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Aluminium India 2008
2007-08-13 06:36:00
The India n market for Aluminium is booming and is forecasting further growth in coming years. With Indian producers expanding their capacities, new players entering and the current increasing demand for high quality products the Indian industry is gearing up to adopt state of the art technology & latest equipments to meet quality challenges. Alcastek & Reed Exhibitions have joined forces to launch ALUMINIUM INDIA 2008 to address the immediate needs of the Indian Aluminium industry in the context of global market & technology. On this platform products and latest technology will be displayed to 2500+ visitors from wide spectrum of decision makers, manufacturers, producers, users and technology developers. Alcastek 2008 conference will continue its present role by providing a high standard technical forum on new developments addressed by invited world class experts. ALUMINIUM INDIA 2008 would thus provide a unique platform to step into the dynamic Indian market in the heartland of the...
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Natural Pond Aerator
2007-06-19 22:36:00
Natural Pond AeratorWater is life. Polluted water breeds disease and degrades health. Whether it is a pond, river, lake or water reservoir, CLEAN-FLO products naturally keep water clean. Our natural pond aerator is an effective and organic system.CLEAN-FLO: Restoring Water BodiesCLEAN-FLO specializes in water restoration. We have been restoring water bodies using a natural process for more than three decades. We have worked on problems like excessive algae and weed growth, poor water quality, bacteria, and organic sediment build up. No matter the size of your water body, our natural aeration process can restore it. If you need natural lake restoration, natural pond restoration, natural river restoration, natural reservoir restoration, a natural wastewater treatment system, watershed improvement, or aquaculture aeration then CLEAN-FLO has a solution for you!How CLEAN-FLO Restores Water BodiesNatural Pond Aerator – adding oxygen to the bottom of a water body - is the first step in o...
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Be Prepared for the Entire Interview
2007-06-06 22:00:00
Interviewing for a professional position in Information Technology or Engineering will require you to be well prepared since all the candidates will be highly educated and versed in their field. Show your professionalism in your demeanor, speech, appearance and preparation.First and foremost you must know your resume and job experience information as if you spoke of it everyday. However, being prepared to answer tougher questions is what will set you apart from other candidates. If you are well prepared, you will exude the confidence you need to get the job. Questions may include such inquiries as:What qualifies you for the position over other candidates? State the facts without being boastful. Do not speak negatively about other candidates.Why do you want to work for our company? Research the company and answer by saying how their company attitude would encourage your best work.What projects have you worked on, what was your input and what were the results? Know the facts.W...
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A Better Way to Get Quick Sales Results
2007-05-21 21:03:00
New business ventures and emerging companies face a number of critical issues when they deploy or expandtheir sales force. Sales performance will likely determine your company’s “Time to Success” and in manyways, dictate the future for your company.Sales people are the gateway to your future customers. 90% of all customer interaction with decision makersand recommenders happens with and through your sales person. Your company’s image will be created in thecustomer’s mind by that individual. That person is responsible for presenting your solution, understandingthe customers’ specific needs and adapting your solution to get the sale. Within your company you depend onSales to bring in the revenue, accurately forecast the future, keep expenses under control and have a pipelinethat will feed continuous new business.If you currently have a sales force in place, you face a similar problem. You may need to increase the size ofyour sales force or impact the sales team efficiency ...
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2007-05-09 00:11:00
When it’s time for the perfect get-away, choose Brandywine Valley . Located in Chester County near Philadelphia it is close to many attractions and events! Brandywine Valley offers adventure for the entire family. Start off by reserving a few nights at one of the many accommodations available. From hotels, to bed and breakfasts to apartments and cottages for rent, we have overnight stays to suit everyone’s needs. During your visit you won’t want to miss Brandywine Valley’s beautiful Longwood Gardens. It is a magnificent horticultural showplace with gardens filled with glorious flowers and exotic plants. There are activities daily to be enjoyed by all ages in addition to special events scheduled throughout the year. Brandywine Valley is also the home of such national treasures as the Winterthur Museum & Gardens, the Hagley Museum, and Nemours Mansion and Garden. Rounding off this collection is the Brandywine River Museum, the home of the most famous family of American...
VIC: Award Winning Integrated Dialer/IVR
2007-05-01 00:22:00
Since the introduction of predictive dialer technology in the 1980s, DAKCS Software Systems has been a leader in the creation of integrated dialer solutions for their clients. Today the DAKCS solution has evolved into a leading edge product mix (dialer and IVR) that has revolutionized and simplified the overall collection process. By minimizing the time that management must dedicate to dialer activity and insuring that collectors are talking to the "right party", the next generation dialer allows clients to focus on their primary objective: the collection of money. Recently, DAKCS introduced its most exciting new product design. This latest technological breakthrough provides the answer to the right party verification issue in a simple and straight forward manner. By creating a graphical dialog designer that is client server based and accessible from the desktop, DAKCS has developed an easy touch system that allows managers the flexibility and ease of building multiple dialogs w...
