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Evaluation of Defensive Driving Programs: How To Find The Right One For You
2008-02-27 17:57:00
by David faulkner Even though you may have been driving for years, you can still benefit from participating in a defensive driving program. Every driver, from time to time, will end up in a potentially dangerous road situation, and sometimes the driving skills which have served you so well fro so long are simply not adequate ...
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Another Creation Of Latest Technology: K9 Car Alarm
2008-02-25 17:56:00
by David faulkner Studies done by unbiased car insurance companies who wish to conduct objective scientific research to determine the effectiveness of car alarms showed that car alarms do nothing to stop car theft. Car alarm systems just plain dont make your car any less likely to become stolen or broken into. As statistics seem to show ...
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Bluetooth and motorcycles
2008-02-23 17:54:00
 by Keith Barrett The twin concepts of bluetooth and motorcycles will produce somewhat differing images for most of us. Recent changes mean that bluetooth is suddenly becoming very relevant to motorbike owners. On a Sunday morning in rural Hampshire, a number of motorcycle enthusiasts have gathered at a popular cafe. They are here for one of their ...
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Getting People To Wake Up To Alternative Fuel Solution Revolution
2008-02-23 17:51:00
 by GARKO The new millennium has started with revolution. It is on everyone’s radar. But there are some don’t look. They just watch the boob tube. And they absorb the lies from mainstream media. And strangely you don’t get informed about the revolution there. You see Karl Rove as a commentator for FOX. You see traitors ...
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5 Facts About Changing Your Oil
2008-02-21 17:49:00
by Denise Palmer When was the last time the manufacturer of your car went out of their way to tell you to change your oil every 3,000 miles? Isn’t it funny that in fact, automotive manufacturers have not agreed with this “opinion” for more than 20 years. So WHO created the “change your oil every 3,000 miles” rule ...
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How To Get Cheap Gas
2008-02-19 17:46:00
 by Newf You are wondering how to get cheap gas, really is there any such thing with the price of fuel the way it is. But just keep reading and you will see how to get cheap gas. This might appear as a kind of silly joke to you in the first instance. After all, whoever ...
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Convert Your Car To Burn Water - Do It Yourself Hho Gas Car Kit Conversion
2008-02-17 17:44:00
 by Pete Marks HHO gas is the latest innovation to increase gas mileage you may have seen it in the news. When you make an HHO fuel cell for you car or truck you will increase power and improve emissions. Your car will be a water hybrid of sorts by using water. An HHO Generator creates ...
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How To Avoid Rip-Offs At An Auto Repair Shop
2008-02-15 17:15:00
by Levi Quinn It’s certain that you’re not a fan of taking your car to the mechanic to get it repaired. However, this is something that has to be done and it not only costs you time, but money as well. Not only that, in the back of your mind you’re wondering if the mechanic is ...
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Radar Detectors: Do They Really Help?
2008-02-13 17:27:00
by Alex Baumm In the modern times, there are just too numerous efforts to make car driving safer, but the basic question remains almost always unanswered. While it is true that not all technologies emerging regarding car driving are effective and are really useful, some practitioners and consumers still decide to invest in many of new and ...
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How To Find A Good Car Forum
2008-02-11 17:15:00
 by Alex Baumm If you are into driving and purchasing a car and accessories, a good and informative car forum would definitely of good help to you. Just like any controversial and usual issues and concerns, car purchase has a huge following on its own. There are many advocates and car aficionados who are actively providing ...
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Mazda Furai Concept
2008-01-30 14:06:00
    Mazda Furai Concept  On display for the first time at the Detroit auto show. ?Furai,? simply translated, means “sound of the wind” and is the fifth iteration or evolution of Mazda’s new design language exemplified in its initial Nagare concept, which you may recall meant ?flow.? Far from just a piece of artwork on wheels, this ...
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GPS Systems for Your Automobile - Why You May Be Safer With Them
2008-01-21 17:43:00
GPS Systems for Your Automobile - Why You May Be Safer With Them By Jennifer Wasilewski Cars are becoming increasingly showy with tons of gadgets and gizmos that are both helpful and hindering depending on the driver. Fortunately, a larger amount of the new features are developed to help drivers increase their safety on the roads. Among ...
Buying A Car In Spain Just Got Cheaper - Or Did It?
2008-01-19 06:07:00
Buying A Car In Spain Just Got Cheaper - Or Did It?By Selwyn Figueras Here s what you need to know. When buying a car in Spain, the price of the car is made up of three components. 1. What the manufacturer/dealer makes out of the deal. 2. The IVA (Spanish equivalent of VAT) levied at ...
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Basic Checks On Your Limousine You Can Do Yourself
2008-01-18 06:05:00
Basic Checks On Your Limousine You Can Do YourselfBy Vanessa A. Doctor Limousines are specially-designed vehicles that have historically been known for ferrying the wealthy, top-level corporate executives, movie stars, and figures of royalty. However,these days,if you can t own one, since they are quite expensive,you could rent them out for an hour or more, depending on ...
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Tramping And Bun Wagons - The Lingo Of The Uk Road Haulage Industry
2008-01-17 05:48:00
Tramping And Bun Wagons - The Lingo Of The Uk Road Haulage Industry By Luke Humble If you ve ever heard a couple of truckers chatting between road haulage trips in the UK, you may have found yourself baffled by the assortment of phrases and expressions littered throughout the conversation. Well, consider the confusion gone as I ...
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