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Obama Gives Powerhouse Economic Address in North Carolina
2008-06-09 19:46:00
Barack Obama just gave a powerhouse speech on economic policy in North Carolina . The highlights of what he called for include:-a windfall profit tax, to pay for some of the rest of his economic program (makes sense: billionaires will still be billionaires, even if they pay twice as much tax as currently, and huge corporations will still be huge)-a new thousand dollar tax rebate for more than 90% of American wage earners, to give some immediate help with soaring gas and food costs-universal health care, and partnering with Elizabeth Edwards to fine tune itObama also contrasted his program with John McCain 's, which offers no catastrophic health insurance, makes it easier not more difficult for insurance companies to deny coverage, takes no position on what to about the current housing crisis, and now, incredibly, endorses Bush's tax policy of giving the most wealthy even more money (after McCain initially and wisely opposed it).North Carolina hasn't gone Democratic in a Presidenti...
Questions for John McCain about WMD Deceptions
2008-06-07 23:28:00
As is well known, the Senate Select Committee last week issued a long-awaited report which found that President Bush and VP Cheney exaggerated and misrepresented intelligence information about WMD in Iraq, to fire up America's war on Iraq.Some commentators have called for Bush and Cheney's impeachment.That would indeed be justified - not only because of the deception, but the fundamental unconstitutionality of an undeclared war - but I'm wondering what John McCain 's response is to all of this.He says he opposes the way the war was waged, at first.Does he also oppose the way the war was gotten into, via a President and Vice President deliberately misrepresenting facts to the American people?Would McCain be in favor of Bush and Cheney's impeachment? If not, why not? Is it ok in his book to go to war based on lies?The media should press McCain on this point.listen to Light On Light Through podcast also iTunes Paul Levinson's books
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Battlestar Galactica 4: Bill and Laura
2008-06-07 05:14:00
I haven't had chance to review Battlestar Galactica for a few weeks - too many other pleasures, too many other obligations - but tonight's was so good, especially the ending, that I can't resist...The ending, in fact, was better than good. It will go down as one of the classic romantic scenes in all of television, cinema, and novels.Bill Adama has resigned his command of Galactica - given it to Tigh - and gone looking for Laura . She's not easy to find. She's on the Cylon ship with the Hybrid, who is literally jumpy and ordering of jumps, because she knows the lead Six is dead or unconscious (Sharon-Athena did this to her on Galactica, because she didn't want Six taking her hybrid child)...All of that and more - including a great scene between Tigh and Adama - happened on previous episodes. Tonight, at the end, Bill finds Laura. "Missed you," he says to her. "Did you," she replies. They hug. "I love you," Laura tells him. "About time," Adama replies. And there was on...
MSNBC Had Best Coverage of the Primary Campaigns
2008-06-06 00:08:00
This is not a statistical analysis, but the impressions of one viewer - me - who happens to be a Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University in New York City, and author of a whole bunch of books about the media.I'm thinking MSNBC had far and away the best coverage of the primary campaigns - far better than its CNN and Fox competition.Here's why:1. Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and Tim Russert commenting on the nights when the votes are counted: No other cable station or network has that kind of fire power - the current network news anchor (Williams), the previous network news anchor (Brokaw), and, just for good measure the host of Meet the Press (Russert). CNN and Fox have no parent network such as NBC to draw upon.2. The coverage of MSNBC during the day is top-notch, even extraordinary. Andrea Mitchell interviews movers and shakers whenever she is on, which is often. (Her interview with Manhattan Congressman Charlie Rangel yesterday broke new ground in ...
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Obama's Gracious, Inspiring Speech; Hillary Clinton Should Have Endorsed Hi
2008-06-04 04:58:00
Barack Obama gave a masterful speech tonight in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now, at last, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Obama was gracious, inspiring, and powerful in contrasting the differences between his candidacy and John McCain 's.Universal health care, a military policy that goes after real not concocted threats to America, a political process that brings in young Americans - these are just a few of the many crucial differences between Obama and McCain.This was a great evening for America, and its position in the world. No other Western nation has ever had a person of African descent as President or Prime Minister. The candidacy of Obama, based just on who he is, makes a revolutionary statement to the world. This would be the case even if his policies were not as sensible as they are.Obama was also and especially gracious to Hillary Clinton . She ran a superb campaign, which also inspired millions of voters. I think she would make a great Vice Presidential c...
