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?The times they are a-changin??.
2008-06-09 12:00:00
Awesome bit of no-news:  One of the greatest songwriters of all time, Bob Dylan, has come out as an Obama supporter.  In an interview with the London TImes, Dylan said: “He’s redefining what a politician is, so we’ll have to see how things play out. Am I hopeful? Yes, I’m hopeful that things might change. Some ...
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Obama is a dork.
2008-06-09 05:59:00
This is a classic picture.  CNN found Obama taking a bike ride with his family and friends.  As dorky as everything about this picture is… it’s still pretty awesome.  What’s up with the tire flap thing on top of the back tire though? The future president of the united states.  Awesome. ke-ride/
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Prelude to Hillary?s Concession/Endorsement Speech
2008-06-07 18:28:00
It’s about 12:30 PM and I’m watching a live video of the venue where Hillary Clinton will be giving her speech today.  The museum is packed with people already.  Thanks to MSNBC for a live video from inside the museum.   Here’s a preview via a letter she sent out: Dear Friend,   I wanted you to be one of the ...
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Kung Fu Panda (2008)
2008-06-07 07:11:00
I went to see “Kung Fu Panda ” today with some friends with high hopes.  I think I have a weak spot for cartoons.  Because with cartoons you simply cannot in any way take anything seriously and the “silly” factor in comedy becomes very enjoyable.  I think.  Well, “Kung Fu Panda” is a cartoon and has talking ...
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2 Things Hillary Clinton Must Do
2008-06-07 04:56:00
It’s a bit late to be posting this because by the time most of you will read this it Hillary Clinton ’s concession speech would have already happened–that is if she doesn’t break her word again.  Personally, I don’t care if she concedes and/or endorses Obama or not.  She lost, he won.  Move on.  However, (putting ...
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Alternative Viagra Slogans
2008-06-06 18:52:00
Viagra, the popular erectile disfunction medicine, gives all of us an amazing opportunity to be funny.  My friend and I decided to match up the Viagra brand with slogans for other products and the results are hilarious.  Here are 76 alternative slogans we found. VIAGRA (in random order) When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. Put a ...
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Yes again.
2008-06-06 06:08:00
It happens.  Mostly because I don’t have time to maintain my own rails blog.  I made it as an experiment to see how easy rails is.  Verdict?  It’s pretty simple.  It’s actually very easy to learn.  However, why create a new blog application when Wordpress is free and awesome?  Exactly.
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Hello world!
2008-06-06 05:19:00
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!  Obviously, I’ve ditched my rails blog and started over with a wordpress install.  It only makes more sense.  But probably doesn’t.
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Planning some changes
2008-05-31 17:48:00
I’m planning some more changes.  Hence my low activity recently.  Nothing major.  I’ve learned some more things with Rails and I want to put them into this blog.  Especially page caching, as I think that’s a very nice feature.  It will certainly help boost the speed. Not sure what else though.
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Congratulations Obama!
2008-05-07 18:22:00
After some pretty tough couple months Barack Obama was able to get a decisive win in the North Carolina primary.  Thank you North Carolina! Though he technically lost Indiana, the the difference was 2% and Clinton was only able to get 4 more delegates.  However, Obama has the significant delegate lead over Clinton.  She cannot even catch ...
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Actually? way to go Apple
2008-05-06 20:08:00
Soon after my brief rant about my failing power adapter, I went to the local Apple store and was able to get my malfunctioning power supply replaced free!  I am not sure if that’s the normal protocol or not but money was not exchanged and I got a brand new power adapter.  Awesome.
Way to go Apple?
2008-05-03 20:38:00
I have had my macbook pro for just over a year now.  Just a couple of months ago I had to buy a new battery.  That set me back a lot.  Being a college student is not cheap Apple .  Now, your stupid magsafe power adapter is not working and I think I see signs of ...
Iron Man (2008)
2008-05-03 16:22:00
All I can say is wow. Jon Favreau (director) took what I thought to be a mediocre superhero to a whole new level. And in a good way too. Iron Man is truly the best superhero film I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe as far as ‘Batman Begins’ or ‘Spiderman ...
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2008-04-29 21:25:00
Next couple of weeks will be dominated by exams. Good news: it’s nearing the end of semester. Bad news: it’s nearing the end of semester. Panic.
