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Yarn Thing Podcast - Cardi Wrap Progress!
2008-05-01 04:17:00
Marly of the Yarn Thing podcast is having a super cool contest right now!! If you go take a peak at her blog, YarnThing Podcast , you can read all about it! Her podcast is one of my favorites, BTW!Now, to fill in on some of the missing details concerning my Cardi Wrap! I only have about 3 inches left on the LAST panel!! HURRAY!! I'll finish it up tonight on a good movie, and sew it together tomorrow morning or afternoon.Not much else new, BUT, I did send in an audition for Cathie Filian's new Untitled Teen Craft Show! If you want to read more about the casting, read HERE! What did I audition for?? Well, crochet of course!!I have my first Fiddler on the Roof practice tomorrow evening, hurray! I'm very excited about it.Happy Crocheting!Chelsea
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How to Crochet for Kids
2008-04-24 23:33:00
I taught my kids to crochet in steps. I have found that teaching kids how to hold their yarn for proper tension is pretty difficult. But kids can have fun learning to control and maneuver their crochet hook with an adults help and have great success without frustration.How to crochet for kids involves an adult who is willing to sit alongside a child. The adult must hold the yarn for the child while they learn how to use the crochet hook. I usually recommend using a G or H hook and worsted weight yarn for a beginner. Once the child has mastered a chain stitch there are a few projects they can work on with an adults help.One project would be a hair scrunchy. The child can crochet all the chain stitches, and the adult can make the single crochets onto the hair band. This example uses 10 chains, but yours can have more or less chains. You can even vary the lengths of the chains or use a variegated yarn if you wish. I would avoid novelty yarns (unless it is a ribbon yarn) because they ar...
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Crocheting with Fabric Strips
2008-04-15 16:52:00
I went to the Rosemont Quilt Show this past weekend and saw something there that inspired me to crochet with fabric strips. I saw a purse that was knitted with 1/2 inch batik fabric strips. I thought.........hmm......I could make something like that with crochet -- only I didn't want a purse, I really wanted something more like a tote bag.So, when I got home I dug out all my batik fabric and started cutting strips. I began with a few fabric selections. Then added more and more and more. I used most of what I had on hand. I was surprised at how much fabric I needed. Using quality batik fabric doesn't make this an inexpensive project, unless you can get a great deal on theprice of the fabric. I haven't decided if I want to line the bag or not because I love how the inside looks so much and the weave is pretty tight.You really want to use batik fabric for a project like this for a couple of reasons. First, the quality of the fabric is very good. It has a high thread count to hold up...
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Still in Progress: Cardi-Wrap
2008-04-15 04:08:00
Hey Everyone,You may have wondered what ever became of that wonderful Cardi-Wrap that was supposed to be done by Feb 24th. Well, Today's the day I've come to you with an answer! I am about 85% done with it now. It has been much more labor intensive than I ever thought it would be, and I am itching for it to be done! I have finished the back, 1 front panel and 2 sleeves. I am currently about 1/5th of the way done with the 2nd front panel. After that is finished, all I have left is to sew in my loose ends, stitch it up and add the sleeve ruffles. Here are pictures of what I have completed at this point: Front Panel Sleeves (what?! You say they look short?! No, they're supposed to be that way) Back Panel 2nd front panel - Still a WIPIn the past week I also tore out ...
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How to Crochet a Dishcloth
2008-04-11 03:42:00
If you want to learn how to crochet a dishcloth, you only need to know a few simple crochet stitches and you will be on your way to creating a great gift or home project for yourself. I like a dishcloth that is created by making your stitches in the back loops of your previous row. I have a few pictures demonstrating this here. The reason I like this, is that it creates texture in your dishcloth. Texture makes it easier to scrub your dishes clean.How to Crochet a DishclothBasic instructions:You will need worsted weight cotton yarn and a crochet hook (H, I, or J are fine)Make a chain about 12 inches in length.You can decide if you want your dishcloth to be single crochet, half double crochet or double crochet. Just pick one and stick to it.Row 1: if you pick sc, begin in your first stitch -- if you pick hdc, begin in the third stitch from your hook -- if you pick dc, begin in the fourth stitch from hookMake your stitches all the way across, then ch 1 for sc, or ch 2 for hdc, or ch 3 ...