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Graceless McCain: Obama Victorious Because of "Pundits and Party Elders"?
2008-06-04 02:45:00
McCain is now speaking in Kenner, Louisiana. His view of Obama 's victory tonight is that "Pundits and party elders have declared that Senator Obama will be my opponent."Really? Last time I checked, it sure looked to me as if the American people decided, with their votes in the primary season just concluded.McCain likely hopes he will pick up some of Hillary Clinton 's supporters. Not likely - indeed, I don't see any of Hillary Clinton's supporters going for McCain, given his opposition to a woman's right to choose, not to mention his fervent view that the war in Iraq must be continued.But it's good to see the Republicans starting their general election campaign against Obama with misstatement and misunderstanding. They will be that much easier to beat.I'll be here with more very soon.listen to Light On Light Through podcast also iTunes Paul Levinson's books
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Ice is Nice on Mars
2008-06-02 05:10:00
See also Realspace: The Fate of Physical Presence in the Digital Age, On and Off Planet...listen to Light On Light Through podcast also iTunes Paul Levinson's books
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Obama Fired Up and Ready to Go to the White House
2008-06-01 22:50:00
Barack Obama just gave a great speech in Mitchell, South Dakota, on the day that Hillary Clinton won handily in Puerto Rico, but the day after the Democratic National Committee finally settled the crisis of how to count the votes of Florida and Michigan, and settled this in a way which was both fair to Hillary Clinton but brought Obama to less than 50 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.It could not have been settled any other way. As I've been saying since January, before either primary, the DNC initial decision to not count any of the votes was inane and destructive. But with that decision in effect on the days of the voting, there was no way those elections could be considered fair and reflective of the popular will. In Michigan, where only Clinton's name was on the ballot, who can say or assess how many people would have voted differently had Obama's name been on the ballot, too.Whatever happens in the final two primaries in South Dakota and Montana on Tuesday, Obama...
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Lost Season 4 Finale: Six Plus One Thoughts
2008-05-30 05:22:00
Some initial thoughts about the Season 4 two-hour finale of Lost (and a brief note about the very significant bit of extra footage in the replay of Lost 4.12) - with more surely to follow...1. I had been thinking Ben was most likely in the coffin for most of this season before this evening ... with Locke, and, to a lesser extent, Michael, as possibilities. But Ben seemed too obvious as tonight's story unfolded - everything that he did made us want to hate him more, and we already knew he was off the island. So I began thinking Locke again. Still and all, I can't quite see why Kate would have such disdain for Locke (in contrast to Ben). On yet another hand, there's Jeremy Bentham and John Locke both being names of philosophers.2. Where did the island move? No need to think it moved in space. Much more intriguing to think it moved in time - maybe to somewhere in the near future, where it will reappear in Season 5 or 6. (Time travel is becoming increasingly central to Lost ...
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Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior) at Sopranos Conference at Fordham Universit
2008-05-27 04:53:00
Paul Levinson, Dominic Chianese, and David Lavery at the high point of The Sopranos : A Wake, a scholarly consideration of The Sopranos, at Fordham University, May 22-24, with more than fifty scholarly papers. (Photo by Kim Akass)Complete conference program, with links to reviews and articles about the conference in the media...listen to Light On Light Through podcast also iTunes Paul Levinson's books
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The Tudors Concludes and America Begins
2008-05-26 21:13:00
America began in response to what we see in the final two episodes of The Tudors ' second - and thank goodness, not final - season.Torture to get confessions, executions for no good reason other than the whim of the government - in this case, a psychotic King Henry VIII - these are the things that Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers tried to make sure would never happen in America, by insisting on a Bill of Rights for our Constitution.And the torture and the beheadings were searingly portrayed on The Tudors. The execution of Anne was more harrowing and indelible than any I've seen in any movie.How could reasonable people allow this to happen? The answer, clearly, was that in the 1500s we were less removed from sheer barbarism that we might assume or suppose.George Boleyn beheaded on the strength of a hug or two he gave his sister Anne. Henry Norris executed on no evidence at all. A Jesuit assassin lies to bring Anne down - he says he slept with Anne - and he's beheaded....
