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CultCase is an online magazine dedicated culture and arts. Each case covers a different aspect of human spirit, from painting and film-making, poetry and music to advertising and architecture, popular science and cyberspace.


Challenging Neptune: 6 Underwater Cave Photographers
2008-02-19 18:09:00
Cave diving photography is one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous kinds of all human activities. A lot of things can go wrong when you go into a deep cave. Many more can go wrong when the cave is also filled with water. This said, imagine doing the last two while at the same time being occupied with the right angle and perfect lighting of a beautiful underwater cave shot. Not the
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Days by Ray Davies: A Cursed Rock Masterpiece?
2008-02-13 15:11:00
Almost 40 years have passed since The Kinks burst onto our souls with Days . Originally recorded on May 23 and May 27, 1968 at Pye Studios in London, this bittersweet rock ballad written and produced by Ray Davies was released as the A-side to a Kinks single in June 28. By the end of summer 1968 Days took the 12th slot in the UK Top Hits and was also included in Top 20 hit lists in several other
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Big Bang World Record. Internet is About Text and Links
2008-02-13 10:03:00
Regardless of how much people like or dislike reading, the Internet is mostly about text and links. That is just how it goes. So, as Leena of conceptisaddict who tagged me on this crazy link-love chain said "let’s call a spade a spade and see how “Big” of a “Bang” we can get"... The goal here is to exceed 1,000 sites and "leave all the other memes in our dust!" *Start Copy Here* You do not
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Grindhouse: Planet Terror and Death Proof
2008-02-10 23:26:00
Grindhouse is a 2007 anthology film co-written, produced and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. The film's title derives from the U.S. film industry term "grindhouse", which refers to a movie theater specializing in B movies, often exploitation films, shown in a multiple-feature format. Planet Terror : revolves around an outfit of rebels attempting to survive an onslaught of
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Are You Talking To Me...?!!
2008-02-10 18:36:00
It's coat encrusted with dried red mud, looks up briefly while grazing on a patch of short grass in the Pongola Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). What a sweety! read more | digg story
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From Oppenheim to Akiyo: 7 Unusual Skin Artists
2008-02-08 07:25:00
It is our largest organ. It covers every inch of our body, protecting it from hit and illness. Sometimes it inflates pain and agony, other times it can be the source of great pleasure. Skin has been playing a major roll in the history of human culture. People go to war to keep their skin color more popular than others. Skin both reflects and affects our emotions. Obsessed with age-related
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Popping-Up: 6 Remarkable Guerrilla Retail Projects
2008-02-04 00:50:00
Technically speaking, the idea of guerrilla retail has been around for many years. In the Middle East, for example, the word "Basta" is common Arabic slang for a temporary stall located in the market or in the street. Residents of cities across the world are familiar with their local basta versions. Americans love their garage sales. Yet, the modern concept of guerrilla stores, also known as
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Playing On The Move: 6 Top Mobile Game Destinations
2008-01-30 20:38:00
It seems most of us are not very interested with PC-like action games on our mobile phones. Yet, quite many of us love the idea of using them for casual games. According to a recent report by Parks Associates, a market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services, consumers perceive mobile phones as casual gaming devices with puzzle and card
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PROGRESS: Obama screenprints by Shepard Fairey
2008-01-30 00:20:00
Frank Shepard Fairey who usually goes under his middle and last name Shepard Fairey, is a contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrator who believes that Barack Obama should be the next President of the United States. Starting next Wednesday, January 30th, Fairey's screenprints titled PROGRESS will be put on sale online to support a larger statewide poster campaign. The screenprints
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The Breakdown of Modern Web Design
2008-01-28 21:15:00
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Frames of Frozen Time: 7 Contemporary High-Speed Photographers
2008-01-25 00:09:00
If you ever tried taking a photograph of a running dog or a fast moving car you must have noticed it is quite a difficult task. Even with the most generous lighting conditions and very good lenses normal photography equipment is unable to capture sharp images of extremely fast motion due to the familiar effect of motion-blur. That's where special High Speed Photography equipment and a lot of
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The 1000 Genomes Project: The Most Detailed Map of Human Genetic Variation
2008-01-22 22:08:00
Mankind took a major step today as an ambitious effort codenamed The 1000 Genomes Project involving sequencing the genomes of at least a thousand people from around the world was announced in England. The 1000 Genomes Project will create "the most detailed and medically useful picture to date of human genetic variation". Multidisciplinary research teams participating in the 1000 Genomes
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Automatic Monitor Cleaning
2008-01-21 13:10:00
Click screen for Automatic Monitor Cleaning . [Via]
5 of My Best Posts and Viral linking (with a difference)
2008-01-20 20:00:00
I was tagged to this meme by Leena of ConceptisAddict. It's a known fact that Viral linking has a lot of benefits. Those who don't know about viral linking, click here. What we are going to do now is follow the same thing, but with a difference. Usually, we post just people's links as such. But the rules are a bit different. All you have to do is post links to 5 of your most favorite blog posts
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From Fake Beer to Suicidal Bathtub Plug : 7 Products You Rather Your Kid Wo
2008-01-18 21:55:00
Some trends can be considered as improvements and are easily likable. Others should better be left behind. Take this new freaky trend from the land of "no one can be crazier than us" for example: fake alcoholic drinks for children. Part of a whole product line recently released by Sangaria the above is an apple juice flavored fake beer designed to make children imitate a common adult practice.
