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News and blog of cartoonist Jeff Lemire. Jeff is the authors of the graphic novels Tales From The Farm and Lost Dogs from Top Shelf productions. The site also features reviews, news and comic commentary from Lemire as well as regular sketch posts.
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2011-10-06 21:13:00
FRIDAY: 1-2pm ? SIGNING (DC BOOTH #1254)Panel Fri 345-445 Vertigo Visions rm1A22 SATURDAY: Panel Sat 10:44-11:44 Vertigo rm1A22 1-2pm ? SIGNING (DC BOOTH #1254)Panel Fri 230-330:DC dark/edge rm1A22SIGNING TOP SHELF 4-5pmSUNDAY:11am-12pm SIGNING (DC BOOTH #1254)SIGNING TOP SHELF 3-5pm
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Also Out Today SWEET TOOTH #26 with Guest Star MATT KINDT!
2011-10-05 14:50:00
And SWEET TOOTH #26 is also out today. It's a great jumping on point to the series, with a brand new storyline starting up called "THE TAXIDERMIST" and features stunning, fully painted artwork by my guest artist extraordinaire, MATT KINDT!Matt is an incredible cartoonist in his own right. His most recent books include the stunning REVOLVER from Vertigo , 3 STORY:The Secret Life of THE GIANT MAN from Dark Horse and SUPERSPY from Top Shelf. We met at MOCCA about six or seven years ago and hit it off right away. Matt has since become one of my closest friends and agreed to to take on the art chores for this special 3-issue story in Sweet Tooth so that I could finally finish my UNDERWATER WELDER graphic novel for Top Shelf.The story itself flashes back to 1911 in Alaska and features a whole new cast of characters that, at first glance, seem completely unrelated to out regular cast of Gus, Jepperd etc. But as the tale unfolds we start to see surprising connections and eventually the o...
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Out Today ANIMAL MAN #2!
2011-10-05 14:46:00
Animal Man #2 (as well as a 2nd Printing of the sold out #1) is out today and has an exclusive preview.If you haven't read ANIMAL MAN yet, here;s what folks are saying...?Travel Foreman?s art is innovative and excellently creepy when it needs to be, and will hopefully get a lot of eyes as Lemire?s everyman hero makes his mark in the new DC Universe.? ? USA Today ?A profound meditation on consumer culture and the economy of disposability.? ? PopMatters?Animal Man has the sensational Jeff Lemire at the helm.? ? Entertainment Weekly?A strange, dark fantasy book with unpredictable plots and fantastic art.? ? Complex Magazine?Haunting?Travel Foreman provides sleek, meticulous art that grounds the book in reality, and he uses inventive page layouts during the scenes in the Baker home to create visual excitement where the situations are less fantastic?Animal Man is just a cool, odd character, grounded in the real world but still very much a superhero.? ? The Onion AV Club?I don?t...
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2011-09-20 15:45:00
Toronto photographer Jamie Hogge recently visited my studio and took some pics of me hard at work on my next original graphic novel THE UNDERWATER WELDER, due out from Top Shelf next Summer.
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2011-09-20 15:14:00
Essex County is now available for digital download from Apple ibooksAnd Sweet Tooth is also available via comixologyAnd the now sold out first issues of Animal Man and Frankenstein are available digitally through DC Comics!
2011-09-13 18:30:00
There is a new interview with me as well as a preview of FRANKENSTEIN : Agent of SHADE #1 on USA Today 's website today.Frankenstein #1 ships to comic shops tomorrow and I'll be signing at The Beguiling again between 6-8pm, so stop by and say hello!
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More Animal Man News and Frankenstein is Coming...