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Obama Comes Back Tough and Eloquent Today on Bush/McCain
2008-05-17 02:25:00
Barack Obama came out swinging today in a South Dakotan town hall meeting and subsequent press conference - tough, eloquent, intelligent response to Bush and McCain 's slurs about Democratic "appeasement".Among the highlights of what Obama said -.The Bush administration, supported by McCain, is responsible for the strengthening of Iran - a consequence of the U.S. destruction of Iran's enemy, Iraq, and on the basis of weapons of mass destruction which were never found..American Presidents ranging from Kennedy to Nixon to Reagan were unafraid to sit down and talk with our enemies, because they understood that talk is not at all the same as appeasement..Hamas was strengthened by the Bush administration's pushing of elections in the Palestinian territories before those places were ready. And - it was McCain, not Obama, who called for talks with Hamas several years ago, before McCain adopted the Bush agenda..Obama also made a good, clarifying statement about the Second Amendment: he s...
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Lost 4.12: Hurley's Numbers on the Dashboard
2008-05-16 06:03:00
The single most astonishing, reassuring image in tonight's thrilling episode 4.12 of Lost was Hurley's sequence numbers on the odometer of his red car, in his part of the ensemble Oceanic Six flashforward shortly after they are back into some kind of semblance of a normal life...Lost has been making a fabulous attempt this season to give rational explanations - or, at least explanations not totally beyond the pale of understanding - for some of the major puzzles and mysteries of the past few years. We got an inkling of why Locke is the way he is, a little more about what makes Ben and the island tick, some powerful insights into Desmond's capacity to see the future ... But those numbers. They never made sense in the past, and seeing them again tonight, at Hurley's birthday party in the flashfoward, brings home how stubbornly they defy any rational explanation. Why do they keeping coming up in Hurley's life? It's tempting to think they are just part of Hurley's delusion - ...
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Chris Matthews Lambastes Bush Apologist for Bush Comparison of Obama to Naz
2008-05-16 00:33:00
Chris Matthews was at his best on Hardball tonight, taking talk-show host Kevin James apart on his inability to say what Neville Chamberlain did wrong in his appeasement of Adolf Hitler before World War II. The correct answer, of course, is that Chamberlain allowed Hitler to carve up Czechoslovakia - which emboldened rather than satisfied the Nazis, and led directly into World War II.The wrong answer is that Chamberlain talked to Hitler. Talking wasn't the problem - giving away a piece of a sovereign country, in the hope that it could be bring peace, was the problem.Matthews made all of that very clear.It's especially helpful to keep that in mind, today, in the aftermath of Bush 's comment in his address to the Israeli parliament, comparing Americans who want to talk to Iranian leaders to appeasers of the Nazis.Barack Obama wasn't mentioned by name, but he was clearly the main target. Unsurprisingly, McCain issued a statement that agreed with Bush. (Click here for McCain's...
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Travis Childers - Democrat - Wins Special Election in Republican Mississipp
2008-05-14 04:42:00
The most significant election result tonight was not Hillary Clinton's big win over Barack Obama in West Virginia, but Democrat Travis Childers' win over Republican Greg Davis in the 1st Congressional district in northern Mississippi.Why is Childers' victory so important? In addition to having a name that seems to come right out of some great work of Southern fiction or an early rock 'n' roller, Childers was stridently opposed by Republicans who sought to link him to Barack Obama.The technique not only failed, but showed the kind of coattails Obama will have in the general election this Fall. Americans are tired of the Republicans, plain and simple. In Mississippi, the failure of the Bush administration in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath is all too close at hand. In Mississippi and everywhere around the country, Americans are fed up with high gas prices, the flagging economy, and the war in Iraq.Hillary Clinton's victory speech in West Virginia tonight - one of her best ...
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Sopranos Symposium at Fordham University, Final Program, May 22-25, 2008
2008-05-13 20:55:00
The Sopranos : A WakeFordham University , New YorkLincoln Center Campus? Lowenstein Hall60th Street and Columbus AvenueMay 22nd-25th, 2008Conveners:Paul Levinson and Al Auster (Fordham University ) David Lavery (Brunel University, London)Douglas Howard (Suffolk Community College)FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC=================================== =================================The Sopranos: A WakeProgram at a GlanceAll events at Fordham University, Lincoln CenterLowenstein Hall, at 60th Street and Columbus AvenueThursday, May 22nd, 20087:00 pm: Opening Session [Lincoln Center 816]Housekeeping (Doug Howard)Welcome (Paul Levinson, Fordham University)Opening Panel (Gary Edgerton, David Lavery)-------Friday, May 23rd, 20088:00am-9:00am: Registration, Coffee [Pope Auditorium]Track A: 9:00am-10:00amSession 1?Featured Speaker: Franco Ricci [LL 310]Session 2?Featured Speakers: Kim Akass and Janet McCabe [LL 311]10:00am-10:30am: Coffee [Pope Auditorium]Track B: 10:30am-12:15pmSession 3?Film Form and...
