new movie " Ready " audio was release yesterday in Ramanaidu Studios.NTR, Tarun, Dr. D. Ramanaidu, Tamma Reddy Bharadwaja, D. Suresh Babu, MS Raju, Dil Raju, Dr. Brahmanandam, Tamanna, Seenu Vytla, Ram, Devi Sri Prasad, Vishnu have attended the function.NTR relesed the audio cassette and Ramanaidu released the audio CD.To download Ready songs go to
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Elegant Mart - Perfect Place to Shop
2008-05-13 16:04:00
Hello readers.Today while surfing the net I have found a great website known as Elegant Mart which sells special occasion dresses online for very low prices.This site has a wide verity of dresses in many categories like night wear,party wear,formal wear,evening wear and many more.Especially the evening dresses from Elegant Mart increases your beauty when you are going to a party or a cinema.They deliver most of the orders for free.Elegant Mart provides the unique designer gowns designed by professional fashion designers for the lowest and reasonable prices.So there is no need to worry about the prices of the dresses at Elegant Mart.If you would like to be the centre of attraction of the party or look very unique among the others around you,then the best place to shop online for the designer dresses is Elegant Mart. Wearing suitable shoes on designer dresses increases their beauty and uniqueness.Elegant Mart also provides dress shoes for its customers.So be ...
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Bujjigadu on 23 rd May
2008-05-13 10:31:00
Prabhas's new movie Bujjigadu ( Made In Chennai) is releasing on May 23rd,2008.The varsham hit pair is acting once again together for this movie.Perujagannath is directing this movie.It was originally scheduled to release one week before.But due to the lack of theatres its date is postponed to may 23rd,2008.Visit following links for the wallpapers of Bujjigadu.Bujjigadu wallpapersBujjigadu wallpapersBujjigadu wallpapersBujjigadu wallpapers
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kaNTRi releasing worldwide tomorrow
2008-05-08 10:42:00
NTR's most exciting movie kaNTRi is releasing worldwide on 9th.The benefit show will be shown in Gokul 70 MM A/C & Vishwanath 70MM A/C,Hyderabad on May 9th @ 6.30am .It is releasing in 30 theatres in twin cities.Producer Ashwini Dutt has big hopes on this film.For Kantri wallpapers visit the following links: NTR Kantri wallpapers NTR Kantri wallpapersNTR Kantri wallpapersNTR Kantri wallpapers
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AVM's New Film with Varun Sandesh
2008-05-04 14:41:00
The prestigious Tollywood banner AVM productions has launched its 172 nd film on 2 nd may.Happydays fame Varun Sandesh is the male lead and Vimala Raman is the female lead.Vimala Raman is the popular Malayalam heroine.M. Saravaranan and MS Guhan are producing this film combinely.Marthand K. Shankar is directing this movie.This film is Varun Sandesh's third film in Tollywood while debut film for heroine Vimala.Manisharma is providing music for this movie.
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Pharmacy Technicians
2008-04-30 19:53:00
Presently the Pharma industry is growing rapidly.So it needs some skilled pharmacy technicians.But now a days the students are inclined towards the technical courses only.So it is hard to find a pharmacy technician.If you are interested in doing pharmacy tech there is a portal available on net.A pharmacy technician salary is larger than a technical employee.So it is better to choose Pharmacy course as your stream of study.
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Logo Design Do It Yourself
2008-04-30 05:20:00
Having a professional Logo which is the symbol of your business and company is must now a days.Our logo shows our company standards and attracts the clients.A perfect logo conveys all details about the company and defines your brand .The logo should be small and colourful with neat colours which resembles your company products or brands.Logo makes people to remember your company for long time and differentiates your company from other non branded companies.Logo is as important as the name of your company.SO designing or having a professional logo is the right option for any one.Logyes Provides online Logo Design for free.It provides wide verity of Logo Design Examples to select from.So all that you need to do there is follow a good My Logo Design example and design a nice logo for you or your company .This site also generates business cards automatically with your logo on it.You can design professional logos without any previous experience here. If you don't like the logo you desig...
Teja's Keka with all new faces
2008-04-25 05:21:00
Director Teja's upcoming film titled "Keka" shooting has been started on April 21 st.Teja always gives chance for new comers.Keka is also of that kind.All actors in this film are new.Teja conducted a talent search test for good actors.Sirivennela Sitarama Satry's son Raja is acting in male lead for Keka.Teja is not revealing any information about this film.
