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Nursing Slides: Muscoloskeletal System
2008-05-09 02:59:00
| View | Upload your own Nursing Slides : Muscoloskeletal System Slide Transcript Slide 1: Muscoloskeletal System Slide 2: Musculoskeletal System Consists of: Bones Muscles Joints cartilage Slide 3: function Support to stand erect Movement Protect inner vital organs Hemopoiesis – Bone marrow produces white & red bld cells and platelets Reservoir for storage of minerals & energy –
Nursing Slides: Head Neck Regional Lymphatics
2008-05-09 02:56:00
| View | Upload your own Nursing Slides : Head Neck Regional Lymphatics Slide Transcript Slide 1: Head, Neck, Regional Lymphatics Slide 2:  Focuses on – Cranium – Face – Thyroid Gland – Lymph node structures within the head & neck Slide 3: Skull  Size & shape – 8 bones • 1 frontal • 2 parietal • 2 temporal • 1 occipital • 1 ethmoid • 1 sphenoid – Protects the brain & sensory organs Slide
Nursing Resource: Introduction To Physical
2008-05-07 04:20:00
| View | Upload your own Introduction To Physical Slide Transcript Slide 1: Introduction Physical Examination Health Assessment Slide 2: Why do I need to know Physical Assessment? Slide 4: “What is your reason for coming here today?” Slide 5: Assessment  Collection of data about an individual’s health state. Slide 6:  Subjective Data  Client history  Objective Data  Inspection 
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Heart & Neck Vessels
2008-05-06 09:36:00
| View | Upload your own Heart & Neck Vessels Slide Transcript Slide 1: Heart and Neck Vessels Slide 2: Cardiovascular System • Heart & Blood Vessels • Pulmonary Circulation • Systemic Circulation Slide 3: • Precordium – area of chest overlying heart and great vessels. – Arteries & veins connected to the heart – Heart & Great vessels are b/t lungs in the middle 1/3 of the thoracic cage =
Isolation Nursing Precautions
2008-05-05 09:12:00
| View | Upload your own Isolation Nursing Precautions Slide Transcript Slide 1: Isolation Class 10 Last Class Slide 2: Preventing the spread of infection • What do we do when a client has a highly infectious disease? Slide 3: Specific Infection Control Policies • Isolation – the principle is to create a physical barrier that prevents the transfer of microorganisms. Slide 4: What are
Infection Control Handwashing
2008-05-04 07:45:00
| View | Upload your own Infection Control Handwashing Slide Transcript Slide 1: Basic Infection Control Nursing 125 Slide 2: Infection: An invasion of pathogens or microorganisms into the body that are capable of producing disease. The invasion and reproduction of microorganisms in a body tissue that can result in a local or systemic clinical response such as cellulitis, fever etc. Slide
Nclex Review Materials: Resource Bullets 2
2008-05-03 07:04:00
A partial-thickness superficial burn appears wet, shiny, and weeping or may contain blisters. A partial-thinkness deep burn appears dry and may be deep red or white. No blanching occurs and thrombosed vessels may be visible. Hypercalcemia is a serum calcium ion level greater than 11 mg/dl or 5.5 mEq/L. Keratoplasty is referred to as corneal tranplantation or grafting The 3 characteristic symptoms
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2008-05-02 04:15:00
| View | Upload your own Genitalia Slide Transcript Slide 1: Genitalia Slide 2: Male Genitalia Slide 3: Clinical Objectives 1. Demonstrate knowledge of the S&S related to the male genitalia by obtaining a pertinent health history. 2. Inspect and palpate the penis and scrotum 3. Teach TSE 4. Record the history and PE accurately, assess, develop a plan of care. Slide 4:  How does a nurse
Feeding Adult Patients
2008-05-01 05:58:00
| View | Upload your own Feeding Adult Patients Slide Transcript Slide 1: Feeding Adult Patients M.J. Bailey Slide 2: Nutrition  Nutrition is an important treatment in any illness.  Type 2: non-insulin –dependent diabetes. Mellitus (NDDM).  Mild hypertension. Proper intake of food is essential for optimal health during illness & healing of wounds. The body needs nutrients at these times.
