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Kisai optical illusion wrist watch hands-on
2012-01-30 15:34:00
I haven’t worn a watch for years now, relying on my cell phone to catch a glimpse of the current time. But when Tokyoflash released their Kisai Optical Illusion watch, I had to buy it. I already loved the concept and now, I am the proud owner of the watch. The nice guys from Tokyoflash ...
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Old Notebook, Upgrade or not?
2011-10-20 02:18:00
My girlfriend has a Sony Vaio VGN-C2S/P notebook from 2007 and it is getting old and slow. So her question was, upgrade or buy a new one? Well, the Vaio was build with 4 years old tech, a Intel Core 2 Duo 1,6 GHz Dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 80 GB hard disk ...
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High WAF Inductive Charging Mod for Samsung Galaxy S
2011-09-28 20:00:00
You guys wanted to see it, here it is. The complete progress of making an inductive charging mod with no visible wires, no visible soldering points, free usb port and easily removable back cover (or simply high WAF) squeezed into one Youtube video. I only had one try and couldn’t plan much ahead, but as ...
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Samsung Galaxy S Wireless Inductive Charging Mod
2011-09-18 02:25:00
Well, after my Motorola Milestone 2 was sent in for repairs for 3 times in a row now and I decided to not use any Motorola devices anymore, so when Mediamarkt offered the Samsung Galaxy S Plus for ?269, it was an instant buy. I mean, how can Motorola send me a defective unit back ...
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Jailbreaking, Rooting, tweaking your HP TouchPad
2011-08-24 23:07:00
The first thing I would do with a new iOS or Android device would be jailbreaking or rooting it, so how do I do it on my new HP TouchPad? After some searching, I found out that all you need is to switch to developer mode and that it is already built in. How great ...
Goodbye and hello WebOS!
2011-08-23 15:02:00
The fire sale of the discontinued HP TouchPad has reached Germany. For ? 99, a TouchPad could be yours, if you could manage to reach the online shop of HP. It was obviously down, as everyone wanted to get hold of this bargain. So I walked right into the next Mediamarkt and tried talking the ...
I bought an Apple product!
2010-08-02 19:56:00
My friends know that I like to make fun of Apple fanboys, but now I’ve bought a Apple product myself. I was struggling really hard at “Media Markt”, oscillating between the cash desk and the shelves, but I did it! I bought an iPad from Apple. The iPad has everything, big screen, long battery life, ...
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HTC / Google stole my pixels!
2010-06-17 21:06:00
Now after the HTC Desire is finally available in Germany, my cousin immediately ordered one, which finally arrived last saturday. I couldn’t resist testing the 1 GHz Snapdragon compared to the Motorola Milestone I own. But I never got to doing that… When I looked at the HTC Desire’s screen, I found it to be ...
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Office 2010 for ?52? Just another spam mail, wait, it?s from Microsoft?
2010-05-05 03:20:00
If someone would offer you Office Ultimate 2010 for only ?52, there is only one explanation for the price: bootleg! No need for discussion, unless… it’s Microsoft ’s own offer for you! You heard it right, Office Ultimate 2010 for ?52. I mean, 93% savings, isn’t that something we only know from those illegal pirated software ...
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Speed up your WordPress Blog!
2010-04-29 00:29:00
Well, making your blog really fast is quite a nice thing for your visitors. And lately it’ll even fall under SEO, as Google now takes Page Speed into account for ranking your website. So how do you get your freshly installed wordpress site really fast? It’s actually really easy. First, you will need a PHP ...
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Byebye Logitech diNovo, hello Microsoft Arc?
2010-04-27 19:27:00
Well, I’ve complained quite a lot about Logitech already, so after my problems with the diNovo edge started, I finally switched to a Microsoft keyboard, at least for the period until the repaired diNovo edge returns. I wanted to switch the brand for quite some time now, but there was simply no alternative if you ...
The Perfect Home Server
2010-04-15 23:04:00
Perfect? Is that even possible? I guess not, but my newest server is pretty close in my opinion. The Focus was to get power consumption and price as low as possible while maintaining performance and safety. My current home server is an averages PC with an AMD64 and 2 GB of RAM while having a ...
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Notebook and other small devices? power supply efficiency
2010-04-15 15:53:00
Green IT is a big topic, that’s why more and more computer power supplies get a 80 PLUS label for showing off their superior efficiency. But if you every decide to run a Intel Atom based PC, use a PicoPSU, just power your notebook or charge your phone, you won’t really find out how efficient the power ...
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MultiSim, my first Android Application
2010-02-24 20:10:00
I just got my new Android cell phone, the Motorola Milestone/Droid and I have to say Android is great! It’s so much better than Windows Mobile. A lot of the functionality comes from the Android Market. So while I was downloading Apps from it, I couldn’t find any tools for managing my analog dual-sim-adapter, so ...
Intel Graphic Media Accelerator (GMA) Driver
2009-11-30 01:00:00
Many people have a GMA as their graphic card on their notebooks. There are usually some special drivers shipped with the notebook for the graphic card, which usually work just fine with office programs. But when you start using 3D-acceleration, you might encounter weird graphic bugs. So the normal action an experienced user would take ...