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Vacation in Kauai & Best Rentals
2008-04-18 10:40:00
Summer,the warmest season of the year has already came.Now its the time to enjoy the days at cool places like beaches or hill stations.Many of us prefer only beaches.Enjoying the summer in beaches is a memorable experience for all of us.Across the world we have thousands of beaches,but the best in them is Hawaii.Hawaii is the combination of islands Oahu, Maui,Molakai,Lanai,Kauai and the Big Island.All six islands have their own verity.Totally Hawaii is the perfect place for adventures and unique experiences. The most exciting adventure in Hawaii is surfing .Hawaii has not only beautiful beaches but also active volcanoes.It is the worlds tallest sea mountain.Get all the information on Hawaii visit Hawaii Vacation Info blog. Coming to Kauai,it is the oldest island of all.The poipu beach in kauai is the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling.There are many hotels in Kauai which offer best packages for tourists.To get best Kauai vacation rentalsvisit the Kauai Travel Blo...
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Bhaskar to direct for Vikram
2008-04-15 06:02:00
Vikram is going to do a straight Telugu film in the direction of Bhaskar.Vikram has created sensation in tollywood with his film " Aparichithudu".The shooting will be started in July.Vikram is now busy with his filmMallanna ( Kandasamy).Presently Bhaskar is also busy with Allu Arjun's film Parugu.BVSN Prasad will produce this movie.
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Build Your Dream Home With Better Home Plans
2008-04-14 09:22:00
Are you looking for a beautiful and economical home plan ?.If yes, you have to read this post. Build ing a dream home is an exciting project.For that you have to follow a procedure.The most important step is choosing a right House Plans for your dream house.Without a right source it is very hard to find a good Home Plans which suits your tastes and needs.Now a days many sites are providing thousands of home plan designs.So it is very hard to choose a better one. There is a site which provides good online Log home plans.They provide several different home plan styles categorized for easy searching.Pre-drawn house plans ready for you to purchase and build as is.Pre-drawn plans decreases the budget of your home because there is no need to test the material lists etc.Or if you want a custom design You can use this pre-drawn plan as starting point.They have a wide variety of resources which makes the search for House Plans easy.The tools th...
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Kalyan Ram in Hare Ram with Priyamani
2008-04-12 14:56:00
Director:Harshavardhan Cast: Kalyanram ,Priyamani kalyan Ram is now working for his new movie titled "Hare Ram" .Priyamani is the female lead.NTR banners is producing this movie.Hare Ram is a low budget movie.Kalyanram is not having hits after Athanokkade.Now he is hoping that this film will bring his form back.Kalyanram is playing dual role for Hare Ram.Shotting is almost over and we can expect Hare Ram release in May.
Nithin and Mamatha in Victory
2008-04-08 07:32:00
Hero Nithin's film will be "Victory " with Mamatha Mohandas.After "Aatadistha" failure he is now concentrating on Victory.Ravi Kumar is directing this movie while Venkat is the Producer.Sindhu Thulani is one more female lead in Victory.Presently dubbing is going on.Unit is planning to release audio in this month and film in next month.Shashank is playing a key role in Victory.Visit the Gallery of victory here
Making Money with Pay Per Post
2008-04-08 06:48:00
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Shahid Kapoor with Sania Mirza
2008-04-07 09:58:00
After Kareena,Vidyabalan,Amrita Rao now its the time for Sania Mirza .Young and romantic hero Shahid Kapoor is now paired with Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza.They have seen together in Banglore recently.After they had dinner together along with Shahid's friends.We have to wait and see about this relation between them.
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Bhumika's New Film Mallepoovu
2008-04-06 06:44:00
Cast:bhumika,Murali,Brahmanandam, Kovai Sarala, Telengana SakuntalaDirector:SamudraProducer:Samudra Bhumika's new movie titled " Mallepoovu" shooting was started on April 1st.It is a women oriented film like her previous films "Missamma" and "Anasuya".The whole film will be shot in single schedule ending on 10th May.Illayaraja is providing music for Mallepoovu.Samudra is producing and directing this movie.Murali is playing male lead role.
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Nikhil's New Film Yuvatha Started.
2008-04-05 11:42:00
Happy days fame Nikhil ( Rajesh in happydays) is coming with two new movies.One of them is almost ready.Its title is "Ankith, Pallavi and friends".Another film titled "Yuvatha" is in progress now.This film is produced by Uma Prakash.Mani Sharma is composing music for this film.Askha ( New) is the female lead.
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Ram and Genelia in " Ready"
2008-04-05 10:50:00
Producer:Sravanti Ravikishore.Director:Srinu VaitlaCast: Ram,Genelia Music:Devi Sri PrasadAfter Devadasu and Jagadam ,Ram is back with new film titled "Ready " --(Denikaina).Genelia is the female lead in Ready.Music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad.Recently Ready unit went to Switzerland to shoot 2 songs.Brahmanandam is doing a big role in this film.This film is almost complete expected to be released in May.Audio will be released in this month.SREENU VYTLA is directing this movie.His previous film Dhee is a super hit.So every one is expecting a similar film from him.Navadeep and Tamanna are playing guest roles for the film.