NLE Review: Common Psychiatric Terms
2008-04-30 14:59:00
Affect The outward manifestation of a persons feelings, tone or mood. Affect and emotions are commonly used interchangeable. Agitation Excessive motor activity, usually purposeless and associated with internal tension. Examples: inability to sit still, pacing, wringing of hands, or pulling of clothing. Akathisia Motor restlessness ranging from a feeling of inner disquiet, often localized in
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Exercise Transfers & Ambulation Nursing Resource
2008-04-29 11:44:00
| View | Upload your own Exercise Transfers & Ambulation Nursing Resource Slide Transcript Slide 1: Exercise, Transfers & Ambulation Nursing 125 Slide 2: Mobility Mobility refers to a person’s ability to move about freely. Immobility refers to a person’s inability to move about freely. Mobility & immobility are the endpoints of a continuum with many degrees of partial immobility in between.
Nclex Review Materials: Resource Bullets 1
2008-04-28 17:56:00
The bullets below can also be seen in the DID YOU KNOW section of the site (Top Most)Odynophagia is painful swallowing, in the mouth (oropharynx) or esophagus. It can occur with or without dysphagia, or difficult swallowing Halitosis, oral malodor (scientific term), breath odor, foul breath, fetor oris, fetor ex ore, or most commonly bad breath are terms used to describe Pyloroplasty is surgery
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2008-04-28 17:28:00
| View | Upload your own Eyes Slide Transcript Slide 1: Eyes Slide 2: External Anatomy  Sensory Organ for vision -Situated in bony, orbital cavity for protection – Eyelids= shades that add protection form injury, strong light , dust – Eyelashes= hairs to filter dust & dirt Slide 3: External External Anatomy Anatomy Slide 4:  Limbus – border b/t the cornea & sclera  Palpebral fissures –
NLE Review: Vital Signs, Pulse, Respiration
2008-04-27 16:28:00
Normal Temperature: 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.Hypothalamus is the temperature center.When taking temperature (Rectal 2-3 mins; Oral 3-5 mins; axillary 6-9 mins)Remittent fever means temperature fluctuates and is non-normal between fluctuation.Relapsing fever means short febrile periods of a few days.Intermittent fever means that temperature fluctuates and is normal on
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Head Neck Regional Lymphatics
2008-04-27 16:17:00
| View | Upload your own Head Neck Regional Lymphatics Slide Transcript Slide 1: Head, Neck, Regional Lymphatics Slide 2:  Focuses on – Cranium – Face – Thyroid Gland – Lymph node structures within the head & neck Slide 3: Skull  Size & shape – 8 bones • 1 frontal • 2 parietal • 2 temporal • 1 occipital • 1 ethmoid • 1 sphenoid – Protects the brain & sensory organs Slide 5: Face 
Ears Nose Throat Mouth Nursing
2008-04-27 16:14:00
| View | Upload your own Ears Nose Throat Mouth Nursing Slide Transcript Slide 1: Ears, Nose, Mouth, Throat Slide 2: Ears Slide 3: Summary of any symptom should include PQRSTU  P= provocative or palliative  Q= quality or quantity  R= region or radiation  S= severity scale  T= timing (onset, duration, frequency)  U= understand client’s perception Slide 4: Anatomy  The ear is
Elimination Nursing Lecture
2008-04-21 15:08:00
| View | Upload your own Elimination Nursing Lecture Slide Transcript Slide 1: Elimination Slide 2: Basic Principles  Wash Hands & Wear Gloves  Infection control, your protection & your client’s protection  Privacy  Embarrassing  Positions for urination  Independence Slide 3: Functions of Urinary System  Remove wastes from blood to form urine  Remove nitrogenous waste products of
Texas Senator John Cornyn Files Bill for U.S. Global Competitiveness;Recapt
2008-04-20 05:56:00
WASHINGTON—On the heels of Tuesday's announcement by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that it received enough petitions, in just 24 hours, to meet the congressionally-mandated cap of 65,000 H-1B visas available for next year, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas , announced today that he and several Senate colleagues are re-introducing legislation to address this urgent problem by
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Cranial Nerves Nursing Lecture
2008-04-17 12:11:00
| View | Upload your own Cranial Nerves Nursing Lecture Slide Transcript Slide 1: NURSING OF ADULTS 111 Introduction to Neurological Nursing Slide 2: NERVOUS SYSTEM lCENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM BRAIN q SPINAL CORD q lPERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM CRANIAL NERVES---12 pairs q SPINAL NERVES---31 pairs q • 8 CERVICAL • 12 THORACIC • 5 LUMBAR • 5 SACRAL • 1 COCCYGEAL AUTONOMIC NS q • SYMPATHETIC •
Rest and Sleep Bed Making
2008-04-17 12:09:00
| View | Upload your own Rest and Sleep Bed Making Slide Transcript Slide 1: Rest and Sleep Bed Making Skill and Rational Slide 2: Why is it so important? The bed is particularly important to people who are ill. It is essential the nurse keep the bed as clean and comfortable as possible. Physical Comfort Psychological comfort Slide 3: Rest and Sleep • Healing and Optimal Health •