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Battlestar Galactica 4.6: Cylon on Cylon
2008-05-12 20:56:00
More good revelatory Cylon on Cylon interactions in 4.6 of Battlestar Galactica - or, more specifically, Cylons killing Cylons, not in the civil war, but one on one...The most significant was Six killing a sister Six. The angel of death Six was my favorite Six - the one who is in a life-and-death political struggle with Brother Cavil (Dean Stockwell). Her sister was a platinum blonde Six, much like the one who is cosmically intertwined with Baltar, and is currently under lock-and-key on the Galactica. The blonde Six on the Cylon ship kills someone from Starbuck's party - a woman who as part of the resistance had killed this Six back on new Caprica - and everyone with Starbuck, especially Anders (a secret four Cylon himself), takes umbrage. Anders, in fact, wants to kill this Six, and the lead Six takes it upon herself, as a way of keeping peace, to kill her sister. Since there's no Resurrection ship around, these deaths really count.One of the Sharons also gets blasted - in ...
The Tudors and the Printing Press
2008-05-11 22:44:00
Some wonderful, decisive moments in history have been brilliantly portrayed in the past few episodes of The Tudors on Showtime. I've currently seen 8 of the new season, thanks to Showtime On Demand.My single favorite moment, being the media historian that I am, was Thomas Cromwell's introduction - to us as well as Archbishop Cranmer and George Boleyn - of a great "new weapon" for the Protestant reformers, in Episode 6: the printing press. This scene was right on in its portrayal of how monarchs such as Henry were able to harness the advantages of the press in their campaign to break free of Rome, and establish their national identities. (And James Frain superbly played Thomas Cromwell, as he does in every episode.)As media historians such as Marshall McLuhan and Harold Innis explained back in the 1950s, and I elaborated upon in my 1997 The Soft Edge: A Natural History and Future of the Information Revolution, books printed in English and other national vernaculars in Europe ...
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Announcing My Next Nonfiction Book: New New Media
2008-05-10 22:21:00
I'm pleased to announce that I signed a contract with a great company - Pearson, Allyn & Bacon - for publication of my next nonfiction book, in 2009: New New Media .This will be my first nonfiction book since Cellphone: The Story of the World's Most Mobile Medium was published by Palgrave/St. Martin's in 2004.New New Media will look at blogging, YouTube, Wikipedia, Digg, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, podcasting, Second Life, iPhones, and other key examples of media in which consumers are producers, and the results are changing all aspects of our lives, from the way we watch television to how we are choosing our next President.I'll give you more details as I write the book, which I just started doing last week.Meanwhile, you can read about most of my other books over here.listen to Light On Light Through podcast also iTunes Paul Levinson's books
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Lost: A Theory of How the Oceanic Six Were Chosen (Not Being Able to Run Fa
2008-05-10 03:34:00
I just watched Episode 4.11 of Lost again, and was struck with the way Juliet was making such a big deal about Jack not being able to run, and it all came together for me (talking with my wife and daughter) about how the Oceanic Six - mentioned in the coming attractions - came to be chosen.Here's my guess about what will happen:Keamy, as we know, is on a mission to kill everyone on the island. The only way to be at least somewhat safe from him is to run fast into the jungle...Jack can't run. One of the Oceanic Six.Kate can't run very fast with Aaron in her arms (Sawyer will give Aaron to Kate before this). Kate and Aaron are Two and Three of the Six. (Sawyer can run fast into the jungle.)Sun is pregnant and can't run very fast. Fourth of the Oceanic Six.Hurley (who will be reunited with the beach people) also can't run fast. Fifth of the Oceanic Six.And Sayid will be needed to pilot the boat ... Sixth of the Six.What do you think?See also...Further Questions about Lost ...