Crochet Market Bag Pattern Coming Soon!
2008-04-10 04:42:00
Yes, you can crochet your own market bag! This crochet market bag pattern will give you ideas for variations in your bag which will inspire you to create one-of-a-kind bags for yourself. The basic premise: to create a flat circle for the base, then extend your base upward an inch or so, and fill the rest of your bag with a mesh that will stretch with your bag's contents. It will be pulled back together at the top with handles added. There are several techniques to do this. I have experimented with many different techniques and will give you what I think works the best for me. (I'm in the process of getting this written out.)First though, the benefits of using a crochet market bag.You are saving natural resources by going "green" and not adding more plastic bags to our country's landfills.Wide handles distribute the weight of your bag and do not cut into you hands like plastic does.The mesh bag sides expand with your contents.....perfect for adding a couple more items to your...
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Cotton Yarns for Knitting and Crochet
2008-04-09 06:01:00
Our order for 20 grab bag cotton yarns for knitting and crochet from Peaches and Cremecame yesterday. It was like Christmas in April!Below is pictured just one of the grab bags. The cost for each grab bag was only $2.19 and with postage was approximately $3.00. We figured each item (including postage) cost about 50 cents. Everything looks very nice to work with. We are planning to use this yarn for making eco-friendly market bags to sell at craft shows. We are also planning to use these yarns, along with Lily Elite Cotton yarn, pattern, and crochet hook to make up "Make your own Market Bag Kits." We plan to sell them on our website, Crochet Collection, and at craft shows. I did a little research earlier on themed gift baskets (which are very popular) and plan to put several of those together this year!This is our first big effort using cotton yarn for knitting and crochet. Usually we use acrylic yarn, or 100% wool yarn, so it is a nice change.
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Grocery Mesh Bag
2008-04-04 14:42:00
I spent the day crocheting yesterday. My mother-in-law and I were talking about what the "new" item for craft show sales should be for this year. We determined that a crocheted grocery mesh bag would be perfect as people go from using the disposable plastic bags to a more eco-friendly option. Currently, grocery stores are beginning to offer sterile, boring canvas bags for sale. But a handmade crocheted grocery mesh bag has "purse"onality. I think the grocery mesh bag will reflect the taste and style of the individual.We looked on-line for a pattern that would be fast and easy to make, but determined we would design our own. Wow, did we learn a lot about working with mesh. This is my first bag (at left) and I had it finished two times only to tear more rows out each time. Did that bag STRETCH! We used old cotton-blend yarn that had been given to her and she had stored for a "someday" project. We ordered several grab bags from Peaches and Creme to use for making these bags. My first ...
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Floral Crochet Motifs
2008-04-03 02:50:00
Today was the first spring -like day we have had in Wisconsin. The sun warmed the air, the grass turned greener and the birds sang gleefully. I found this free pattern that features one of many Floral Crochet Motifs. It so expressed the spring-like day that I thought I would link to it for your enjoyment. It features a bright floral square. The pattern is made in a placemat, but you could turn this into an afghan, or pillow, or use thread for a tablecloth or pillowcase edging -- you get the idea -- it's versatile!Floral Crochet SquareI will look for more great floral crochet motifs to add to this post!Enjoy!Please visit our website at Free Easy Crochet Patterns
Crochet and Knit for Charity
2008-04-02 02:48:00
This is my finished charity item.My daughter and I joined our new local crochet guild. They constantly receive donated yarn that members can take home to crochet and knit for charity. The last meeting I fell in love with this green TLC Wiggles Yarn. I knew it would make the cutest hat!I had some left over bright variegated yarn from another project and decided to use it for the top and bottom edging. I have enough yarn left to make an accompanying scarf. I wish I could see the look on the face of the youngster who will get this!Please visit our website Crochet Collection.