Prabhas Bujjigadu in May
2008-04-03 20:26:00
Director: Puri Jagannath.Producer:KS Rama RaoBanner:Creative CommercialsCast:Prabhas , Dr. Mohan Babu, Trisha, Sanjana, Sunil, Ali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jaiprakash Reddy, Raja Raveendra, M.S.Narayana, Ajay, Subbah Raju, Brahmaji, Khayum.Successfull pair Prabhas and Trisha are again acting together for new film "Bujjigadu" ( Made in Chennai).Their previous film Varsham is a super hit.Puri Jagannath is directing this movie.The film may release in May.Hero Mohan babu is acting as Trisha's brother in this movie.DSP is providing music.Audio of bujjigadu will be released in 2nd week of April.After this film Peri is going to work for Raviteja's movie "Neninthe".
Chiru's Political Entry in May??
2008-03-31 15:44:00
Whole Andhra Pradesh is waiting for a new party by Megastar.Chiru's political entry has became hot topic in Andhra Pradesh now.He is not revealing his political entry.But every one is expecting him to open a new political party.Mainly his loving fans are waiting for his political entry from more than 5 months.According to chiru's nearest one's talks ,chiranjeevi may announce his party in April or May.His brother Nagababu is already coordinating chiiru fans and some of senior political members.Nagababu and Allu aravind are now busy with arrangements.Actually the party is expected to be announced in march only.But they delayed because of bi-elections.So after bi-elections we can expect Chiranjeevi political party.We can expect a tough competition among chiru party and other main political parties like Congress and TDP.Anyway chiru is coming to serve the people
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Kalidasu - Sushanth & Tamanna
2008-03-29 19:48:00
Nagarjuna's nephew Sushant is introduced to film industry with his dubut upcoming film titles " kalidasu".Sushanth is the brother of hero Sumanth.The film kalidasu is getting ready for release.Happydays fame Tamanna is acting in female lead.Kalidasu is directed by G. Ravicharan Reddy and Produced by his parents Ch. Srinviasa Rao and A. Nagasusheela.Nagarjuna told that Annapoorna studios always encourage new talented people.Chakri is providing music for this film Kalidasu
Allu Arjun's Parugu
2008-03-28 13:02:00
Starring: Allu Arjun, Sheela,Poonam BajwaDirector: 'Bommarillu' BhaskarProducer:Dil RaajuMusic: ManisharmaBanner: Sri Venkateswara CreationsStylish Star Allu arjun's Upcoming movie is Parugu.Bommarillu fame Bhaskar is directing this movie.This is the next movie of Bhaskar after Bommarillu.Manisharma has provided music for Parugu.Sheela and Poona Bajwa are the female leads in Parugu.Parugu may release in April last week.
Jalsa Online & Mobile Game
2008-03-27 08:35:00
The most exciting and most awaiting film "Jalsa" is finally going to be released on 2nd April.We all know that Pawan Kalyan is pairing up with Ileana and Parvathi Melton for Jalsa.Allu Aravind is producing this movie.The audio of Jalsa is already released and created a sensation in sales.All songs are rocking. To increase the popularity of the film the Jalsa team launched a game .Coming to its Price,it is absolutely free for online playing but it costs Rs. 50/- per download on mobile.The game can be downloaded across the BIG C outlets in Andhra Pradesh.Or SMS "JALSA" to 56263 to download it to your mobile.RZ2 games has developed the online Jalsa game while FX labs developed the mobile version of the game.For online game click herePawan Kalyan's next movie Puli is starting from 24th April.
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Payday cash advance (Payday Loans)
2008-03-18 13:15:00
Now a days every person is facing worst situations in money issues.This has became very common.So taking a loan is a better option.The loans will bring you out from those critical situations.Also they fulfil our needs and live a better life than earlier.Payday cash advance or payday loan is one type of loan.A payday loan (payday cash advance ) is a short-term loan to cover your spending needs or borrower's expenses.It is secured against your future paycheck.So if you are interested in taking online payday loan, you should meet the minimum requirements explained below.1) You should be at least 18 years old.2)You should maintain a regular source of income or you should be employed.3) You should have a active bank account.If you meet the above qualifications then you have to fill a form online at one of the payday cash advance provider's site and submit it.You make sure that you have filled the form with correct details.Then forget everything and wait for your money.They will find ...
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Bale Dongalu Audio Released - Tarun & Ileana
2008-03-14 07:25:00
Banner: Sri Lakshmidevi ProductionsCast: Tarun, Ileana , Jagapathi BabuDirection: K. Vijayabhaskar ReddyProduction: Sakhamuri Panduranga RaoMusic: K.M.RadhakrishnanTarun and Illeana are coupled together for new movie " Bale Dongalu".Audio of Bale Dongalu was released on 13 th march at Annapoorna Studios, Hyderabad.Hero Venkatesh has released the audio.Jagapathi babu is acted as police while Tarun and Ileana are Bale Dongalu in this movie.Producer Shakamuri Panduranga Rao is planning to release film on 28th March.Charmi is doing an item song in this movie. Listen to " Bale Dongalu" Songs from Raaga
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