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Fingerprint Reader and Windows 7
2009-11-12 00:03:00
Windows 7 is said to have great biometric support. Well, it does, if the Fingerprint Reader would be working. I own a Medion MD 85264 for years now and it was really problematic to setup, especially in XP and Vista. So I was really astonished when I plugged the Fingerprint scanner and Windows 7 installed ...
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Back online!
2009-10-05 21:29:00
A few weeks ago, my T-Home Entertain VDSL 50 stopped working, for no reason at all. My VDSL modem, the “Speedport 300HS” suddenly couldn’t sync anymore. I thought T-Com is probably doing maintenance, so I waited for a day, but it still wouldn’t sync. So I called the T-Com, asking what the problem would is. ...
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Games on the cell phone
2009-08-17 09:13:00
During my last semester, I participated at a seminar. My topic was ?Games on the cell phone?. I?m putting the text I wrote online. It?s in German, but if someone is interested, feel free to have a look. Spiele auf dem Handy (PDF)
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OMG! WTF? Where is my bag?
2009-08-09 14:26:00
I never thought that something like this would happen to me, but when I arrived at Beijing International Airport a few days ago to travel to Nanning to visit my relatives, I couldn?t believe my eyes. I got out of the car, took both suitcases out of the trunk and start looking for my backpack. ...
Things about Li-Ion batteries
2009-07-12 23:58:00
Li-Ion batteries are practically everywhere. They are used for mobile phones, notebooks, even cars. But most people don’t really know about them and give out wrong hints on how to use and charge them. So here are two important facts about Li-Ion batteries you should know: The less the a Li-Ion battery cell is discharged, the ...
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Lunch at the TU-Berlin
2009-06-19 22:49:00
Being a student at the TU-Berlin is quite nice. Our campus is right in the city, so it’s quite easy to go shopping right after your classes. We have a canteen called “Mensa” for the students too, serving really cheap food. You usually pay around ? 1.90 for some meat, plus ? 0.30 for some ...
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Saxon Switzerland
2009-06-05 13:28:00
On my birthday this year, my girlfriend surprised me with a short trip to “Schöna”, a small village in the Saxon Switzerland , around 200km from Berlin. So what’s so special about the Saxon Switzerland? Well, you have a huge green forest and some really weird high stones standing there. It looks really beautiful, especially when ...
Preventing multiple instances of Flash Movies
2009-05-16 16:25:00
Currently, Flash does not natively support prevention of multiple instances, so a workaround is needed. Why would anyone want to prevent multiple instances anyway? Well, I use Flash as a Chat client, so allowing a user to run multiple instances would mean that they could join the chat multiple times, which is not really a ...
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Buying stamps the smart way
2009-05-09 00:51:00
Usually, when you need to send a letter, you would probably walk to the post office to buy a stamp, or maybe a full set with 10 or more. In Germany, post offices are usually really full and it takes quite some time until you can buy your stamps. The Problem is that the post ...
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Short trip to Wandlitz
2009-04-15 02:27:00
Last weekend, my girlfriend and me went to Wandlitz for a short trip. Wandlitz is a small town close to Berlin and has two lakes around it, namely “Wandlitzer See” and “Liepnitzsee”. We decided to hike around the “Wandlitzer See” the first day, which was pretty nice at the beginning, where there was a promenade. But ...
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Adobe Flash?s ExternalInterface and Microsoft Internet Explorer
2009-04-13 16:21:00
As my new community project is using a lot of Javascript and Flash Communication, I rely on Flash’s ExternalInterface. ExternalInterface allows me to create simple functions in Flash, which are callable from Javascript. I developed everything using Firefox, where everything worked just fine, but when using Internet Explorer, I encountered the problem that no ExternalInterface ...
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Editing Images Online
2009-03-31 15:39:00
Adobe Photoshop is pretty much the standard program everyone use to edit images. It is a great piece of software, but unlucky, incredibly expensive. It has a lot of features, but sometimes, I just want to quickly crop an image or change its contrast and it is annoying to wait ages for it to load. ...
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PuTTY and WinSCP
2008-02-10 11:59:00
PuTTY is great, but it’s even better with WinSCP. You can let WinSCP manage all sessions, press Ctrl+P and PuTTY will pop up, with your session password saved and passed to it. But there are some configuration issues coming from this kind of setup.
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XPS and Firefox
2008-01-29 13:18:00
XPS is Microsoft’s version of Adobe’s PDF. Its major advantage is that it is preinstalled on Vista and XP SP3. You can easy print everything as an XPS for later viewing. But Firefox users might encounter a weird bug when they try to open a XPS file. When a XPS is opened, Firefox starts and ...
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Moving again
2008-01-24 12:12:00
After staying with Keyweb VRS Premium for 3 month, I learned that virtual servers aren’t a real solution for hosting. I ended up way too many times in the black zone, killing my website. So it’s time to move again.
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