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Free Crochet Bead Necklace Patterns
2008-04-01 03:46:00
Three Strand Necklace 28 Gauge WireG hook (we experimented with a variety of hooks and we liked how the G hook loops looked the best)assortment of beads (I prefer the beads to be the same size or have slightly larger beads toward the front)string your bead onto the wire before you crochet (amount of beads will vary with the length you want your necklace to be)leave about 5 inches of wire to work with for your closure on your necklaceCh 3, move bead up to where you are working and chain that bead in, ch 3, move bead up to where you are working and chain it in.....continue until you have the desired length. Leave 5 inches wire to work with for the closure.Make at least three of these chain lengths. You can make more or less. You can also space beads closer together or further apart if you prefer. I have made this pattern by varying the lengths of the wire -- by making each length slightly longer, the necklace will lay more flat, but may not look as full.Length will vary depending upon...
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Make Your Own Market Bag
2008-03-31 04:56:00
Do you want to make your own market bag? I have been wanting to for quite some time. I feel guilty everytime I haul more useless plastic bags home from the grocery store. Well, today I finally found a free pattern for making your own market bag that I just fell in love with. This is the pattern for me.Here is the link. I would make this bag with the larger squares so it will fit more groceries in it. If you are like me, you may need to make several to get all of your groceries home. However, even if you only decide to make one, it is sure to draw attention to your craft. Make sure you carry business cards along with you. You never know when you'll get a special order or request!Please let me know if you make your own market bag. I'd love to see a picture and see what type of fiber you use!!Enjoy!Please visit our website at Easy Crochet Hat Patterns
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FREE Easy Crochet Patterns
2008-03-27 22:53:00
I am listing some FREE Easy Crochet Patterns . I don't know what you think, but doesn't it seem like our country is in a recession -- even though nobody will acknowledge that we are? Do you agree? The price of a grocery trip is going up, the price of gas is going up, taxes are going up, everything seems to cost more. So finding ways to trim the budget are good. Gift giving is one area where you can trim you budget by significant amounts! Using free easy crochet patterns and economy yarn (see my economy crochet yarns post), you can create most of your gifts this year for virtually nothing (but your time of course -- and most of us have more of this than money!)The kind of patterns you will find here are quick and easy and make thoughtful gifts. They are focused on simplicity, so if you are looking for a pattern that is more advanced, you won't find it here. These patterns are EEEzzzz!Four Hour ScarfCircle Pendant Necklace *I love this one!Seed Bead NecklaceSimply Hoops EarringsBead...
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Free Crochet Patterns for Mile-a-Minute
2008-03-26 16:30:00
Today I am bringing you FREE crochet patterns for mile-a-minute accessories, afghans, and more! I love all of these free crochet patterns for mile-a-minute projects, and my very favorite piece is the Mile -a-minute sequins and beaded purse. I've added it to my ravelry queue, I like it so much!Take a look at these free crochet patterns for mile-a-minute projects, you'll surely find something that you want to make!Beaded Mile-a-Minute BraceletMile-a-Minute AfghanMile-a-Minute ScarfBeginner Mile-a-Minute ScarfMile-a-Minute Afghan PatternMile-a-Minute Sequins and Beaded Purse --GORGEOUS!!Mile-a-Minute AfghanMile-a-Minute Granny AfghanYou can also find great Free Crochet Patterns for Mile-a-Minute patterns at your local library! Mom and I were doing a joint mile-a-minute afghan many years ago, which, unfortunately, was never finished. I also have a pretty baby mile-a-minute baby afghan that I was making, and got exactly 1/2 way through it, and lost interest. I'll be posting a picture o...