Bathing And Skin Care
2008-04-16 16:38:00
| View | Upload your own Bathing And Skin Care Slide Transcript Slide 1: Bathing and Skin Care Slide 2: Maintenance of personal hygiene is  necessary for an individual’s comfort, safety, and sense of well being. Slide 3: Bathing Guidelines Cleanliness cannot be on a time clock.  Client preference and need  Opportunity to assess, teach, exercise  Gloves  Client participation  Oral care
Abdomen & Breasts Nursing Lecture
2008-04-15 17:03:00
| View | Upload your own Abdomen & Breasts Nursing Lecture Slide Transcript Slide 1: Abdomen Slide 2: Structure and Function  Borders of Abdominal Cavity  Lg. Oval cavity from diaphragm to pelvis  Posteriorly- vertebral column & paravertebral muscles  Laterally & anteriorly – lower rib cage and abdominal muscles Slide 3:  Abdominal Muscles  4 layers 1. External oblique 2. Internal
Pathonmonic Signs Of Diseases
2008-04-13 14:57:00
Pathognomonic (often misspelled as pathognomic and sometimes as pathomnemonic) is an adjective of Greek origin, often used in medicine, which means diagnostic for a particular disease. A pathognomonic sign is a particular sign whose presence means, beyond any doubt, that a particular disease is present. It is derived from the Greek páthos (πάθος, disease) and gnōmon (γνώμον, "judge"). Labelling
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UK gives Filipino Nurses Job Opportunities
2008-04-13 04:16:00
Filipino nurses can now study and work at the same time in order to qualify to full-time employment as a nurse or senior carer in the United Kingdom. This as a prominent university in UK has opened its door for Filipino healthcare professionals. A company called International Student Advisors Ltd. Inc. has launched its Student Work Placement Scheme, in cooperation with the Anglia Ruskin
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Trial of Filipino nurses in the US postponed
2008-04-13 04:11:00
GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - The trial of Filipino nurses accused of endangering patients by quitting their jobs in a labor dispute was postponed on Friday when an appeals court said it will consider a defense request to drop the charges. “This means they are taking a serious look at what we are saying," said James Druker, an attorney for the 10 Filipino nurses. The nurses, recruited from the
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June 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam Application Deadline
2008-04-13 04:04:00
For those students who are planning to take the Nursing Board Exam this June 2008, please be reminded that the deadline is right around the corner, April 18, 2008 Friday. Please make sure you have all your documents with you when you apply to your nearest PRC Office, PRC is expecting 80,000 to 100,000 examinees. Article copyright - #1 source of information to update nurses all
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On-line Nursing Assistant Video Lessons
2008-04-12 08:55:00
Wisconsin Technical College System On-line Nursing Assistant Video Lessons Please note: It is highly recommended that you have a DSL or Cable modem connection to the internet to view these videos. Each video is about 45mb, which on a dial-up connection would take about 10 -15 hours to download on a 56K modem. On a high-speed connection it should take about 1 minute. * You will also need Windows
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France Needs Filipino Nurses And Other Skilled Workers
2008-04-10 19:14:00
MANILA, Philippines - Filipino workers who wish to gain employment in Paris will now have an easier time fulfilling their goal. Gerald Chesnel, France ’s Ambassador to the Philippines said that the new labor migration policy in France makes it easy for overseas Filipino workers (OFWS) to land a job there. The France Ambassador said, “There will be more Filipinos in France because we have also
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Crutch Walking (4-point gait, 3-point gait, 2-point gait, Swing-to gait, Sw
2008-04-10 15:53:00
4-point gait * Safest gait * Requires weight bearing on both legs * Move RIGHT crutch ahead (6 inches) * Move LEFT foot forward at the level of the RIGHT crutch * Move the LEFT crutch forward * Move the RIGHT foot forward 3-point gait * Requires weight bearing on the UNAFECTED leg * Move BOTH crutches and the WEAKER LEG forward * Move the STRONGER leg forward 2-point gait * Faster than 4
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Arterial Puncture for Specimen Collection
2008-04-08 14:39:00
Purpose: Obtain arterial blood sample for laboratory analysis. Perform Allen test to assess collateral circulation before performing arterial puncture on radial artery. Apply pressure over radial and ulnar arteries to obliterate blood flow; hand should blanch. Release pressure over ulnar artery; a flushing color indicates adequate collateral circulation. Failure to flush is a negative result
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