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Hand Crocheted New York City Taxi Booties
2008-01-18 11:56:00
We all met the yellow New York City Taxi Cab. If not while taking one for a ride around Manhattan then through countless of TV shows and motion pictures. Now this iconic symbol is reproduced in a pair of hand crocheted booties. Tailored for your tiny offspring it even has a gentle elastic keeps booties from falling off your treasure. Sized for up to 12 months housegeckos. $33.00 at
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5 Blogs That Really Get You Thinking
2008-01-17 22:18:00
It took me almost 48 hours to follow up on this but here I am, after uprising blogger star Leena from ConceptisAdddict had just honored me with a Thinking Blogger Award so I'd like to use this opportunity to thank her. I know I am having some serious writing problems so having a super-math-teacher thinking I am capable of thinking straight is kind of a relief. The participation rules are
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Lichtfaktor: Experimenting Illuminative Art
2008-01-14 20:00:00
Marcel Panne, David Lüpschen and Tim Fehske of the Lichtfaktor group gathered together in 2006 to experiment with light. Since then they make amazing illuminative art as in the above pictures. They also earn some money from major brands as Absolut Vodka, Mark Ecko, Audi, Phillips and PlayStation that are paying them for their part in innovative Ad campaigns. More Lichtfaktors photos where
Pitapocket Wallet: MP3 and Small Change Instead of Falafel and Fried Eggpla
2008-01-10 23:21:00
Just out from the oven and titled "Pitapocket" this pita cotton wallet is also a new creation by Israeli designer and photographer Anat Safran. Logo label designed by Oded Ezer, a top Israeli typographer, type designer and artist, already reviewed on Individual@Home August last year. Ad says: "The most Israeli wallet, designed by Anat Safran, arrives to you straight from the oven. Instead of
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Concern in Jerusalem
2008-01-09 00:38:00
It was on November 6, 2001 when Fox Network launched their later to be Emmy and Golden Globe award-winner TV series 24 and the idea of an Afro-American president to the USA was still a futuristic "what if" Hollywood experiment. Dennis Haysbert looked convincing and promising as David Palmer, commander of the world's most powerful armed forces. But it was just a TV series. In just a few hours
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New Year’s Resolutions 2008
2008-01-07 20:06:00
I love being tagged and now I have been by Leena of ConceptisAddict. This meme is a list of folks who decided to share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2008 . I decided to jump on this link-love-train as I do have at least one important resolution to confess and it has a lot to do with Leena who tagged me in the first place! First, the meme: *Start Copy Here* When it comes to New Year’s
Two-edged Media Sword: 10 Examples of Counteradvertising, Commerce Jamming
2008-01-04 18:06:00
A plan to allow "domestic view" of data obtained from satellite and aircraft sensors that can "see through cloud cover and even penetrate buildings and underground bunkers" has been recently approved by the USA government. For the good and bad of it, Information age enhances the ability of states to control citizens and of business corporations to enlarge leverage our privacy into profit:
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Shot or Not? New Bhutto's Assassination Video released on Channel 4
2008-01-01 20:10:00
Slate magazine says "Bloggers are turning into ballistics experts" after the British Channel 4 released a new footage of Benazir Bhutto's last moments. The new video, according to Slate, is now compared to the Zapruder JFK assassination film and "further calls into question the Pakistani government's assertion that Bhutto died from hitting her head on the sunroof handle" as it clearly shows Ms.
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Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist
2008-01-01 13:12:00
Protests are restricted? Leaders profit from war? Citizens closely monitored? Country might be tuning into a fascist entity? Check the above vid by Dayjob Orchestra for the Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist, submitted by cgt2099 picked up in the Anti War group at Mixx.
Nonogramm: First German-Speaking Picture Logic Magazine
2007-12-29 15:52:00
Looking for beyond-Sudoku experience? Nonogramm, the first German -speaking magazine dedicated to Picture Logic puzzles, was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Raetsel Agentur Schweiz on December 6, 2007. Nonogramm is the second magazine in Das Auge (The Eye) series targeted at puzzle fans looking for more-satisfying puzzles than Sudoku. The 36-page magazine contains 60 Pic-a-Pix, 5
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