Magic Square Crochet
2008-03-26 01:54:00
I have a magic square crochet potholder that my mother-in-law made for me several years ago. I absolutely LOVE IT! and still use it because it is very thick and durable. Some cheap store bought potholders have burned my fingers and I have dropped entire hot casseroles from burns through a cheap potholder. But the magic square crochet has always held up and washed like a charm. I have a link to a magic square crochet pattern. It is a very nice descriptive pattern with a lot of pictures so I know making one will be easy!This pattern calls for cotton yarn, but my mother-in-law made hers with acrylic. The one draw back with acrylic is that it can melt, but I have never had that problem with my potholder. Still, there are a lot of nice cotton yarns on the market now (many more than there used to be), so I would probably stick to cotton.Enjoy!Please visit our website at Easy Crochet Hat Patterns
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Cotton Yarns for Knitting and Crochet
2008-03-24 02:32:00
Cotton Yarn StoreSpring is just around the corner, and it's time to start putting your wool sweaters and yarn back in the closet and switching to great cotton yarns for knitting and crochet projects! Cotton is also a great choice for those who are allergic to woolens. I know I love to use cotton yarns for knitting and crochet, the feel of the yarn is nice and crisp, smooth, and cool. Cotton yarns are also a good choice when you're looking for things you're going to use in the kitchen. Dish towels always seem to last longer when you are using cotton yarn! Acrylic yarn always starts to pill up after you've washed it several times. And any lint, especially if you're washing new towels, starts sticking to your yarn, making extra work for you to pick it off.Overall, I think using cotton yarns for knitting and crochet projects is a great choice! You can add some yarn to your stash by looking through my Cotton Yarn Store!I've got many great cotton yarns for all of your upcoming knit...
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Illustrated Crochet Stitches
2008-03-24 01:24:00
Many people find illustrated crochet stitches to be helpful in learning a new crochet technique. I am going to show you how to crochet with any stitch in back loops only.First I want to tell you why you would want to only stitch into the back loops. By stitching only into back loops the front loop is left out and creates a long ribbing stitch down your row. If you continue this process through out the project, you will have these long ribbing stitches going down both sides of your work.I like these ribbing stitches because they create visual interest. This ribbing also gives the crocheted project more "give" or "stretch" which is perfect for a variety of patterns; like hats that need to fit a variety of size heads, or cuffs where you want flexibility to get your hand through, but a snug fit around your wrist.I mentioned that you can crochet with any stitch into the back loops. Some examples are using single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. These are the most basic c...
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Easy Afghan Crochet Instructions
2008-03-23 22:35:00
A dear friend of mine made this lovely afghan for my third daughter when she was born.It is a great example that you can use for easy afghan crochet instructions.This afghan uses a very heavy weight yarn and a large hook. Checking a yarn weight scale, this yarn is a 6 on a scale of 6 which classifies it as "super bulky". I would use an N size hook to reproduce this blanket. There is only one stitch, single crochet, so if you can chain stitch and single crochet, you can make this lovely blanket.Easy Afghan Crochet Instructions:Use super bulky weight yarn and N hook.Entire afghan is made by working in the back loops only.Note: If you have never worked in back loops only check out the picture at the bottom.Chain76Row 1: Single crochet in second stitch from hook and in every stitch across, chain 1 and turn (there are 75 stitches total)Row 2: Single crochet in every stitch, chain 1 and turn(there are 75 stitches total)Note: I had crocheted for over thirty years before I discovered that...
Economy Crochet Yarns YES!!!
2008-03-23 01:18:00
A few days ago I posted an article about economy crochet yarns. I listed a variety of places to find them. Today I stumbled upon my own find.....and was FREE!!! This is a moss green micro fiber (chenille) type of yarn. Inside the cone it says 2500 (I think it is 2500 yards/meters). This cone is HUGE! I found this free item from "freecycle" You can google this term and find a "freecycle" group near you. The main rule with freecycle is that there is no transaction at all. The items wanted or offered must be free. The lady that listed this yarn on freecycle said she bought it for $20 on e.bay. She planned to knit a sweater from it. Having never gotten around to using it, she is now selling her house and needs to get rid of stuff. I am thinking this cone will make a million crocheted, beaded necklaces, bookmarks, and possibly even my bedroom curtains! Yippee!!I love economy crochet yarns!Please check out my website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns.
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Homemade Gift Basket Themes
2008-03-22 03:26:00
It's Spring. Have you begun thinking about your gift giving ideas for Christmas this year? Perhaps you have been thinking about creating homemade gift baskets. You will want each gift basket to be unique and reflex the tastes and personality of the receiver. You may also want to consider how to keep the gift baskets affordable. Here are a few Homemade Gift Basket Themes for the yarn enthusiast and ideas how to save money making them:Yarn Basket -- collect several different types of yarn in a variety of textures and colorsNeedle Basket -- collect a variety of hooks and needles, stitch markers, scissors, etc.Pattern Basket -- collect pattern magazines, booklets, and booksCrochet Basket -- more emphasis on crochet itemsKnitting Basket -- more emphasis on knitting itemsEverything Hats (or mittens, or scarves, or dish towels, other item) -- patterns, yarns, and items to make the specified objectWool Basket -- wool yarn, wool books, old wool sweaters for feltingFelting Basket -- similar ...