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Lost 4.11: Unlocking Locke
2008-05-09 05:38:00
A mind-blowing extraordinary episode (11 of Season 4) of Lost tonight.Richard Alpert is Locke's father - the timeless man, maybe a time traveler, perhaps an eternal like John Amsterdam who doesn't seem to age, who knows, who helped get Juliet to the island, who helped Ben kill the Dharma people, who has a life as a "hostile" on the island that seems to transcend the Others, Dharma, and everyone - well, he's Locke's father. He impregnated a teenage girl - Emily, half his age, who dug Buddy Holly in the 1950s. She has the baby, names him John, gives him her last name (Locke), and leaves the hospital. Her mother gives John Locke up for adoption - but not before we see Richard Alpert in the hospital...Before we go any further - if the name Emily sounds familiar to you - that might be because someone named Emily was also Ben's mother. So, are Locke and Ben at very least half-brothers (same mother), and who knows, maybe full brothers (if Richard not Roger was Ben's father) .... ...
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Brian Williams' Complete Interview with Barack Obama
2008-05-09 03:52:00
Brian Williams ' 23-minute interview today with Barack Obama follows. Some six minutes were aired on the NBC Nightly News. But, as Williams said, the full interview was too long for the Nightly News (which is 30 minutes, including commercials). So the entire interview was made available on - with an easy way to embed it on any blog, such as this one. That, in itself, is something laudable about this interview. Its mode of presentation serves as a good example of the way traditional media such as broadcast television and new media such as the web can work together to assist democracy.I thought the best thing about the interview itself was Obama's relaxed, engaging, Presidential style. Asked about Joe Scarborough's advice that Obama should just come right out and say he was President of the Harvard Law Review and he was proud of it, Obama said he'd be happy to interview Scarborough for a press job in his administration. Williams countered that Scarborough was a Repu...
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Obama Is Now Unbeatable for Democratic Nomination
2008-05-07 07:24:00
A great night for anyone who loves to watch politics and election coverage on television - not to mention supporting Barack Obama .Obama beat Clinton by 14% in North Carolina. Clinton won by a bare 2% in Indiana after a long, edge-of-your seat night which started with Clinton well ahead. These results will more than make up for the 12 delegates and popular vote lost by Obama in Pennsylvania. Obama will gain at least 15 delegates in North Carolina, and lose a total of 2 in Indiana - he'll be leading by at least 160 delegates again, and considerably closer to the finish line. With just a handful of primaries remaining, there's no chance for Hillary to overtake him.These results show that Obama has indeed come back from the damage done to him by Rev. Wright. As he said in his victory speech in North Carolina tonight, he loves America. The people of North Carolina and Indiana, added together, believe him.They also were responsive to his refusal to play games with our out-of-co...
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Battlestar Galactica 4.5: Mutiny on the Demetrius
2008-05-05 19:01:00
Well, Mutiny on the Bounty it wasn't, but Episode 5 of Battlestar Galactica 's final season provided some interesting moments, as Kara Thrace's grumbling crew of the Demetrius moves towards mutiny in its so far unsuccessful attempt to find Earth.Actually, I thought the most interesting part was the arrival on the Demetrius of Leoben the Cylon, fresh with news of the Cylon civil war. This fight within the Cylons is the most significant element of this final season, and points towards some ultimate permanent reconciliation between the better Cylons and humanity.But Leoben only aggravates tensions on the Demetrius, and it's pretty clear that Helo won't be able to maintain order much longer. One character whose motivations seemed somewhat unjustified to me was Sharon - shouldn't she have a little more confidence in Leoben, and what we pretty much know to be his true story - Sharon being a good Cylon herself, after all?Meanwhile, back on the Galactica, and speaking of Cylons, Tyr...
Obama Makes Sense on Meet the Press
2008-05-05 03:14:00
I just saw Barack Obama interviewed by Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press , and was especially impressed by the following points:1. Obama said his "DNA" makes him ideally suited to bring Americans together - his black father and his white mother. I like that - the way Obama thinks and talks. When was the last time you heard another Presidential candidate of either party talk about DNA, in any connection to politics?2. Obama again spoke about the superficiality of the American flag pin issue - the degree to which Obama wears and does not wear a pin. I couldn't agree more. Did it ever occur to those who think flag pins are so important that a terrorist could easily wear one? What counts is what candidates say and do - not what they wear in their lapels.3. Obama explained his opposition to the gas tax holiday (McCain ) and gas tax holiday plus windfall profits reduction (Clinton) proposals. They're sugar fixes, and, in the case of the windfall profits reductions, not likely to ...