2011-09-12 01:50:00
ANIMAL MAN #1 has sold out and a second printing is on the way! Thanks everyone who supported the book. There is a brand new interview about Animal Man over at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. Also check out what i09, Publisher's Weekly and others had to say...io9: "ANIMAL MAN winning the DC relaunch so far..."Entertainment Weekly: ANIMAL MAN gets an A-Publisher's Weekly: Animal Man works perfectly as a jumping on point for new readers."Comics Bulliten: Animal Man gets a 4.5 star ratingAnd Don't forget this Wednesday my second DC New 52 book, FRANKENSTEIN: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. launches! I'll be signing at THE BEGUILING in Toronto between 6-8pm
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Please Consider Helping Sparkplug's Dylan Williams
2011-09-08 16:23:00
I am auctioning off this cover from SWEET TOOTH 21 to help raise money for Sparkplug Comics' founder DYLAN WILLIAMS who is battling Cancer and can't afford to pay his medical bills. Other artists are auctioning off great adaptations of Philip K Dick covers as well, so go check those out too!100% of the money will go to help Dylan with his medical bills, so please bid generously! Williams -Benefit-Sweet-Tooth-21-original- cover-art-Jeff-Lemire-/120774474786#ht_50 0wt_1413
2011-09-08 16:05:00
After only one day on the stands the first issue of the new series written by myself and illustrated by the increedibly talented Travel Foreman has already sold out! It was also iFanboy's PICK OF THE WEEK! (Thanks guys)Here's a roundup of what some people are saying..."This book sets the benchmark for this week as to what a New 52 #1 should be." -ROBOT 6"Lemire and Foreman have the makings of being an epic creative team that I think we?ll be talking about for years...Animal Man #1 is the breakout hit of DC Comics? ?The New 52? and just reset the bar for modern super hero stories." -iFanboy"My new favorite Monthly Comic!"- Geoff Johns"The book that surprised me the most and quickly became my frontrunner as the sleeper hit of the entire relaunch: Animal Man #1" - Newsarama
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2011-08-31 20:21:00
"Animal Man is my new favorite monthly book."-Geoff Johns DC Comics launched the first of its 52 new #1 issues last night with the new JUSTICE LEAGUE #1. Next Wednesday, the rest of the "New 52" will start, and ANIMAL MAN #1 will be part of the first wave, followed by FRANKENSTEIN #1 the following week. NEWSARAMA had this to say after sampling several of the new titles, "The book that surprised me the most and quickly became my frontrunner as the sleeper hit of the entire relaunch: Animal Man #1"It's a superhero book, but it's also truly a horror book. The range of emotion shown is incredible, and there is one scene that makes my hairs stand on end just thinking about it. "Animal Man" quickly became the first two words out of my mouth for the rest of the night, and likely will be from fans when they get their hands on the book."Check out a preview below!
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2011-08-24 16:26:00
In addition to signing, sketching and selling originals at BOOTH PO82, I will be appearing at: FAN EXPO SCHEDULE: Thursday August 25 5-6pm: DC SPOTLIGHT PANEL: JEFF LEMIRE RM 713 8-9pm - SIGNING (DC Booth #1043) Friday August 2612-1pm - SIGNING (DC Booth #1043)Saturday August 271-2pm PANEL: DC Comics ? The New 52 (Room 716)Sunday August 28I will not be attending on Sunday, sorry.
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Upcoming Appearances-Aug-Sept 2011
2011-08-16 14:58:00
FAN EXPO SCHEDULE:Friday August 2612-1pm - SIGNING (DC Booth #1043) Saturday August 271-2pm PANEL: DC Comics ? The New 52 (Room 716) Sunday August 281-2pm ? SIGNING (DC Booth #1043)I'll also be appearing at THE DRAGON in Guelph, Ontario on Saturday, September 24 from 2pm-6pm
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Behind The Scenes of Animal Man and more...
2011-08-05 13:50:00
DC's blog THE SOURCE has been running a behind the scenes look at the making of Animal Man #1 in advance of it's September release. Click the link to watch the book evolve from initial pitch to final colored pages... BEHIND THE SCENES OF ANIMAL MANThere have also been some great new reviews of the new issue of SWEET TOOTH, which features the first fully painted interior art I've ever done in comics, and of the new Superboy which builds up to the final issue in two weeks.SWEET TOOTH 24 at IGNSUPERBOY 10 at CBRAnd finally tomorrow is the deadline for voting for this years HARVEY AWARDS. I'm nominated for BEST CARTOONIST and a lot of my good friends including SCOTT SNYDER and RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE are nominated as well, so GO VOTE!!
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Out This Week: SUPERBOY 10
2011-08-02 14:16:00
This Wednesday, Issue #10, the penultimate issue of my Superboy run is out. It's my favorite issue of the series, featuring an all-star cast of guest artists and guest stars. Pete Woods, Cafu and others join me to tell a time spanning tale featuring some of my favorite DC characters from the past including The Viking Prince and Arion.And don't forget there is double Superboy this month, so in just two weeks #11, the final issue, ships!