Crochet Beginner Hat
2008-03-22 01:19:00
A hat is a perfect beginner project for someone learning how to crochet. I will share a few free crochet beginner hat patterns with you. Several of these patterns can be made in a few hours (or less), so a beginner will feel successful from the very beginning. You can find the hats atChunky Beginner HatDouble Crochet HatEasy Single Crochet HatSuper Simple HatThick Double Crochet HatCrochet Hat All of these patterns are very easy and fast to make up. They are all different so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. This past year we made hats for Christmas gifts -- everyone loved them. Would a crochet beginner hat would make a very nice gift for someone on your gift list this year? You may be able to make a couple in an evening! Wouldn't that be great!Please check out our website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns where we are adding our own original hat designs! You can never have enough hats (kind of like shoes!)
Crocheting with TLC Wiggles Yarn
2008-03-19 23:18:00
Today I started crocheting with TLC Wiggles Yarn . It is a very interesting yarn to work with.I LOVE all the flecks of color you get within the sea of green yarn. However, if you are a beginning crocheter I would recommend that you first crochet with a more basic yarn or else you will end up being frustrated. Here is why....When you first look at the yarn you will notice the little wiggles in the yarn. This is what makes the yarn so interesting.However upon closer inspection you will see the tiny little thread that is wound around the main acrylic thread. This tiny little thread can easily get caught on your hook when you are pulling your yarn through your loops.In addition, it is sometimes tricky to pull the wiggle through your loops (depending upon how tight you crochet).I like how this yarn looks in my project and am really looking forward to accenting the hat with several of the wiggle colors. I'll post a picture when I finish the hat. I am crocheting it to fit a small child.Ple...
Crocheting Edges on Baby Blankets
2008-03-19 15:42:00
I will show you how to crochet edges on baby blankets. This is a basic fleece blanket you can get for a couple of dollars at Walmart. It is 30 x 40 inches in dimension. It has a blanket stitch running around the perimeter of the blanket. It is on this blanket stitch that we are going to attach our crochet work.How to crochet edges on baby blankets is very simple. It is not an exact science and that is okay. Your blanket may differ slightly from the one shown above. But the overall process will be the same.I am using an acrylic worsted weight Redheart yarn and a size G crochet hook.First you will attach your yarn to the blanket stitch with a slip stitch and then ch 1 (chain one). You will then sc (single crochet) in each stitch of your blanket stitch all the way around the blanket. I added a few extra stitches in the corners so the blanket would lay flat. Again this is not an exact science, but a good way to do this would be make 2 sc in one blanket stitch, then only 1 sc in the next...
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Economy Crochet Yarns
2008-03-19 15:15:00
There are many ways to find economy crochet yarns. I will list a few places:Free!! - This is the best. Does everyone know that you crochet? Put out the word. Many times people have yarn that they intended to use, but never did (or started a project and didn't finish it -- YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!). Rather than throw it out, or donate it, they may give it to you if they know you are always in the market for yarn.Garage sales - This is the best place to find economy crochet yarns. Many times you can get a box or bag full of yarn for one dollar (or two). Buy this yarn! Remember, yarn can be washed, so even if it looks a bit dusty or dingy, most times it can be hand washed and will look good as new.Thrift Stores - This is generally the second best place to find economy crochet yarn. It usually costs more than garage sales, but is usually less than half the price of new yarn.Clearance Shopping - This is hit or miss. Always check out the clearance areas of every craft store you visit. Somet...
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Free Crochet Grape Doily
2008-03-19 01:27:00
I have a collection of doilies in my hope chest. Some were made by my Grandma, and others were lovingly made by others and now I am the lucky recipient (i.e. garage sale finds). I have found three free crochet grape doily patterns to share with you. Many thanks to the authors who provided these patterns for free.Grape DoilyGrape Harvest DoilyWild Grape DoilyThank you for visiting my blog. Please be sure to check out my website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns.