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Jumper: The Movie Reached Much Higher than Critics Admit
2008-05-05 00:11:00
I finally got a chance to see Jumper last night. Contrary to critics and many posts on the web, I liked it.First, a disclaimer. I have a business relationship with one of the movie's executive producers - Ralph Vicinanza's agency represents my novels (I have five published so far). Plus, I've worked with Vince Gerardis, also an executive producer of Jumper. And Steven Gould, an acquaintance, wrote the novel of the same name upon which the movie was based.So, take my praise of Jumper with the above grains of salt if you like, but I nonetheless liked the movie - a lot - and here's why:It was an unusual and therefore refreshing mix of scales in a movie. In part very personal, in part global, it was not quite like anything I've ever seen before. The story is also a rare one, for both written and cinematic science fiction: teleportation. The hero, David Rice played by Hayden Christensen , jumps around not in time but anywhere from one place on the planet to another. The gold...
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The Decline and Fall of Keith Olbermann (At Least, in my Estimation)
2008-05-03 02:47:00
I first realized there was something off with Keith Olbermann when he attacked 24 and Jack Bauer as agents of the Bush administration last year.I know, that's a minor thing, but that's the point. Why go after a television show when there is so much else you can lambaste when it comes to Bush administration policy?I admit to having mostly enjoyed a lot of Olbermann's other ticks and gimmicks, including his relentless attacks on Bill O 'Reilly . They may not have been completely fair, but media personality wars are irresistible to students of the genre.In the past few months, though, Olbermann has branched out to the other targets. He histrionically announced his support of Barack Obama and disappointment in Hillary Clinton . Now, I support Barack Obama, too, and have found fault in Hillary Clinton's campaign (such as its "logic" that votes for Hillary in Michigan, where hers was the only name on the ballot, should count), but to hold up Hillary Clinton and her campaign as some...
Lost 4.10: Almost a Dream Come True
2008-05-02 06:14:00
Jack's almost ruptured appendix was center stage on the island tonight, but the least important part of a splendid almost-a-dream-come-true Episode 10 of Lost Season 4 tonight. After all, we know that Jack will survive because of the flashforwards. Speaking of which -1. Tonight's features Jack, Kate, Aaron, and brief appearances by Hurley and Jack's father Christian. It starts a little time after the trial (4.4) and the Hurley episode (4.1). Jack's with Kate, and he's making a good father for Aaron. Jack and Kate are about as happy as we've ever seen them. (Will this be the most happy we'll ever see them in the series? I fear, maybe so. But I hope not.)2. Jack goes to see Hurley, and things start falling apart for Jack, and Jack and Kate. Hurley gives Jack a message from Charley, who Hurley says has paid him lots of visits. The message: Jack should not be raising Aaron. (Who then? Claire, back on the island? Maybe.) Jack gets a long glimpse of Christian (actua...
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Hillary Does Fine on O'Reilly
2008-05-01 02:57:00
Kudos to Hillary Clinton for doing a fine job in her interview on Fox News by Bill O 'Reilly . And kudos for Bill O'Reilly for having Hillary on his show.That's right. I'm a Barack Obama supporter, and no great friend of Fox News or Bill O'Reilly - on whose TV show I've appeared three times* - but I think it's good for our democratic process for people running for President to appear and talk and be interviewed on television as much as possible.Fox News has millions of viewers. O'Reilly's Factor is its leading show. Cutting this out of the process was a disservice to both the candidates (who have done this, until now) and the American people.Hillary Clinton offered poise, humor, and tough facts in her responses to O'Reilly. It was a great interview. I'm looking forward to the second part of the interview tomorrow.Barack Obama was wise to initiate Democratic contender appearances on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this past Sunday.Both candidates would be wise to cont...
Obama Denounces Wright
2008-04-29 20:39:00
Barack Obama just finished an extraordinary and much needed press conference, in which he denounced Jeremiah Wright 's insulting performance at yesterday's National Press Club - insulting to the American people, the political process, as well as Barack Obama.Obama said he found Wright's statement that AIDS was introduced into the African-American community by the US government "ridiculous," and Obama took exception to Wright's praise of Louis Farrakhan. But most significant was Obama's denunciation of Wright's mocking of the political process in which all Americans are now engaged.Obama distinguished between Wright in the Bill Moyers interview and Wright at the National Press Club in Washington yesterday. I found the Moyers interview helpful - as I wrote here on Sunday - as did Obama. I also found Wright's talk to the NAACP in Detroit on Sunday to be informative and entertaining.But Wright's performance at the National Press Club yesterday was appalling. Far from putti...
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