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2011-07-27 20:01:00
A batch of original artwork from Sweet Tooth went on sale today online at THE
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2011-07-27 17:40:00
Had a great time at San Diego Comicon this year, thanks to all the readers who stopped by to visit. Here's a couple of pics snapped by my Sweet Tooth editor Mark Doyle. The first is Sweet Tooth colorist JOSE VILLARUBIA and I signing at the DC Booth the second is myself with American Vampire's Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque on the VERTIGO panel.If you missed it there were a few announcements regarding my books. First, my good friend, the amazing MATT KINDT will be illustrating issues 26-28 of Sweet Tooth while I finish drawing my next OGN THE UNDERWATER WELDER. And furthermore we've decided to expand the Sweet Tooth universe by having guest artists do stand alone stories between all my major arcs. Expect to see NATE POWELL and EMI LENOX return as well as others!And also we announced that AMERICAN VAMPIRE artist RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE will be drawing an issue of Sweet Tooth sometime next year and in that same month I will be drawing an issue of AMERICAN VAMPIRE!And finally visit ...
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2011-07-12 13:26:00
Here's my schedule for Comicon. I'll also have Sweet Tooth and Essex County original art for sale all week at THE DRAWN AND QUARTERLY BOOTH.Thursday, July 21 4-5pm - SIGNING (DC booth #1915) 5:45-6:45pm ? DC PANEL: VERTIGO EDITORIAL (Room 6DE)Friday, July 2211-1-Signing at the TOP SHELF BOOTH #17213-4pm - SIGNING (DC booth #1915)4:30-5:30 - TOP SHELF PANEL - Featuring a sneak peek of THE UNDERWATER WELDER! Saturday, July 2312:45-1:45pm ? DC PANEL: DC: THE DARK AND THE EDGE (Room 6DE)2:30-4:00- Signing at the TOP SHELF BOOTH #1721Sunday, July 2412-1pm ? DC PANEL: DC FOCUS: JEFF LEMIRE (Room 7AB) 1:30-2:30pm - SIGNING (DC booth #1915)
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2011-07-06 16:29:00
I have three new comics out today. My regular monthly gigs continue with Sweet Tooth 23 and Superboy 9 but this month I also did the art for Jonah Hex! I couldn't be more happy to be a part of the Jonah Hex legacy. Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray gave me an incredible script to work from, and this marks the first time my art will be featured in a DCU book. Big thanks also to colorist Dave McCaig for making me look good!
SWEET TOOTH #1-5 Now Available For Digitally!
2011-07-02 18:33:00
SWEET TOOTH #1-5 are now available for download at COMIXOLOGY and they're on sale this weekend for 99 cents each! Lots of other great Vertigo books on sale as well, including Grant Morrision's ANIMAL MAN 1-9 which are a great primer for my new monthly Animal Man book that starts in September from DC! Hit the link below! y/#/series/3299
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2011 CBLDF Auction Piece
2011-06-30 22:01:00
THE DARK JEPPERD RETURNS!Thsi is my piece for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Auction at this years San Diego Comicon!
Sweet Tooth reaches 25 in September!
2011-06-14 15:12:00
In September, the 25th issue of Sweet Tooth will hit comic shops. It's hard to believe that my little antlered-epic has survived in such a harsh marketplace, let alone thrived the way it has.So a big THANK YOU to all Sweet Tooth readers. I have some really special things planned for the book as we enter the third year, first off, Issue 24 and 25 will feature my first ever fully painted interior artwork! Years of sitting next to the uber-talented Matt Kindt and watching him paint amazing watercolored commissions for fans finally inspired me to get back to painting myself. Here's a sneak peek at a few painted pages from #24. Speaking of Matt Kindt, fans of the Super Spy/3-Story cartooning genius will want to be sure to check out the solicits for Sweet Tooth #26 next month...Matt and I are cooking something special up!
New Animal Man and Frankenstein #1's Coming in September!
2011-06-07 15:13:00
Via Entertainment Weekly this morning....A new Swamp Thing, a new Frankenstein, and more: DC Comics will roll out more new #1s:tDC Comics continues to roll out announcements of new first-issuesfeaturing famous characters and creators in striking combinations. This morning we start off with two highly intriguing combos: Scott Snyder, who?s been doing such strong work on American Vampire, will write a new version of Swamp Thing, and Jeff Lemire, author of one of comics? finest current books, Sweet Tooth, is taking on Animal Man. Since re-workings of Swamp Thing and Animal Man are so closely associated with other, earlier writers (Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, respectively), these re-re-imaginings are bound to be both fascinating and, perhaps inevitably, subjects of debate.Other new supernatural/fantasy/horror-themed books that will be announced by DC Comics today and scheduled to publish in September include:? Justice League Dark, what DC terms ?a band of supernatural heroes? ? John ...