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The Coolest Terrible Movie Ever?
2008-04-21 03:18:00
I am not sure why Hollywood decides to make bad movies but there can’t be a good reason for this whatsoever.  Especially after the 2003 disaster!  I’m talking about “The Incredible Hulk” of course. The 2003 movie has an abysmal 5.8 on iMDB.  Yet, they decided to make another one.  And for some reason Edward Norton, ...
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What should every blog have?
2008-04-18 15:32:00
There are a ton of blogs on the internet.  By the millions!  Blog s of every language and variety.  Topics include sports, technology, internet, relationships, politics, entertainment, gossip, or randomly all of the above (as is mine).  There are even blogs about blogging.  So the question I have been pondering lately is… if there are so ...
Some Tweaking
2008-04-14 15:38:00
I tweaked some minimal things to the blog design and some functionality.  If you notice I have the categories all displaying together instead of being separated. I also, edited the look up the top of the page and added a new logo.  The logo is not really sufficient but when I have some more time I ...
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Goodbye Twitter, Hello Pownce
2008-04-13 13:00:00
I’ve decide to switch to Pownce. Which is a more sophisticated clone (IMO) of Twitter . This is not to say Twitter is not good. As a matter of fact it is actually pretty awesome. But wins because of a few extra details. Comments Twitter has a reply system but it’s not as ...
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Considering a Major Change
2008-04-12 23:06:00
Literally. I am thinking about changing my major to Music Composition.  I am right now a music education major.  Lately I have been contemplating whether I really want to do that with my life.  I really can’t abandon music so I’m not sure what to do. I will update you as I think about it some ...
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Vantage Point (2008)
2008-04-05 03:46:00
Acting: 3/5 Plot: 3/5 Development: 2/5 Visual: 2/5 Music: 2/5 Overall: 2.4 Pretty good movie, but kind of lacking. Share This
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Sax Quartet - Draft
2008-04-05 02:24:00
Thanks to the Red Clay Sax Quartet , I’m finally able to ‘publish’ a piece that I wrote for my thousands of blog fans.  I know you’ve been waiting patiently and I’m proud to announce the first draft to: Sax Quartet! Ok, actually. This is a work-in-progress. Seriously needs a lot of work. But ...
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Yes They Can
2008-04-04 20:45:00
April 4th, 1968.  Martin Luther King, Jr was shot to death in Memphis, Tennessee.  His legacy in America will always be remembered.  Especially because of students like these.   Share This
Upgraded to Wordpress 2.5
2008-03-30 00:18:00
I’ve been meaning to blog about something for the past week. However, life has been monotonously routine and there really hasn’t been anything interesting to blog about. That is until Wordpress (the blogging system that powers yours truly) 2.5 was released. I just upgraded and the process was simple as usual. The admininstration aspect of ...
Martian Child (2007)
2008-03-23 19:29:00
Acting: 3/5 Plot: 3/5 Development: 3/5 Visual: 3/5 Music: 3/5 Share This
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It?s My Birthday!
2008-03-23 05:14:00
Awesome. I turn 19 today. My last year as a teenager. Word. Share This
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It?s my birthday!
2008-03-23 05:00:00
Awesome. I turn 19 today. My last year as a teenager. Word.
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Drillbit Taylor (2008)
2008-03-22 19:03:00
Acting: 3/5 Plot: 2/5 Development: 3/5 Visual: 3/5 Music: 1/5 Share This
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So, I bought a PS2
2008-03-22 18:32:00
Yes, Sony?s Playstation 2 and not 3. I have been without a console for a while now and finally I decided to get one. Since my Xbox crashed I?ve been on a 4 year hiatus. There are several reason why I chose to go backwards with the PS2 and not go with the new generation ...
So, I Bought a PS2
2008-03-22 07:58:00
Yes, Sony’s Playstation 2 and not 3. I have been without a console for a while now and finally I decided to get one. Since my Xbox crashed I’ve been on a 4 year hiatus. There are several reason why I chose to go backwards with the PS2 and not go with ...
Crazy Break Dancing
2008-03-21 17:45:00
Video of a guy break dancing. He basically gets on one hand and goes crazy. I can’t even do a simple hand-stand. Kudos. Share This
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