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TLC Wiggles Yarn
2008-03-18 23:41:00
This is the donated yarn I picked up from the Madison Crochet Guild. It is green TLC Wiggles Yarn .I have never crocheted with the wiggles yarn before and am excited to see how my hat pattern looks with it. The requirement for taking the donated yarn was to make something and donate it back to the community. I can't wait to work with this yarn.Have any of you used the TLC Wiggles Yarn before? If so....please post a comment and let me know what you crocheted and if you enjoyed using the yarn.Also, be sure to participate in our hat naming contest! We will be selecting a name soon and posting our very first pattern on our website at Knit and Crochet Hat Pattern.
Crochet Hat Instructions
2008-03-18 02:37:00
It is still cold out and we are still working on our crochet hat instructions.Yesterday we attended our very first Crochet Guild meeting. We had a great time. It was fun to see projects that others had finished up and some works in progress. We took some donated yarn home to crochet into one of our hats. The only requirement is that the hat needs to be donated back to the community. The yarn is green with wiggly flecks and will be a nice quick project.We also taught a new beginning crocheter how to do some basic stitches and gave her general beanie crochet hat instructions. Crochet as an art form is so much fun because it is very organic in nature. Your crochet can grow in various directions with changes wherever you wish -- it's so much fun!We are still looking for more names in our hat naming contest, so if you haven't submitted a name for our hat yet, please post a comment and give us your idea. We will give one hat pattern FREE to the person whose name we select. You ...
FREE Crochet Pattern for Kids Slippers
2008-03-15 02:23:00
I have been making these slippers for years. My original pattern came from an Annie's Attic Book. However, the book was lent out and lost, so I no longer have that pattern. I found this FREE Crochet Pattern for Kids Slippers online. I have made these for everyone in the family and they definitely keep your feet warm. I like to make them using one solid color and one varigated color. I have even used scraps for the varigated part. I really cannot see any difference in this pattern than the original one I always made, but here is the credit for this pattern. From L.A. Crochet Basics 1976, designed by Sharon Klinsky, Glenview, IL.Sizes for men, women and children. Men's: Fits shoe sizes 8-12Materials: Worsted weight yarn. 8 oz; size J crochet hook (Canadian size 3) or size needed for gauge.Gauge: in sc, with 2 strands of yarn. 5 sts and 5 rows = 2". Women's: Fits shoe sizes 5-10Materials: Worsted weight yarn, 8 oz. size I crochet hook (Canadian size 4) or size needed for gauge.Gauge...
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Crochet Hat Instructions
2008-03-14 04:47:00
I am still working on my crochet hat instructions. Our whole family has been sick with pneumonia, ear infections and the nasty viral coughing thing. I had planned to release the pattern tomorrow, but I am still behind schedule with needing more rest. So I am giving myself to the end of the month to finish up my crochet hat instructions. The naming contest is going to continue. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We have had several interesting ideas -- it's neat to get so much feedback!If you would like to give us your idea on a name for our new hat pattern, just post a reply. You can see the versatility of this fun pattern by clicking on hats in the archives. There are lots of posts and pictures. One person -- the person whose name we select for our hat name--will win a FREE copy of our pattern.We will have patterns up soon at our website Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns.
Locker Crochet Rug
2008-03-13 05:09:00
The last post reminded me that I also started another rug -- a locker crochet rug. I haven't made much progress on this item yet, but was inspired to try this technique after watching a wool artist working on a project using wool rather than fabric strips. My rug is made with fabric strips, but my brain is now thinking it may be a great idea to try this with roving or very loosely spun wool yarn and felt the rug. That would make for a very durable and beautiful rug. I found a cool video on U tube that very clearly demonstrates the technique for locker crochet rug making. You can check out the video HERE.Do you have tons of extra yarn in your stash? Or lots of bits and scraps left over from other projects? You could use up any scraps of yarn using this technique. I would probably put several strands (like 3 or 4) of yarn together to give the rug more substance. What a fun way to use up your leftovers! Have fun making your very own locker crochet rug!PS Most quilt stores carry locker...
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