2011-06-06 18:25:00
Visual effects supervisor John Dykstra has set up his first feature film directing gig called Super Zero, which is an adaptation of the comic book Essex Country: Tales from the Farm. Dykstra most recently worked on the film X-Men: First Class, which was a pretty incredible movie for those of you who haven't seen it yet.Tales of the Farm was created by Jeff Lemire, and was adapted into screenplay form by John Carr. The film will be shot live action, but will include heavy special effects sequences. The story is described as being edgy, but family-friendly. The story follows an orphaned 10-year-old who goes to live on a farm with his uncle. As their relationship grows strained, he befriends the town's gas station owner, a former pro hockey player, and the pair escape into a private fantasy world of superheroes and alien invaders.The comic book has won several awards and according to Variety "the producers' plan is to "make a big splash at ComicCon, where Lemire and the publisher, T...
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Sketchbook Update
2011-05-26 16:28:00
Just a quick update on the sketchbooks some of you ordered a few weeks back. It's taken much longer than expected to do sketches in all 100 sketchbooks I ended up selling online. I apologize for the delay, but the books will be shipped out by the end of this week and should arrive within the next week or two depending where you live.Also I wanted to clarify the sketch policy. Please understand that I am not taking requests for the sketches inside the book, in fact they are just very quick doodles, not elaborate, detailed commissions. If anyone is unhappy with this, I will be happy to provide a full refund, simply email me.Thanks for your patience!
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2011-05-25 15:25:00
Today the STRANGE ADVENTURES Anthology from Vertigo hits stores and in addition to great stories by the likes of Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso, Pete Milligan and others it features an 8-page Sci-Fi story by me.As a challenge from editor Mark Doyle I did a story about one of, if not the strangest characters in DC Comic' history, ULTRA THE MULTI-ALIEN (His original appearance from Mystery In Space #103 featured above). I'm really proud of how the comic came out, it may be my best short story and features great colors by my Sweet Tooth collaborator Jose Villarubia and awesome old-school lettering by Superboy's letterer John J. Hill.Above I've posted my initial design sketch for the character from my personal sketchbook and below are some of the layouts for the story. Check them out then go grab the comic to see the finished story!
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Double Dose of SUPERBOY in August!
2011-05-17 13:19:00
SUPERBOY #10-11Written by JEFF LEMIREArt by PIER GALLO, PETE WOODS and CAFUCovers by KARL KERSCHLSUPERBOY ships twice in August!First, in SUPERBOY #10, learn how the threat currently facing Superboy and Smallville stretches all the way back to the time of ancient Atlantis! Guest-starring Arion and the Viking Prince, with art by Pete Woods and CAFU!Then, in SUPERBOY #11, Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo bring the saga of ?The Hollow Men? to its explosive conclusion! Superboy, Lori, Simon and Psionic Lad must fight for the very soul of Smallville hundreds of miles beneath the town?s surface!Issue #10 on sale AUGUST 3Issue #11 on sale AUGUST 1732 pg, FC, $2.99 US ? RATED T
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TCAF This Weekend
2011-05-06 15:21:00
I'll be appearing at The Toronto Comics Arts Festival this weekend at the Toronto Reference Library at Yonge and Bloor on Saturday and Sunday along with other Top Shelfers and Sweet Tooth co-conspirators Jose Villaruba, Matt Kindt and Nate PowellTop Shelf is on the second floor "Salon" of the library, at tables 231/253/254. On Saturday the show runs 9-5, Sunday 11-5.I'll be selling these exclusive SWEET TOOTH prints and my limited edition Sketchbooks along with my original art and all my books so drop by and say hello. Admission is free!
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Sketchbooks Sold Out!
2011-05-02 03:23:00
All 50 sketchbooks are now sold out! Thanks everyone!
Limited Edition Sketchbook Now Available!
2011-05-02 01:09:00
There are now 50 copies of my limited edition SKETCHBOOK available for sale online. There are only 500 copies printed and the rest will be sold exclusively at my convention appearances later this year.The book is 28 pages with black and white and color pages. It includes 2 rare short comics, commissions and sketchbook material culled from over the last two years. Each sketchbook comes signed numbered and with a one-of-a-kind sketch!They are $10.00 US + $5 for shipping. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.The books will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
2011-04-26 16:50:00
I will be selling a limited edition, 28- page Sketchbook collecting 2 rare short comics, commissions and sketchbook material from the last couple of years. Their are only 500 copies printed and each comes numbered, signed and with an original sketch inside. The book has both black and white and colour pages.I'll primarily be selling these sketchbooks at convention appearances this year (see list of appearances in the side column), but will also put 50 copies aside for online sales starting in May. So check back here May 1st to order, it will be a first come first serve basis.
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