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Game Time Tailgating & Party Supplies
2007-05-01 00:10:00
Join in the fun and excitement of a Penn State game and get your tailgating and party supplies ready! Whether your tailgate party is at home or in the stadium parking lot, it’s time to get your “game on”. If you are hosting a party, start off with PSU invitations and include all your favorite Penn State fans. From there it’s easy. McLanahan’s Penn State Room has all the tailgating and party supplies you will need to make your party a winner. Follow through on your blue and white theme with Penn State paper plates, napkins and plastic cups. Add the finishing touch and decorate with Penn State table covers, banners and football party lights. Not sure what to serve? Include tailgating and party supplies such as Penn State Pasta, Mustard and Salsa on your menu. Don’t forget to stock up on our Penn State cream mints to keep your breath fresh while cheering on the team! Psych up the crowd by playing the “We are Penn State” CD featuring over 25 of your favorite...
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2007-05-01 00:03:00
Stop, look and listen! That’s what takes place when motorists see portable traffic equipment from Horizon Signal Technologies. When this happens, we have accomplished our goal of promoting safety in the workplace to both people and property. Through our commitment to providing high quality versatile portable traffic lights systems, we are able to assist not only in the everyday work zone, but in emergency and disaster situations as well. Horizon Signal Technologies is a company that consistently keeps up to date on product requirements; thereby promoting a reputation as an industry leader in portable traffic signals.Our staff of sales and marketing professionals works closely with a complete distributor network. Additionally, our Research and Development Group is always working to keep abreast of the latest trends and application requirements of the portable traffic equipment marketplace. Horizon Signal Technologies’ commitment to customer service continues even after the sal...
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Techfocus picks Screen Pages to push online sales of technology accessories
2007-04-27 18:49:00
Techfocus picks Screen Pages to push online sales of technology accessories Techfocus, the Internet retailer of technology accessories, has re-launched its online shop with extended e-commerce capabilities. The new website has been designed and built by Screen Pages, the online retail specialist.Techfocus is operated by Kinch Electronics and offers the latest innovative products in the technology accessories field, currently focusing on products for the Creative Zen and Apple iPod range of MP3 players, a huge range FM Transmitter, TomTom Cherger. In addition, the company stocks a wide range of accessories for wireless devices, PC peripherals, mobile phones and PDAs.The new website, at, has been designed and delivered as a fully bespoke e-commerce website. The new website features clean, simple navigation; best sellers, filtered searches, cross- and up-sells, stock control, informative product information and, importantly, same day dispatch. Customers can m...
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Is Your Web Site a Needle in a Haystack?
2007-03-28 00:12:00
ProfitBySearch is a 360° Search Marketing Company Specializing in ensuring that your business gets prominently displayed in search results of leading Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, Lycos and more, to help you connect with customers searching for what you sell on your website. Unique Selling Point of ProfitBySearch’s SEO Service is that it will give you assured Top Rankings and ensures high volume of traffic. While conducting the above activities, our prime focus is to ensure that we provide you with maximum sales, more business and therefore optimum growth. What you could do is either reply or do nothing and you might disappear when your competitors will grow. ProfitBySearch is a located in India, UK and US specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Link Building and Pay per Lead Services. Our search engine marketing services has helped many clients increase the visibility of their website on the internet and dr...
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2007-03-15 00:53:00
When disaster strikes, Horizon signal is there providing emergency traffic signals and promoting traffic safety. The portability of our equipment is a crucial aspect in disaster management. Being able to quickly deploy traffic control equipment is essential in a disaster situation. Horizon Signal offers products to control all traffic situations, protect property and save lives. Our product line includes portable traffic signals, portable traffic lights, traffic light control systems and flagging traffic control alternatives. Our primary focus is on convenience, work zone safety, and endurance in a disaster zone. When there is a disaster situation, you can count on the high visibility and the performance of our digital traffic control and traffic engineering devices. We offer a choice of emergency traffic signals. The SQ2 Portable Traffic Control System is one of the best portable traffic and emergency traffic signals because of its ease of transportation and installation ...
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On Internet Spider Bot is more popular than Spider Man
2007-03-04 06:20:00
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic, inexpensive, thought-intensive procedure that helps a website get a higher ranking in search engines. In simple words, effective SEO makes sure that your page appears within the top results. Have you ever wondered why your company, even as a market leader in its category, still happens to get buried twenty pages deep, in the Result pages of a Search Engine?. Even worse, unknown players sit on top of the results page, channelling thousands of Dollar’s in business away from you. You need help If not from Spider man, then at least from a Spider Bot.Getting on First Page, using related keywords on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or Other such search engines. In this cyber age it is as effective a marketing tool as print and television advertising, if not more so.At Internet World in May 2006, ProfitBySearch Ltd. ( presented a strong case for SEO through the success story of their client ( As p...
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Link Building Parameters
2006-12-23 23:13:00
The process of getting other websites to link to your website is called Link Building . Link Building is one of the most important tasks you should undertake to endorse your website on the search engines. Backward Links are one of the most powerful off-page factors in determining your SERP. Basically Link building is a pain but we need them. It is a time-consuming task and this is why so many websites rank poorly.But building links which are effectively optimized can score you extra points. Search engines examine a link based on several factors, one being the text of the link itself. Search engines evaluate link reputation differently putting varying weight on different factors:Inbound and outbound link relationships.Page rank of the website that links to yours.Whether pages are associated to each other.Whether a page appears in a directory listing.Unique Links (Only one link from one IP Address).One should avoid link from following sites:Free for All (FFA) Listings – Links on FFA ...
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